Why DK


When I first came here I was happy to see that this site covered not only mario but also DK characters. However... why do we do DK characters? I know that the series are closely entertwined and i know that Diddy and Dixie have appeared in some mario games. But some of them (kiddy kong for example) have never appeared in a mario game. If we are going to do dk and mario why not do something else to? why not turn this site into a wiki for videogames in general?


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Because the DK and Mario series are closely integrated with each other. Same thing with Yoshi and Wario. There use to be a Donkey Kong Wiki, but it finished the merging process into the Super Mario Wiki in November.

As for a general video game wiki, you can check out the Nintendo Wiki.


Without Dk there'd be no Mario. imo them originating together is about it.
But you have a point,
DK games never seem to give any nod to the existence of the Marioverse other than occasional quips by Cranky. There's no marioverse elements in the games to be found, unlike Yoshi games that are entirely riddled with marioverse characters.