The Altonia Files: The Second Chapter

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
Well, after this whole banning mess, and since the two banned were the biggest contributors, I thought we'd better restart. We'll follow similar rules, and- here, I'll make a list...
1. OC characters are a must. BUT! Unlike the previous RP, in this one, you may use existing characters. If you want to use one, PM me, and if I give you an OK, you are free to use him/her. (If you want, I can give you one of my characters I have created so you can use them)
2. DO NOT make your characters too OP. Everyone has a weakness or flaw of some sort. Also, no godmodding. This is actually one of the reasons we restarted...
3. Please control your tongue. I really don't want people swearing in here, OK?
4. There are various hidden kingdoms, but ask me before your character(s) go to them. They're hidden for a reason. If you want to make one, PM me and I'll think about it.
5. OK, I know this place is nuts, since time is all screwy, but I don't want people using portals willy nilly, OK?
Here's the cast, not including crowds and minor characters (I use users OG names, FYI. Forgive and correct me if I get yours wrong.):

Magolor04726: Elijah, Elisha, Eli, Eliana, Oscar, an unknown person who took over Oscar's army.

KingBoo: Benny.

Yoshi the SSM: Mr. Y, Red Yoshi.

Long John Spaghetti: Phillip J. Fry, Vector.

The Crazy Mr. L Fangirl: Jazzi.

Fiery Yoshi: FieryYoshi.

These characters are either dead or assumed dead:
No one! (For now)

I'll let our RP mod add the ban log, since I assume that would have to stay in place:

Banned users
White LightningConstant godmodding, making characters unfairly OP, consistently conflicts with other users.

I'll start:
Magolor04726: Welcome to Altonia, a time torn land of wonder. Long, long ago, there was a man. He was a brilliant scientist, one of the foremost and advanced men of his time. However, he had one secret wish: to rule the land of Altonia. So, in secret, he constructed a time machine. When it was complete, he prepared to travel to when Altonia was created. However, something went horribly wrong, and instead of taking him to the past, he brought the past and future to the present. Medieval castles, the Roman Colosseum, market places, houses, futuristic locations, and much more came spilling onto the world of Altonia. During this, one of the aforementioned castles crushed the scientists lab, killing him and destroying the machine. As the dust settled, the residents of Altonia, old and new, would grow, cooperate, and live in peace. Well, that last one is up to you guys I suppose. And now, without further ado... (The curtain lifts, the audience claps, and the RP starts. Let the madness begin!)
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The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Benny: Ah welcome! This is Altonia, a land with magic, monsters (none until now) and various kingdoms. My memory of these kingdoms is a bit foggy, I don't know what they are exactly but maybe you guys could help me remember. I'm a wizard and can perform some attack-based spells.

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Benny: Could you help me remember the kingdoms? My memory is foggy because I've never ventured outside the kingdom i'm in except in rare circumstances.

October Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Meanwhile in the old Altonia Files...*

Red Yoshi: "Hey! You're back! (Mr. Y goes onto Red Yoshi). Now to... huh?"

*It was at this time, a portal to the new Altonia Files open and they end up in the new Altonia Files.*

Mr. Y: "Ah! Whoa! That something. And I can't go back there. But I think that because that world doesn't exist anymore am I not able to go back there. Wait. This world is very similar. This must be Altonia, isn't it. Hey! Elijah! Hello! I am Mr. Y!"

*By the way, I got permission to use Mr. Y. That Red Yoshi is a part of Mr. Y, so he is here too.*

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Benny: Your name is Mr. Y, Gotcha. In Altonia, there are other kingdoms but if you're told about them.... you instantly forget the info about them.

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Benny: My mansion was in the old world, but I got 2% of what it was worth. I'll be purchasing a new house. When's what?