Mushroom City Car Wash

Blitz the Hero

The Hero who Defeated Dharkhira
Blitz: I met her a few days ago...
(Telepathically to Mija): Hey... um... I wanted to invite you... you know... on a date.... to Snowfront...)
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Riony the Rito Warrior
: Kapuna Wa! I know it! *They find themselves in a room with super quick platforms* This is gonna be easy. Just take your time.
: *Slows time* That’s it! This is easy! So easy! Look! I’m already there. Your turn, Coco *Throws Kapuna Wa to Coco*
: Hop! Hop! Hop! Actually,I can do this... *Time flows normally and Coco jumps one plat without Kapuna Wa*
*Crash does it normally, but while eating a Gumpa fruit. Never try this at home. You’ll die*
Cookatiel: Cooooooooooo! Coooooo! Ka!
: Now, that is a big bird. But I know what to do.*Cookatiel spits lava*Ok, we maybe need time. And we have a friend that can get us some *Turns to Kapuna Wa, and the mask approves* *Cookatiel spits a meat piece* *Cookatiel spits lava and Crash slows time and uses the meat as a platform in the lava* *Crash hits Cookatiel* Bird up! You coward! *Everyone does the same* Ha! I wonder why enemies don‘t stop doing the same thing over and over! If I ever make a video-game, I’ll make the enemies have different patterns every phase *Kapuna Wa disappears**They arrive at The Room* *They enter a Blue portal*


Riony the Rito Warrior
: Well, I think we are going to use the fourth mask. I think it’s power is to make things appear and disappear. If you ask how I know, is because theres water and void, water and void, water, and void. We need swimming outfits. This time we can go in group because we only need one to make things appear and disappear.
: Good. Let’s go! *They all cross the giant sea*
Xroca the crocodile: Strength is the only thing that matters!
: What about intelligence?
Xroca the crocodile:
Probe it! Prob that intelligence is better!
*Xroca throws NITROs and they make them disappear* *When she throws a TNT, Claid spins and returns the hit* *They do the same thing 10*
97C928E0-C4F4-41B4-9A74-81CF89F0C877.jpeg: Well, that’s it. There must be a portal at The Room. *Lani-Loli disappears* *They arrive at The Room*

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
*Something dark, light and...commandery...arrived back at the Protector Base. Her police day was more "spooky" than normal and it didn't amuse her. After today, she didn't want to see a Dry Bones ever again. Preferably ones that asked her to hit them with her car for the fun of it. She was tired of their shenanigans. She was feeling snappy and highly cranky when she came back. Ray Trace also coincidentally arrived back at the base at the same time, as it was getting late.*

Dark Light: Going somewhere?

Redshift: Why yes. Er...we were but...

Ultra Violet: They left without us.

Dark Light: Who?

Redshift: Mija and... a companion.

Dark Light: Well good. They don't need our help after all if they left and took care of their mess in such a haste like that. I don't even know why they bothered asking.

Redshift: Um....

Dark Light: Either that, or all of you are more useless than I ever imagined.

*Ray Trace poked his head in as Dark Light was yelling at the Protectors.*

Ray Trace: Oh, uh, hello?

Dark Light: Look who showed up at this inopportune time. Splendid. You're never there when we need you.

Ray Trace: Excuse me?

Kontrast: This guy was at the Agency staring at a wall, Commander.

Dark Light: I'm pleased to know that his intelligence and competence is draining by a margin every day.

Ray Trace: ...I wasn't just staring at a wall...Commander.

Dark Light: Yes. You're probably going to end up dating it, while Kontrast and Ultra Violet will probably start fighting each other over it.

*Ultra Violet glared at Dark Light while Kontrast raised an eyebrow in disbelief while his face turned red. Dark Light, of course, ignored both of them.*

Bluminescence: I'm sorry Commander, but you sound super cranky.

Dark Light: Shouldn't you be washing cars, corporal? When was the last time you and Kontrast were at that car wash?

*Bluminescence fell silent.*

Dark Light: I figured. None of you are doing your jobs, are you? Protecting, being there, and actually helping others? You all are sitting around idly all day, weren't you?

Redshift: It's not how it looks Commander...

Dark Light: Ever since your sister came along, I felt you spent much more time sitting on your butt waiting for the fish to bite rather than duties, such as, I don't know, helping Mija and Blitz out, right?

Redshift: We were just about to leave...

Dark Light: It doesn't matter whether you're about to do something or not. Job's finished. Action was already taken. I don't care what your intentions were. Fact of the matter is, you've been sitting around idly, not being useful enough to others, while I was out there having to deal with a bunch of spooky hoodlums on the streets. What do you think a Protector does?

Bluminescence: Commander, I think you should sleep. You've had a long day and you said...really nasty things to all of us.

Dark Light: Yeah? What do you think is gonna happen the next day? You guys still sitting around idly, not Protecting anything, wasting my years training you guys?

*Ultra Violet glanced at Kontrast.*

Ultra Violet: She's gotten absolutely nuts.

Kontrast: I agree.

Dark Light: What are you two yammering on back there?

Bluminescence: As your diplomat, Commander, I think you need to head to your room and cool off. You're not exactly helping our morale here.

Redshift (crestfallen): I agree. Those words hurt, Commander.

Dark Light: I'm not trying to be nice. I'm trying to instill initiative to you guys. You think assertiveness is all kindness and all? No. It's not.

Redshift: Commander, we're all going to rest for tomorrow's task so we are fully energized. I believe that yelling at each other all night and lecturing about our actions is not going to help plans nor our group output.

Dark Light: Hmph.

*Dark Light stormed into her room, leaving an upset Redshift and the other group in silence.*

Redshift: I've never seen Commander this angry before...

Ultra Violet: Maybe a ghost scared her on the job or sprayed water all over her or something.

Ray Trace: She's a bit right, you know. We haven't really done much the past few days. I think it's one of the longest idle times we had while being a Protector.

Kontrast: Sounds like a good thing to me.

Bluminescence: I've seen some nasty things happen. You know, with Mija and Cthina. Things are still happening but...we're not involved?

Redshift: We cannot get involved in every incident. I believe that Commander is just cranky right now and needs rest. Perhaps her moon will improve the next morning.

*Even then, Redshift wasn't sure of that. He internally still felt her accusations of him being lazy biting into him, and those bites were rather nasty indeed.*

Dr. Peter Venkman

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.
Honoka: Of course I do! This place looks awesome!

Misaki: It definitely seems bigger on the inside than on the outside, that's for sure.
Spencer: Oh, yeah. There's rooms in here that the boss doesn't even know about.

Dr. Peter Venkman

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.
*Boba walks over to Chroma and extends her hand*
Boba: Friends?
*Chroma immediately shakes it vigorously*

Chroma Key: Of course!

Dr. Peter Venkman

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.
*Boba summons water, freezes it into powdery snow, and creates wings on her back*
Boba: This!
*She jumps up and starts to fly*
Chroma Key: Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.


Riony the Rito Warrior
Sphinx: To pass to the next portal, some questions you’ll have to answer, if all correct, you will pass, but if not, you will die. Want to try?
8311D8A4-260A-478C-B698-C2D84A1BD66F.jpeg: I’ll try. We’ll try.
*Crash opens his mouth and Coco gives him a cold, severe look*
Sphinx: What won’t get any wetter, no matter how much it rains?
: Easy. The sea. It’s obvious.
Sphinx: Correct. That was an easy one. Now, you, little Yoshi. You got here, but how are you going to leave?
: Umm... (In his mind: My dad... My dad told me: I came how I left. I took an airplane and I flew here.) How I came here. I’ll leave how I came. I’ll leave with friends —no— I’ll leave with my family.
Sphinx: Correct! Now’s your turn Crash. What are the only things you can’t have for beakfrast?
: (In his mind: Pizza, Ice cream, Vegetable soup. Those arent even breakfast. Pizza is dinner, Ice Cream is dessert and vegetable soup is meal. That’s it!) Meal, dessert and dinner.
Sphinx: Correct. And an extra for you, Yoshi. How did they took Kloopa? Through a portal, secret door, or walking?
: Umm... Wait! How do you know Kloopa? How do you know crash? How do you know they kidnapped Charles?!?! Answer!
Sphinx: Just pass!!!!!! *They all pass the portal*
*A thief appears and tries to wear the four Quantum Masks* *He can’t, so the masks combine and create Ikano-Lowa*
Ikano-Lowa: Ha! Trie to defeat me and die! *Cortex appears and wears the mask* *They do the final battle from Crash 4 It’s About Time and defeat Cortex* *They rescue Charles and escape The Room* *They live a happy life with Claid’s Mom*
*Claid suddenly turns 13 years old*
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