Mario Awards Killing Game III: Class Trial Thread

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Tsubasa Kazanari

The Blade Which Will Defend the World
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
With a little over three hours left, let's check the vote tally.

-Doomhiker - 0
-Fun With Despair - 0
-Jetamo - 0
-Amoeba - 0
-Mariofan - 0
-BBQ Turtle - 0
-Coffee - 0
-Chibiki Daisy - 0
-Roller - 0
-Hearts - 0
-Eleven - 0
-Epic Nitwit - 0
-Vruet - 0

Looks as though many players are tied for the leading number of votes right now. Remember, any plauers tied for the highest number of votes will be put into a random lynch to determine who gets executed at the end of the phase.

Junko Enoshima

Killing Game Founder
I guess I'll vote for #Chibiki Daisy because they apparently launched themselves down to the crime scene and uh, had undefined fun.

John Doe

Ace Ice Cream Salesman...?
we don't really have any better leads, unfortunately. he was in the area around the time of death, and was basically one of the only ones from bowsers who had an opportunity to do it afaik

Junko Enoshima

Killing Game Founder
Uh, tentative vote on #Epic Nitwit I guess

Don't know if he did but he's the closest to the scene and like no one sees him so for now I'll do this


#Dimentio. If Nitwit got knocked out by the knight, and it wasn't suicide, then that really only leaves him.


King Bowser
#Dimentio. A tie would be the best for all of us, and shame on those who disagree with my always correct opinions.
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