Super Mario Boards Roleplay Basic Rules and Guidelines

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Super Mario Boards Roleplay Basic Rules and Guidelines

What is Roleplay?

Roleplaying, or RPing for short, is the act of assuming the role of a fictional character or more and having them interact with the world around them. Similar to fanfiction, many possibilities and scenarios can be played out with imagination being the primary limitation, but there's a major difference between the two forms: roleplaying is an interactive effort requiring cooperation of multiple users. These guidelines are formed in place to ensure that all parties have a successful, and most importantly, fun time playing together.

How is posting formatted?
An RP action typically uses this format:

Phil: I want to go fishing today. Who wants to come with me?
Tom: Sure thing, Phil. Let me pack my fishing pole.
Sally: I'll bring the snacks.
Some users add stylizations to how they RP, such as adding character avatars, font colors, and different types of formatting to distinguish the way they talk, and it is possible to have dialogue composed of generated text images. Make sure the font is in a readable font. Do not type your posts like this, as it's very difficult to read and make sure your avatars, if they are used, are at a reasonable size.

Some users additionally add more writing to demonstrate action, sometimes signified by asterisk markings (*) or writing words without a character speaking them. As long as it is clear to other users what action is being posted, there is no strict rule on how users should format their posts, though it is recommended that they should follow the consistent formatting others use.

What are the limitations on how many characters you can have?
The limitation of how many characters users are allowed to access is defined in an author's roleplay's rules and is case-by-case. It is recommended that players do not introduce too many characters to a universe at once, as it makes it potentially confusing for other users to keep track of: character quality is more important than character quantity, and users are encouraged to take time developing their characters before they create an excessive amount of them. What is heavily discouraged is creating characters on the fly just to get them out of a unfavorable situation, such as creating characters just to jailbreak other characters and then reduced to practically no roles afterward or creating an indiscernible mob of characters that riots whenever a character does something that user disagrees with.

While introducing characters, it is helpful to describe a character's physical appearance, as this aids how other characters react to them. If a character is an anthropomorphic bird creature in a world of regular humans, people will react differently to her than if she is a regular person among them. Subtle details such as a character's height, hair color, skin color, etc. are also helpful to how a character can form perceptions to another. Some users rely on character avatars to relay physical description, while others rely on established character familiarity (e.g. Mario, Link, Pikachu), making physical descriptions unnecessary.

Can I join in the middle of an RP session?
Generally, yes! Anyone can hop in and out any time they like, everyone is welcome to roleplay as long as they abide by proper rules outlined in this thread and the general forum rules. However, if you plan on dropping out of a roleplay for the long term, it is very advised you let your roleplaying partners know through the specific PM thread or through out-of-character strikethroughs in the thread, since some people can put a lot of emotional investment in a roleplay and leaving players in the dust can cause concern. The only exception to this rule is if the roleplay requires sign-ups to participate. If you have any questions, though, it does not hurt to ask other players in the thread.

Communication and cooperation between users is key to a successful RP
This is the biggest guideline that all users are expected to follow. PM threads are typical for discussing off-topic plans that one may have for an RP, and it is strongly encouraged that you communicate with everyone who is active in the thread. For many major actions, such as killing off a character or writing retroactive continuity for another user (also known as "retconning"), you absolutely need permission from the user's characters in order to continue.

Rules and Guidelines
  1. Follow the rules posted in the OP. If a thread asks for players to be used in a specific universe, such as, for example, requests for characters to be only user-made characters, please make sure to follow them. Keep in mind that OP rules can be subject to change depending on the whims of the topic creator, though the topic creator needs to communicate this idea clearly to others as well.
  2. Godmodding is not to be tolerated. Godmodding is the act having an action decided for another user or having your character avoid everything possible. The usage of the term is not strict and can take accordance of many actions, which may be defined on a case-by-case basis. Typically, godmodding is associated with users attempting to railroad plots into their favor, typically through the use of overpowered characters and unbalanced weaponry, such as using a black hole laser to kill off that user's "enemies". There are case-by-case smaller scenarios where some users do allow actions to happen to their character, but it is generally safe to avoid deciding what should happen to another character.
  3. All forum rules apply to this board. Show respect and courtesy towards all users at all times. For example, do NOT endorse homophobia, or any kind of real world hate in a roleplay. If you feel like another user is disrespecting you, do not directly call them out with out-of-character insults. While real world hate can be used as inspiration for a potential plot conflict, be extremely careful when writing stories around sensitive subjects; it is advised that you avoid it entirely.
  4. Do not threaten other users if they undertake an acceptable action you disagree with. Emotional manipulation of other users to solicit a desired action from them is absolutely unacceptable, such as threatening to stop roleplaying with another user if an otherwise acceptable action is undesired. Roleplaying is all about adaptation, and plots can easily take off in another direction that users may not anticipate, which is part of the reason that it is engaging for many people. Do not take the "my way or the highway" attitude when playing with other people, communicate and cooperate.

Ban Policy
  • Users who break rules outlined above will typically get informal reminders from moderators, either through directly posting in an RP or through PM threads.
  • Users who continuously ignore the reminders or break other rules get escalated to receiving official warnings through PMs.
  • Users who break the rules again after receiving a warning will receive a reply-ban from a specific thread. Reply bans are indefinite and cannot be negotiated. Any time a user is reply-banned, the original post of the thread will be edited to notify which user was banned.
  • Deciding what action to take when a user breaks rules is not confined within the thread's boundaries. If a user has broken rules in another RP thread, their rule-breaking posts in that thread will be considered when punitive action is required for a different RP thread.
  • Continuously getting banned from this subforum's threads can be grounds for a forum-wide ban enacted under the discretion of the Global Moderators.
  • If a user is banned from posting, either through a reply ban or a forum-wide ban, other people shall not use their characters, nor are they permitted to write stories that involve the characters in any shape or manner. This rule applies to any original characters the user had or any creation specific to that user. However, canon characters not made by the user such as Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, etc. will generally be lifted from the user for other people to play with. It is fine to come up with an explanation to why the user's characters are no longer involved in an RP, but please do not spend too much time on the action.

Glossary of common RP terms
Godmodding: The act of assuming the outcome for another user's character, as well as taking control of another user's character without the user's permission. It is oftentimes coincides with a character being overpowered, or OP for short. Depending on the severity, it can be casually allowed in case-by-case bases but most of the time, it is highly frowned upon and discourteous of another user. Combat is extremely common in an RP, and it is hugely advised that you do not injure another user's character without permission, much less, killing them off.

Mary Sue / Gary Stu: A common term used in fanfiction that also applies to roleplay characters and can be commonly misused as well. This term applies to any character who is perceived to have no flaws whatsoever, as they are written to satisfy an author's personal power fantasies, such as writing the world to admire them, having their perceived enemies vanquished and tarnished even over minor disagreements, and having unrealistic abilities and technology that will help them in any situation, regardless if they are actually prepared for it. It coincides with being OP. These types of characters are to be avoided at almost all costs, especially as the protagonists.

Metagaming/Metaplaying: Roleplaying based off what the author knows, but not the characters. For example, wiretapping into other character's conversations without the character not realistically knowing what is happening behind the doors is an extremely common theme in many roleplays, and it leads to OP actions that dismantle a plot. Another example is having a character knowing the whereabouts of a location, and then contriving a weak excuse to justify an action.

OP / Overpowered: When a user's character is far too powerful relative to the universe, causing a huge power imbalance between multiple users' characters, which commonly leads to heavy conflict between others. It is possible to play as a very powerful character such as being President of the entire Mushroom Kingdom, but it is very difficult to pull it off properly without upsetting other players. In addition, characters should typically not have access to hugely powerful technology or abilities relative to the universe of the roleplay, such as the ability to teleport, wiretap another user's conversations, or carry nuclear weapons. The best way to deal with this is to establish limitations on characters, since no character is perfect. This even includes roleplays where characters are designed to be very powerful and have access to a variety of superpowers. The key is balance between other user's characters and if a roleplay is thematically designed around such powers.

Powerplay: Similar to godmodding, except that users assume control of another character without the owner's permission. Don't do this.

Railroading: Contriving an action so that the roleplay ends out exactly as how a user plans it out. Roleplay is a collaborative effort that unexpectedly takes many turns due to the free-form nature, and no user should have any greater say on what should happen over another user, with a possible exception being the roleplay creator, though roleplay creators must also exercise caution by not being too controlling of a roleplay which would otherwise repel other players away.

Retcon: Known as "retroactive continuity", this is an attempt to rewrite past, established history. Some users may do this to address plot holes, but it is generally frowned upon. It is unacceptable to retcon other established histories without the owner's permission (e.g. introducing a long forgotten sibling for another user's character).

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