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I would like for us to create a full set of definitions for each award so us and future Committees are able to reference them when selecting nominees. This has been an issue several times over the years with different people viewing the same award in different ways, causing us to devote large chunks of time to debating what the award is even for. In this post I will keep a running list for them as we create the definitions. Feel free to make any and all suggestions and debate over these.

As of posting this, these are the current standing definitions from 2019. As we go through this a few of the awards will change and we'll need to create new definitions, but we can also analyze these and see if they need to be tweaked.

Mario Awards

M1 - Best Sound Design - The game that overall sounds the best. A significant deciding factor is the game's soundtrack, but it also includes skillful and appropriate use of sound effects, ambience, and (if present) quality of voice acting.

M2 - Favorite Mario Kart Game - The best game of the Mario Kart series.

M3 - Favorite Mario Platformer - The best game featuring the core 2D or 3D Mario gameplay without too many significant deviations. The selection encompasses games which focus on the use of skillful jumping to traverse obstacle courses and/or sandboxes to reach the objective, often while collecting coins and helpful powerups along the way.

M4 - Favorite Mario Kart Course - The best race course featured in one or more Mario Kart games. This does not include battle courses.

M5 - Favorite DK ____ - The best game/character/level/etc. of the Donkey Kong spin-off series.

M6 - Favorite Wario ____ - The best game/character/level/etc. of the Wario spin-off series.

M7 - Favorite Yoshi ____ - The best game/character/level/etc. of the Yoshi spin-off series.

M8 - Favorite Art Style - The best visual style used in Mario media. This features prominently used, distinct, and recognizable art styles, but does not include one-off styles. A focus is placed on overall aesthetics over deviations due to hardware limitations (for example: SM64 looks different from SMG, but this seems to be a product of hardware limitations rather than artistic choice. Promotional renderings of the game show Mario in the familiar main series style. Therefore, we do not recognize SM64 as its own art style).

M9 - Favorite Add-on Content - The best Mario-relevant software package that adds new content to a game. To qualify, the content must add one or more distinct, recognizable elements to the initial release of the game. This does not include minor patches, code updates, or bug fixes.

M10 - Favorite Lyrical Song - The best music track from a Mario or Mario spin-off game featuring intelligible lyrics.

M11 - Favorite Major Character - The best recurring Mario series character prominently featured in a main role.

M12 - Favorite Supporting Character - The best Mario series or Mario spin-off series character who is part of the supporting cast. This includes recurring minor characters, as well as major characters that only appeared in one game, or exclusively appear in spin-offs.

M13 - Favorite Level Theme - The best overall environmental theme of a level.

M14 - Favorite Species - The best species that characters in the Mario series can belong to. To qualify, there must be more than one representative of said species present throughout the series.

M15 - Favorite Instrumental Track - The best music track from a Mario or Mario spin-off game featuring solely instrumentals and sounds.

M16 - Favorite Item - The most interesting, useful, or otherwise superior item or power-up available in the Mario series.

M17 - Favorite Mario RPG - The best Mario role-playing-game.

M18 - Favorite Mario Party Game - The best game of the Mario Party series.

M19 - Favorite Villain - The best Mario series or Mario spin-off series villain or nefarious group, major or minor. This award takes into account their role in the story, their actions, boss battles, and overall characterization.

M20 - Favorite Sports Game - The best sports-themed Mario spin-off game. Mario Kart titles have been excluded from this award because they already possess a dedicated award to themselves.

M21 - Favorite Puzzle Game - The best Mario spin-off game which primarily focuses on on the completion of puzzles and places emphasis on the use of logic over pure dexterity. This includes puzzle-platformers.

M22 - Favorite Battle Course - The best dedicated battle course featured in one or more Mario Kart games.

M23 - Favorite Capture - The best controllable creature that can be captured with Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. Deciding factors include their moveset, breadth of options, how well the game used them, as well as how enjoyable they are to control overall.

M24 - Favorite Costume - The best complete outfit set in Super Mario Odyssey that Mario can wear, as purchased from Crazy Cap or otherwise.

M25 - Favorite 2D Mario Level - The best level found in a Mario sidescroller. This only includes nominees from the main Mario games. Levels from the Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi spin-off series have been excluded.

M26 - Favorite 3D Mario Level - The best level found in a 3D Mario game. This only includes nominees from the main Mario games. Levels from the Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi spin-off series have been excluded.

M27 - Favorite Boss Battle - The best boss battle found in a Mario or Mario spin-off game.

M28 - Favorite Game Setting - The game with the best setting overall. Focus is placed on the entirety of the setting as a whole, rather than just individual areas.

M29 - Favorite Classic Game (GCN/GBA and older) - The best game among every Mario title released for the Nintendo Gamecube and older (for console games), and the Gameboy Advance and older (for handheld games).

M30 - Favorite Modern Game (Wii/DS and newer) - The best game among every Mario title released for the Nintendo Wii and newer (for console games), and the Nintendo DS and newer (for handheld games).

Fail Awards

F1 - Worst Character - The least favorite Mario series or Mario spin-off series character. This includes both major and minor characters regardless of number of appearances.

F2 - Worst 2D Level - The worst level found in a sidescroller. This includes nominees from the main Mario games, as well as the Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi spin-off series.

F3 - Worst 3D Level - The worst level found in a 3D game. This includes nominees from the main Mario games, as well as the Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi spin-off series.

F4 - Worst RPG Area - The worst map or level found in a role-playing game. This includes nominees from the Mario series, as well as any other relevant spin-off.

F5 - Worst Level Concept - The least favorite type of overarching stage or level theme.

F6 - Worst Spin-off - The least favorite game not part of the main Mario series. This includes sports, party games, and alternative storylines, to name a few options.

F7 - Worst Enemy - The least favorite non-boss villain, baddie, or grunt.

F8 - Worst Mario Kart Course - The least favorite track in a Mario Kart game.

F9 - Worst Direction of Series - This award focuses on the downward turn of a game franchise or spin-off, with lower quality coming with further installments.

F10 - Worst Game Mechanic - The worst feature of a game's functions.

F11 - Biggest Missed Opportunity - Recognition of the most lost potential or missed chance, aimed at any level of the Mario series, from treatment of characters and stories, up to company management and business decisions that, if handled better, would have a more welcome outcome.

F12 - Worst Game Objective - The worst goal, challenge, objective, or quest in a game.

F13 - Worst Remake - The worst new version or remake of a game.

F14 - Worst Setting - The worst overall location and backdrop of a game.

F15 - Most Disappointing Game - May not necessarily be the worst game Mario has to offer, but is the game that was most poorly received and squandered its greater potential.

Community Awards

C1 - Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer - This award aims to recognize those writers who have written consistently within the last year.

C2 - Favorite Retired 'Shroom Writer - This award is designed to recognize the best writers who have not written for The 'Shroom in several years.

C3 - Favorite Artist - This award recognizes some of the many artists in this community, each with unique talents, styles, and media.

C4 - Favorite 20XX Awards Presentation - This award recognizes some of the many creative presentations from the 20XX Awards Ceremony.

C5 - Wiki Contributor Award 20XX - This award recognizes various editors and contributors for their work on the Mario Wiki in 20XX/20XY.

C6 - Favorite 'Shroom Team - This award honors the teams in The 'Shroom.

C7 - Favorite 'Shroom Core Staff - This award aims to acknowledge some of the most prominent Core Staff members, both managers and team directors.

C8 - Best 'Shroom Section Design - This award aims to acknowledge the writers who put care into making their 'Shroom sections visually appealing and well-crafted, whether through imagery, design, or wiki coding.

C9 - Favorite Written 'Shroom Section of the Past Year - This award recognizes 'Shroom sections that feature written text as the bulk of their piece.

C10 - Outstanding Community Achievement Award - This award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of various members of the community. They all are unique in their experiences and what theyve done, having volunteered their time in all parts of the community in a number of ways. It should be noted that many nominees have expansive lists forged over the years, and while this may be impressive, please consider recent achievements and their greater relative impact today. This is not an exhaustive list of every position and achievement, just the most notable and relevant.
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People in the last meeting wanted to discuss the definition for M9 again as there's some confusion/disagreement/whatever in regards to the nuances of what is DLC, what's just an update, all that

M9 - Favorite Add-on Content - The best Mario-relevant software package that adds new content to a game. To qualify, the content must be non-essential for the core game and add one or more distinct, recognizable elements to it. This does not include minor patches, code updates, or bug fixes.

9:35:03 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> M9 Favorite Add-on Content (The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, Peach's Castle stage (SSB4), Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4), Super Mario Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft), Luigi's Balloon World (SMO), Yoshi's Island Zone (Sonic Lost World), e-Reader Levels (SMA4:SMB3), Pixel Pack (M+RKB),
[9:35:04 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Season Pass (M+RKB), Special Episode (CT:TT), Nintendo Labo VR (SMO), Piranha Plant (SSBU))
[9:35:08 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 12) Season Pass (M+RKB) - 24 - 1.76%
[9:35:08 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 13) Special Episode (CT:TT) - 21 - 1.54%
[9:35:08 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 14) Peach's Castle stage (SSB4) - 16 - 1.17%
[9:35:08 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 15) Pixel Pack (M+RKB) - 6 - 0.44%
[9:35:08 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 16) O. Donkey Kong Adventure (M+RKB) - 2 - 0.15%
[9:35:20 PM] <@Lakituthequick> no more write-ins down here
[9:35:36 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> DKA is literally part of season pass
[9:35:42 PM] <@Lakituthequick> is DKA worth adding
[9:35:45 PM] <@Lakituthequick> is it
[9:35:47 PM] <@Lakituthequick> heh
[9:35:56 PM] <@turb> we were keeping it separate just in case i think
[9:36:06 PM] <@turb> lm3's whatever the fuck multiplayer
[9:36:08 PM] <@turb> let's add that
[9:36:31 PM] <@Lakituthequick> wait
[9:36:33 PM] <@Lakituthequick> Unlike the rest of the season pass, Donkey Kong Adventure can be purchased standalone.[16]
[9:36:38 PM] <@Lakituthequick> -- MarioWiki
[9:36:39 PM] <@turb> it's one pack split into two parts and only the first part is out rn
[9:36:42 PM] <@turb> re: lm3
[9:36:43 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Oh, uh, Screampark? (I should check that name)
[9:36:45 PM] <@Lakituthequick> what do
[9:36:46 PM] <Zange> oh? interesting
[9:36:48 PM] <@turb> yeah i guess that's why we kept it separate
[9:36:57 PM] <@turb> i don't really want to unmerge them or do anything about it
[9:37:16 PM] <@turb> but if people feel something needs to be done then yeah
[9:38:08 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> dka is just a write-in
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[9:38:19 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> whatever this decision is just affects whether it's absorbed when we tally
[9:38:22 PM] <+meowth> oh ok
[9:38:24 PM] <@turb> yeah
[9:38:27 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> what's the lm3 thing
[9:38:33 PM] <+meowth> i said something on desktop but it died
[9:38:40 PM] <@Lakituthequick> ScreamPark appears to have been in from the start
[9:38:45 PM] Smasher has joined #mwikiawards
[9:38:45 PM] Mode #mwikiawards [+v Smasher] by ChanServ
[9:38:46 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Costumes, cosmetics, and some multiplayer ScreamPark modes
[9:38:51 PM] <@turb>'s_Mansion_3#Add-on_content
[9:38:53 PM] <+meowth> what about the zelda whatever in mario maker 2
[9:39:01 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Yeah, ScreamPark has always been there but there's new modes for it
[9:39:09 PM] <@turb>
[9:39:13 PM] <+meowth> i haven't played the game since that got added but is that worth adding
[9:39:15 PM] <@turb> it's called the Multiplayer Pack
[9:39:22 PM] <@turb> so Multiplayer Pack (Luigi's Mansion 3) imo
[9:39:35 PM] <@turb> i mean it's new dlc and we're at soft limit so i don't see why not but it's up to others
[9:39:43 PM] <+Rose> I think we should add it
[9:39:54 PM] <@turb> "part 2 will arrive by summer 2020"
[9:39:58 PM] <@turb> i'd just keep it as one singular nominee
[9:40:05 PM] <@Lakituthequick> I mean, it does have Groovigi
[9:40:09 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> i'm fine adding the multiplayer pack as one thing
[9:40:10 PM] <@turb> it seems to only be one dlc anyway
[9:40:15 PM] <Zange> i say add it as one, yea
[9:40:17 PM] <@turb> just released in waves like a season pass
[9:40:19 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> and then if it falls we just reove it next itme
[9:40:24 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Adding it as one thing sounds good to me
[9:40:34 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Vote: Add "Multiplayer Pack (Luigi's Mansion 3)" to M9? (y/n/a)
[9:40:36 PM] <@turb> y
[9:40:36 PM] <+meowth> y
[9:40:37 PM] <Zange> y
[9:40:41 PM] <+Rose> y
[9:40:42 PM] <Power_Flotzo> y
[9:40:55 PM] <+meowth> 5-0-0
[9:40:56 PM] <@Lakituthequick> y
[9:41:04 PM] <+meowth> 6-0-0
[9:41:18 PM] mfan has joined #mwikiawards
[9:41:18 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> y
[9:41:24 PM] <+meowth> 7-0-0
[9:41:27 PM] <mfan> y
[9:41:38 PM] <+meowth> 8-0-0
[9:41:41 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> y
[9:42:00 PM] <+meowth> 9-0-0 help
[9:42:01 PM] <@Lakituthequick> do you even know what you're voting on mfan
[9:42:24 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> anything else for m9?
[9:42:25 PM] <+Rose> I appreciate how people keep getting purged
[9:42:39 PM] <mfan> well no, i see the n side has something strong going so perhaps i’ll switch to that
[9:43:01 PM] <@turb> tokyo 2020 doesn't somehow have dlc right
[9:43:10 PM] <@Lakituthequick> is tokyo even out yet
[9:43:10 PM] <mfan> but yeah, what’s the decision
[9:43:11 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Let me look at that Zelda SMM2 thing mentioned real quick, other than that, I don't think so
[9:43:11 PM] <Zange> not that i know of
[9:43:27 PM] <+meowth> look at the zelda in mm for me
[9:43:28 PM] <@turb> is the zelda update non-essential
[9:43:33 PM] <@turb> i'm of the impression it's a forced update
[9:43:34 PM] <@Lakituthequick> Release date: November 1, 2019
[9:43:37 PM] <@Lakituthequick> oh so it is
[9:43:38 PM] <+Rose> Wasn't the Zelda one a free update
[9:43:50 PM] <+meowth> balloon world
[9:43:53 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> M9 - Favorite Add-on Content - The best Mario-relevant software package that adds new content to a game. To qualify, the content must be non-essential for the core game and add one or more distinct, recognizable elements to it. This does not include minor patches, code updates, or bug fixes.
[9:44:08 PM] <+Rose> Hmm
[9:44:10 PM] <@Lakituthequick> we added lm3 dlc @mfan
[9:44:16 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Looks essential, so, no, it wouldn't fit
[9:44:28 PM] <mfan> ah, i had a good hunch
[9:44:31 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Oh, huh, Balloon World is a good point though
[9:45:13 PM] <+Rose> Do we have to discuss the exact definition of this one? Because arguably, Zelda update isn't /essential/ to enjoying the game as it is from launch
[9:45:13 PM] <@Lakituthequick> Balloon World wasn't "minor" though
[9:45:33 PM] <+Rose> I think I phrased that wrong
[9:45:39 PM] <+Rose> I dunno I'm tired
[9:45:54 PM] <mfan> it’s 6:45 there,
[9:46:03 PM] <+Rose> My point is that half of our thoughts are paid dlc and half seem to be general free updates and I'm wondering if we need to pick one road to go down
[9:46:28 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> "Transforming into Link using the Master Sword opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for creators. Using his arrows, Link can shoot far off switches that Mario would normally not be able to hit. His new down thrust move with the sword will defeat usually protected enemies like spike-covered Spinies. And with bombs, some walls that would normally
[9:46:29 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> be impassable by Mario and friends can easily be blown up. In addition to Link, the update also adds more course parts and enemies, as well as a new Ninji Speedruns mode, perfect for players looking for a challenge."
[9:46:38 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> that seems like a significant change
[9:46:49 PM] <@Lakituthequick> sounds suitable for this
[9:46:52 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Yeah, all things considered, I'm leaning towards adding it
[9:46:53 PM] <Uniju> there was a zelda update for mario maker???
[9:46:57 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Yes
[9:46:58 PM] <@Lakituthequick> yes
[9:47:09 PM] <mfan> i wouldn’t be opposed to it
[9:47:23 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> i'm fine adding this
[9:47:30 PM] <@turb> the yoshi's island thing in sonic was i think a free update
[9:47:39 PM] <+Rose> I'm not opposed to adding it I'm just wondering if, for the future, when more dlc things get added into Mario games, if we should refine the definition for them
[9:47:42 PM] <@turb> the mk8 dlc is weird because i don't think it was ever required until 8
[9:47:53 PM] <+Rose> Because paid DLC and free updates are kind of two different things
[9:48:10 PM] <+Rose> We can cross that bridge when we get to it
[9:48:10 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it doesn't seem to be called anything
[9:48:13 PM] <@turb> i'm fine with adding it but i do think it was a free update that you needed to dl so it doesn't exactly meet the definition as i'm understanding it
[9:48:18 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it's just included in the Version 2.0 update
[9:48:36 PM] <@Lakituthequick> that's why we called it 'add-on content' and not 'paid dlc'
[9:48:51 PM] <Zange> if it was in the update and not an optional separate thing i dont think it should be added
[9:49:03 PM] <+Rose> It was in the update
[9:49:10 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> "when more dlc things get added into Mario games, if we should refine the definition for them" - As more games go towards the rolling updates for more content model, I'd say this is something we definitely need to do for the future
[9:49:13 PM] <@turb> no ltq i mean the uh
[9:49:19 PM] <@turb> rolling update thing as opposed to the fact that it's free
[9:49:35 PM] <@turb> like 2.0 is a required update and not optional like the lost world content is and like the wii u mk8 dlc was
[9:49:44 PM] <@turb> at least i don't think you had to dl the mercedes benz
[9:49:46 PM] <+Rose> Yeah even if the update doesn't cost money the debate still exists of whether this is "non essential" or not
[9:49:51 PM] <+Rose> And this is arguably essential
[9:50:03 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}>
[9:50:04 PM] <Zange> free dlc is one thing (example: mercedes benz mk8), content coming with updates is another
[9:50:11 PM] <@Lakituthequick> you had to download mercedes but you had to if you wanted the other stuff iirc
[9:50:31 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> if it were to be added it would be Version 2.0 as an entire package
[9:50:41 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> not just the zelda elements from it
[9:50:42 PM] <@Lakituthequick> but smm2 zelda sounds like it is the same as balloon world in this ascpect
[9:50:51 PM] <@turb> balloon world is a good point
[9:50:53 PM] <+Rose> Which is just an update to a base game, not necessarily add-on content, right
[9:50:54 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> With one difference
[9:50:55 PM] <@turb> i didn't think about that
[9:51:05 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Balloon World is definitely non essential
[9:51:08 PM] <mfan> personally i’m not that inclined to believe the average voter would care about the fine print, but who knows
[9:51:13 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Link's is debatable
[9:51:19 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> I was about to say that yes
[9:51:35 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> I think that the definition of this is based on something that didn't exactly have a definition to begin with
[9:51:37 PM] <@turb> this is more for internal consistency within the ac for later
[9:51:42 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> we flew by the seat of our pants on it
[9:51:45 PM] <@turb> i'm still fine with adding it
[9:51:45 PM] <+Smasher> sorry i had to go away for a bit
[9:51:47 PM] <@turb> and yeah that's true
[9:51:49 PM] <+Rose> Yeah that's why I brought it up
[9:51:51 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> internal consistency is important
[9:52:00 PM] <+Rose> For later definition's sake
[9:52:06 PM] <@Lakituthequick> balloon world is not essential but so is zelda
[9:52:07 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> so if we add it we just need to maintain that consistency in regards to other potential nominees
[9:52:43 PM] <@turb> it's non essential in that you don't have to actually dl the smm2 update to play it offline i guess
[9:52:45 PM] <@turb> idk
[9:53:02 PM] <@turb> online is a lot bigger of a draw than it is in odyssey
[9:53:05 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Course World is a major part of the game though
[9:53:17 PM] <+Smasher> i honestly dont know enough about the update to know if it should be added or not
[9:53:23 PM] <@turb> i want to have a vote on adding it and then maybe we can discuss m9 definition on the boards?
[9:53:27 PM] <@turb> there's a changelog linked up there
[9:53:31 PM] <@turb>
[9:53:49 PM] <@Lakituthequick> formally: i believe that the zelda update fits in this award in the same way as balloon world, maintaining consistency
[9:54:04 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> I agree with LTQ on this matter
[9:54:08 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> But, I think this might be a good one to kick to the Boards with the express purpose of looking at what the internal definition we want to go with fits
[9:54:09 PM] <@turb> i would say in terms of how it's dled and integrated with the game yeah
[9:54:31 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> Because I don't know if allowing this means there's a number of other updates in games we would have to consider adding
[9:54:43 PM] <mfan> while it’s essential in order to keep playing the game, you can still ignore the new content after the dl and still enjoy the game fully
[9:54:46 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> And it might be worth getting a full list of those first and then deciding
[9:54:50 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> Vote: Add "Version 2.0.0 Update (Super Mario Maker 2)" to M9? (y/n/a)
[9:54:51 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> The first Mario Maker had add on content like this too
[9:54:52 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> name pending
[9:54:56 PM] <+Rose> a
[9:54:57 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> y
[9:54:57 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> a
[9:54:58 PM] <mfan> y
[9:54:59 PM] <@Lakituthequick> y
[9:55:03 PM] <@turb> y
[9:55:13 PM] <Hooded_Pitohui> y
[9:55:15 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> i am also open to further discussion of what this award /is/ on the boards
[9:55:21 PM] <Zange> n
[9:55:31 PM] <@Lakituthequick> (update lowercase)
[9:56:04 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> sure, y
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[9:56:26 PM] <+Rose> Oh no our tallier
[9:56:31 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> oh god
[9:56:37 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> how will we know the vote results no
[9:56:38 PM] <+meowth> g
[9:56:44 PM] <Honoka_Chaosaka> chaos and anarchy reign
[9:56:45 PM] <+Rose> Oh hi Smasher
[9:56:46 PM] <+meowth> y
[9:56:46 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Hey btw y'all, in case you happen to be using mobile
[9:56:53 PM] <@Lakituthequick> 5-1-2?
[9:56:55 PM] <YoshiFlutterJump> Download an IRC client
[9:57:01 PM] <@Anton{Politoed}> it's added