Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2020


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Everyone sent in a score, so here are the results of Round 3 for the singles tournament!

Singles 3.PNG

KingBoo29's point counts toward BBQ Turtle's.

Here are the pair ups for Round 4!
@Beedle vs @fantanoice
@Thamiel vs @Deimos (time to see which Killing Game host is better!)
@Nightmare vs @BEEEEEAAARRRS
@Kanade Amou vs @Coffee
@BBQ Turtle vs @Kersti (I know you guys just did this, but that's how Challonge grouped you.)
@Yoshiwaker vs @Turboo
@Tressa Colzione is sitting out this round.

For the doubles people, I am still missing some scores for Round 2 and Round 3. I would like all of these scores by Friday, July 3, or Sunday, July 5 at the latest.