Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2020


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Welcome to the second annual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mario Awards Tournament! Meta Knight hosted things last year, but I'll be hosting it this year because I finally got a Switch recently and I can do this sort of thing now. The format for this tournament will be similar to Meta Knight's last year: There will be two tournaments happening at the same time, both a 1-on-1 singles tournament and a 2-on-2 doubles tournament.

Challonge link:

Rule set:
• 3 stocks
• 8 minutes
• Items and Final Smashes: Off
• Spirits: Off
• Stage morph and hazards: Off
• Team attack: On (for the team tourney)

Legal stages:
• All Battlefield variants
• All Final Destination variants
• Lylat Cruise
• Smashville
• Town and City
• Pokémon Stadiums

Gentleman's Rule is also in effect, you can use whatever normal stage you want so long as you both agree on it, aside from the following, which are all banned regardless (except for their BF/FD variants):
• Palutena's Temple
• 25m
• Hyrule Temple
• Mario Bros.
• Balloon Fight
• The Great Cave Offensive

There are no character limits.
EDIT FROM WHAT I SENT TO ANTON: Actually, I forgot there was a new character coming out in June, who will likely drop in the middle of this. The new ARMS character is not allowed to be used, as no one knows how to work with or against them.

All rounds are Best-2-of-3. How many rounds there are depend on the number of participants. There will be five rounds. Rounds will last a week. If you fail to partake in a fight during the time, you will be disqualified; if your partner fails to show during the week for doubles, it will have to count as a loss for the both of you. Continuing to not show up will result in tournament disqualification.

The tournament will use a Swiss Round Robin system. The way Swiss Round Robin works means you will rotate around the tournament randomly, meaning you will never fight the same opponent twice, and you can keep playing even if you lose. If you win, post your scores here, in Discord DMs, forum message, email, or however. The person and team with the most wins will, y'know, win.

So you want to play, do you? Well, I'm going to need these from you:

  • Solo sign-up
    • Your forum username
    • Your Switch username
    • Your Switch friend code
    • Time zone and times that work for you
  • Team sign-ups (one person posts for the both of you)
    • Both of your forum names
    • Both of your Switch usernames
    • Both of your Switch friend codes
    • Both of your time zones and times that work for you both
    • A team name for extra flare, and so I have one thing to call you by
Sign ups are open… NOW! They will close and the tournament will begin on June 5th. Happy Smashing!

  • Solo people
Forum usernameSwitch usernameSwitch friend codeTime zone and times available
@Alex95Alex95SW-0311-3668-6030PDT, 12PM-8PM, flexible
@CoffeeCoffeeTBAPDT, after 4 or 5 PM
@The Dark CoreLink327PrivateWestern, 6-8 / 9-12 AM
@KingBoo29SuperToad4SW-6126-0782-8125EST, 12-3PM / 7-9PM
@KassLuigi 64DDSW-4184-5900-3232CDT, 9 AM - 10 PM
@BBQ TurtleBBQ TurtleSW-1252-3209-5235GMT, 9 AM - 9 PM
@Raven EffectBorisSW-3381-2939-9982CDT
Weekdays after 11PM
All day Saturday
Sundays after 6PM
@YoshiwakerMayanSW-7606-6233-3515EST 10am-2am
@TurbooTurbSW-1512-5312-3150MST Off work Fri, Sat, Sun
@fantanoicefantanoiceSW 1185-3678-7111Australia EST 7pm-11pm weekdays. All day weekends.
  • Team people
Team nameForum usernamesSwitch usernamesSwitch friend codesTime zones and times available
Satellite Lovers@Coffee
PDT, after 4 or 5 PM
PDT, after 4 PM
Zwei Wing@Hooded Pitohui
@Tressa Colzione
Ovie Val
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Koopa Troopa
Forum: Coffee
Switch: Coffee
FC: Pending, I’m not looking right at it
Time zone: PST
I’m good after like 4 or 5 most days

Also wanna sign up with Rose for doubles but I’m not sure if I have to do a second post for that


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Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Team: Satellite Lovers (Coffee & Rose)
Forum: Roserade
Switch: Roserade
FC: 5046-6095-0140
Time zone: PST
Anytime after four generally works

Only playing doubles

The Dark Core

I’m not the best at smash but hey, good practice:
Forum: The Dark Core
Switch Name: Link327 (The guy with the wa avatar)
Code: I kinda don’t want to have waves of switch requests and in a above post it’s not required so.....if I must I can P.M. it.
Schedule: 6:00 A.M - 8:00 A.M. | 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 A.M. Western time.

BBQ Turtle

Crazy sponsors lady.
Wiki Administrator
Forum username: BBQ Turtle
Switch username: BBQ Turtle
Switch friend code: SW-1252-3209-5235 (I think I've already sent friend requests to most people here anyway)
Times: 9 AM-9 PM GMT (Except I think we might be on BST at the moment? I never know exactly how that works.) easily, and could probably stretch to 8 AM and 10 PM in emergencies. I'd also like to note that while I can usually do between 2 and 7 PM and Saturdays, I might not be able to make last-minute arrangements in those times.

The Dark Core

I’m not good at the game but I’m gonna give it my all anyway’s!


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Okay, I misunderstood some of the terms here, so quick update:
  • Round style is Round Robin.
  • There will be five rounds total.
I need an eighth player to make the tournament an even number for the Solo matches. If an eighth player doesn't show by the deadline, I'll remove myself.
If no one else signs up for Doubles, the winner of the match will be the winner of the Doubles tournament.

Challonge link:
Give input if you have any.
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The Dark Core

No @Alex95 if an eighth person doesn’t show up I’ll go.

You should get to smash, I’m just here just for the sake of practice, you guys will enjoy it more. If an eighth person shows up, I’ll stay otherwise. Happy smashing!

The Dark Core

@Alex95 I’m damn sure if an 8th person doesn’t come I’ll leave.


Shine Sprite
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Arizona and I don't fukcing know dude since my work schedule is fucked up but i'm off work fridays and saturdays and sundays and you can ask me if i'm around the other days

The Dark Core

8 people.

Yes that means I can still give everyone a can of whoop ***!
Wait,,....No.....I can’t becuase @Alex95 didn’t update the list so there is an odd number. ****!
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