Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day Three: Deadly Doubles, Grotesque Graffiti

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Mario Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle

Welcome, Partygoers, to the Mushroom Kingdom's finest residence! Get comfortable, because you'll be spending quite some time here in Princess Peach's Castle. This castle has been home to the biggest parties the Mushroom Kingdom has seen, from the Star Festival to more general ceremonies. Of course, we've been working hard to make the castle ready for all of our dear guests! All the instruments for your murderous needs are provided within our fine castle.

Before you can begin the Party, you'll want to study the map! Let's take a look, shall we?

Peach's Castle Map


1 - Basement Stairwell - This stairwell is nondescript and will take you back to the first floor.
2 - Hallway - The long and cramped hallway resembled a catacomb, and is cold and damp. Torches line the walls to provide lighting. Put them out, and it's pitch black.
3 - Hazy Maze Pool - This large circular pool is perfect for swimming, and this is the one room in the basement level with electric lighting. In some cabinets on the southern wall are all the materials you need to upkeep the pool, including chlorine and nets.
4 - Altar Room - This unusual room is kept perpetually dim, and contains an altar to the Star Spirits. This is where mages like Dr. Toadley and Merlon are called to do their work, sitting at the crystal ball in this room. There's a table with a crystal ball and a few burning incenses scattered around the room.
5 - Breaker Room - This room controls the electricity to the entire castle, and it appears that it's possible to turn off the electricity to up to three rooms during the night. There's a breaker and some barrels of oil. Unfortunately, this room is locked and requires a special key to access.
6 - Pipe Room - This room contains an assortment of pipes, and a machine which controls the water flow to the entire castle, including the moat. It appears it's possible to drain the moat. Unfortunately, this room is locked and requires a special key to access. There are also beans scattered around the floor here, for some reason...
7 - Dark Star Security Room - This room contains an extensive security system which will zap anyone who enters, rendering them unconscious and depositing them out in the hallway. You'll need to find a way to cut power off to the system before you can even step in here. Oddly, it seems this room doesn't receive its power from the Breaker Room like the rest of the castle does...
8 - Dark Star Room - This room once imprisoned the terrifying Dark Star. Even though the foul creature was defeated, an awful sense of foreboding still fills the room. There's not much in here, but there does appear to be a pedestal with… something… on it. You'll have to find a way in to find out what it is. The door is locked, and will only open if the system in the Dark Star Security Room is disabled.
9 - Cold Storage - Here's where all those ingredients which require refrigeration are stored for the kitchen.The cool underground conditions and electrical cooling system keep this room well below freezing, allowing for long-term storage of meat and other perishable items. If you go in without proper cold protection, you'll slow down. Stay long enough, and you might even get frostbite.​

Castle Exterior

Outer Waters - A large lake surrounds the castle, represented by the shaded area which surrounds the outdoor areas. To ensure that no one even thinks about leaving the party early, we've stocked the lake with Nibbles, and boy are they hungry. Anyone who steps foot in these waters, or even anyone who tries to get smart and fly or float or otherwise cross over this lake will find their flesh stripped off of them by a swarm of these nice little fish. And don't think you can just get rid of bodies or evidence by feeding them to the Nibbles, either! Anything these fish won't eat, which includes corpses (they're picky eaters, and only want fresh meat) and any non-fleshy objects, will wash up at the lower end of the Pleasant Path first thing in the morning.
Roof - There's no rooftop access from inside the castle, so you'll have to find an alternative path to the roof. The castle's roof is rather boring, just a nice large flat surface of a sturdy red-brick construction. Four towers stick up around the four corners of the castle, culminating in four points slightly above the roof. In the middle of the roof, a central tower rises high above everything else on the map, giving a spectacular view and making a horrible choice of a place to write letters. What's that, though? It appears that there's some sort of stompable switch with an exclamation point on the roof… I wonder what it does?
2 - Courtyard - The castle's famous courtyard, home to the Eternal Star statue! The walls of the castle surround the courtyard completely, but you can look straight up and get an unobstructed view of the sky. The Eternal Star, situated on a small pedestal, and the small fountain surrounding it is definitely the centerpiece of this small outdoor area. At night, the lights in the fountain turn on, highlighting the beautifully polished stone star. Stepping away from the brick platform which elevates the fountain and statue, the rest of the courtyard sees six trees arranged in a circular pattern in the lush, manicured grass. Along the north wall is a bed of fertile soil with nothing yet planted… save for one gnashing Piranha Plant. There are also three birdcages here, each with a different occupant. In front of the soil bed along the north wall, an iron birdcage bolted into a post bolted into the ground holds a miniature model of what appears to be a decrepit haunted mansion… a very familiar looking green mansion on top of a hill, actually. The other two birdcages are not bolted down, and can be taken by anyone who wants them. Along the east wall, one birdcage on a post holds everyone's favorite parrot, Talkatoo, who will gladly repeat anything he hears in the night. The birdcage along the west wall contains a small black-and-orange bird, which appears to be a normal specimen.
1 - Bridge - This little stone-brick bridge arches over the moat around Peach's Castle and provides access to the castle's front door. Though it doesn't appear on this portion of the map, a small balcony extends over the half of the bridge closest to the castle. Guardrails on the edges of the bridge help to prevent people from falling into the moat by accident.
3 - Gardener's Den - This little shed is where the castle staff keeps all of the materials needed to tend to the castle grounds and service the various outdoor facilities. Weedkillers, axes, hedge trimmers, a lawnmower, tennis rackets and balls, spare tires, watering cans, gloves, golf clubs, and other materials needed to upkeep the castle grounds and facilities can be found in here. Though… it appears one very important watering can has gone missing…?
Tennis Courts - Exactly what you would expect from the name. This section of the castle grounds is dominated by three regulation-sized tennis courts where the Princess practices her swing. One court is clay, one is grass, and one is a hardcourt. Each court comes equipped with a net and an elevated seat for a judge.
Pleasant Path - This gently sloping path leads down from the bridge to the edge of the outer waters. It's a simple dirt path lined by trees, that's it.
Golfing Grounds - This section of the castle grounds is dominated by three practice holes where the Princess practices her golfing game. They're all small little holes, all par three. The green is well-kept, but the rough is quite dense and difficult to navigate. The tee boxes are all on small hills, overlooking their respective holes.
Royal Raceway - Not the famous Mario Kart track, no no no! This section of the castle grounds is dominated by a small oval asphalt track built for four racers to practice against each other. Four go-karts are all ready to go on the track. Both the inner and outer edges of the track are lined by a fairly high wall, though, to ensure the safety of anyone watching should a racer get too wild. Steps are provided along the east edge of the outer wall to allow racers in and out of the track, but getting the go-karts themselves out might require some creativity.
Castle Gardens A - The northern section of the Castle Gardens is incredibly well-manicured. You'll find any species of tree or flower you need around here, along with incredibly fertile patches of soil, throughout. The centerpiece is the small hedge maze constructed from rose bushes. It's thorny, and the pathways are narrow, so be careful. In the center of the hedge maze, an unusual wilted Black Rose sits in a pot. The castle staff have tried to revitalize it, but, upon failing miserably, then attempted to destroy it. The Black Rose, however, proved unusually immune to cutting, burning, and other methods of destruction. Perhaps there's a way to revive it yet...
Castle Garden B - This section of the castle gardens is… in remarkably poor shape. The groundskeepers tried to take out the Piranha Plant infestation before the game began, but it seems they've left one chomping among the weeds. There's also brambles, poison ivy, thorns, and other awful plants all over the grounds here. Take care when stepping through this area.
Shroomy Woods - Behind the castle, there's a dense forested area which grows mushrooms of all varieties. The Goombas which usually wander around here have all been cleared out, but there's still an endless supply of any kind of mushrooms you could desire among the dead and rotting leaves and stumps. Watch out, though. Those rotting leaves covering the ground make things slick.
Moat - The castle moat is thankfully Nibble-free, but the water here is still deep. There's not much to say with the moat, though, hmm… that's odd… it appears that there's… two treasure chests underwater? And is that a door leading into the basement submerged down there? Is that even a staircase to the bottom of the moat underwater?​

First Floor

Grand Foyer - This foyer is truly as grand as its name states, though it's lacking in decor. It's the central hub of the castle, and it's where all players will begin when they awaken on Night One. The centerpiece of the foyer is the large sun design embedded in the floor. Oddly, there seems to be a light shining down from above this design, though there appears to be no obvious source of this light.
1 - Dining Hall - A grand dining hall, fit for hosting the most important guests and VIPs from across the Mushroom Kingdom. There's a gigantic dining room table with enough room to seat sixteen people, and plenty of china, fine silverware, and the other instruments you would need to host an amazing dinner party.
2 - VIP Dining Room - This room is where the Princess and her special guests can dine in peace, away from the crowds of the Dining Hall. It's a very lush and posh room, and contains a small table with four very comfortable chairs, as well as the finest dining utensils in the Mushroom Kingdom.
3 - Kitchen - This kitchen is where Toads usually work tirelessly to prepare the meals for their Princess and her guests. To serve such a large number of people, there are multiple tables to prepare food, huge numbers of pots and pans in the room's extensive cabinetry, six ovens, multiple microwaves, toasters, multiple sinks, and everything else you would need to prepare anything royalty and foreign dignitaries might offer. An extensive ventilation system pumps much of the heat generated into the Herbarium above, but this room is still fairly hot.
4 - Aquarium - This room is dominated by a large aquarium along the east wall. Enough water to flood the room is held behind a glass case, and any type of fish species and small aquatic wildlife you can think off can be fished out of the aquarium. There's a few couches along the other walls, where guests are free to rest and watch the oddly hypnotic fish.
5 - Pantry - All of the raw ingredients the Kitchen may need which can be stored at room temperature are found in this large pantry. Feel free to take anything you need if you get a craving for a meal or snack.
6 - Basement Stairwell - A small staircase descends below the ground into the castle basement. Nothing else special is here.
7 - Guest Reception - This is room made to allow guests to step away from the Princess' parties for a nice sit down and a quiet chat. There's a few couches in this room, two beds, and some coffee tables with chairs.
8 - Party Room - The large space is essentially the castle's gaming and entertainment hub. The center of the room is open and perfect for dancing. There's even a DJ station along the west wall which is connected to a speaker system to distribute the sound throughout the room. Along the east wall, there's some tables with board games of every variety, and Nintendo consoles hooked up to the television screens. The televisions get cable, too.
9 - Library - In contrast to the Party Room, the Library offers a nice time for those introverts who prefer a quieter form of entertainment. The castle's library boasts any title you could possible want on its extensive shelves. It appears there's also a table with four display cases set up here. From left to right, the display cases hold: Nothing, a stack of printed editions of The 'Shoom, a miniature plastic model of the Dark Moon, and a miniature plastic model of the Party Cube. There's also… a skeleton made out of an unusual rare gold alloy here on display, for some reason? It has a book propped in its hands, as though it were reading. The book is titled How to Stop Hiding in the Library and Actually Do Something With Your Life and was written by Animosi T.
10 - Armory - The east wall of this room is taken up by a large painting of a Bob-omb. The room itself is packed with small-scale explosives and small guns. Unfortunately, it seems the door is locked, and you'll need to find the key before you can get in.
11 - Construction Room - This messy room contains leftover construction materials from repairs to the castle over the years. The north wall is taken up by a painting of an odd tower floating on an island in the sky, and the floor is filled with scattered construction materials and many, many Brick Blocks a mysterious salesman sold to the castle years ago.
12 - Conference Room - This room is where all the high-level discussions which affect the Kingdom's safety and prosperity occur. A podium with a microphone sits on a stage along the north wall. A U-shaped conference table dominates the center of the room. The stage is equipped with a projector and screen for slideshows. There's a few microphones and speakers scattered throughout the room.
13 - Courtyard Entrance - This nondescript room has the best drainage in the castle. After one too many guests tracked water into the castle after splashing in the courtyard fountain, Toadsworth added drains to the floor of the room and redid the flooring to ensure any liquids drain efficiently.
14 - West Stairwell - It's a spiral staircase that takes you up to the second floor.
15 - East Stairwell - It's the other spiral staircase that takes you up to the second floor.​

Second Floor

Upper Foyer - The Upper Foyer is as large and boring as the Grand Foyer below. The only notable features are the Item Shop along the north wall and the old grandfather clock along the south wall.
1 - Princess' Bedroom - The Princess personal room has the plushest bed in the Mushroom Kingdom. Lay in it, and even the worst insomniacs will fall asleep with ease. There's also numerous plushies scattered throughout the room. A sweet smell of peaches permeates the room, making for an altogether pleasant experience. The completely pink color scheme might be a bit off-putting, though.
2 - Rec Room - This padded room was the Princess' favorite place to play as a rambunctious child. There's a few plush stuffed rabbits here in red, yellow, green and orange, as well as one plush rabbit that appears to be all white and glowing. All in all, this room is perfect for a little roughhousing without getting too hurt.
3 - Herbarium - This eco-friendly castle lets nothing go to waste. Heat generated by the kitchen is pumped up here to create a warm greenhouse environment. Sprinklers in the ceiling add the necessary humidity. In this very hot and humid room, you'll find any kind of exotic plant you could need, even those you can't find outside.
4 - Secret Slide - The worst kept secret in the Mushroom Kingdom has to be this room, meant to allow the Princess to make a quick escape during Bowser's attacks. The slide has since been replaced with a more modern system. There's a chute in the eastern wall that's made for people to jump into. Put anything in it, or hop in yourself, and you'll be launched outside at a high speed, landing on the edge of the Royal Raceway. Other than that, this is a rather nondescript room which offers passage to the Castle Speakeasy.
5 - Castle Speakeasy - A nice little bar that few people know about. The lights and the music are kept low, and you're encouraged to whisper in here. There's a bar here which has everything you need to satisfy your cravings for alcoholic beverages. It has all the ingredients you need, plenty of pre-made drinks, and everything from wine glasses to shot glasses. There's a couple of booths to enjoy your meals in, too. For some reason, one corner of the room has a plunger hooked up to a pulley device. If you position anything underneath it, the plunger will fall - harmlessly thankfully - before being raised back up. Could it have anything to do with the poster of Monika looking on impatiently?
6 - Balcony - This balcony is outdoors, and extends out over the bridge underneath it. You can turn around and look at the giant stained glass window depicting Princess Peach in the walls of the castle.
7 - Exercise Hall - This room has all kinds of exercise equipment contained within, from jump ropes to treadmills. In the corner of the room, there's a solitary shower stall.
8 - Item Shop - You can't actually enter this room, but this is where you'll find Toadsworth, carrying out his duties as your shopkeeper. Visit during the night to exchange your coins for items. You can chat with him during the day, too, and he'll tell you who all visited or passed by or just have a friendly conversation with you. He won't tell you what anyone bought or what he might have seen them doing, though.
9 - Princess's Dressing Room - This room is where the Princess gets ready to show herself to the world. It's equipped with dressers with mirrors where anyone can get ready. There's plenty of make-up, wigs, and almost every outfit you can imagine. There doesn't appear to be any costumes of other players though...
10 - Press Room - This is where the Princess gives important speeches to the Kingdom. The room features a podium along the west wall, situated in front of a cluster of seats for a small audience of reporters. There are numerous cameras in this room, but they appear to be nonfunctional and bolted into the floor. Along the east wall, cabinets hold old news footage and every printed edition of The 'Shroom for historical purposes.
11 - Theatre - This room is a suitable Shakespearean theatre. It's equipped with a stage along the north wall, and the stage has everything from curtains to spotlights to various setpieces needed to put on a grandiose performance. The chairs of the theatre can hold an audience of sixty, so there's plenty of room to sit back and enjoy a show. There's even a pit for an orchestra. If plays aren't your thing, you can also press a button by the door to lower the retractable screen and put on a movie of your choice.
12 - Toadsworth's Room - The old steward of the Princess has a room to himself here. There's an unusually firm bed in here, and a cabinet filled with books, blood-pressure pills, and anxiety medication. As a matter of fact, there's a great deal of medical equipment in here. Everything from syringes to scalpels.
13 - Art Studio - Here, you'll find all of the materials you need to bring out your inner artist. Paints, craft supplies, canvases, and other materials you need to make the art of your dreams can be found in this messy room.
14 - Gallery - This room is used to display art created in the nearby art studio, to hold historical artifacts for special exhibits, and to otherwise display anything of importance. It has a nice echo, too, and good acoustics overall. The room's display cases are currently empty, save for one, which contains a… golden watering can? Only one painting currently hangs in the room, a large image depicting a group of heroes celebrating their victory over despair..
15 - Music Room - This room contains acoustic musical instruments of all kinds. Find any tools you need to make your musical dreams come true. Along the west wall is a large pipe organ. Play it, and it will ring out through the whole western half of the castle. The sheet music is currently open to Schubert's "Erlkönig," but you can flip through to anything you wish to play.
16 - West Stairwell - Take a spiral staircase downstairs.
17 - East Stairwell - Take the other spiral staircase downstairs.​


Day Zero - Today's Just Peachy, Isn't It?
Night One - A Battle Royal(e) - Victim: Stargazing
Day One - United We Fall - Executed: Stargazing
Night Two - Flour, Octopi, Frustration - Victim: Eggmang
Day Two - A Cracked Egg - Executed: Raregold
Night Three - Deathgold - Victims: Smasher and Alex95
Day Three - Deadly Doubles, Grotesque Graffiti - Executed: The Pyro Guy and Shy Guy on Wheels

Player List

Please, meet your fellow Partygoers, too!

-dr EGGmang
-The Pyro Guy
-Dupe Face
-Shy Guy on Wheels
-Vruet (replacing Shygul)
-BBQ Turtle

[size=16pt]As of this moment, it is now Day Zero. If you have any role powers which you can use prior to the start of the night phase, you are welcome to use them now. At 07:00 PM (19:00) EDT on June 20th, Night One will begin, and all players will have 48 hours to submit their night actions. Final versions of the maps will be posted in the thread at this time, with all room descriptions finalized at that point. All players will begin by awakening in the Grand Foyer. Please use this time to study the maps, to ask any remaining questions about your roles or the maps, and to prepare for Night One. If you have not yet joined the Discord Server for this game, please do so now.

Mayumi Joutouguu

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Night One: A Battle Royal(e)

I made it on time! Aha-ha-ha-ah!

Hello, everyone! We've had some delays, but it's finally time for the party to begin. Let's take a look and see where the first Star is… oh, wait. We don't have those this time! I guess instead, you'll just have to earn Stars by killing your fellow Partygoers!

Now, this party can't start until you all send in your Night Actions, so study the maps and get to writing! Aha-ha-ah-ha! It's time to get ready for adventure! Now, at the start of each Night Phase, Toadsworth will join us to reveal the night's selection of items. So please give your attention to the Mushroom Kingdom's most venerable citizen!

Ahoy-yo! How do you do, gentlemen and gentleladies? I'm pleased to say that it it appears we'll have a clear night for our first night together. In addition, I have these three wonderful items prepared for you this evening:

Banana Peel - 5 Coins - Use this single-use discarded peel to trip another player if they enter a room. It isn't a kind thing to do, but it is classic humour.

Peanut Popgun - 10 Coins - This unusual device comes with three peanuts for you to fire at your foes. It fires with great force, so do take care!

Walkie-Talkie - 10 Coins - A simple but effective device, old bean! It will allow you to communicate across floors with anyone else who has one. Though, you will need a pair for it to be of use, so you might have to agree to buy a second one with someone else.

Remember, old bean! You'll only be able to carry three of these special items at one time! Please do drop on in at any point in the night to exchange your coins for these great items.

Thank you, Toadsworth! Of course, you'll need coins to get those items. Usually, you would earn coins by playing minigames, but we don't have any. So, instead, you'll have to scour the map for coins! Don't worry, though! Like any Mario Party, you'll begin the game with ten coins!

And, to help you find the courage to get the party started right, I have a special prize for anyone who submits a murder attempt tonight! Anyone who submits a murder attempt on Night One will receive hints to where the special keys needed to unlock rooms in the basement are!

Now, let's party!

[size=16pt]As of 19:00 EDT, it is now Night One. All players will begin by awakening in the Grand Foyer. Please use this time to study the maps, to ask any remaining questions about your roles or the maps, and to write and submit your night actions. You will have 48 hours to submit your night actions, so be sure to send them in before . Players who submitted night actions in advance are welcome to send in alterations during this 48 hour period, if you wish to take advantage of the murder incentive or item shop items.

Mayumi Joutouguu

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Intermission One

Night Actions Locked!

No further alterations or additions can be made to your Night One actions at this time.

For the benefit of new players, allow me to remind you what happens next. At this point, we enter an intermission phase during which we will examine all players' night actions and determine a timeline of events which occurred during the night. When this timeline is completed, we will assemble all of your unique results, detailing what you did and saw during the night. We also, of course, determine who died during the night. When all results are sent out and the case is fully prepared, we will begin the day phase and, with it, the investigation.

Results will be sent out and the day phase will begin with the announcement of our first victim within 48 hours.

ace pheonix

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Intermission One

Last thing this place needs is a scoop of ice cream.

Mayumi Joutouguu

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Attention Partygoers of Peach's Castle! A body has been discovered!

Stargazing was found dead in the Kitchen. She was…

United Nations (Polandball)
Ultimate Coalition Builder

You are the United Nations, er, well, a living embodiment of it, at least. You’ve found yourself trapped in this Killing Game, surrounded by uncooperative, self-interested competitors who would kill each other in a moment’s notice, if given the chance. In other words, it's a normal day at the office. You have too many strongly-worded letters left unwritten, so you need to find a way to survive and win this game!

Your main weapons against the injustices of the world are sanctions, vetoes, and strongly-worded letters, and these weapons will serve you well in this Killing Game. You can, at any point during a day phase, select one player to veto using the power of the Security Council. The player who you veto will be stripped of their voting rights for that phase and will have any votes they cast in that phase negated. The negation of the vote will be announced in the voting thread, so use this power in the closing hours of a phase to tip the scales on close votes. During the day, you may also choose one player to sanction. The sanctioned player will be turned away at the shop the following night, preventing them from purchasing items.

When sending in your night actions, you can write a strongly-worded letter and post it in a public location, forbidding entry into one room on the map, and the rule will be enforced for all players the next night. Beware, though! Since your members constantly disrespect you and disregard your suggestions, anyone with a greater social stat than you won't be bound by the rules you create this way and will be able to enter the room you choose without impediment.

As a (nominally) respected international body championing progress, you have a fairly high social stat. You've put up with so much over the years, too, so you have excellent stamina. Without any armed forces of your own, though, your strength stat is quite low.

FA: Your entire existence revolves around multilateralism and consensus building, so you must wait for someone else to cast a vote before you can join in. You may not cast the first vote against a given player during a day phase.


Strength - 1
Stealth - 2
Stamina - 5
Speed - 3
Social - 4​

Monokuma File
-Stargazing's body is lying on the Kitchen floor, near the door to the Aquarium. It's surrounded by blood-stained flour.
-There's a knife sticking out of Stargazing's chest.
Stargazing's stomach and back are both bruised heavily.
-The Kitchen is absolutely covered in flour, some cabinets are broken inwards, and there's ingredients and cake mix scattered on the floor.

Other Information
-Jetamo's body is lying next to the door to the Pantry in the Kitchen. He is also laying in blood-stained flour.
-The Art Studio is completely covered in paint, just absolutely covered in it. Doomhiker is in the corner, covered in the same paint.
-The display case for the Golden Watering Can is shattered, but there still appears to be a Golden Watering Can on it.
-The portrait of the heroes in the Gallery now has a moustache on every hero.
-The Herbarium has flour all over the floor, too, though less than the Kitchen.
-The Monika poster in the Speakeasy has been torn down, revealing another Monika poster beneath it. The second Monika is glaring at all of you.

It is now Day One! You have until 19:00 EDT on June 26th to determine who killed Stargazing and vote against them in the Class Trial. To proceed, please make investigation requests in the thread and in the Discord server, and begin preparing your testimonies (remember, you may not quote your results directly) and working with other players to investigate this case. Voting will open in 24 hours.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Punch Doomhiker in the face
Investigate Star's corpse and the entire kitchen in detail


Springing Up
Former 'Shroom Staff
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

I was gonna do a roleplay but *bleep* that

So here is my testimony:
-I wake up and hear TPG rapping and cry when he finishes.
-Smasher starts singing and I leave partway through.
-I go to East Stairwell with BBQ Turtle and Jetamo.
-Jetamo leaves for Item Shop and BBQ and I go to the Dressing Room.
-I grab a bag and she grabs armored boots.
-We leave and go down East Stairwell together.
-When I am in the Foyer Eggman leaves the Dining Room and goes off with BBQ to the front door. I move to Dining Room.
-Jetamo and Shygul are in there and follow behind me when I step into the Kitchen.
-When I go in I feel a sharp pain from behind me and my arms slam into someone.
-When I open my eyes the room is covered in flour, then there is a twisting in my back and a sharp pain in my feet.
-I run out of the Kitchen and end up in the Aquarium bleeding. Smasher is in there looking shocked. I go over to a couch and pass out from blood loss for the night.

Darkwing Duck

The terror that flaps in the night
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Y'know, this Doomhiker guy's being a real pain in the ass. Anyway, after I also punch Doomhiker in the face, I wanna check out that flour trail starting in the kitchen.

dr EGGmang

Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

i, the glorious DOCTOR ROBOTNIK, shall present my testimony. :posh: i woke up and this pyro guy immediately started rattling off the lyrics to a knuckles stage. everyone else started applauding, and being an experienced applauder myself, i joined in as well. smasher then began singing herself, but it was nowhere near as good of a performance. solid D-. doomhiker then steals everyone's gold coins, which i would be upset about, if i didn't have several thousand dollars in my offshore bank account used for constructing my glorious robotic army. i head for the kitchen accompanied by a shy guy with wheels, who reminded me of my motobugs. i equip myself with a frying pan and pot helmet for protection as the shy guy goes for the pantry. wonder what he was after.

i start to go outside to make a post on twitter dot com about my sudden visit to peach's castle. on my way there, in the dining room, alex95 is looking at cutlery suspiciously while stargazing (equipped with a book) goes to the kitchen. considering the murder report, i believe this is the most important point of my testimony. as i walked through the grand foyer afterwards, bbq turtle is exiting the east stairwell, and i high five her for having excellent taste in bizarre food items. finally, we both exit the castle and go out to the bridge.

the moat is pitch black entrapping all light, though it shimmers back to normal for an instant. past this occurance, fun with despair walks by the two of us to enter the castle. having reached the perfect spot for my daily tweeting session, i say goodbye to bbq turtle as they leave for castle gardens b. not sure what they'd be interested in there, castle gardens a seems much nicer.

as i tweet and browse people's memes on my cellular phone, i lose track of time. a long while passes. eventually, smasher and shygul pop out on the balcony and i look up from my sitting spot. they scream at eachother and go back inside, and i fall asleep shortly afterwards. at least my wife is safe.

Darkwing Duck

The terror that flaps in the night
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

While we're checkin' stuff out, show me the moat too.


Don't mind me.
Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

...Hrm. I did not expect to be impeded like this so early, but no matter. A proper meal will have to wait for the next day.

I started my night off the same way, I presume, everyone else did - listening to a chilled dessert courier rap about fried bananas.

After he was finished, Miss... Boosette, was it? She climbed onto the stage and proceeded to start a performance, but I must admit, I had more important jobs to focus on.

I made my way to Mr. Toadsworth's shop, in order to acquire myself a walkie talkie, bumping into Raregold, BBQ Turtle, and Doomhiker.

I must say I was rather disappointed in the shop. I would have thought such a dignified person as Mr. Toadsworth would have chosen a much bigger locale for his establishment for greater stock opportunities, but, ah, I digress.

I then headed my way to my next goal, the Music Room, passing through to the Gallery - where I discovered an altercation between Ms. Bowsette and Mr. Doomhiker, which the latter handily won, and ran back to the Art Studio.

Leaving the room, I then went for the Music Room... and found myself leaving the Construction Room, into the Grand Foyer instead. Mysterious, but not a large hindrance.

I decide to start work on the evening's dinner, heading to the Kitchen, with Raregold and Shygul accompanying me. Raregold enters the kitchen first, myself second, and Shygul presumably third...

...when I am hit in the stomach, and I collapse into the cabinets, as a huge cloud of flour appears. On top of which, I believe someone stabs my feet during all this.

In a panic, I attempt to escape to the pantry, only to discover some absolute fiend had locked it. As I turn around to find another escape route, someone bashes my skull, and consciousness fades for the night.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Punch Doomhiker despite not even being in the same castle.

t'is a joke btw, not an action. posting just so i can see this game unfold.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Well, that didn't go according to plan...

Like the others, I woke up in the Grand Foyer. I decide to avoid everyone as they look around, leaning against the Construction Room wall.

Then there was this bright light!

I fell unconscious and woke up moments later to a rap being sung by The Pyro Guy, which was immediately followed by Smasher's... er, singing. Raregold, Jetamo, and BBQ Turtle go off in to the East Stairwell and Stargazing walks into the Guest Reception. YoshiFlutterJump and Ameoba also seem to be having a good chat. I ignored all of them and decided to enter the Construction Room once I had enough of the noise.

Except I didn't end up in the Construction Room, I was in the Gallery! I take a few minutes to look around before Ameoba walks in behind me, smirking. I... think they knew what happened. We both head into the Art Studio and she steals an easel and black paint with a brush before walking back into the Gallery.

Wanting to get back to my plan, I continue through to Toadsworth's Room and Doomhiker runs by, with Jetamo quickly behind him. Weird. I eventually make my way back to the Grand Foyer and head into the Dining Room, where I simply look at the cutlery. I felt like I should get rid of them, but didn't act on it.

...I probably should have.

Well, Stargazing passes through, coming in from the Grand Foyer and goes to the Kitchen. She's carrying some kind of book. Eggmag comes from the Kitchen, passing Stargazing, wearing a pot for a helmet and carrying a frying pan.

After all that, I head into the Pantry, and find Stargazing there. I ignore her as she grabs a bag of flour, some sugar, some baking powder, and a little bit of vanilla. Also, why are there onions all over the floor?

Stargazing leaves back to the Kitchen, and that's the last I saw of her... Perhaps if I followed her, I could've witnessed everything or gotten hurt myself, but instead I head the other direction and head downstairs after grabbing a Banana. I also locked both doors to the Pantry! Mwahaha!

I head into the Hazy Maze Pool room, and... Shy Guy on Wheels is running in place in a corner, mumbling something about QPU alignment. Whatever that is.

My ideas ruined, I decide to crash there for the night.

EDIT: Added Banana.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

This is my testimony.

*I heard Pyro Guy's and later Smasher's performances. During Smasher's performance YFJ offers me a mistake. I buy it for 5 coins. What a mistake.
*Also during Smasher's performance I sucked up coins from several players.
*I go to the Item Shop and buy a Peanut Popgun. Jetamo then takes a picture of myself.
*I go to the Gallery. I pass by Alex95 who is in Toadsworth's Room. I also notice that cans of black paint, a brush, and an easel are missing. In the Gallery I see Amoeba finishing putting moustaches on everyone in the hero portrait. I later shoot Amoeba using my three peanuts and I then throw my Peanut Popgun at her. It knocks her out. The first peanut breaks her easel. I steal an object, and I then go back to the Art Studio to sleep.


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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

-I wake up in the Grand Foyer. After an amazing rap from TPG and a screechy performance from Smasher, I seize the opportunity to sell three special items, called Mistakes, to three unsuspecting victims: Amoeba, Doomhiker, and Shygul. They give me five coins each, not knowing that those items were entirely useless and only served to make me richer. Good job falling for my scam, chumps!

-However, I wasn't the only one who planned on beginning the game by swindling people. Just then, Doomhiker comes and steals 10 coins from me! The nerve of him! He instantly flees up the West Stairwell.

-After dreading the loss of my coins, I watch Eggmang and SGoW head over to the Kitchen, and Amoeba to the Construction Room. After this, I head up to Toadsworth in the item shop, who has heard about this travesty from many others and understands my disappointment. Regardless, he informs me that Alex95, Jetamo, BBQ Turtle, Raregold, and Doomhiker had come by before me.

-After this, I head to the Upper Foyer to search for more coins to replace the ones that Doomhiker stole. I find a few coins in the grandfather clock, so I head back down to the item shop to blow some cash.

-I then head back to the Upper Foyer and remain there for the remainder of the night. During this time I see no one pass by.

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Boosette said:
Punch Doomhiker in the face
Dante From The Devil May Cry Series said:
also punch Doomhiker in the face, I wanna check out that

Bowsette said:
Kick Doomhiker in the gonads
You attempt to attack Doomhiker, but you slip on the paint covering the Art Studio floor while he cowers in the corner.

Boosette said:
Investigate Star's corpse and the entire kitchen in detail
Stargazing's corpse appears to be coated in a thick layer of flour, with the flour on her chest stained with blood and around her upper body There's a knife lodged in her chest, and the only open wound appears to be the one the knife is currently in. She also has a large bruise on her stomach, and another on her back. The two bruises are distinctly different. The bruise on her back appears to be darkest in a long horizontal line. The bruise on her stomach is also darkest across a line, but it is more slanted and the bruise is smaller overall.

The Kitchen is a wreck. Everything, including Star and Jetamo, is covered in a thick layer of flour. There's three cabinets which appear to have been knocked inward. A bowl, some cake mix, a book, a spilled bag of sugar, and a en empty bag of flour are scattered on the ground. There's two trails of blood in the flour, one leading out into the Aquarium, which is larger than the trail leading to the Pantry door. The trail leading to the Pantry ends at the door in a large splotch of bloody flour under Jetamo's body. There's too much flour on the floor to make out footprints anywhere.

Dante From The Devil May Cry Series said:
Y'know, this Doomhiker guy's being a real pain in the ass. Anyway, after I also punch Doomhiker in the face, I wanna check out that flour trail starting in the kitchen.
There are two flour trails leading out of the Kitchen. One very bloody trail leads from the Kitchen through the Aquarium to a couch, which also has blood on it. The other, with no blood, leads out of the Kitchen, through the Dining Room, and into the Grand Foyer before trailing off in the center of the Grand Foyer.

Alex95 said:
What kind of knife was Star stabbed with?
You inspect the knife lodged in Star's chest. It appears that there's a layer of bloody flour caked on it, but there's some flourless splotches which reveal dried blood underneath the flour layer. It appears to be a normal knife used to prepare food in the Kitchen.

Raregold said:
Investigate my wounds
You look down at your feet, and notice your left foot has a stab wound and lots of dried blood. You can't see your back, but you find a mirror and can see there's a stab wound in your back, as well. The wound on your foot is relatively clean-cut, while the wound on your back is larger and has more irregular edges.

Raregold said:
Investigate the cutlery for missing knives
There appear to be no missing knives in the Dining Hall, where the cutlery is. As a matter of fact, there is no cutlery missing from the room at all, with every table place set.

Dante From The Devil May Cry Series said:
While we're checkin' stuff out, show me the moat too.
You look at the moat. It appears to be perfectly normal. The two chests in the bottom of the moat have been opened, though

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

inspect the kitchen's inventory of wares and note what is missing, especially the knives.

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

dr EGGmang said:
inspect the kitchen's inventory of wares and note what is missing, especially the knives.
There appears to a few objects missing from the Kitchen's cabinets. There's a bowl missing, a chef knife, two normal knives, a kitchen-grade blowtorch, a frying pan, and a metal cooking pot. There also appears to be a magnet missing from the fridge.

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Re: Awards Killing Game III: Peach's Castle - Day One: United We Fall

Hey, what about sharp stuff from the gardener's shed, anything in there missing?