Mario/OC Chatroom Roleplay

Jean Pierre Polnareff

I'll turn you into a pincushion!
I'm not one to start roleplays but I thought why not-

Server Rules:
Don't spam @admin or @owner. Use only for emergencies.
Keep everything in their respective channels.
Try not to butt into conversations.
Mr. L is keeping the asshole role so don't remove!!
Respect every and all Luigis.
You can have AU characters of existing claimed characters, just use a different screen name.
No need for punctuation or * signs to symbolize character actions.
Bots in server need to have [bot] by their name.
Emojis are symbolized by doing :emojiname: like in discord. Pretend everyone has nitro so you can use any emoji you wish, just make sure the emoji name is telling.

Claimed Characters:
TCMLFG: RedPlumberHero (her Mario, has admin role), Weeg (her Luigi, has admin role), GreenThunder (her Mr. L, has admin role), and Jazzi (Jazzi, obviously, has owner role).
Crowned Boo: King Boo and Dry Bones.

Server Bots:
Brobot Beta

Server Channels:
#admin-room (only if you have admin role, only my characters have admin privileges because they made the server)

Let's begin!

Jazzi: So I posted a public invite link so people could join our server~ Who's excited?

GreenThunder: we better not get spammers eee

Weeg: :excitedluigi:

RedPlumberHero: Yeah, I'm ready.
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Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
Flora Bismarck: I came here from an anime server. Nice to meet y'all.

Big Smoke

Remember the name
Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Retired Wiki Staff
[11:06:03] BubTheBronzeLord111 has joined #general
[11:06:08] <BubTheBronzeLord111> yo
[11:06:17] <BubTheBronzeLord111> uh hello?
[11:06:42] <BubTheBronzeLord111> wow dead chat
[11:06:45] BubTheBronzeLord111 has left #general

Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
J.D. Sumner: Hmm a chat system.

*J.D. goes on voice chat and sings*

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
so anyway, how's summer for you all so far? i hope none of you gonna leave like that one doofus, btw, i wont bite.

my jaws are too perfect for biting peopel anyway
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Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
J.D. Sumner: Shut up you dumb fool!

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
wow you so rude 😢

i guess i'm gonna have to leave now
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