MightyMario’s New and Improved Roleplay

Frightening McMean

Wario’s the winner!
Hi, everybody! I’m back along with a new roleplay! This will be different than the crossover roleplay, with a plot and better writing.
Mario comes from an Italian background, so why not give him a backstory? (WARNING: this might get emotional)
Now as Spongebob says: I’M READY!

(As the sun begins to rise, little Mario and Luigi’s room begins to light up.) (A red hat and a green hat sit on a shelf, with the letters M and L on them respectively.) (Little Mario’s eyes flutter open as the morning sun gleams in his eyes)
Mario: È già mattina? (Morning time already?)


Thank you verrry much!
( Mario's dad walks into his son's bedroom to greet him )

Mario's Father: "Ehi, Mario! Sei gia sveglio? "
Translation: " Hey, Mario? Are you awake yet? "

Dr. Peter Venkman

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.