The Altonia Files: The Second Chapter

Sailor Luigi

Pretty Sailor Guardian~
Mhm! I kinda made up the multiplayer version of picture poker, but it plays exactly like the original, just with two people

*After the two playing for a couple of hours Jazzi has basically crushed Eliana witha game 34 to 12*

Jazzi: Pretty good for someone who doesn't know the system by the back of her hand!

Birthday Magolor04726

I'm not here right now... I'll be back in a bit.
*Jazzi lifts an eyebrow but doesn't take much interest in it*

Jazzi: Dude's already got enough caution signs on him, you dont need to remind me~ *laughs*

*She pauses*

Jazzi: I dont mean any offence by that, just like, ah..
Eliana: He wouldn't take any. He may seem stern, but he's very tender hearted. He loves to cook, sing, play instruments... he's very creative. See what he has is... it's a golden video game remote - he's a total Nintendo nerd - and it lets him enter video games and computers and such. He picked it up in another dimension.