Do anything [Roleplay]

Classic Sonic

Small Speedster
LJS: Wait.

*LJS pulls Car Wash Mr. L out of a portal*

LJS: Go, attack them.

Mr. L: Why?

LJS: Why not? Or are you not a celestial?

Mr. L: I am too a celestial! I'll prove it!

*Mr. L starts mowing down the Luigi army*

LJS: While I'm at it...

*LJS summons an army of Kyles armed with QuickScopes and Bulletproof vests. The Kyles start Naruto Running at the Luigi army*

LJS: Nothing can stop me and my MLG fanfictions!
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Classic Sonic

Small Speedster
Mr. L: Woah!

*Mr. L nearly dodges the Crown, and the Crown gets kicked around by the Kyles, who are storming the Castle*

Mr. L: Hey! Those are expensive!

*The Crown gets kicked up and lands on Mr. L's head*

Mr. L: Uh-oh.

*Mr. L transforms into Ms. L*

Ms. L: Now this is just wrong...
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Green 'Stache

Here we go!
Jazzi: *growls and pulls out her dual pistols, loaded with SCTLs* Stop resisting!

*Inside the Castle Bowsette Luigi, Princess Luigi, and Trap Luigi (aka Boobigi but ya know...) are attacking the Kyles*

Bowsette L: How is there so many!!

Princess: Who know, who cares! They're intruders and need to be exterminated.

Green 'Stache

Here we go!
If Mr. L put on the SCTL he would have no effect for he is already a Luigi type character :P

*Meanwhile in the castle stuffing is literally everywhere as another Daisy plush is demolished.

Jazzi: Take that! *shoots it* And this! *kicks it* And... *notices it's out of stuffing* crap why do they end so quickly.