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Mario Awards Killing Game III: Super Despair Party
Hosted by Roserade, Hooded Pitohui, MsRetroGeek, and Lakituthequick

It all began two years ago, when a local police chief locked twenty residents together in a mysterious mansion in Boos Woods and forced them to murder each other until only one remained. Since that pivotal moment, the so-called Killing Game had become a popular sport in the lively town of New Wikisville, albeit a costly one. The second event had even ended with the destruction of the citys most prominent landmark, the famed Shroom HQ. After the chaos and the expenses which accompanied the loss of the building, the Killing Game moved once again outside of the city. The Killing Game took a drastic turn, though, when it arrived in the Evershade Valley. The terrifying King Boo sought to create an army of undead minions, and recruited four powerful Possessors to carry out his plans. Five of the games potential victims, however, held out hope. With the help of a mysterious Duplighost rumoured to have escaped the original Killing Game, they were able to defeat King Boo and bring the ruinous Killing Game to an end.

But memories fade, more rapidly in our time than any other, and hedonism prevails. Soon enough, with the Shroom HQ rebuilt, residents of New Wikisville clamored for another heart-pounding event. No longer comfortable with the danger the Killing Game posed to their own city, they began to look for help from the Koopa Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom. No one quite knew who had done it or if it were even true, but rumours began to spread that someone had reached out to an external professional, a party planner who had experience handling annual events. With word that a locale had been worked out and hosts had been secured, the people of New Wikisville eagerly, and perhaps nervously, awaited for word on the Killing Game.

Until, one day, when a mysterious cube appeared in the sky From the cube, an unfamiliar voice bellowed, proclaiming that the time had come for the Party to begin. With a flash of light, three figures appeared from the cube.

Keeheehee! This group looks like they have just the demeanor suitable to become servants of His Surliness!
Okay! Theres only one way to determine the strongest, the bravest, the most courageous among you. To determine who the true Party Star is, youll have to kill each other until theres only one of you left!
Tee-hee! Dont forget to work hard and earn yourself some Bonus Stars at the end of the game!

The cube sent out another pulse of energy, and the three figures, the cube itself, and thirty poor assembled souls disappeared in a flash of light.​

Overview and General Rules
The Killing Game is a forum game which takes inspiration from the Dangonronpa series of visual novels. Invented by Fun With Despair, it has become a popular event on the Super Mario Boards, and we are honored to continue the tradition this year.

As with the previous games, each player will receive a role, with each role taking inspiration from characters in popular media and coming with its own set of Stats, its own Forbidden Action, and its own set of Ultimate Talents. Stats return unmodified from Awards Killing Game II, and help both hosts and players determine what players are capable of doing in the game and sort out what happens when the actions of players conflict or interact. Forbidden Actions are role-specific instructions which a player must not violate. Violation of your Forbidden Action will result in immediate death. Ultimate Talents are special powers and abilities unique to each role, which players can use to their advantage in a variety of creative ways. Your role card is confidential. If we find youve shared it, youre immediately dead.

The five stats well be using have been retained from the previous game:
--- Strength - This determines your capacity for physical action and use of force, as well as your ability to defend yourself from attacks.
--- Stealth - This determines your ability to move about undetected, to hide yourself, and to hide evidence
--- Speed - This determines your ability to move quickly and escape dangerous situations, as well as the order in which youll begin moving about during the night
--- Stamina - This determines the extent to which you can move about during the night, loosely limiting how many actions you can undertake in one night and how tired you will appear
--- Social - This determines your awareness of others and ability to influence them without resorting to force, as well as your convincingness

The Killing Game runs on a system of phases, with each complete round including one night phase lasting 48 hours, one intermission lasting between 24 and 48 hours, and a day phase lasting 48 hours. During the night phases, players send a PM detailing their actions for the night to the hosts of the game. What you do doing the night is completely up to you, limited only by your creativity and desire to lay out your intentions in detail. You can do anything from explore the map, attempt to kill other players (highly encouraged!) with creative murder plans, or just meme. The only things which will limit you are the rules of the game, the rules of the forum, your stats, and the actions of other players. Do whatever youd like, and feel free to roleplay! Past Killing Games on the Boards have included everything from professional wrestlers to clingy poets to Capn Cuttlefish-morphing-into-Thanos to the ever-classic Danganronpa characters, so most characters you can think of are fair game.

Do note that, if no one submits a kill attempt, your non-lethal actions might become lethal, so take care. You wouldnt want to cut off someones head by accident, would you? Also take note that, while multiple players can submit a kill attempt in one night, only one will succeed, with the lucky murderer being selected by evaluating player stats and circumstances. There are a few exceptions to this rule on special Double Murder Nights, but these and other special conditions such as weather events and murder incentives will be announced at the start of the night phases they will impact.

Some examples of well-written night actions follow below:

Player said:
Alright, since I'll begin my night in the first floor bedroom, I'm going to start by taking a sheet off the bed and stuff it down my pants. I'm also going to take a houseplant off the nightstand (pot and all) and carry it with me. Once I've grabbed my things, I'm going to head across the hall to the kitchen. If I happen to encounter anyone during this trip, I'll throw my houseplant at their head and, while they're distracted, run the other way to the bathroom, where I'll hide in the shower stall for a while. If some time passes in the stall without incident, I'll get back on track with my plan to the kitchen. Once I'm in the kitchen, I'll take some apples out of the fridge and use a nearby knife to begin carving those little apple rabbits. If anyone enters at this point, I'll just wave to them and offer them an apple rabbit. When Roserade comes in the room, though, if he's alone, I'll grab the closest pan and throw it at his head to distract him, then go for his throat with the knife and try to kill him. I'll take the bedsheets out and use them to clean off the knife and clean the body. I'll throw the knife out the kitchen's window and then I'll throw the bedsheets in the oven and set it to the highest temperature so the sheet will burn, getting rid of traces of apples and blood. I'll grab a fresh knife, cut a few more apple rabbits with it so it smells of apple, and then take a bunch of paper towels and stuff them down my pants, enough so they look like they did when I had the sheets down there. With my fresh, apple-scented knife, paper towels in my pants, and a few apple rabbits in each hand, I'll peek out the door, and, when the hallway is clear, head down it to the bathroom. I'll then lay down on the floor of the bathroom and go to sleep to end my night. If I never have to throw the plant I took at the start of the night, I leave it in the Kitchen when I leave from there to the bathroom.
Another Player said:
-Start my night in the armor room, where I take an axe from the wall.
-Walk down with my axe in hand to the map room, entering slowly and hitting the door with the axe handle first so I'm not right under any traps.
-Go through the map room and open the door to the library, again with my axe handle.
-In the library, open the archives and take out as many boxes of really old playing cards as I can. I take the red ones and burn the rest in the nearby fireplace. The red ones go in my pocket.
-I leave the library, go through the map room again, and then go to the pipe room. In the pipe room, I take a small, handheld pvc pipe and the caps for its ends. I leave my axe in the pipe room.
-I head from the pipe room to the reading nook, where I sit at the desk and begin using a pen to scrape the ink off the playing cards and putting it into the pipe. Once I've scraped all the playing cards, I toss the pen in the pipe too and seal it up.
-I leave the pipe, now filled with the explosive nitrocellulose from the card ink, next to the fireplace to heat it up. It will eventually explode.
-With my trap set, I walk to the map room and shove the maps off the table and go to sleep on the table.
Actual Player said:
Camp out in my room until I know for certain the hallway is clear.
-Head out and go across the balcony into the west side of 2F. If anybody is on the other side, gaze out onto the Reservoir, but otherwise continue into the Workshop and pocket a pair of pliers. Then head into the Office and (assuming there's a writing utensil in there) scrawl out this poem:
"Despair abounds the living dead,
for it is all inside your Head.
Among these Chambers we shall haunt,
for it is Death that we all flaunt.

There is a bar of soap missing in the East Bathroom."
-Fold up and pocket the poem.
-Then go around into the West Bathroom and grab a bottle of conditioner and a roll of toilet paper. While heading back out, turn my back to anybody passing so they (hopefully) don't see the items.
-Go down the west stairs onto the first floor, and then prop up the pliers inside of the toilet paper roll right at the bottom. Then head back up and squirt the conditioner bottle all over the floor at the top. Theoretically, the following should happen:
The victim will slip on the conditioner before tumbling down the stairs, and immediately be impaled by the pliers.
-Leave the conditioner bottle by the pile of conditioner for now.
-Go downstairs with the opposite staircase and into the Art Studio. Use a paintbrush to write "J U S T M O N I K A" in huge font across the wall in red paint. Hang out there, continuing to write it but smaller around the large letters. Every so often, however, walk across the passageway and check to see if the trap has activated. Every time I pass through, paint "J U S T M O N I K A" on this wall as well.
-If the trap ever springs, head back upstairs and grab the conditioner bottle. Dash down to the bathroom, fill it up with water, and then rinse the floor with the bottle before walking into the kiln room and tossing the bottle into the kiln. Tear off the line of the poem about the soap and toss that in as well.
-Then, go down the stairs and pull the toilet paper roll away from the scene. Toss that immediately into Room A. Everything else stays as-is.
-Go back to the Art Studio. If there's any blood on my hands, make certain to get red paint from the J U S T M O N I K A onto them. Otherwise, continuing painting until I eventually pass out.

When the night phase concludes, there will be a brief intermission phase during which the hosts examine your night actions and determine what happened during the night. At the end of the intermission, you will receive a PM detailing what you did and saw during the night. Remember, these PMs are for your eyes only. If you want to share information from your PMs, you have to paraphrase it!

Once all PMs are sent out, well begin the day phase. The previous nights victim will be announced at the start of the day phase, along with a few simple details to get you started on solving the case and alerting players of other significant happenings during the night. During the day phase, your job is to figure out precisely what happened during the night and, most importantly, who went and killed somebody. You can do this by investigating rooms and players in the game thread, discussing the case with other players in the game thread, and asking for private clarifications from the hosts about what you did and saw during the night. For reasons of balance, you wont be able to undertake some actions such as fingerprinting without the proper tools to do so or sweeping multiple rooms or a whole floor at once for a crucial piece of evidence. Halfway through the day phase, voting will open in a separate thread. You vote for whoever you think committed the murder. When voting closes, whoever has the most votes against them is lynched and removed from the game, whether they were actually the killer or not. Lynch a murderer, and everyone receives points and maybe an incentive prize. Lynch an innocent, and the killer gets away with a hefty sum of points. Killers can choose to remain anonymous or to oust themselves at the end of a phase, so an incorrect lynch might keep you on your toes.

The Killing Game has no teams, factions, or alliances except for those you choose to create. Every player is on their own to start. Be careful who you choose to trust misinformation and betrayal are core elements of the game.

Whats New to Awards KG III?

Of course, a new Killing Game requires all new maps! Awards Killing Game III will begin by splitting thirty players across two maps, one based on Peachs Castle and hosted by Toad (Hooded Pitohui) and another based on Bowsers Castle and hosted by Kamek (Roserade). Toadette (MsRetroGeek) will serve as an additional host, helping out in the background. Gameplay will continue on these first two maps until only seven players remain on each map. At that point, the remaining living players will be transferred to a secret merge map and will continue playing until six players remain. When only six players are left, a special Endgame phase will commence, ending with only one player remaining presumably. If those remaining few players could find a way to overcome despair and resist betraying each other well, who knows what hope can accomplish?

As part of the Mario Party theme, Awards Killing Game III will reintroduce the item mechanics last seen in Awards Mafia VI. Each map will have a shop located somewhere on it, run by an NPC. Toadsworth runs the Duty-Free Shop in Peachs Castle, and a Toady runs the Shady Shop in Bowsers Castle. At the start of each night phase, well announce the three items available at the shops for the night and detail their effects. You can purchase items from the shop using coins, and can keep up to three of these special items with you.

How do you get coins, you ask? Well, this is Super Mario, so explore! Coins are hidden in stashes around the map, and may be found in blocks or chests, hidden behind paintings, or sitting in other caches. Just search and ye shall find!

We also want to take steps to address the balance issues created by extensions and accomplices, so take note of these changes. Extensions should not be necessary with the lengthened day and night phases, so well be granting them only in cases where theyre absolutely necessary and justified. Well listen to concerns from large numbers of players and make exceptions for events like holidays, but for the most part you shouldnt expect to receive extensions as freely as in past games. They slow down the game for people who submit their night actions on time and make it harder on murderers with no equivalent penalties for other players during the day. Accomplices will be handled similarly to last game, but with some new penalties. You may have one official accomplice to a murder, but theyll receive fewer points for their role in the murder and, if the correct murderer is lynched, an accomplice will suffer a two point reduction in all stats (down to one point) for the following night. This prevents accomplices from just ratting out their partner when pinned against the wall by voters.

Finally, since tokens are no longer a thing, weve created a new points system to determine in an objective manner the standing of players at the end of the game. Weve weighted, based on the difficulty of each task and the number of times a player can earn the award for a given action, various actions you can earn points for in order to create a balanced game. The weights of these actions are as follows (exact point values will be calculated at the end of the game):

Surviving a Complete Night/Intermission/Day Cycle: 0.01
Successful Murder: 0.2
Unsuccessful Murder: 0.03
Successful Accomplice Murder 0.03
Correctly Solved Case: 0.1
Correct Vote on an Incorrectly Solved Case: 0.03
???: 0.21
Victory: 0.35
Bonus Stars (End of Game Awards): 0.045


The game will consist of this Lounge Thread, for discussion before and after the game proper, Game Threads for each map where the bulk of day phase gameplay will take place, a special Discord server for real-time communication (, and a Voting Thread where votes will be collected and tallied.

Schedule and Sign-Ups

With the planned schedule for this game, we will be starting on June 19th and plan to conclude the game between July 27th to August 4th. Those ending dates might be pushed back slightly based on extensions and schedule slips, but we dont plan to have this game extend further than a week or two into August at latest.

Please remember that activity from all players is key to making this a successful and fun event for everyone involved. You might not necessarily last the whole game, but please try to keep in mind your availability when choosing to sign-up for this game.

So, if this sounds interesting, sign-up for a slot! Feel free to ask any questions you may have, as well, and well clarify anything you need more information on. There are thirty sign-ups open, with four reserved for new players until we reach the last week of sign-ups. If you cant nab one of the initial thirty slots, sign-up as a replacement and well offer you a place is someone drops out.

1. Coffee
2. YoshiFlutterJump
3. Superchao
4. dr EGGmang
5. Alex95
6. Smasher
7. FunWithDespair
8. Stargazing
9. The Pyro Guy
10. Raregold
11. Mariofan169
12. Jetamo
13. MCD
14. Roller
15. ????
16. Epic Nitwit
17. Amoeba
18. Hearts
19. Dupe Face
20. Chibiki Daisy
21. Gabriel
22. Shoey
23. SMG2Daisy
24. Shy Guy on Wheels
25. Shygul _ Replaced by Vruet
26. Lord Bowser
27. Eleven
28. Toadgamer
29. BBQ Turtle
30. Doomhiker

1. Long John Spaghetti
4. GBAToad

Lets Party!
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At the start of each night phase, we’ll announce the three items available at the shops for the night and detail their effects. You can purchase items from the shop using coins, and can keep up to three of these special items with you.
I'm assuming this is a first-come-first-serve deal? Having too many players buy the same item would probably cause some issues, unless they are just like minor items like stat boosters or something. I'm not sure what items you have planned, but giving everybody a sword for example miiiiight not lead to the best conclusion.


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Alex95 said:
At the start of each night phase, we’ll announce the three items available at the shops for the night and detail their effects. You can purchase items from the shop using coins, and can keep up to three of these special items with you.
I'm assuming this is a first-come-first-serve deal? Having too many players buy the same item would probably cause some issues, unless they are just like minor items like stat boosters or something. I'm not sure what items you have planned, but giving everybody a sword for example miiiiight not lead to the best conclusion.
Never knew how much I wanted a sword war in killing game