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Greetings, new brawler sponsors! At this briefing, we will be giving you some info you should probably definitely pass on to your fighters.

First, is how to play. I'll start a conversation with each team whenever we start and you'll message me your character(s) moves. For example: (Player 1) Shelly moves towards the middle. (Player 2) Colt attacks the box nearest him. Etc.

Second, universal rules. if your character loses all their health, they get KO'd. In Solo Showdown, they're out. In Duo Showdown, they will respawn next to their partner after seven turns. In Bounty, you instantly respawn back at the start. And in Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, Siege and Heist, you will respawn back at the start after two turns. After respawning and at the beginning of a Showdown game, you will have two turns of invincibility. Your characters all have three ammo slots, and depending on the reload speed they have, your ammo will reload after a certain amount of time. If you take damage, you can heal if you go a turn without taking damage or attacking. If an attack hits a wall, it will stop there. Some attacks can hit multiple people (Heavyweights, for example) while others only hit one person (Most Sharpshooters). If your character's in a bush, they are invisible to the enemy, unless they attack or are attacked. In order to attain your characters Super, you must attack the enemy enough times (The amount of times varies.). And a side note, with the exception of Showdown, all events are 3v3. I think that's it.

Third, the events. There are several Brawl Stars events, and you should find the details of them below. As for what specifically we'll be doing, that will be determined later (I'm open to suggestions). (You don't have to read all these right now, BTW. It's a lot of info.)

Your characters will be on one of two teams of three. Every three turns, a gem will pop out of a hole in the center of the map. In order to win, your team must grab ten gems and hold them for six turns. If you are holding one gem and you get KO'd, you will drop the gem and respawn back at your side of the map after two turns

In Showdown, ten characters will be in either a free for all, or a 2v2v2v2v2 match. You can bust open crates and get powerups that will increase health by about 300 and your damage by about 100. Bushes and walls are usually plentiful. But! Beware of the poison cloud as it moves in. It will deal 1000 damage for each turn you stay inside it. Last man/team standing wins! Attacking boxes will not charge your Super.

Your characters will be on one of two teams of three. The goal is to score two goals into the other teams goal. By the end of forty(?) turns, if it's tied up, all grass and walls blowup and a ten turn sudden death occurs. When you have the ball, you cannot attack. Shooting will use up an ammo bar, and if you use your Super attack while holding the ball, it will go a long way.

In Heist, you must attempt to bust open your opponents safe. After dealing enough damage to it, it will break open, and you win. If, at the end of forty(?) turns, both safes are still intact, the winner will be determined by whichever has dealt more damage to the other safe. Attacking the safe will not charge your Super.

While this 3v3 game is very similar to heist, it has one very important difference: You collect screws that spawn in the middle of the map and send them back to your IKE unit (That replaces the safe) so it can build you a siege bot. whichever team has the most screws gets a siege bot at the end of a certain amount of turns. There will be three total sieges, unless there's a tie, in which case there will be no siege. The siege bots health and power will increase with every screw. Attacking the siege bot or the IKE will not charge your Super.

In Bounty, everyone has two points tied to them. If you KO someone with two points, your team gains those points, but the points tied to the KO'er goes up by one, maxing out at seven. Whichever team has the most points at the end of forty(?) turns wins!

In this event, you must attempt to capture all of the Hot Zones by staying in them for a certain amount of time. There can be anywhere from one to three on the map. Standing in the zone will charge it, and if two people from opposite sides are in the Hot Zone, both will continue charging.

Every brawler is sorted into a classification system from Fighter, to Sharpshooter, to Heavyweight, as well as others. The classifications will have, to some extent, similar stats. None of the following stats are accurate, BTW. Everyone will be as powerful as they can be, and Star Powers will be available from now on. Gadgets will be added later. If you want, you can give me info on a character you would like to play as who isn't in the game. (OC's, existing characters, etc.) I will draw on stats from the actual game and make your own character you can use!
OK, for the record, with actual characters, there are various skins you can use if you want. They're merely aesthetic and don't do anything to affect gameplay.
Nita & Bruce.png
Jessie & Scrappy.png

Mr. P.png
El Primo.png
Crow (New).png
Here's a list of the types:
Fighters: Fighters are the all around characters, with decent health, range, and damage.
Sharpshooters: Sharpshooters are great at picking off distant targets, but have poor health to counter their range and damage.
Heavyweights: Otherwise known as Tanks, Heavyweights excel in health, have decent attack, but their poor range can be a hazard. They also have a nasty habit of jumping out of a bush when you least expect it and blasting you to bits.
Throwers: Throwers have a unique attribute countering their poor health: They can throw projectiles over walls, an excellent ally in Heist.
Supports: While this is the most diverse group, all of the Brawlers have one thing in common: Utility. This overlooked stat will give teams great advantages, from healing, to pushing, to wall making, this group is stereotypically best suited in team games.
Assassins: This three Brawler group is an interesting group to say the least. A Dashing Assassin, a Toxic Assassin, and a Stealthy Assassin are not characters to be taken lightly.
Other: This category is one I created for classifications with only one character in them. So far, all that exists to fit this is Bibi, the Batter.

Oh yeah, I had a problem when we first tried this in the MCCW. All your characters can do is fire their attacks, move, heal, and use their Supers. They CANNOT do anything outside of those. You can have them trash talk if you like, but other than that, they can't do anything else. I may lighten up on this later.

I'll be sure to add pictures of the maps later.

We will start with a game of Solo Showdown. The first ten people to respond to the thread will be allowed to participate. I will PM each of you when we are ready to start. Let me know who you want to play as and I will give more detailed stats so you can know if you want to play as them or not.

I believe that's everything. Feel free to ask me questions here if you have any (I would appreciate it if you guys gave this a go. It took me forever to type all this up.)!

This is the map we'll use in Showdown. It may change from time to time. Boxes will be scattered around, with anywhere from one to eight in the middle.
I now have a few stats. I'll list them here, and PM you when your characters stats are present.
HP: 5040
POW: 420 X 5, totaling to 2080 when you're hit with all five. (The more bullets you hit them with, the more damage they take. Closer is better with her.)
Super: 448 X 9, totaling to 4032 if you're hit with all five.
Max HP: 5040
POW (per arrow): 728 X 3, totaling to 2181 if you're hit with all three arrows.
Super: 2016 per mine, and there are three mines. So almost instant death if you're unfortunate enough to get caught in all three.
Max HP: 6020.
Pow (per beam): 448 X 6, totaling to 2688 damage if you're hit with all six beams.
Super (This is your power-up turrets health. If it runs out of health, it gets destroyed and you'll have to plant another.) Health: 3920. It has a cicle of effect, so it can be on the other side of a small wall and you can still feel it's effect. It boosts damage by %30.
Max HP: 4480.
POW: 616 X 4, totaling to 2464. It loses power the farther it goes.
Super: Leon turns invisible for four turns, unless he attacks. Then he becomes visible. And if you are close enough to him, you can see him.

This doesn't have much to do with the RP, but I'm including my friend ID's if you guys have the game and want to friend me. Let me know if it's you though, so I don't dismiss it as someone I played with recently.
R.O.B., my main account. #PQCQL8QGY
And Magolor04726, my second account. #98CV9YYYC
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At first, I thought it was something to do with Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters.

Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
I just have a question, when does it start? I have a busy schedule for the next month and I don't want any conflicts.

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Hold up, I got the stats. I'll get them on here tomorrow, as well as a new brawler just released. Remember: These stats are not what we're going to use, all my characters are at different power levels (Meaning some aren't as strong as others). I'll figure out what the maximum stats are and we'll use those.

If you guys like this and everything goes well, I'll add Star Powers and then Gadgets. Star Powers have permanent effects on characters (Example: Shelly's two Star Powers are Shell Shock [Her Super slows opponents down for a few turns] and Band-aid [After a time, should she fall below a certain amount of health, she'll be healed a small amount.]) and Gadgets are three, some time two use activation things with various effects. (Example: Shelly dashes forward, reducing damage received while dashing.)
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Signing in as 8-Bit.
@The Dark Core and @Paper Goomba, here's Bo and 8-Bit. These aren't accurate numbers, they're just meant to give you a general idea.
Bo stats.jpg

Bo fires three explosive arrows. Each will damage someone per arrow. His Super is three invisible mines that explode after a short delay when someone walks over them, and each mine deals fair damage. Sometimes, if you throw it right, you can catch one person in all three. Bo is an all around character.
8-Bit stats.jpg

When 8-Bit fires his gun, it shoots six shots in a somewhat straight line, dealing a lot of damage if you can hit someone with all six. His Super is a turret that will amp his damage dealt so long as you're in it's area of effect. It affects allies as well. 8-Bit's biggest (And only) drawback is his speed. He is the slowest character in the game.


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I think I'll pass for now. Let me know how this goes though, because making a fighting game into a roleplay is a strange concept and I'm interested to see how it turns out.


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