Mario Awards Killing Game 4 - Voting Thread


##Vote: Jake
Sad that I have to vote for someone with the same name as my boyfriend
Also help it's not letting me change color


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Voting locked! Results soon!


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Case 4 voting has begun for Archangel Solutions. Vote for your chosen player in magenta, using the format ##Vote: <player>

Day 4 concludesDay 4 Incentive

All players who voted correctly will be able to vote for one room from the Archangel Solutions map, which will be transferred to the merger map in some form. They will also be able to convert 5 of their current stocks into investments in companies present in DEIMOS MATRIX CORP.


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Tentatively placing a vote on ##Vote: Es (Raregold)

Edit: Ok I'm going to elaborate on my vote. In a game of "which John Denver is the scummiest" I'm going with the one who's played with explosives before, admitted to having a majority in MOREL at one point, and organized the event in the first place. He is also a socialist.
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Pretty much what Hearts said is my motivation; no matter how I look at it, it comes down to someone in the Theater. Raregold arranged the event, Raregold invested in MOREL, and Raregold fucked around with explosives. Process of elimination, my dudes.

##Vote: Es (Raregold)


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I hate to kill off my only customer so far, but they are our most likely suspect. Sorry!

##Vote: Es (Raregold)


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dont see who else it could be, crisp. you deserve it for hosting that disrespectful abomination anyway

##Vote: Raregold

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At the moment, they seem to have the best oportunity to do it.
##Vote: Raregold