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Plumbing my way into your hearts since 1985
*Majora’s mask title demo plays*
HMS: *Cough* A long time ago there was a place called Termina. It is a real place but only one Traveler has found it. So back in the year of 1999. This Traveler help this game company make games off of this world called. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. But! One cartridge was infected! With a virus. Through the years the virus slowly corrupted that cartridge. Until a kid named Ben found it. And then he who shall not be called by name. Trapped him! It wasn’t until 2010 where the spell broke enough for Ben to take the form of the Elegy Of Emptiness. That’s when he scared that college student! Why he did that? I don’t know. My best guess is he was telling the man to run. But! He stayed! I helped Ben try and get him to leave but it failed! So........The college student started being reckless. And it cost him his life! *Sips tea and pauses for a second*

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
Magolor: Uh-huh. (The screen above the control panel beeps, and an M with a sword through the middle flashes on screen. Magolor clicks a button on the panel and Meta Knight’s face appears) Yello?

Meta Knight: Any luck?

Magolor: Well, I found a weirdo who tried to give me a fake Crown. I still haven’t located the Ring.

Meta Knight: Well, hurry in your search. Commander Luma isn’t very happy with you up and leaving on this quest.