Mushroom City Car Wash


Riony the Rito Warrior
: Well, were here. I think we’ll use Ika-Ika here. Just as I predicted! some spikes won’t stop us! *She uses Ika-Ika, dodging all spikes* Catch!
*Claid catches and imitates Coco*
: Crash! You can do it!
: I know! I’ve done this before! *Does the same but with some tricks*
951956F0-3457-4064-A015-93808E484D19.jpeg: Really, Crash? We need to hurry. Come on! *They continue until they find a Thief*
Thief: Well, well, well, if it weren’t travelers. Give me everything you have or suffer!
: Nah. Why doing so much work? I know something easier than this, how about... BEAT YOU UP! *Whispers* Hey guys, what do we do?
: Maybe I didnt know who Mimi was but, my dad told me something. He told me that distracting is the best way to beat someone. We need to make him follow one while other is in the ceiling. Then, the one in the ceiling falls down and attacks him!
*They do the thing and beat him up*
*Ika-Ika disappears* *They jump into the portal and return to The Room* *They jump into the Yellow portal*

Coco Bandicoot

Crash’s smart kid sister
*Toadette and co. arrive at Castaway Bay*

Brighton: Welcome to Castaway Bay! There are two ships at the end of the third island, Toadette and friends. You must get to the one that isn't owned by your enemies. The good ship will lead us to our final board, so get to it.

:toadette:: Hopefully we don't ring too many bells. One wrong move could get us on Velo's ship.

: He and his advisors could shot down the good ship and force us to get on his. I don't know what he has planned for us if we unfortunately get there.

: He could give us a Ztar. They're completely worthless and add nothing to the Star Bank!

: Maybe we could ask that Shy Guy if we could use his raft. It could be a great shortcut!

:wario:: But Velo and his advisors might shot at us if the good ship is the closest to the island. We have to be careful.

:waluigi:: Patience is everything, guys. We must plan our move strategically, or we might end up in danger.

: He's probably wanting to kill Oxide again, no doubt. He'll never get him off of his mind.

: Ruff.

: Let's just try focusing on the main task. Too many distractions, and we will get punished.

Jason: We must not get on Velo's ship. I know how mean he can be.

: We must avoid Velo's ship at all costs. We don't want to get killed by him.

*Near the third island, on one of the ships*

Velo Adviser: Sire! Toadette and her friends have arrived. They're trying to get to that boat that's not ours! Should we shot down that ship so that Toadette and co. have no choice but to come with us?

: Yes, minions. Once Toadette and friends get here, crybaby Nitros will be mine and I'll finally get the chance to kill him!! And once he's dead, I'll kill the rest of the crew!!

Velo Advisor: Sire, what if they make it to the good ship before we even get a chance to shot cannonballs at it?

: Than we'll follow them to the final board. I don't to fight them this time. They're just too good for us to battle, and I'm still recovering from the last one's injuries. They'll kill me if I try fighting them again.

*Back at the port, Toadette and co. start traversing the islands, hoping to get on the good boat*

Coco Bandicoot

Crash’s smart kid sister
*Toadette and co. get to the third island. To their relief, the good ship is waiting for them at the shore, along with 20 more stars on board*

:toadette: and co.: That was close. Good thing we made it.

Brighton: Clockwork Castle, here we come! Our final board awaits us.

*Toadette and co. leave Castaway Bay and travel to Clockwork Castle in the good ship*

Velo Advisor: Sire! Toadette and friends are getting away! Follow them!

: We will follow them. They can't be too far from us!

*Velo and his minions follow Toadette and co. using their Battle Yacht*