The Game Of Games Season II, New Donk City. (Lobby/discussion)

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@talkyoshi I expect you to practice more courtesy when participating in RP games that aren't yours. Please make sure to read the original post before you participate, and it doesn't hurt to ask questions before you partake in actions. If the creator of the RP doesn't want you to be in a specific role, don't goad him over it. If you want to make your own RP where you can have your specific role, then create that, don't bend the rules of another person's RP.

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@The Dark Core, I have a question, why did you extend the deadline from 5 June to 20 June?


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@Stick Man it’s here btw.

Introducing the first NPC!

Mayor Pauline!
Mayor Of New Donk City.

Mayor Pauline: Well Hello there!
My name is Pauline! I run this town, make all the rules, I will be your tour guide. There are gonna be monsters around so I exspect you to protect me. Money works on everyone else but not me! Jewerly is the name of my game!
Decapitated Monkey’s also works.
I’ll see you there! Too doo loo!

*From this point on @Paper Goomba has full control of this NPC*

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Don't attempt to throw Goombuigi under the bus when you're the one making the posts with very similar format, that's just blatantly disrespectful to him when he's doing you the favor of hosting this.

Crediting GBA for the inspiration is pretty much all you need, so if you go right ahead and do that we'll be all good.


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Alright, the killing every night is @Raihan’s thing, I am going to get rid of that as that is copying the killing games ok. I feel then it will be different enough for me to live with this.
Do note: You can still fight people and kill em. Just not mandatory
Tell me if I should fix anything else.
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Going to be semi active for a while.
After this mess, I am going to drop out. Good luck! Oh one thing, can I do the coffin dancers?