[Roleplay] Mario’s House

Blitz the Hero

The Hero who Defeated Dharkhira
1. You choose characters by using dashed.
2. You can do anything, The Mario Family and the House cannot be destroyed completely. Some parts CAN be destroyed, but not the full house (it can if the story requieres it). Mario CAN move, but only for needs in the story. No sexual scenes
4. You can claim up to 7 characters.
5. Only videogame characters, no movie, book, or real life characters.
6. No swearing and absolutely no sexual scenes.
Claimed Characters:
GamerM10Mario, Peach, Red, Peachy (Mario and Peach’s children), Yosh (Mario’s Yoshi) (The Mario Family)
Tari: Luigi
Elijah Guy: Elijah Guy, Tyler The Koopa
Prince Dreambert: Meta Knight, King Dedede, Magolor
Bi Bowser: Marx, Count Bleck
Okay, without further ado,
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Dr. Peter Venkman

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.
Luigi: I'll check out the basement!

*However, Luigi spies an out-of-place statue on a bookcase*

Luigi: Hey, what's this?

*However, the statue was a lever for a secret door, making Luigi go bye-bye into a secret room*

Luigi: Woah! HEEELP!