Final Fantasy Roleplay


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I Honestly feel this has potential to be good.

0. *Reserved if a mod needs to put something here.*
1. If you are going to join. A. You must make a new charater like, completly new that fits the theme.
2. No! And I mean NO! Godmodding!
3. Don’t hog all the wins. I’m looking at you Lightning.
4. To make a charater please post their stats like so:
Atk Refel speed:

An example will be:
Atk: 24
Def: 45
Hp: 154
Magic: 0
Speed: 1
Atk Refill speed: 1 per Sec.
*By the way Atk Refill speed is how long it takes for it to fill to 20*
5. Every battle against a regular oppent must :
I. Be in FF fasion. Mainly FF VI fasion.
II. Be on par with stats.
And against a charater.
I. Have boss music and all the same stuff as the other ones.

Now on to the show!

A long time ago.....
There was a peacful land....
But an evil conquer had taken it over....
Now you must stop it with your crew...
<Yeah I’m not the best with story’s sue me I want this to be a comunity thing>
<And for the record this is not based off a past game, this is completly new>
<And for the record. Losing a battle simply means your charater faints for a few minutes>
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