voluntary directment of visual depictments


how about a rousing game of pool

Sign up and be whelmed by whatever gets produced this year

if I already have your current sprites you don't have to post them


Read the old ones and have absolutely no idea what's happening if you're into that sort of thing:
2012 - F62013 - A25 (p2)2014 - U42015 - U1
2016 - M292017 - M302018 - C32019 - M9


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i'm signing up because that's a pretty nice table you got there


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In the table, all the comic panels were pixel perfect until I posted it and I can't FIX IT even if i tell the images to be the exact size they are and im mad
They are all pixel perfect to me. They do scale with the screen if they are too big to fit, that might be of note.


how about a rousing game of pool
nah I've got my window much wider than the post body and they're still slightly downscaled, but maybe it's just a problem on my end then

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yes pls, can link sprites but they're the same as always


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i shall make sprites

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Signing up!
I think you should still have my sprites from last year, but let me know if you'd need me to get them to you again. :)

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