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Welcome to Staged Roleplay.
I decided to try my hand at hosting a Roleplay. Hopefully It will go better than all my other threads that no one liked.
So, more than likely you have already done a Roleplay, but this will be different. The characters have already been set, and You can choose to play as 1-2 characters for now. You'll notice that the characters have descriptions. PLEASE stick to these. All the characters are kids/teenagers (however you want to picture it) and are all around the same age. Don't act out the characters' parents to much, I don't want them to get to involved.
Also, if users want to share characters, perfectly fine.

• Do not go anywhere except the assigned locations;
-Any characters house.
-Coffee Shop
-Park (If you want to add a location, please ask first.)
• No power playing/godmodding/controling/whatever. (You can suggest an action for others by [putting it in brackets] the user can decide if they want to do it or not.)
• If you want to say something apart from the story, <do it in these dash things>.
• Stick to your character descriptions.

• James- an average boy who does average things.Taken by White Lightning
• Mitch- a boy who's dad works at the coffee shop. He loves using slang (likes to say LOL and stuff). A kid who doesn't listen to authority much. Marks best friend.Taken by The Thing
• Dion- a boy that has magic shoes, enabling him to run fast. He can not take off his shoes. He is wild. He dies later in the Roleplay.Taken by Yoshi the SSM
• Apk- (Pronounced ay-pee-kay) A boy who is average but secretly lives by himself. Taken By Specter Knight
• Nika- Apk's girlfriend. She likes to go to the coffee shop and is very smart. She will never talk bad about anyone.Taken by Yoshi the SSM
• Bob- a very dimwitted and stupid boy.Taken by Goombuigi
• Mia- A tomboyish girl who's only volume is yell and will challenge any one to a fight if they talk bad about her.Taken by The Thing
• Donner- Mark's Dog.Taken by Star-Lord
• Mark- a boy that wants nothing more than to leave Lineintown. He is Mitch's best friend. Mark is oblivious to the fact that Lorell likes him.Taken by Goombuigi
• Peter - A 30-something year-old who likes 80's music and flirting with girls.Taken by Star-Lord
• Lorell- a girl that is deeply in love with Mark. She lives at the library because her mom works there. But that does not mean she is a geek.
• Tina- a girl who acts like an angel to any adult but hates every kid.
• Nola- an average girl who does average things.
• Tyler- A little kid that will believe anything he is told.

• ???- a bandit
• Buford T Justice- a cop who is really laid back most of the time.

I won't add more characters until we really have need for them, or someone suggests them.
Tell me if you want to claim a character.
Have Fun!!
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The Green Knight

Welcomes with Bib-Bangs!
The day begins like any other... boring.
No kid in Lineintown particularly likes school. The same goes for Apk, as he walks down the hall.

Apk: "Man, is it boring here."

Flora Bismarck

Going to be semi active for a while.
I'll take James, due to him having my name.

The Green Knight

Welcomes with Bib-Bangs!
<If you are going to say something out of context, you can do it in these brackets, unless you like strikethrough. And go ahead and start roleplaying! :tumble:>