Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (round 12 (extended) + 13 - due August 17th @ 11:59 PM)

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Bracket -
Round 12 + 13 is due at August 17th at 11:59 pm PST.

You are allowed to skip ahead in rounds if you like, but the current set must be done by the due date above. If you can't make your set please send me a PM to let me know before the deadline (even if its 11:59 pm PST) and I can excuse you for that set and you can finish it later on, otherwise it will be marked as a loss for your part or both parties if they fail to notify

Welcome to MarioWiki's first ever Panel de Pon (PDP) tournament! We will be playing on Nintendo Switch Online, and will be using a Round Robin style format (everyone will get to play with each other).

Here's some terminology for the rules below, and a screenshot to help:
Round: The current match you'll be playing. The number of rounds you win are kept track by the stars on the bottom of the screen.
Game: When you win two rounds, you will win one game, earning you a Point. Points and Games are synonymous.
When you win two games, you will win the set against your opponent.

  • First to two games (points) wins the set.
  • No time limit cap
  • Players will start on Level 6. After each Game, players will increase the Level by one
  • Have fun!

Sign ups:
  1. Tfp - SW-7997-8764-7276
  2. Roserade - SW-5046-6095-0140
  3. Smasher - SW-7628-2111-0913
  4. Alex95 - SW-0311-3668-6030
  5. YoshiFlutterJump - SW-4083-0841-7914
  6. Pink Cat - SW-2777-0440-8025
  7. Turb - SW-1512-5312-3150
  8. Shoey - SW-3381-2939-9982
  9. Winstein - SW-7942-2874-4689
  10. Pitohui - SW-6880-0428-3118
  11. GBA - SW-5633-7689-5779
  12. Paper Goomba - SW-5622-4479-3404
  13. MST3K - SW-8406-2414-6708
  14. Chibiki Daisy - SW-5651-4742-8511
  15. Superchao - SW-1115-1546-9324

With the upcoming release of Panel de Pon on Nintendo Online, I've decided to run a PDP tournament. Several people have expressed interest so I would like to make a thread and gauge interest with some more details from our community.

Currently I'm thinking of a Round Robin tournament (everyone plays with each other with no eliminations, whoever has the most points at the end wins) instead of Elimination style where once you are knocked out you wont get to play unless there's like a loser's bracket or something

I love PDP but I'm not too invested in the competitive scene so I'm kind of making stuff on the whim while looking at some other places for their rules. Here's what I've come up with for now:

- First to 2 Points (each point is a 2 round victory), see pic below

- I don't think we should cap time limit; just play until there's a winner.

- Levels is probably the hardest part of making this tournament because I'd like to make it fair for everyone but also have a competitive nature around it. If you haven't played VS mode there is a number you can select from 1-10 which determines your handicap from easiest to hardest, and selecting 8 and above gives you an extra block to match. Each level higher also means faster clear time and faster blocks filling your screen. I think in 1P terminology, Easy is 3, Normal is 5, and Hard is 7. Here's some things I've thought of:
  • Gentleman's agreement (level is decided upon both players)
  • You post a level you are most comfortable at and use that for the rest of the tournament
  • A standard rule of starting at a specific level, and then increasing the level after each Point
  • I'm not sure, if you have any suggestions please post!

That's about all I've thought of -- so if you are interested in participating please post here! 🤟
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I am definitely interested, and I think that personally the gentleman's rule seems fair to me, but I think that the third rule would probably make the most sense in terms of consistency


Let's do our best today!
What's the planned date and time? I'm interested but gotta see if I can fit it into my schedule

Hilda Valentine Goneril

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im pleasantly surprised with the amount of people that have expressed interest, so i will go ahead and officially say this is happening

more info about times later but i think we can have everyone play each other atleast with maybe a week deadline or something
i'll go ahead and implement rule 3 then, and we can start at level 6. this way, if points are tied 1-1 from a level 6 and 7 game, the last point will be determined by a level 8 game which adds new block variation to the pool which i think would make it interesting as a last set.

also id be more than happy to make some sort of introductory tips & tricks video for new players; if you'd be interested in that react to this post and i'll try to whip up something in the coming few weeks. ill show off how to set combos, chains, and garbage clearing maneuvers


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I do like to join some games, even if I have a feeling I will get bodied due to that rust.

Thank you for reading.

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the game is now out! ill be posting a video soon on some tips and tricks later sometime. here are some screens to help you navigate the menus:

Main Menu

1Player Game

  • Endless - just how it sounds like

  • Time Trial - 2 minutes to get a high score. You can adjust the speed of how the blocks rise from the bottom and the difficulty (how fast a match clears)

  • Stage Clear - Clear blocks as quickly as possible to get them under a white line that will pop up as you keep disposing blocks

  • Puzzle - Clear the board in the alloted moves

  • Vs - The main story mode, This will help you practice for the tourney

2Player Game

How to Play

How to Improve (useful for newcomers!)
you can navigate through these step by step to visualize how chains and combos are done

How to Improve Combos Menu

How to Improve Chains Menu

How to Improve Skillchain Menu

Hilda Valentine Goneril

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to ensure we get an adequate amount of playtime im pondering on a few things:
* start the tourney earlier than expected (i dont think we'll be getting more signups)
* change the style from round robin to swiss (not everyone will play with each other but it will be less weeks)
* sets will be determined within a 5 day frame instead of a full week, so we can still play with everyone in a decent time frame

i made a poll asking whether we should do a shorter swiss tournament or a round robin with less time between sets.

also, if you are opposed to starting the tourney earlier, send me a pm or post here directly; ill otherwise assume people are okay with it. the poll will close on monday to give people some time