Brawl Stars Tourney

Who will win our first match?!


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  • 8-Bit (Goombuigi)

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  • Who cares? I just hope the fighting's good!

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Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
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(Duh duh duh dah! Duh duh duh!)

Magolor04726: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUPER MARIO BOARDS!!! (The crowd cheers) Welcome to the Brawl Stars Stadium! I’m Magolor04726, and I’ll be your MC for this event! We have an amazing match lined up today (despite lack of volunteers) and I hope you enjoy watching! Today, we have Bo, the Native American sharpshooter who speaks as one with the mountains and forest, sponsored by Link327! And we have 8-Bit, the lumbering arcade cabinet with legs and a booming beam blaster, sponsored by Goombuigi! And of course, we have Leon, the deadly vanishing assassin, sponsored by SUPERSONICKID! This Showdown map is sure to be a great way to kick off Brawl Stars, folks! But, before we do, I have an announcement regarding the actual game. Drumroll please! (Buh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh) A new season will be starting in the actual game soon, with new modes, maps, objects, skins, and best of all: A new Brawler! And since this is all going to be official, I will add those modes into this game as soon as the update is released! So, without further ado, let’s get this Brawl STARTEEEEED! (The crowd cheers) (A message flashes across a jumbotron: Every Brawler for themselves! BRAWL! And the game begins)

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
Magolor04726: *GASP!* A BLAST- A PUFF OF SMOKE- A- IT- ….
(The crowd goes bananas as Leon and Bo head back onto the field to congratulate 8-Bit)
Magolor04726: What a way to kick off Brawl Stars folks! It's been a great time commentating, but the fun's just begun! Feel free to sign-up! And congrats to Goombuigi! That'll wrap this match up folks! Thanks for watching Brawl Stars, and we'll see you next time!