King of the Hill roleplay

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
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Let's begin:

Hank: Yep

Bill: Yup

Dale: Yep

Boomhauer: Mhmm.

Hank: Say, ya know that there's been some new houses on this block. Wonder who might move into 'em.

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Hank: Are ya interested in buyin' a house? I'd like new neighbours. I only sell propane and propane accessories.


Bow before my mightiness!
Bobby Hill: Hey Dad! I’m playin Mario Kart in real life! (crashes the car into the garage)

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Hank: Ow! That hurt! But luckily, I've got mah own solution! *Hank punches Bobby in the nuts*