Mario Awards Killing Game III: Eternal Star - Endgame: True Termina

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The Eternal Star split apart the two castles, restoring them to their natural states and positions. Toad, Kamek, Bowser, and Peach were all safely returned to the field of New Wikisville.

All of those who died in the Killing Games regained consciousness, finding themselves in one piece in either Bowser’s or Peach’s castle.

The Eternal Star vanished after the restoration of the castles, but an imprint of its castle remains in the cosmos. It was found to be transportable to via Star Road, and many Koopas and Toads came to relax and have fun for the coming years.

Doomhiker came back to Bowser’s Castle, and assisted in hosting the first ever Bowser Party. Everybody who participated in the Killing Game was invited.

The Phantom Thieves all split up after one final reconvening, but contact information was shared, should the opportunity for them to strike ever come again.

Chibiki returned to her passion on the stage, appearing as a guest actor in Ernest Clineborg’s hit Netflix special. Shoey also made a guest appearance, performing a piece of his one-act performance, Day of the Dead.

Coffee and Toady went for a fantastic honeymoon vacation to Isle Delfino. They have yet to return since.

Roller’s mirror remained in the castle of the Eternal Star, and it is said that he is waiting for the next person to pass it by…

Eleven returned to his natural habitat with the birds, and loved every minute of it.

Hearts finally received his long-awaited bottle of Doc P.

Fun With Despair, alongside Jetamo, continued to wreak havoc across the town of New Wikisville, occasionally turning people’s hands into chainsaws just for the hell of it.

Nitwit’s true identity was never discovered, nor was the mysterious murderer of various mannequins and dolls ever found.

??????? finally revealed themselves to be ??????????? in disguise.

Vruet was reunited with his love, Dupe Face, but ending up having a restraining order placed for his obsessive behavior.

Alex became a renowned graffiti artist, and his work can be found on buildings all across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Superchao returned to his home in Evershade Valley, but not after, rather foolishly, killing several more people. Who knows when that man will learn his lesson.

Toadgamer took his abilities of being dead silent and glow in the dark into a new profession: grave robbery.

Eggmang finally came home to his wife, though he still dreams of pissing on the moon.

YFJ continued to sell his goods to any buyers he encountered, leading to an odd freak snowstorm or two.

Gabriel took his shield and spaghetti abilities into the ring to defeat the most powerful chef of all time: Bobby Flay.

Smg2 rose to stardom, becoming a cute, world-renowned idol and voice actor with her vocal capabilities.

Amoeba and Smasher lingered awkwardly in Bowser’s Castle for awhile, before retiring to a life of solitude together in the far hills of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mariofan continued to infuriate readers the rest of the time he was alive.

BBQ Turtle returned to the home of her master, E. Gadd. Apparently she’s set to appear in an upcoming Nintendo game!

TPG took his rap rhymes on the road, and made a profit out of his speedy ice cream services.

They say that SGoW is still building up speed in Peach’s basement to this very day…

Stargazing became a researcher on the effects of clouds of flour in the air, as well as how octopus tentacles work.

LB walked out of Bowser’s Castle with his beloved Polterpup at his side. As he gazed out into the distance, he spotted a very familiar mansion on the hill.

The Baby Lumas were all taken in by a wandering Rosalina, and given new lives on the Comet Observatory.

Toadsworth went to a counselor to help with all of the trauma he had experienced.

Fawful merely shouted “Fink rats!!” and disappeared into the sewers, never to be seen again.

The baby Piranha Plant became a respectable shop owner in Toady’s absence. Petey Piranha is very proud of him.

Mario was found passed out, at the base of his front door. He had gone entirely comatose, and as of now, still has not woken up.

And so, with happy endings met for everyone, the Killing Game had vanished for good in New Wikisville.

… or did it?

Thank you to all players and spectators for working with us to see this game through to its conclusion. With this post, Awards Killing Game III is officially concluded. Please turn your attention to the Lounge Thread to see the final points tallies.

Art by the fantastic Smg2Daisy
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