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I’m the wind, baby!
When could Jabba speak without subtitles?
Cat: " Mmmpphhheow. "
" We should probably keep quiet. "
between the time they escaped and were recaptured he took a Rosetta Stone in English.
Jabba: Right! Maybe I will think of giving you dessert!
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I’m the wind, baby!
Dharkon: " Please don't tell me you zoned out in our conversation. You see, this is why we got defeated years ago, less sophisticated brother. "
Galeem: I’m not your brother, idiot


I’m the wind, baby!
Carracosta: " Ah this place sure is relaxing! "
Sunflower: " Yeah, but I wonder what Hardboiled's been doing lately. Maybe, he took up knitting. Good for him! "
???: Hey!