Working at Toad's Fast Food (formerly McDonald's) {ROLEPLAY}

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
:toad:: Something's been done. I filed a suit. Infringement of business, and unfair competition.

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
:toad:: Just playing with you. I actually saw that due to his greediness, didn't bother to send payments to the bank about his restaurant. The bank's coming to repossess his restaurant.

Flora Bismarck

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Ridley: Whatever you do Toad, don't hire Mr. Krabs, he is greedy!


Shine Sprite
Poll Committee
:bowjr: : Hey! You spilled coffee on me! I want you to WASH IT OFF!

Also, Bowser Jr. didn't pay for his previous meal, in case you want to make that part of the plot.

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
:toad:: *calls bank* Hey, i have a Wario on the line. You say he's got some unpaid bank loans. Alright.

:toad:: They're coming to repossess your restaurant.