Do anything [Roleplay]

Sheldon Cooper

Since godmodding is on the tables, I'll do a weird plot.

*Flora, Felicia, Charlotte, and White Lightning enters from the car wash universe*

Charlotte: Let's nuke the place!

*Charlotte and the newcomers nuke the entire planet, but nobody is killed*

Flora: How is somebody going to survive a nuclear winter?!

White Lightning: Easy, create portals everywhere to every universe!

*White Lightning creates a ton of portals*

Felicia: And you say you can't be like God.

Lee Carvallo

Master of putting.
Poll Committee
*From out of one of the portals, a young pink octopus and a taupe-haired anime girl fall onto the ground*

Octopus: (dazed) How... how did we get here?

Anime girl: And who are these people?

Sheldon Cooper

God: Who is doing my stuff?!

*God restarts the universe, but nobody dies*

God: Now it is better.


I’m the wind, baby!
Wario: (farts towards the sun) Hahaha!

Lee Carvallo

Master of putting.
Poll Committee
*The resetting of the universe sends the octopus and anime girl back into the dimension from whence they came. They land near a beachside resort.*

Octopus: Well, that was... awkward. Guess we better get back inside.

Anime girl: Definitely!

*Before they can leave, a hotel manager comes up to them.*

Manager: You the one they call "Power Flotzo?"

Octopus: Sure am.

Manager: A new set of towels came in. Think you can fold them all?

Power Flotzo: (tying his headband on) Well, of course I can!

Manager: Great to hear! Don't let us down.

*The manager leaves.*