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Man Jazzi you should have made one of my characters admin so I have amazing real kick powers lmao.

Ray Trace

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Probably not Ray Trace being a real admin but Dark Light instead. Would make more sense.

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<GokusWorld34> Hello, I would like to talk to you about my tunes

<GokusWorld34> A few years ago I was thinking about becoming a musician, but people tell me that this is hard work and I should go to music school. I was in a dark place for a while because of it, because of my personal belief that great accomplishments are rendered meaningless unless they were achieved through minimum effort. I have written a thorough examination of this belief which...

<GokusWorld34> outlined in great detail in packet #3X39zeta on my Tinder profile. Just swipe right once you see the picture of me on the toilet and you will find it. It is a very important read and you all should drop what you're doing and go there right now and let me illuminate you and educate you on the subject.

<GokusWorld34> But in truth, I have just told you a falsehood, which is that you should go away and stop reading my chat messages. Don't do that. You need to listen to my tune first.


<GokusWorld34> I call this tune "Hovercraft Made Of Bees". It is inspired in part from when I played Sonic Adventure 2 and I was filled with powerful emotions from playing Rouge the Bat's emerald hunt stages. The raw emotion present in this song is evident and very strong and deep, because I was sitting in a bucket of brine shrimp when I wrote it. It is my belief that if you keep an open mind and clear intellect, the intense surging presence of emotions is inside these emotions. So it only makes sense...

<GokusWorld34> me that this piece would go well with such iconic, powerfully emotional gaming moments like Aerith's death, the sunflower chapter in Mother 3, or getting caught sensually licking the coin slot of the train station ticket machine and being escorted home by the police, upon which mom confiscates all of my consoles because you JUST DON'T HONKING GET IT MOM! I LIVE ON A GRANDER SCALE!

<GokusWorld34>Anyway, I have shown this piece to many internet people, but for some reason they all told me it is "bad and just sounds like I'm waterboarding a casio with expired yogurt". I am perplexed by this, but confident to untangle this mystery. It is important to correct misinformation when it occurs, and it is misinformation that my musical work is bad. But I have faith in people that they will eventually realize that they are wrong, and will come to call my piece...

<GokusWorld34>...good instead, because that's what I want it to be and my brain has the power to make me think that my thoughts are reality.
<GokusWorld34> It is in fact such that people saying your work is good when you have put little effort into it is the pinnacle of artistic creation. It is said that if you roll a set of fifty dice over and over again, eventually all the dice will roll a 6. It is the great immutable principle of probability that the most unlikely outcome will eventually be the outcome that comes out. It is for that reason that the miracle could...

<GokusWorld34> ...happened at any time. I have thought and reflected long and hard for at least 20 minutes, and I have come to the conclusion that I am the miracle. I rolled the dice and they all came out 6, especially after I drew more dots on the sides that had less than 6 dots with finger paint (mom won't let me have pens anymore since I keep sticking them up my nose).

<GokusWorld34> People often do not believe me when I say to them that I am certifiably the reincarnation of Lord Gandhi Jesus Christ Valhalla in the body of Mick Jagger wearing the eyeliner of that guy from Kiss. But I have proof that this is correct. Why, one night after eating a lot of beans and sauerkraut, I was lying in my bed and found that my body was full of music. I did not even have to try and the compositions would just happen as I lay idle. How can it be...

<GokusWorld34> That I am not a goldenboy wunderkind Johann Sebastian Beethoven when I could just weave sound into the world out of thin air? The brilliance of this revelation was so palpable, I had to air out the room and blog about my uncomfortable private medical information for three hours just to cool down. It is heretofore my message to all aspiring and practicing artists out there...

<GokusWorld34> the world. Lay down your pens and scores, and listen to me speak to you, as your chiseled god:

<GokusWorld34> Do not expend effort. Do not ye sweat and toil to reap the fruits of your labor. Do not try to be the best person you could be. Just be me instead, and the greatest value shall flow forth like a raging river from your bum.

<GokusWorld34> Also listen to my tunes. They're good.

Birthday Magolor04726

I'm not here right now... I'll be back in a bit.
Magolor04726: "I am-a Doctor Mario and I am saving lives!"
ThaRich1: "I look different in this game!"
Magolor04726: "I am Doctor Mario and I prescribe high fives!"
ThaRich1: "Ladders the best medicine so-"
GC: BAHAHA that'll be twenty bucks.
Magolor04726: In the Mushroom Kingdom I'm the finest doc by far!
ThaRich1: LIAR!
Magolor04726: I got my degree by watching house and scrubs and ER.
ThaRich1: Brightly colored pills!
Magolor04726: Pills!
ThaRich1: They'll cure all you ills!
Magolor04726: Ill!
ThaRich1: Just so long as you've got fever or the chills!
Magolor04726: Cold.
ThaRich1: I'll check your lungs.
BBman: Breath naturally.
AWSEOMNESSPERSONIFIED: You sound real-a bad.
GC: *Cough cough couuuuugh*
Magolor04726: Oh, wait, that's-a-me!
ThaRich1: How embarrassing.
Magolor04726: Does it hurt right here?
Dripdrop: No.
Magolor04726: Does it hurt right there?
Dripdrop: No.
Magolor04726: Listen sir I think you've got receding hair!
Dripdrop: Uh...
Magolor04726: You've got mononucleosis, halitosis, scoliosis, fifteen days is my prognoses (Mumbo jumbo I can't understand), you've got scabies heplefitis rotting rabies, hepatitis, you'll be brave and you'll unite us but you might catch meningitis WAIT WAIT!
BBman: *Snappy snap*
Magolor04726: I'm wrong.
BBman: *Snappy snap*
Magolor04726: You have...
BBman: *Snappy snap*
Magolor04726: The Plague?
Dripdrop: Plague?
Magolor04726: Don't touch me! Brightly colored pills!
GC: Pills!
Magolor04726: They'll cure all your ills!
ThaRich1: Ills!
Magolor04726: Just so long as you've got fever orrrrrrrr theeeeeee chiiiillllllsss! (Take it Floss!)
Floss: I'mplayin'thepianowhenI'mplayin'reallygooderthana-
Magolor04726: DOCTOR MA-RIO!

Ray Trace

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If we want to emulate a chat room, you shouldn't have multiple characters from the same user all talking at once without giving other user's characters a chance to speak.

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Maybe playing out a chat room on a forum is not the best idea to begin with. You either end up with the fifty-characters-all-saying-one-line syndrome that permeates a lot of these topics already, or you have one character doing one line posts without substance, arguably breaking the "no inane conversations" rule (6.3). The concept seems doomed by design.

A more suitable venue for roleplaying a chat room may be... a chat room.

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
-> Mr. Y has joined.

Mr. Y: Hello.

Yoshi the SSM: Hi!

Yoshi the SSM: That’s probably true. I am talking to the person who said something before Mr. Y joined.

Yoshi the SSM: The only advantage of this may be being multiple characters without multiple accounts. Thus role playing as different characters in a chat room.

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Sweet Jesus. Now that was messed up.

Sarah Bismarck: So anyone wants to go to the restaurant IRL?

Flora Bismarck

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It doesn't have to be @Cap'n Weegee. We should move on from the event that happened yesterday.

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- PrintempsFan912410 has joined the server -
PrintempsFan912410: hello all
PrintempsFan912410: today we love and appreciate minami kotori and mitake ran
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Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
Flora Bismarck: Welcome! Now it is great to see you here!