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Please use this topic to discuss any ideas for a new award, as well as options on awards to remove to make way for new ones.

As of our 3rd meeting, there has been an idea to resurrect a once-used Luigi's Mansion portrait ghost award, with Luigi's Mansion 3 having come out and providing more ghosts at our disposal. This idea was borne from having a tough time figuring out which single LM3 boss ghost battle to nominate for M27. There is a rumbling desire to retire the two Odyssey awards, M23 Favorite Capture and M24 Favorite Costume, which provides some options for a space should one of these, or another, be removed, but first we need to come up with a viable award.

Will it be all ghosts as characters? Just battles? Award name and criteria?


8:29:43 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> M26 Favorite Boss Battle (Phantamanta (SMS), Brobot (SPM), Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD), Bowser in the Sky (SM64), Kaptain K. Rool 1 and 2 (DKC2), Super Dimentio (SPM), Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT), Megaleg (SMG), General Guy (PM), Kingfin (SMG), Popple and Rookie (M&L:SS), Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS), Bowser/Meowser (SM3DW), Bowser (SMG), Knucklotec (SMO),
[8:29:43 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Torkdrift (SMO), Mechawiggler (SMO), Bowser (SMO))
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 16) Kingfin (SMG) - 27 - 2.04%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 17) Knucklotec (SMO) - 14 - 1.06%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 18) Torkdrift (SMO) - 13 - 0.98%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 19) O. Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD) - 10 - 0.76%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 20) O. Dreamy Bowser (M&L:DT) - 6 - 0.45%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 21) O. Bowser (NSMBW) - 5 - 0.38%
[8:29:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 21) O. Bowser (SMW) - 5 - 0.38%
[8:29:58 PM] <@Lakituthequick> (M27)
[8:30:14 PM] <+Rose> Did anything exciting happen in LM3
[8:30:18 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> yeah m27
[8:30:35 PM] <@Lakituthequick> it has king boo i think
[8:30:38 PM] <Zange> could probably swap torkdrift and shadow queen if we're not adding any lm3
[8:30:39 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> I like Wolfgang
[8:30:42 PM] <+Smasher> 3 votes between torkdrift and shadow queen
[8:30:45 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> I mean Wolfgeist
[8:30:54 PM] <Power_Flotzo> :DiaLul:
[8:30:54 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> here let's do this first
[8:30:57 PM] <+Smasher> THIS is a close enough gap for me to think about cuts
[8:31:00 PM] <+Rose> Which one is Torkdrift is that the octopus
[8:31:06 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Flower machine
[8:31:10 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Vote: Remove "Torkdrift (SMO)" from M27? (y/n/a)
[8:31:10 PM] <Power_Flotzo> UFO boss
[8:31:11 PM] <+Rose> Got it
[8:31:15 PM] <+Smasher> y
[8:31:16 PM] <Zange> y
[8:31:16 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> y
[8:31:18 PM] <@Gabumon> y
[8:31:19 PM] <+Rose> y
[8:31:20 PM] <Power_Flotzo> y
[8:31:21 PM] <@Lakituthequick> y
[8:31:21 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> y
[8:31:25 PM] <+Smasher> 8-0-0
[8:31:29 PM] <+Smasher> bye, torkdrift
[8:32:00 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Vote: Remove "Knucklotec (SMO)" from M27? (y/n/a)
[8:32:05 PM] <Zange> y
[8:32:06 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> y
[8:32:10 PM] <+Smasher> yeah honestly thats pretty bad too
[8:32:11 PM] <+Rose> y
[8:32:11 PM] <+Smasher> y
[8:32:12 PM] <Power_Flotzo> y
[8:32:13 PM] <@Lakituthequick> y
[8:32:21 PM] <+Smasher> 6-0-0
[8:32:24 PM] <@Gabumon> a
[8:32:24 PM] <Mariofan168> a
[8:32:28 PM] <+Smasher> 6-0-2
[8:32:38 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> i'm glad mechawiggler stood a chance
[8:32:45 PM] <@Lakituthequick> Torkdrift has the very-unmario-death-metal theme but knuckle is not that exciting
[8:33:02 PM] <+Rose> Mechawiggler best Odyssey boss
[8:33:03 PM] <+Smasher> mechawiggler and smo bowser are the better fights anyway
[8:33:11 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> so I'm for considering new bosses before write-ins
[8:33:14 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> so what's lm3 got?
[8:33:34 PM] <+Smasher> i still havent played it so ill defer this to people who have
[8:33:38 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Honestly, I'd say Wolfgeist and Hellen as big, flashy boss fights (but that's partially personal opinion)
[8:33:49 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> The other two big "bosses" are Ug and King Boo
[8:34:09 PM] <@Lakituthequick>'s_Mansion_3#Boss_Ghosts
[8:34:10 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}>'s_Mansion_3#Boss_Ghosts
[8:34:42 PM] <@Lakituthequick> it has a french chef
[8:34:47 PM] <@Lakituthequick> of course the cook is french
[8:35:03 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> i'm glad
[8:35:18 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> the world needs more mise en place
[8:35:21 PM] <+Rose> Trivia from Ug is funny, "The first phase of Ug's boss battle may be a reference to the movie Night at the Museum, which has a scene where the protagonist is attacked by an animated T-Rex skeleton in the titular museum."
[8:35:46 PM] <+Rose> Should put that in the rare sentences thread
[8:35:55 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> the only downside to mise en place is more dishes and the fact that frictionless cookware does not exist
[8:36:25 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> I should clarify that I was talking bosses like in the original LM, where the "bosses" were considered the ones who gated key story progression, but I mean, oops, yeah, all of them are bosses
[8:36:28 PM] <@Lakituthequick> i hate whoever came up with 'Ug' for that just occurs 59 times on that page
[8:36:36 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> with the removal of two nominees there's now two spots to fill
[8:36:45 PM] <@Lakituthequick> ctrl+f more like control fuck
[8:37:24 PM] <+Rose> I have no opinion on LM3 bosses because I don't know any
[8:37:51 PM] <Zange> same
[8:37:57 PM] <+Smasher> id probably be more in favor of hellen from a distance because she seems more important but ultimately my opinion shouldnt matter much here
[8:38:48 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> keep in mind it's favorite battle so the content of the gameplay is important
[8:38:52 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> The two I threw out had the big multi-part boss fights, so my thinking is they'd be more memorable, but I can't say that with certainty
[8:38:58 PM] <@Lakituthequick> "I daresay you'll remember it for the rest of your lives! Ha ha ha..."
[8:39:49 PM] <@Lakituthequick> Her name is likely a reference to "Hell" and "graves." - oh nintendo, sneaky
[8:39:59 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Hellen has one where you have to simultaneously control Luigi and Gooigi to solve puzzles while avoiding attacks, which makes her's more unique, I'd say, talking from a gameplay standpoint
[8:40:26 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Meanwhile Wolfgeist has lots of distinct phases and some varied patterns, but... eh on if it's unique *enough*
[8:40:41 PM] <+Rose> If that's the case for Hellen it probably wouldn't hurt to add her
[8:41:45 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> i'm just looking up some internet thoughts
[8:42:06 PM] <@Lakituthequick> a puzzle boss, i'd say that's sort of unique
[8:42:46 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it seems kinda scattered
[8:42:55 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> no one seems to like the final king boo fight
[8:43:08 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> The final King Boo fight is very meh
[8:43:39 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> names I'm seeing for favorite are clem, serpci, know
[8:43:47 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> we used to have a favorite portrait ghost award or something
[8:44:04 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> we did!
[8:44:11 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> and we cut it because king boo destroyed it
[8:44:33 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Serpci's popular, come to think of it - Clem's very surprising, though. I thought people hated his gimmick.
[8:45:02 PM] <@Lakituthequick> clem looks like undead shaggy
[8:45:03 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it looks like we only had it in 2014 once?
[8:45:17 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> yeah
[8:45:28 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> it was a one-time thing because lm2 was coming out, iirc
[8:45:31 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it's worth a look
[8:45:35 PM] <+Smasher> yeah
[8:45:39 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> I'm up for making this an entire award again
[8:45:56 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it'll need to be fleshed out and a place found for it so that's For Later
[8:45:58 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> It might not be a bad idea, given there's a solid number of unique LM3 ghosts
[8:46:11 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> right now we're figuring out m27
[8:46:13 PM] <+Smasher> hmmm, may be a good idea
[8:46:30 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> how about we
[8:46:41 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Vote: Add "Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)" to M27? (y/n/a)
[8:46:45 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Honestly, given the closeness, I think it's worth looking at adding Shadow Queen
[8:46:46 PM] <+Rose> y
[8:46:48 PM] <@Gabumon> y
[8:46:48 PM] <+Smasher> y
[8:46:50 PM] <@Lakituthequick> y
[8:46:50 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> y
[8:46:52 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> highest ranking write-in
[8:47:25 PM] <+Smasher> i think this one's worth adding for sure since she only got three votes less than the bottom nominee
[8:47:35 PM] <+Smasher> 5-0-0
[8:47:38 PM] <Power_Flotzo> y
[8:47:41 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> y
[8:47:48 PM] <+Smasher> 7-0-0
[8:48:05 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> also i'd be down for expanding portrait ghosts to include lm3
[8:48:21 PM] <Zange> y
[8:48:31 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> later on I'll create a thread to brainstorm a ghost award idea
[8:48:34 PM] <+Smasher> 8-0-0
[8:48:40 PM] <Power_Flotzo> Sounds good
[8:48:46 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> should it fail to pan out into something usable, we'll come back and reconsider a lm3 ghost for m27
[8:49:08 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Sounds like a plan
[8:50:07 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> we haven't sacrificed any awards on the altar of replacement this year yet, have we
[8:50:19 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> might be good to think about what's viable for that during the brainstorming
[8:50:34 PM] <@Lakituthequick> other than the asterisk for the smo awards, don't think so

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I'd say the best thing would be to bring back the portrait ghosts from LM1, combine them with the ghosts from here, do an AC poll to pick some nominees, and allow for any named ghost from the LM series.

Criteria, imo, would be that they have to be from the Luigi's Mansion trilogy (so not hurling stuff in from all over), have a unique name and identity (so... prooooobably not the possessors?), and I've got no ideas on an award name.


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I don't really see an issue with including possessors in the poll either. I think that as long as the criteria is "Favorite Boss Ghost", they could be included. LM:DM isn't regarded too highly for its ghosts in my opinion, so not too many of them need to make it onto the poll, but I don't see harm in having possessors around as well, should we vote that we'd like one to join (though I do believe that the sub-bosses that are just "Strong _____" shouldn't be recognized somehow).

Editing in some thoughts unrelated to LM ghosts: because the list of Mario Maker courses is so long, as evidenced by the list in the other thread, should there be consideration towards making "Favorite Nintendo-Made Mario Maker Course" an award? I'm not necessarily for or against the idea, it's just a thought I had the other day that I remembered
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For ease of access, these are the results of A25. Favorite Portrait Ghost back in 2014.

#NomineeNumber of votesPercentage of votes
1King Boo91355.43%
2Melody Pianissima19411.78%
5Vincent Van Gore814.92%
6Madame Clairvoya714.31%
7Slim Bankshot271.64%
10Henry and Orville221.34%
12Sir Weston160.97%
13O. Chauncey40.24%
13O. Jarvis40.24%
13O. Mr. Luggs40.24%
16O. Biff Atlas20.12%
17O. Clockwork Soldiers10.06%
17O. Sue Pea10.06%
Total votes: 1647


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We can use those results to whittle down the number of LM options, but as for:

The Three Sisters
Ancient Poltergeist
Strong Greenie, Strong Slammer, Strong Gobber
Strong Poltergeist
Big Boo
Grouchy Possessor
Harsh Possessor
Overset Possessor
Shrewd Possessor
Tough Possessor
(King Boo)
The Brain

Chef Soulfflé
Amadeus Wolfgeist
King MacFrights
Dr. Potter
Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny
Captain Fishook
Johnny Deepend
DJ Phantasmagloria
Hellen Gravely
(King Boo)

We just have to determine if this is all that falls under our consideration, then define what we want the award to be, and then chip away.

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Hooded Pitohui
I think this Award is taking good shape right now, but I do want to make one note about something we need to be cautious of.

If we're counting The Brain and the three "Strong [Ghost]" bosses from the main campaign, I don't see how we could exclude the other five Dark Moon Scarescraper boss variants in our definition (we're clearly not excluding Scarescraper bosses or bosses that are variants of normal enemies with some special role). We'd have to include the Beetle Whisperer, Bomb Brother, Creeper Launcher, Primordial Goo, and Terrible Teleporter, I would think, since the Wiki classifies them as bosses. That's not so much a problem, but each of them has eight alternate variations with different names. It doesn't stop the Wiki from condensing all the variants onto the page for the main boss ghost, since they're functionally identical, but it's worth being aware of this so we can establish if we're formally going to condense all the variants of each ghost into one nominee (we should, in my opinion).


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Poll is posted. If there is an option missing that you would like to vote for, let me know and I will add it. You may select up to 15 nominees, but you can only choose 1 if you want, and can change your vote any time. This poll will hopefully be closed and ready by next meeting.


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Meeting tonight and there's only 6 votes, please contribute even if it's just one vote.


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Favorite Luigi's Mansion Boss - Hellen Gravely, Madame Clairvoya, Boolossus, Bogmire, King Boo, Melody Pianissima, Amadeus Wolfgeist, Vincent Van Gore, Henry and Orville, Neville, "Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny", Slim Bankshot, The Three Sisters, Ug

title pending

If we want this in this year's awards, we will need to figure out which award to cut. M23 - Favorite Capture and M24 - Favorite Costume are looking to be the easiest picks, but discussion towards any is desired and necessary