The Altonia Files: The Second Chapter

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I'm not here right now... I'll be back in a bit.
(The next day, Elijah, Elisha, and Fry [I assume] head back to the inn where Eliana and Eli are.)
Elijah: Helloooo?
Elisha: We're back! Eli? Eliana?
(Eli, however, was roaming the city.)
Eliana: Hey guys! Welcome back. So, what'd you find out?
Elisha: A lot. We'll have to talk later.
Eliana: Oh yeah, I wanted to get you guys to OK this, I invited Jazzi to travel with us for a bit.
Elijah: What?

Sailor Luigi

Pretty Sailor Guardian~
Jazzi: *still paying most of her attention on her game* Since my powers are weak, I've created a technique that I call telehoping, it allows me to teleport around 20 feet at a time, and I can adjust it to be shorter than that as well...


Bow before my mightiness!
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