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In the Fan Creations forum, some of the writers for the 'Shroom have created threads pertaining to their sections, myself included. Can we create a separate section in the Fan Creations forum specifically for 'Shroom stuff? (Also, if I shouldn't put this here, I apologize)
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It's not a bad idea, but I'm not certain that it's justified with the amount of threads dedicated to 'Shroom sections. Looking through fan creations right now, there's seven threads that have been active this year that are dedicated exclusively to 'Shroom content, which isn't really enough to warrant a whole separate sub-board. I think we wouldn't have quite enough for that even if every current writer made their own thread.

I do highly encourage anyone to post in those existing threads, and engage with 'Shroom writers by asking them questions, giving them suggestions, telling them what you think of their sections, but I don't think, at this time, there would be much benefit to a separate board.


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A possible alternative that could be looked into is creating a list of 'Shroom-affiliated threads and having it posted somewhere in this board in a highly visible location, whether as a stickied thread or just in the OP of something, as I feel that while a dedicated board is not the most appropriate option, exposure is pretty limited in their current location.