Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 3: A Wet Performance


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Kya haha ha! Our devilish deeds have brought you, Partygoers, here to Bowser's Castle! You'll find that everything should be to your liking for your stay!

Of course, you fools have never been graced with being in the stronghold of His Wickedness, so we'll be taking the scenic tour around!

… EEEEEK!! What do you mean, it isn't fully prepared yet?! Didn't I hire you Hammer Bros. specifically for this purpose?!

Well, I suppose we'll have to show you the blueprints instead. Not that I'm happy about it!! This castle better be prepared by tomorrow night, or I swear!...


Castle Exterior

First Floor

Second Floor


Day Zero - What Rotten Luck!!
Night One - Cruisin' for a Bowser Bruisin'
Day One - Lord Bowser Barbecue
Night Two - Keep It Up, Pup!
Day Two - Masters of Manipulation
Night Three - Idolizing Murder
Day Three - A Wet Performance

Let's meet the chumps you're going to be stuck with!

-Superchao - Dead - Executed Day 3
-YoshiFlutterJump - Dead - Victim Night 3
-MCD - Dead - Triggered Forbidden Action Day 3
-???? - Dead - Triggered Forbidden Action and Executed Day 3
-Epic Nitwit
-Chibiki Daisy
-Gabriel - Dead - Victim Night 2
-Shoey - Dead - Victim Night 3
-SMG2Daisy - Dead - Executed Day 2
-Lord Bowser - Dead - Victim Night 1
-Toadgamer - Dead - Executed Day 1

What a foolish bunch you all are, getting stuck in here! If it were me, I wouldn't step a foot near this castle — oh wait, you have no choice! Kye he hehehe!!

[size=16pt]As of this moment, it is now Day Zero. If you have any role powers which you can use prior to the start of the night phase, you are welcome to use them now. At 07:00 PM (19:00) EDT on June 20th, Night One will begin, and all players will have 48 hours to submit their night actions. Fully updated maps will be added into this OP at phase change, including all room descriptions. All players will begin by awakening in the Grand Foyer. Please use this time to prepare your roleplay, ask any remaining questions about your roles or the maps, and prepare for Night One. If you have not yet joined the Discord Server for this game, please do so now.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 0: What Rotten Luck!!

Due to character limitations on posts (because the full map still causes me to exceed it outside of the OP), here is...

The Finalized Map: Part A

Castle Exterior

Lava: All of the areas marked with squiggles, as well as the area outside of the edges of the Castle Exterior, is lava! Lava is hot, really hot. Like, fry your skin off hot, so it's not recommended you make any contact with it. While getting lava on your body will simply (but very painfully) burn you, becoming submerged in it will immediately result in your death; so no leaving the outdoor areas, and no swimming through it either! With all of that being said, a charm has been placed on the lava so that any corpse that is thrown into it will wash back to shore untouched, as if it were thrown into water. Live players who end up in it will be fried to death, but their remains will still return to shore, however heavily charred they may be.

Roof: The roof of His Gluttonous's Castle has tall stone railings that adorn all four sides of the roof. Players can look over the side at all of the outdoor areas. Of course, the further away a player or item is, the harder they/it will be to see. On each railing sits two Bullet Bill Blasters, which any player can operate and fire. The Bullet Bills aren't incredibly fast, but can be launched towards anything outside. Every couple of minutes, the Blasters will magically reload with a new Bullet Bill. Towards the southeast corner of the roof, spare Airship parts are scattered about, including some blocks, an engine, and a small cannon. All four pillars have a small area on top of them, but they are not easily accessible.

5 - Hot Tub: This hot tub is large enough to sport seven players comfortably. While it appears green, the water inside is perfectly safe for bathing, and is a pleasant 101°F (38.3°C). A large rubber ducky floats around the inside lazily, with a pink parasol resting on top of it.

3 - Ladder: Climbing down this ladder will find out on F2 of Bowser's Castle.

2 - Drawbridge: While this drawbridge is made entirely of wood, it is incredibly thick, making it hard to breach in any way. A metal chain extends on both sides of the drawbridge, connecting the edge of it by the Front Entryway to the top of the Castle's front wall.

Front Entryway: Inside of the dashed lines, a cobblestone walkway leads to the drawbridge, with small Bowser statues standing sentry at each side. Seemingly sporadically, the statues will activate, shooting out long, piercing lasers from their mouths. According to building accident reports, a Koopa was once crushed by one jumping, but nobody has ever seen one move in the past couple of years. To the left and right sides of the path, a flat plain of dirt has been left dry, kicking up dust as anybody walks along it. Small plant spores are sprinkled throughout, but the dry conditions of the dirt has not allowed them to grow. Maybe they could become something beautiful, if given the chance?

Super Bell Sprawl: This is the area most flourishing outside of the Castle. In the center of it all, the Super Bell Tree stands proudly and healthily, although it seems that all of its Super Bells have been stripped away. A beehive can be spotted in the Tree, but it is full of regular bees, not the cool Mario kind. Multiple hills rise up into the air, and lush grass covers the whole area. You can recline in the massive group of flowers towards the west of the area, you can drive the Koopa Car that has been left in the area. Only one person can be in it at a time, and good luck trying to go a moderate speed in that thing!

Training Grounds: This is where the Koopa Pack show their stuff! The area is mostly flat, with black top covering the ground, and a large Bowser symbol crudely spray painted into the center. Dangling down from the Castle's wall, a Sandbag is seemingly just happy to be here, no matter how much you may punch it. A few pieces of armor, such as helmets and breastplates, are littered about, left behind by slacking Koopa soldiers. There are archery targets mounted up, with two throwing spears piercing two of the three, and there's also a… basketball court to the north? Hey, these baddies have got to prepare for those sports spinoffs somehow! A rack beside the basket sports basketballs, as well as tennis rackets, tennis balls, bowling balls, and a wealth of other sports equipment.

4 - Corona Mountain Boat: This old baby came straight from Corona Mountain itself, and does it look the part of old boat! Only one person can reasonably fit inside at a time, and it can be pretty tricky to balance in initially. A water nozzle is mounted at the end of the boat, which can be used to steer by spraying a powerful stream. This water will never deplete, but it might take a little bit to get from shore to shore.

Party Palooza: Looks as though Bowser got sick of just being invited to Mario Party! The entire area is laid out in the spirit of a Mario Party board; red, blue, and green ?'s tiles are all laid out in a path along the ground. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though any of these tiles currently function. Three massive pairs of dice are thrown about, which, when knocked, will randomly display a number between one and ten. A pull-up cart towards the back of the area is outfitted with the fixings of a puppet show stand, including sock puppets, backdrops, and the supplies inside to make a sock puppet of your own! On top of the cart rests a familiar talking top hat, who will gladly make conversation with anybody who approaches him. Towards the northeast corner, a Koopa Clown Car lays decommissioned. It is large enough to fit two inside, but the propeller just doesn't seem to want to go!

1 - Back Door: Going through this door will put you in the Carnival Storage on Floor 1.


Royal Halls: The hallways in the Basement are especially noted for the portraits of His Wickedness, which run in rows down every hallway wall. There are paintings ranging in style from flat and blocky, to three-dimensional and polygonal, to even the King himself wearing his favorite tux! For some reason, the floor is decorated with a checkerboard pattern, and lavender curtains are occasionally draped horizontally down the passage.

Piranha Plant Room: The air in this room is humid and damp, and the floor is entirely comprised of dirt. Multiple vines crawl up the walls, and flowers are blooming all around. Two Piranha Plants are currently at attention here, and will snap at anyone who approaches them. A third Piranha Plant is also present, but it is small and hardly grown, so it might snuggle its head up to you instead. It doesn't know any better. In the furthest reaches of the room, a large Piranha Plant maw is resting open, and a snore will occasionally escape from it. I wonder what body that head belongs to…

"Fawful" Theatre: When that cursed Fawful once took over our Lord's castle, he had this theatre installed. Of course, we've taken it for our own! In the north, a large proscenium stage is ready for anybody to perform on it. The backdrop of the stage is currently a starry night sky, but the sic can be changed to other backgrounds, including one of Peach's Castle, Luigi's Mansion, and… a thoroughly destroyed office building. Rows of seats extend all of the way to the back of the room, and the house is estimated to fit around four hundred seats, so pick your favorite spot! A few spotlights are installed at the apron of the stage, although they don't seem to do much good for the actors, being that close to them. There is a staircase on stage left that will allow you to get on the stage, and the door stage right will lead you to the Costume Shop.

Costume Shop: For all of your performance needs! Trunks and hangers full of costumes adorn almost the entire shop, with shirts, hats, shoes, and everything else in-between stored inside. There's gotta be some goodies in the bottom of the trunks if you keep digging! There doesn't seem to be any costumes of other players, though. Such a shame!

Freezer: Any food that can't be stored in the pantry is kept down here. A wand is plugged into the wall in the northwest corner, set to keep the Freezer chilly. Frozen meat, produce, and even a couple of Goombas can all be found in blocks of ice, and a singular icepick is hoisted onto the wall, fit for breaking through for any food you may need. Don't leave the door open for too long, though, or else everything will thaw out! Outside of the door is a keypad to enter a keycode, but it doesn't seem as though a keycode will lock or unlock a door. I wonder what it's here for?

Armory: What once was a mighty stronghold of weapons had to be stripped a little bit for this game. Apologies! However, there are still some items up for grabs. A few spare suits of armor, such as helms and leg gear, are hanging from the wall, as well as a singular broadsword, a massive heavy hammer, a purple-tinted rapier, a portable cannon that can be placed on your head, and a pair of nunchucks. There are a few glass displays on the east wall, with trophies and recognition certificates of hard-working Koopa Army members! Good work, troops!

Magikorner: While currently locked, this room is home to several spellbooks, an altar, two wands, and a cauldron, bubbling in the center with a purple glow. A Super Star is painted on the wall, with a… red substance. Now blast it, where did I leave that damned key?!

Item Shop: While not an enterable room, you can stand at the counter to say hello to the working Toady! A strange magical mist swirls in the space behind him, but he'll still be hard at work supplying what you need. Simply tell him what you want to buy, and with a quick coin exchange, the item is yours!

????: We keep this room locked for a, eh, good reason…

Welcome Center: Where else are we going to welcome those arriving by train? A television screen is mounted onto the top of the south wall, showing flashy graphics and visuals of Bowser's Castle. A small bench is situated so that you can sit and watch as you please, and a few travel pamphlets are directly nearby. In the northwest corner, there is a counter, with a computer monitor, clipboard with sign-in sheets, and several different writing utensils. There are drawers underneath, which open to reveal tape, scissors, and other such supplies. Currently, the station is unmanned, and the computer is unresponsive. I wonder what info they stored on its hard drive?

Train Station: This railroad is used to transport any goods or passengers from underground. Torches line the wall for visibility; without them here, the rock tunnel would be pitch black. The tracks are pounded into the ground with massive nails that would be extremely difficult to remove. Several assorted items rest nearby from the trains, including a conductor's hat, a shovel, some coal, and some gear parts for any train needing repairs. There are a few Monty Mole holes in here, but you couldn't reasonably reach anything past your arm in one.

Break Room: Hey, us hard workers need a break every once in a while! A large sofa occupies a majority of the room, in that gross beige color you'd expect a sofa to be in. There is a minifridge in the southwest corner, stocked with plenty of different sodas and energy drinks. Personally, my favorite is Red Shell, if only it actually gave you wings… A large boombox is situated on the east wall, and can play any track from the assortment of CD's nearby. Currently, it has a CD with a certain Italian tune inside.

Card Czar Corner: Step right up, friends, and let your bets be honest and true. It is rumored that the famed Green Dealer once hosted secret poker games in this room, but now it is used exclusively by the Koopa Troop. A large table is set up for cards, with multiple decks at the ready underneath. Meanwhile, a tarot deck and a crystal ball rests on a small, round table with a purple fabric draped over it. Two small stools rest under the small table, whereas there are no chairs for the card table itself. A couple of sheets of BINGO, as well as a rolling wire cage, are thrown together in the corner, ready for anybody who wants to play a riveting game of BINGO, for some reason.

Alcohol Storage: Now this is where the party starts! A long bar with tall stools has been freshly laminated, and behind it, a stock of multiple kinds of drinks are available for pouring and serving. There are also a few rags and a bottle of spray cleaner underneath the counter, just in case things get a little messier than expected.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 0: What Rotten Luck!!

The Finalized Map: Part B

Floor 1

Grand Foyer: Welcome into the castle of His Excellence! There is not much to note about this entryway, nor the hallways that follow it, but there is a large diamond chandelier dangling right behind where the Bowser Statue lives. Hopefully that statue can't knock it down!

3 - Bridge: This thin wooden bridge is suspended dangerously over the lava beneath. Only one person can reasonably walk across at a time (maybe two if you turn sideways). Occasionally, Podoboos will pop up from out of the lava before splashing back down. At the end of the bridge, an axe is ready for one to grab, which will cause the bridge to permanently tumble into the lava below. This isn't strongly recommended, as it'll leave you stranded right outside of the Koopaling Quarters! But hey, at least you'll have the axe!

Koopaling Quarters: Ugh, those pesky Koopalings, demanding their own elaborate room!! Don't those brats know that we don't answer to their every whim? Seven beds are arranged haphazardly around the room, each with a special item nearby to denote who sleeps in which. One has a tiny Chain Chomp tied to its post; one has a collection of juggling balls; one has a glowing ring dropped around one post; one has a few Pokey parts scattered around; one has a thick spellbook; one has a pair of cool pink shades; one has… nothing on it. That one probably belongs to Larry. Multiple posters litter the walls, ranging from Toad boy bands to new action movie shots. A single bedside table exists in the center of the room, but it has a keyhole on its drawer, and seems to be locked.

Bowser Statue: This big boy was once used in His Competitiveness's Mario Kart track, and now it's made permanent residence at this Castle! It towers over anybody who passes it, its head almost reaching the ceiling in height. While it once shot fireballs and punched its sides in a specific rhythm, at this point it remains completely motionless. At its base, however, is a holster, seemingly a perfect size for some object with a handle to fit into. Perhaps this is the way to activate it?

Goomba Grumps Game Room: Did you know that the Goomba Grumps, the gaming ShroomTubers with over one million subscribers, record and upload their own videos right here in Bowser's Castle? There is a couch in the center of the room, and a widescreen television set up on the east wall, on top of a television display. The shelves underneath the television house any Nintendo console you can think of, anything from a GBA to a Virtual Boy. Currently, the Switch is hooked up to the television, but any other system can be plugged in instead. In addition, microphones and camcorders are situated around the room on tripods or extension poles, and a computer rests in the south, where you can directly feed any footage or other recordings you've done. You can even post it all to ShroomTube, if you'd like!

Mechanic Shop: This is where things really get cranking! An assembly line in the center of the room can be flipped on with a switch, and multiple workers could be powering away on either side. Boxes of gears, bolts, springs, and other mechanisms clutter the back wall, as well as a box packed with fully-functioning Mechakoopas. Simply crank its back, and watch it walk forward until its path runs short. A toolbox is available for grabs, with wrenches, screwdrivers, and other items galore. A couple of rounded windows are carved out of the east wall, all similar in their circular shape but slightly different. It's almost as if they experimented with the airship window designs in this very wall.

1 - Wishing Well: Even the evilest of villains deserve some hope in their hearts! You can flick in a gold coin and make a wish, and hey, maybe it will come true! The rim of the wishing well reaches to about one's waist, and is made of stone. The bottom is not entirely visible, but one can crank a rope with a bucket attached down to the bottom, then pull it back up to see what they can snag (besides a bucketful of water, of course.)

Carnival Storage: The remnants of World Bowser are all gathered in this room. We paid good money for that stuff, you know! Carnival lights are thrown all around the room, causing it to be lit with bright yellows, reds, and greens. The strings of lights can be transported to wherever you wish to take them, as well as the crates of carnival objects, ranging from juggling pins to clown makeup to those little spritz flowers. Two tents are currently collapsed, which can be popped up at any time to set up your own carnival tent! They're pretty spacious, and make for some lovely decor.

Eastern Staircase: Will lead you upstairs to Floor Two.

Baby Bowser Room: His Nostalgicness can't give up all of his old baby stuff! He's a sentimental ruler! A crib is tucked into the back left corner, though it looks a little bit scorched from when he first started breathing fire. Child playthings are scattered across the floor, ranging from shakers to puffy letter cubes. A stack of diapers is propped up against the back right corner, which are all marked as "Flame-Retardant". The walls are decorated with scribbled drawings of Kamek… at least, from what you can tell. It seems that somebody made a half-assed attempt to scrub away the drawings, but all it did was smear the crayon more and reveal a strange crack in the wall. A couple of boxes of crayons are in supply, as well as packages of watercolor paint.

Western Staircase: Will lead you upstairs to the Basement.

Treasure Trove: This is where all of the Castle's coins are kept! … or at least, it would be, if we didn't clear them all out first. What, we can't let you get crazy rich that fast! There are still some riches to be found in here, though. On a podium rests a crown, with what seems to be bloodied tips. Underneath it is a plaque, presumably the title of the crown, which reads "For the Gazer". A large anchor and diver's helmet are situated on another podium, with a plaque reading "For the Knight". Finally, on the third podium in the room rest three metal shards, which are given the title "For the Dragon". There is a fourth podium, currently unclaimed, with a blank plaque on its lip, so hey, maybe you've got some treasure to display as well!

Bathroom?: While this would conventionally be a bathroom, one might advise against using it as such. Along the south wall are two sinks and one long mirror, with soap and paper towels beside each sink. The sinks have running… something. It certainly isn't water, going by the purple color, and funky coloring and smell. The north wall hosts three separate stalls, each with a toilet and a toilet paper dispenser. Two of the three toilets are filled with the same purple substance that runs from the sinks' faucets, while the one furthest down the row is empty, save for a toilet paper clog in the base of the toilet.

Wedding Chapel: His Romanticness is so prepared for his marriage with Peach any day now, that he's built a chapel just for whenever that special day comes! Multiple pews line the sides of the room, while at the north, a small lift of wood hosts the altar at which one might ordain a wedding. On the altar is a holy Koopian book, the Hollow Shell, although for some reason, the symbol on the front is flipped upside down. That's probably, like, antireligious or something. A royal fabric is laid out as a walkway from the back of the room to the lift, and a slew of white and red roses decorate both the pews and the floor besides the long fabric. Behind the lift, a tall rose statue stands proudly, with noticeable cracks at its base. It seems to be put together stably enough, though!

Hall of Princesses: Everybody knows that our Leader loves princesses, but perhaps you didn't know that he has a hall dedicated to them! The hall is split into four noticeable sections, and each item in the displays are protected behind glass. The first portion of the hall (located furthest north) displays one of Peach's dresses on the west wall, as well as some of her fine china, a grand birthday cake, and a plush sheep, which looks fuzzy enough to make somebody fall asleep just by resting their head on it. The second portion is dedicated to the princess of Sarasaland, Daisy, and as such, is home to both her golf club and tennis racket, as well as a small garden-box in which daisies are blooming, and a miniature replica of a spaceship, which is glowing slightly green. The third portion is dedicated to the Sprixies, with four glass jars on display, as well as small crowns and wands, which don't seem to do much else other than sprinkle glitter everywhere. The final portion of the hall (located furthest south) is dedicated to an unknown princess. A large, yellow triangle is attached to the south wall, and the only display wields a tall bow, with three glimmering arrows beside it. Curiously, at the very end of the hall, there is a circle of stones, with one missing from the circle.

Floor 2

Throne Room: This is where our Master himself resides! Atop a tall lift of concrete, his throne proudly shimmers along its gold rimming, with a velvety cushion for both the seat and backrest. An exquisite rug trails itself up the steps to the base of the throne, although walking on it on steps just seems to be a safety hazard. On both east and west walls, two portraits of the King of Koopas cover the whole surface, with the one on the east simply showing his face made in fire. Large spears protrude out of the ground beside either side of the throne, with the two of them having mushroom caps pierced into their tips. There is an entire section roped off with velvet, with a sign that reads "Bowing Section". You can guess what you're supposed to do here.

Dining Hall: A place to feast after a long day's work. The table runs all the way from the north to the south of the room, and thirty chairs total are along the table (fourteen on the east/wide sides and then one at each end). Plates, napkins, cups, pitchers of water, and cutlery are all already laid out nicely on the table in every spot, and a tablecloth droops over all sides of the table. In the center of the table, candles are burning with tall flames, and several plates of food are already set out, such as baked turkey, cranberry sauce, and sauteed mushrooms. All of it may have been sitting here for awhile, but hey, if you're interested, dig in!

Kitchen: Here's where those fancy feasts get prepared. A large fridge in the back holds any perishable foods you may need, while the step-in pantry beside it is stuffed to the brim with nonperishables, as well as any pots or other cooking items you might need. The west side has the sink and dishwasher, as well as knives, cutting boards, oven mitts, and plenty of other cooking utensils or tools. The east side has the oven, stove, boiler, and any other appliance you'll need to cook. On both sides of the entrance extends a countertop, where any last preparing of food can occur. A small notepad and pen rest on the counter, presumably for taking orders of those eating. The most recent note has written on it "Search: Despair?"

2 - Kamek's Room: Wow, you're just going to invade a Host's personal space like this? Kamek's bed is neatly tucked in, as it always should be. A bookshelf rests up against the eastern wall, with every book organized alphabetically. An altar, much like the one you may find in the Magikorner, is situated at the room's center, and a small candle burns on top of it. The room just radiates an aura of magic, but I doubt any of you could cast any.

3 - King Boo's Room: While King Boo had come to stay at Bowser's Castle while his Mansions were getting refitted, the room had never been cleared out after his departure, and now it's open to whoever would like to use it! Behind his boo, King Boo has put in a pachinko machine, which you can play using gold coins. On the three available walls, there are paintings of a blue Yoshi, a square Boo, a dumb looking Bowser, and… the fourth is entirely blank. There's an over-the-shoulder vacuum stored in here, which seems to have some strong sucking capabilities.

4 - Big Band Block: Where else do you think His Snazziness gets his rocking tunes from? In this room is every instrument you might need for composing your own banging theme song, from pianos to flutes, trumpets to violins, you name it. There is a microphone set up in here as well, but it is unclear where it feeds the audio to.

5 - Lava Mirage Sauna: Why not relax and take a load-off in here? Stepping in, one will find that the hot water tub in the back is actually full of lava! You cannot enter the lava, of course, but you can sit beside it and really sweat off those pounds. On a rack on the south wall, towels are provided for those who would like one. There's also a small rubber ducky in here, but I can't imagine it'll really float on that lava…

Koopa Bunks A: Do you think we just made the Koopas sleep outside? No no, only the bad ones do that! Multiple beds are arranged in rows of two down to the pillar wall, some kept well while others are unkept. There are two glass windows in the south wall, one of which having been left cracked open. As of right now, there is a red sparrow resting on the windowsill, and a couple of other colored birds are fluttering outside, namely ones of purple, blue, white, and yellow color. Personal possessions of the Koopas can be found here, such as pair of underpants and diaries. Hopefully those who were here before have nothing to hide!

Koopa Bunks B: These bunks have almost an identical setup as Bunks A, but in place of the birds at the window, a smiling cloud is resting outside. This, coupled with the helmets and hammers laying on top of the beds, implies that Lakitus and Hammer Bros in particular stayed in this bunk set.

Indoor Pool: Relaxation is key, or so somebody once said. Most of this room is dedicated to the spacious pool, which is regulated by a chlorine system at one end of the pool. Currently, the strings in the pool are set up for relay racing, but an inflatable beach ball and pool noodles, as well as an inflatable recliner, are floating around inside regardless. Back in the southeast corner, a cabinet opens up into more storage of pool supplies, including towels and sunscreen (despite being indoors). A lifeguard's chair is situation high over the pool, so that any rescuer can remain on the lookout, and the south wall is lined with wide bleachers, which can be folded back into the wall.

Graffiti Room: When Bowser Jr. went through his painting phase, this is where most of his artistic creations ended up. Multiple easels with canvases are propped up around the room, and each easel has a set of paintbrushes to go with it. In a cabinet on the north wall, any color of paint you desire can be found. In this same cabinet, you can find other art supplies for other mediums, such as clay for sculpting, but I know you all want paint, so here. Paint. On the east wall, there is a large painted M, although it looks easily washable.

Balcony: Step out here for a moment and gaze at the stars. The balcony is wooden, and gives a view over the Super Bell Sprawl when you step to its railing. Two small chairs are set out here, as well as a mannequin with a purple shirt, which is enraptured with staring at the stars. I can't imagine trying to make conversation with it, but hey, if you're lonely.

Ladder: Climb up this ladder for access to the Roof.

Royal Address Room: Time to rally those Koopa Troops! A white presentation screen can be pulled out from the north wall, and a projector is situated near the south, so that you can project whatever you'd like onscreen. The projector accepts DVD's and harddrives, and has a wire to hook up any camera to. Foldable seats are arranged in three rows, looking forward at the north wall. There is also a pointing stick, for if you really want to excitedly point at something onscreen.

Doctor's Office: His Healthiness has been training to be a doctor, and now you can too! On the north wall, an arrangement of cabinets above a countertop have multiple kinds of medication inside, including both average medication and huge pills, that seem to bounce along the ground for a moment. How strange. The cabinets below, meanwhile, are full of empty vials and containers, good for transporting whatever liquids you need on-the-go. A therapist's chair and a notepad and pencil are set up in here as well, despite that area of health being completely separate from medication. I wonder if our King knows this…

Power Moon Processor: A locked room, and for good reason. Inside the room, a complex contraption cycles through Power Moons collected and stored by the Koopa Troop, and sucks their energy away through a tube. This energy is used to power any magic in the castle, so if the process of the Power Moons gets interrupted, objects such as wands or anything else described as "magical" will completely lose their power. Your host certainly wouldn't like that much…

1 - Mushroom Garden: There are currently a few mushrooms blooming from the rich soil neatly compacted into this corner. There is a watering can and packages of fertilizer nearby, and open space in the soil for any other potential plants or fungi.

Statue Storage: Statues of His Handsomeness are all packed together tightly, some on top of each other all the way up to the ceiling. There might be more in this room, but it is impossible to tell through the walls of statues, and it is a tight squeeze to try and move anywhere here. Thankfully, these statues are not prone to firing lasers or fireballs, but having any of them land on you would assuredly not be a pleasant time.

Library: The last room on our tour, and certainly our most knowledgeable! Bookshelves are lined evenly, with books of all shapes, sizes, and genres. There is a marked off section near the north wall, which cannot be accessed due to a magical barrier currently closing it off from players. Maybe try again some other time! There is a book checkout counter by the south entrance, but from the looks of the crusty stamp and cobwebs lining its surface, this checkout hasn't been used in years.

Here's extending a huge thank you to Geeky for digitalizing all of my maps!


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 0: What Rotten Luck!!

EEEEK!! Zipping in too fast!!

... Ack! Alright, here we are! Apologies, Partygoers, for the fast entrance, but I realized I was a nose too late and this broomstick can be finicky! BUT, let it be known that this nose will never be late again! It's time to get this show on the road! I'm expecting to see some devilishly wonderful Night Actions soon, so hop to it!

... Hey, wait a second, there's still some info you need to know! TOADY, get in here!!

Step right up, step right up to Toady's Shady Shop and see what I have for you on this clear night. Remember folks, it's nothing doing unless you buy somethiiiiiing!

Banana Peel - 5 Coins - Throw this big and slippery banana peel on the ground to trip someone up wherever you place it. It only works once, but it's good for a laugh.

Burn Heal - 10 Coins - Hey! No, we're not violating any trademarks. This salve comes with a hint of Kamek's Spell Number 77, and can be used during investigation in the Day phase. The magical touch helps it restore a body to the exact state it was in prior to burning to a crisp in our lava fields.

Walkie-Talkie - 10 Coins - You get what you pay for with this. It comes with batteries, and lets you talk to your fellow players even at a distance. You both need to have one though, which, hey, more money for me.

Come to me at any point and hand over your coins to get one of these indispensable items. I'll see you toniiiiight!

Screehehe, thank you Toady! Now get back to work!!
With formalities all out of the way, I realize you'll need some boost to get you started! We want these items SPENT! As such, you'll begin the game with ten coins!

Ah, but you wouldn't kill without reason, would you? ... Well, maybe you would, BUT I figure we spice things up a bit! His Plumpness would certainly enjoy this motive, wherever he is! Anyone who submits a murder attempt on Night One will receive hints to where the special keys needed to unlock locked rooms are! Sound like prizes worth winning, yes?

Now, let's get to playing! Don't forget to pay attention to your role abilities and your Forbidden Actions, kye he!

[size=16pt]As of 23:30 EDT, it is now Night One. All players will begin by awakening in the Grand Foyer. Please use this time to study the maps, to ask any remaining questions about your roles or the maps, and to write and submit your night actions. You will have 47 1/2 hours to submit your night actions, so be sure to send them in before .


King Bowser
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Night 1: Cruisin for a Bowser Bruisin

Foul warlock, enough of these games! I’m already aware of how this works, the sooner I can bring the sinful to mighty justice the-

I-Impossible! It seems I’m under a empowering spell! I feel my connection to this world f-

[AG]: Hm hm hmm, testing testing testiiiiiiiing....Ah, now that’s 8etter!

[AG]: Soooooooo sorry for my l8ness, it was a 8itch trying to get my way in. That guy was all kinds of 8oring, anyway. The name’s Vriska, I hope to be acq8nted with you all. :::: )


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Intermission 1

Attention Partygoers of Bowser's Castle! A body has been discovered!

LB was found dead outside of the lava in the Grand Foyer. He was…

Turboo (Awards KGII)
Ultimate Survivor

You're Turboo, the legendary Duplighost. After destroying King Boo in the endgame of Awards Killing Game II, you settled into a life of luxury amongst the ghosts of Treacherous Mansion. The corpses of the other players have always been stuck out front, but they've always made good decor, so you never bothered to clean up the place. However, there has been something calling to you… Feeling the conflict of Hope and Despair once more, is it worth risking your life again?

With King Boo's crown proudly displayed on your head, you have gained control over the ghosts of the Mansions of Evershade Valley. Whistle at any point during the night, and a Polterpup will come to your aid, who can be sent around to wherever you choose on the map. Bless their ghost hearts, they might get a little distracted on the way, but they're as loyal as can be and will return to you in due time. In addition, you can inspirit a certain ghost at any time during the night, which will boost your abilities for a moment. Each ghost can be inspirited once, but all of them can be inspirited in one night:
-Greenie will allow you to become immediately skilled in wielding whatever item you are currently holding.
-Slammer will allow you to strike anything in front of you with immense force.
-Sneaker will allow you to momentarily pass through a room or hallway entirely undetected.

Your victory required a lot of balancing of all aspects of the game, and as such, your stats have completely evened out.

FA: Losing King Boo's crown would indicate losing your position as the Survivor, so you must maintain it at all times. It will start on your head, though you can carry it in any other way you wish.

Strength - 3
Stealth - 3
Stamina - 3
Speed - 3
Social - 3​

Monokuma File
-The victim was found fried to a crisp. It was pulled out of the lava for this case.
-There are remnants of what looks like metal in the lava beside the body.
-Streaks of purple can be found on the floor beside the victim.

Other Info
-A hole has been left in the wall between the Break Room and the Alcohol Storage.
-Multiple items were taken from the Armory.
-There is a new speedrun record for Chapter 1 of Celeste for Switch.
-The inside of the Statue Storage has been blown up.
-The rose statue in the Wedding Chapel has been knocked over at its base.
-The bridge leading to the Koopaling Quarters has been toppled into the lava.

It is now Day One! This phase will last until 23:00 EDT on Wednesday, June 26th (although an extension would be allowed). In this time, you will vote in the Class Trial for who you believe killed LB. To proceed, please make investigation requests in the thread and in the Discord server, and begin preparing your testimonies (remember, you may not quote your results directly) and working with other players to investigate this case. Voting will open at 23:00 EDT on Tuesday, June 25th.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

"Hmph! At least I got to do what I wanted to do!

As for what happened, I'm sure you'd easily figure it out when inspecting the kitchen!"


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

The Mafia Boss said:
As for what happened, I'm sure you'd easily figure it out when inspecting the kitchen!"
You inspect the kitchen. There is a pot full of water by the door, and an unwashed pan with sauce on the stove. In the center of the room, there is a pentagram made out of sort of sauce. Judging by the discarded packets nearby, the pentagram is made of soy sauce. There is a pair of oven mitts, a bag of Lay's, a bottle of wine, and two knives missing.

???? said:
investigate metal
You investigate the metal in the lava. It's hard to tell at this point, but from what you can make of it, there were three metal objects that ended up inside the lava: one small item, one larger item, and a tall item that seemed to once be in some sort of frame.


King Bowser
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

[AG]: How ironic, the lord of his own castle is the first to die in it! I’m glad his demise could 8ring some comedy to the place.
[AG]: What did I do that certainly didn’t involve frying him? Let’s see....
[AG]: I got up in the Grand Foyer at the same time as some other people. Coffee, Chi8iki, Smg2Daisy, that oddly handsome Shoey...
[AG]: First thing Chi8iki did was literally pirouette down the stairs with a graceful landing. Fucking showoff. 8ut whatever, Coffee and I followed her, while Shoey went upstairs and S2D headed for the Mechanic’s Shop.
[AG]: Eventually, we had to part ways, even if we only knew each other for 15 seconds. Coffee went to the Armory and Chi8iki the Item Shop, I went through the Theater to the...Costume Shop.
[AG]:Uggggggggh I forgot, I 8ooted out that Gundham freak after he had already su8mitted. Why couldn’t he have had 8etter timing for my hijacking?
[AG]: So from the Shop, I got this longcoat and scarf that....actually looked pretty stylish on me. May8e the furry had some taste after all. :::: P
[AG]: Oh, as I was finding them, S2D came in to gra8 a 8ag and some costume pieces. On my way out of the stage I heard some musical performance start.
[AG]: I went over to the Card Czar corner to...set up tarot card divin8ion? What kind of freak did I replace, anyway?
[AG]: Also, I detected some loud crash from the 8reak Room, plus some dancing and this weird music from the 8oom8ox.
[AG]: Eventually, Roller came in and, after coming in and out of the Alcohol Storage, offered me some 8eer.
[AG]: So what if I’m technically a minor? There isn’t any drinking ages on my planet of Alternia. You know whyyyyyyyy? 8ecause there’s no alcohol on Alternia in the first place!
[AG]: So of fucking course I accepted! Sure, it tasted really funny, and 8y the end of the night I was sure my non-human organs weren’t going to take it nicely, but I didn’t care!
[AG]: While he was here, Gund-I mean, “I” offered him a free divi8ion, and after some stum8ling, I came to the prediction that he was going to die in the future. Hey, it is 100% accurate.
[AG]: I followed him out of the room and onto the stairs, and Nitwit came up 8ehind me carrying a 8ox.
[AG]: In the Grand Foyer, there was this peculiar smell coming from the lava. Gee, I wonder........
[AG]: Roller and I entered the Goom8a Grumps room, where Gundham su8mitted to watch some shitty hamster anime, 8ut unfortun8ly, Toadgamer was on the couch playing Smash 8ros, and Roller asked him a8out speedrunning some game and gooooooood a 8unch of other stuff I couldn’t care a8out.
[AG]: Seriously, you people are in a luxurious castle and the first thing you do is play games? How can you people 8e so 8oring? - - - - _ - - - -
[AG]: 8leh, I watched the game for a while 8efore going 8ack upstairs, where I passed by some people who were going down: a rather dusty Superchao, holding a camera, and MCD.
[AG]: I went to the dining hall, passing 8y Nitwit carrying a 8ox of goods...
[AG]: And in the Kitchen, I nearly stepped into a 8oiling water pot! As if I haven’t lost enough 8ody parts, slready.
[AG]: It seemed the culprit was Ga8riel, who fell asleep by a large spaghetti pl8. Need to cook up some revenge for her...
[AG]: Then, I made sauce pentagram. Jegus, I’m glad to 8e rid of this Gundham asshole.
[AG]: Finally, I went to sleep in the Throne Room. I wish I could have hijacked someone with 8etter actions.....


Prince of LOUD.
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

Kaguya Shinomiya said:
[AG]: It seemed the culprit was Ga8riel, who fell asleep by a large spaghetti pl8. Need to cook up some revenge for her...

"First of all, it's he. Not a single girl I know of is named Gabriel."

"SECOND OF ALL, I wouldn't even let you lay a FINGER on me!"


Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

I'm taking a look at the body. He's only charred, maybe there's an incision somewhere.


Prince of LOUD.
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

Investigate the Soy Sauce pentagram.


Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

I suppose I should tell you all about my night. My activities as a Phantom Thief are normally kept a secret, but someone is dead, and I feel that if my account can help, I should admit it.

I begun the night in my normal clothes, and decided taking on the investigation of this Castle in chunks would be best. I decided to check the Basement first, starting with the Armory. This may not be a Cognitive Palace, but that doesn't mean there aren't people with distorted desires out to hurt people, so I was looking to find a weapon, and that weapon ended up being the Purple Rapier. I also figure I'd need a way to try and communicate with my teammates, but the Walkie-Talkie I bought didn't help me. Roller passed by seconds later, and he wanted help with a...

Large Hammer? What on earth does he need that for? I figure I should help him. You can always use more friends. I carry it over to the Break Room with him, where MCD and Dimentio are doing ridiculous dances to some old guy talking about video games. ???? also showed up around then and just sort of... watched us. Roller and I wind up the hammer, and it crashes down onto the wall of the Alcohol Storage.

He gives me a
and we have a dance party for a while. ???? is still watching me, and he tries to shove me around sometimes, but he's not very good at it. The party dies eventually, and Roller offers me a beer. I don't even drink with Ohya, so I say no. ???? and Dimentio follow me out of the room, Dimentio going up the stairs and ???? following me. I go to see if there's anything angry in the mysterious locked room door, but nothing happens.

We're in the Welcome Room now, and why it's down in the basement is beyond me. ???? leans over my shoulder while I'm sitting at the computer desk and looking for the Hard Drive. I find it, and this guy smacks it out of my hand. I pick it back up and we're off. I check out the Train Station but there's nothing quite interesting here. We go to the Card Czar corner next, and the tarot cards have been used, and the room is just kind of a mess in general. Cards everywhere. Next is the Fawful Theater, where Dimentio is performing for a baby Piranha Plant I can only assume came from the plant room across the hall. ???? is also kicking my shins. God he's annoying.

We go backstage and pull out a box of crayons. I ask ???? for some help drawing on the destroyed city backdrop, and he agrees, which I wasn't expecting from him. In all it's magnificent glory, the backdrop now sports my Logo.

We swap it out for the backdrop Dimentio had set up. I also dip into the Costume Shop to grab my Phantom Thief Outfit, which I slip into. ???? is still kicking at my shins and I just want to be rid of him. I go outside and pull out my Grappling Hook, and pull myself up onto the roof, much to the amazement of Hearts and ????. Shoey is here, performing a one man showing of Day of the Dead. I watch, he performs, I applaud. I grapple up to the 4 pillars to look for loot, and I find some coins. I then scope the area from the roof, and end my night.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

Coffee said:
I'm taking a look at the body. He's only charred, maybe there's an incision somewhere.
You look over the body, but discover that there is seemingly no incisions or anything else on its frame.

Kaguya Shinomiya said:
> Vriska: Investigate purple streaks.
You investigate the purple streaks. The purple streaks are gunky and thick. It seems to be just like the sludge in the Bathroom?.

The Mafia Boss said:
Investigate the Soy Sauce pentagram.
You investigate the soy sauce. It's made of soy sauce alright.

Madeline said:

Could I use my buddy Coffee and my walkie-talkies to discern exactly how it functions? e.g. are there buttons to turn it on and off, does it connect to all other walkie-talkies or is it paired uniquely to one...things like that?
You look closer at the Walkie-Talkie. There is an antenna that can be extended longer for better connection, and a switch to flip it on. Pressing a button will allow anybody to connect to whoever is coming through. Anybody who specifies who they would like to connect to in their Night actions will automatically be connected to that player's channel; otherwise, it'll connect to whoever is the first person to accept a stray signal. How does this work, you ask? There's a label on the back that reads, "Powered by Killing Game Logic"!


In search of Doc P
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

I'll be using dupe names in my account, so here's a key if you need it:

Madeline = Roller
Vriska = Mariofan
John Doe = Nitwit
Akira = Coffee

MAGES. here, beginning the report. The dark forces at work here have claimed their first victim. It was only a matter of time, but for the castle's sovereign to be the first to fall...It seems fate has a sense of humor.

I began my night in the Grand Foyer, like everyone else. I woke up at the same time as Eleven, who made his way to the Koopalings' Quarters.

I inspected some of the rooms on the first floor, beginning with the Baby Bowser Room and the Wishing Well. As I crossed the foyer to the Bathroom, I witnessed a canid apparition standing guard by the Bowser Statue, which I now know was a minion of the deceased. I also saw Eleven again, in the Baby Bowser Room.

After I finished my investigation of the rather questionable lavatory, I saw Madeline, Vriska, and John Doe all come up from the basement. I proceeded to the Wedding Chapel, where I noticed that someone had pilfered the holy book from the altar before I could take a look at it.

Next, I moved on to the Hall of Princesses, where I noticed several curiosities. First of all, the room was dark as night. I used a light to navigate it and discover that the plush sheep had been taken from its now-shattered display case, and a broken picture frame was lying near the entrance. My most interesting discovery, however, was a purple substance near the doorway leading to the Grand Foyer.

As I left the room, I encountered a mask-clad Akira being kicked in the shins by ????. Repeatedly. Both of them were headed outside, and I followed. After we exited, Akira used a rope to grapple to the top of the castle, leaving his anonymous assailant to sulk on the bridge. I wandered outside for a short while before returning to the Hall of Princesses, where I attempted to solve the mystery of the stone circle...only to be assaulted by a most hellish cacophony. Someone else was in the room, blowing a kazoo in my face with such might that I could no longer focus. I couldn't see them under the cover of darkness, but I advise them not to make a fool of the Mad Magician again.

Not in the mood to investigate any more, I returned outside and found a place to rest. On the way, I passed ???? on the bridge again.

This concludes my report on the first night. I hope that I have provided some information that will help to illuminate the truth.

Loochs tneve emag noitamina cisum.


King Bowser
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

> Vriska: Investigate body with your superior senses.


In search of Doc P
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

I would like to investigate the lights in the Hall of Princesses. Are they damaged at all? We should determine how and why the room was darkened, since the killer and/or victim likely passed through due to the presence of the purple sludge here.

On that note, inspect the purple sludge. Is it the same as the stuff near the body? Is it a trail, or more of a puddle?

Also, take a look at the fallen picture frame. Is there a clear spot on the wall where it fell from?

Lastly, I would like to share the piece of paper I found in the Wishing Well last night. It may not be related to this case, but it contains some information that may interest my fellow revelers.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

Kaguya Shinomiya said:
> Vriska: Investigate body with your superior senses.
You investigate the body closer. You can sense a burnt smell that is a little different than just burnt flesh, but you can't identify exactly what it is instead.

MAGES. said:
I would like to investigate the lights in the Hall of Princesses. Are they damaged at all?. We should determine how and why the room was darkened, since the killer and/or victim likely passed through due to the presence of the purple sludge here.

On that note, inspect the purple sludge. Is it the same as the stuff near the body? Is it a trail, or more of a puddle?

Also, take a look at the fallen picture frame. Is there a clear spot on the wall where it fell from?

Lastly, I would like to share the piece of paper I found in the Wishing Well last night. It may not be related to this case, but it contains some information that may interest my fellow revelers.
You investigate the lights in the Hall. The lights seem to be completely undamaged, and the light switch wasn't knocked down. They are perfectly functioning now.

You inspect the purple sludge. It trails back from the body all of the way to the east entrance of the Hall of Princesses, where there is also a larger pool of it.

There is a spot on the wall where a frame of Peach would've been. The remains of that frame remain below its spot in the Hall of Princesses, though.
(For clarification's sake, the metal in the lava is not like that of a picture frame. I meant frame as in it was in a specific shape)

You pull the paper and unfold it for everybody to read. The paper reads,

Dear Diary,

Grahaha! Oh, what a terific day it’s been! Just yesterday i wrote to you about wanting to be able to host a party of my own. None of that Mario Party stuff, i want a Bowser Party to really show those pesky plumbers! Well, youll never guess who showed up to my door today. It was that old chump, ●●●●. I’ll keep it real with you: ive never really liked this ●●●●●●● fellow. Hes small and gets on my nerves. But he offered me a fun propersition: he would help me host my own Bowser Party, here in my own special castle! It seems as though he’s had enough of those Mario Parties as well, and wants things really spiced up. Well, hes come to the right place for that~!

Most of my minions werent as interested as me, Kamek most of all. In fact, he seemed almost tentitive. Said something about some “dark magic” coming from ●●●●●● or whatever. But look, i know dark magic, alright? Ive been using the stuff for years now, its in my dragon Koopa blood. Kamek can shove off sometimes, i dont like how he’s always hovering over my shoulder. Im the King around these parts! In any case, other members of the Koopa Pack seemed interested. Hell, one of my favorit Lakitus… whatever his name is, offered to step forward to help lead the development! Im excited to get this party started. We’ll show those Mushroom Kingdom losers!

Love, your bodacious leader, King Bowser xx​


King Bowser
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

> Vriska: Determine whether or not the streaks indicate the body being dragged. This includes looking for hints of purple on the body.

Grell Sutcliff

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

What an interesting night we've all had here, no? Anyways, my testimony:

After waking up with four others here,
I launch myself downstairs for a Burn Heal.
And before I can from there disappear,
Sir Clineborg comes to crash my night ideal...

He asks me to do the Breakfast Club dance,
and I oblige if only just for fun.
So to the Break Room! After time, by chance,
Some friends show up in numbers more than one.

It's Coffee, Roller, here to break a wall.
With Question Mark Man not to far behind.
We watch those Two use hammers for the fall
As Question Man gets hit, oh how unkind...

And after this as we all celebrate,
Sir Clineborg has us do the dance... 'twas fate.

So after all is done, I head upstairs,
To the room where Piranha Plants be kept.
I nab the small one then head up more stairs.
The small one was so cute, I almost wept!!

So, to the Chapel for the Holy Shell,
And saw the deceased head to Princess Hall.
I grabbed the book then went down the stairwell
And to the room that truly held my call...

Oh yes, the Stage! My one true call in life!
'Tis even better than some evil schemes!
Only pure soul goes on this stage, no knife,
And soul was in Daisy's song about dreams!

And after she was done, I did perform.
And dozed off after others came, the norm.

With that all being said, I would like to use my Burn Heal on the deceased.


In search of Doc P
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Bowser's Castle - Day 1: Lord Bowser Barbecue

Thoroughly inspect the Princess Hall for any clues I may not have been able to see in the dark last night.