The Altonia Files: The Second Chapter


Plumbing my way into your hearts since 1985
Mech Man: Well, I'm a cyborg, so I can do this, (His legs suddenly extend to a very large height, allowing him to catch a bird flying over head, then he gently lets it go) and this. (He snaps back to the ground and clicks a gun out of his arm) I also have magnet feet, but there isn't a lot of metal here.
*This starts playing*
Phi: No, Battle skills.

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
(Underneath the hood is the face of... an average man. Nothing spectacular or noticeable about it.)
Eli: Aw, MAN! I was hoping he would at least have an awesome scar!
Elijah: Hey! Are you OK?
Man: I... I think so... what happened?
Elisha: You just jumped off a building.
Elijah: You're coming with us.
Man: Wh- what? What did I do?
Eli: You melted half of the downtown area with these massive acidic fireballs! That was AWESOME! Can you teach me how to-
Eliana: Eli.
Elisha: Are you saying you don't remember any of that?
Man: Well, I..... I don't.... remember anything.
Elijah: (Muttering) Just like Oscar....

Jean Pierre Polnareff

I'll turn you into a pincushion!
Jazzi: Police sounds like the best bet but just in case..

*She pulls out a rope from her hoodie and twists the man's hands together and infuses the rope with electric magic so if he tries to break free from them he will get shocked*

Jazzi: I mean business, and you're definitely a danger to people.