Super Mario Boards Roleplay


!Weege wegge weege!
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*A lot happens after wario jumped through the portal*
*1 day later*

:bowjr: shh... wario... I do this all the time... 12:00A.M. Ready... now...
:wario: Can I say it?
:bowjr: Sure!!!

:dk: *SNORE* ...Why do I have the felling...
*Goes outside*
Never fails.

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Revenant Archagent said:
Well, too bad, because everybody has to be a narrator....

Board roleplaying is a nightmare...
Well, actually, it’s a nightmare because everyone wants to be a narrator


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Narrator is just somebody who tells the story

The narrator of my novels isn't all powerful (although he is very powerful)

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Flora: I'm worried about that other world's Flora. Put that one into jail for no reason. Goodbye.

Sheriff Sheldon: Right.

White Lightning: Have safe travels.

*Flora goes into the Carwash world*


!Weege wegge weege!
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:boo: This is going to be bad

Me: Trust me, it is contoled chaos, there needs to be two Sheriff Sheldons