Castaway Island.

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Ok People! Were castaways and we are one of Bowser's Minions! Ok I'm a Koopa Troopa and anyone can join!

Dont make your minion OP.

You cant revive yourself almost all the time and you cant call events or find things that can heal you.

Be respectful and no bad words or images.
Example: Make sure bad words are ****or other symbols!

Yes characters can be flirty at some point.

(Dont be too flirty untill the point that your characters have sex or anything else)

Soon 3 trusted people will soon call days (that means nobody except me can say Day 1, Day 2 ect.)

No Spamming

Make sure if your asking a question Cross it out!

I'll start: Day 1: It was a weird day I was stranded alone in a island. Well I just got here a day agao I got kicked outta Bowser's humble castle and he told me "If you DARE come back you'll be a rosted koopa..." When anyone hears the word rosted and that Minion's name that means you'll get burned. Okay so I was a castaway what should I do well I made a S.O.S sign but I dont think nobody will see it because I'm far away... Life on this island is the worst. Holy shoot! I forgot I can claim this land! So a boring day has turned into a adventurous adventure! So I found some resources on the island and headed out to explore.
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Elijah Guy

Fact Teller!
I'm on mobile.
Welp I searched everywhere on the island! Wait I forgot the beach.
Hours Later....
Hey who is that in the distance? I though I was the only minion on the Island...