Workin' at the Car Wash [Roleplay]

George Jones

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Agent Smith: Ya thought you can get rid of me! I'LL TEAR YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

*Agent Smith hacks and slashes out of the Speed Dragon*

Agent Smith: Eating me won't stop me! I got out. I can dodge bullets!

Godzilla: Nice try Bowser! That fire cannot harm me!

Jason Voorhees: Pathetic, that cannot harm me.

Morpheus: I'll go into the castle. *whistles*

Jason Voorhees: Take this!

*Jason Voorhees punches off one of Super Bowser's arms*

Jason Voorhees: Do NOT underestimate the power of Jason Voorhees!

Yoshi the SSM

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*Super Bowser then uses his other arm to splash lava.*

Super Bowser: "Gwa ha ha ha. I am immune to all lava while in my super form."

*Meanwhile in Prince Kiwi's Castle.*

Prince Kiwi: "There you go, sir. Now Violet. Where's the duplicate."

Violet: "He went upstairs and gave a key to a ghost. But, if I didn't know any better. That ghost was the one who went to the mirror world. And this ghost is following the shady man downstairs because the shady man said it must be there if it was forgotten what was down there. Your duplicate seems to want to open another portal to the mirror world."

Prince Kiwi: "I cannot allow that to happen."

Violet: "Even if it means that your family is safe from the Pixl Queen."

Prince Kiwi: "Yes. Now, let's go downstairs and follow the two."

*And Prince Kiwi, Violet, and Mr. Y goes downstairs.*

Prince Kiwi: "Ugh. Locked door. That means we need to go into the paintings."

Violet: "Be careful. Enemies reside in them right now."

Mr. Y: "Don't worry. I will be helping Prince Kiwi."

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Morpheus: Oh hello Prince Kiwi! I think you need some help!

*Agent Smith dodges the lava attack*

*Jason Voorhees takes shelter*

*Godzilla shows immunity to the attack*

Jason Voorhees: Take this! TAIL SLASH!

*Jason Voorhees slashes off Super Bowser's tail*

Godzilla: I'm going to give you a good beating!

*Godzilla picks up Super Bowser and repeatedly slams Super Bowser into the ground*

Jason Voorhees: Now to punch off his other arm!

*Jason Voorhees punches off Super Bowser's other arm while Godzilla slams him into the ground*

Godzilla: Now take this!

*Godzilla punches Super Bowser skywards and Agent Smith shoots Super Bowser multiple times*

Jason Voorhees: Bowser is taking a huge beating!


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Oh lord, this is the part of the fight scene where Super Bowser uses his ace in the hole to gain the upper hand. I wonder what it will be...

Yoshi the SSM

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*All of a sudden, Super Bowser comes down but made of snow. It also starts snowing and becomes really cold. Super Bowser is still able to move. He also has the parts that he lost back.*

Super Bowser: "If fire and lava has no effect on you guys, how about snow and cold, the opposite of fire and lava."

*Meanwhile in Prince Kiwi's Castle*

Prince Kiwi after trying to defeat fake King Boo: "Agh. They fled down to the second basement floor. I must hurry. (sees another lock) Oh no. More locks. And no, we can't use the Key Relic. It is a specific key door. Time to go back into the paintings."

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Jason Voorhees: I learned to survive the cold.

Godzilla: No effect.

Agent Smith: I'm resistant to the cold!

Godzilla: Attack!

*Jason Voorhees chops of one of Super Bowser's arms while Agent Smith dodges an attack*

Godzilla: ROARS!

*Godzilla uses Atomic heat beam, which is effective against the cold*

Godzilla: You fool, switching from hot to cold! My signature attack can now heat you up so high, that you will feel the BURN of my attack!

*Jason Voorhees smashes Super Bowser's legs as Godzilla talks to Super Bowser*

Jason Voorhees: Heat or cold, I can defeat you!

*Meanwhile in the castle*

White Lightning: Got the relic to Flora. And I'm here for more duties

*Meanwhile in the Jaws world*

Flora: WOAH, WHAT IS THIS? I still like the beaches more, but the Jaws world beats out my world.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*All of a sudden, the snow melts into water and flood the place 2 feet deep. Also, the castle is unaffected due to the forcefield. Super Bowser then comes down.*

Super Bowser: "Gur hur hur hur. You really thought that was me?

*Meanwhile in the catle.*

Prince Kiwi after unlocking the second door from getting it from the four paintings: "Oh. Hi White Lightning. What relic did you get from Flora? Anyways. Let's move on and see if we can get the key to the second floor of the castle."

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
White Lightning: *laughs* You must of misheard me I said I gave one of the relics to Flora. Here's a selfie of me and her on my phone, it was taken in the Jaws world. She is my wife. Unfortunately she isn't coming. Felicia is her twin sister.

*Meanwhile outside of the castle*

Jason Voorhees: I have been fooled!

Agent Smith: You cannot defeat Godzilla if you wanted to, he recruited us to help him!

Godzilla: Well a battle of numbers! Three beats one!

Jason Voorhees: Was those two doubles? They were easy to mow down! Let me show you what I did to the first one!

*Jason Voorhees smashes Super Bowser's legs*

Jason Voorhees: And then Godzilla attacks then Agent Smith. Godzilla will rule this world. Loser has to stop going after Peach and rules this land with a iron fist!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Outside the castle.*

Speed Dragon after getting up: "Yeah. Neither one of you are going to do that. I am the one to make you guys lose."

*And Speed Dragon goes into hyper speeds.*

Super Bowser: "This is Bowser. Come in. Yes. I need help. Yeah. First get stomp. Don't ask why. Hello. You wait for a bit. He became what? Good. Send him down."

*All of a sudden a giant form of Kowser appears, who heals Super Bowser.*

Super Bowser: "Hey Speed Dragon. If you can hear me, I got something to say. Help me and this guy to defeat these three and then we can battle."

Speed Dragon in a fast voice: "Got it."

*And he goes after Godzilla, Agent Smith, and Jason Voorhees.*

Super Bowser: "I believe you have something to defeat a radioactive dragon."

Super Kowser: "Yes. (shows the atomic weapon) this should do the trick (and he fires it on Godzilla) I still can't believe that the Shroobs got some of our technology." Also, even though it is a nuclear weapon, it is more along the lines of Godzilla's laser beam attack

*Meanwhile in the castle.*

Prince Kiwi: "He's gone deeper again. But we will either get him on the next floor or on the floor after that. (sees another locked door) Oh. Not again. So, what relic did you give to Flora? You can answer me that while Mr. Y goes after the key found in the paintings."

*And Mr. Y goes to the paintings.*

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Godzilla: OUCH!

Agent Smith: Those wounds look serious, let me destroy that weapon!

*Agent Smith heals Godzilla and destroys the nuke making weapon*

Agent Smith: Hey slow guy, want some more whippings from me?! I escaped you by chopping my way out!

Jason Voorhees: Kowser, I challenge you to a duel. I will win! I faced off Freddie one time and won! I am almost unstoppable! I can withstand explosions and weapons. So I have a present for you! Think fast!

*Jason Voorhees fells Kowser with his machete*

Jason Voorhees: That hardly felt sporting! Now if you have any attacks, go ahead!

Agent Smith: Hey slow guy, you can't withstand my partner!

*Agent Smith warps Flora into battle with him and controls her*

Deputy Hendricks: Hmm, this thing is safe with me, now where is Flora? I want to tell her a story. Oh this is one of the relics of the kingdom that White Lightning is helping. He is a new household name here. I must protect this with my life.

Flora: You cannot withstand me, General of my own army. Now prepare your doom under my master Agent Smith.

*Flora uses Hellfire on the Speed Dragon*

Flora: You cannot beat me, I defeated many dragons in my day!

Agent Smith: Yeah she is a puppet to me. She is one of the few that can defeat me. Oh, if I die, I'll respawn.

Godzilla: Eat this Bowser!

*Godzilla uses Atomic heat beam*

Godzilla: Are you on fire? Eh, who cares?

*Meanwhile in the castle*

White Lightning: Oh there is Flora. WAIT WHAT?! She has red eyes and everything. She is under control, I have one conclusion, Agent Smith. He wants revenge against her for defeating him once. But at least they didn't get the clock relic I entrusted her. Oh, I'm getting a picture. Deputy Hendricks has it, but Flora isn't in the Jaws world. Another conclusion, Agent Smith beamed her in this world against her will.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Speed Dragon would of evaded all the attacks with his hyper speed. And for several moments, he wasn't seen.*

Kowser: "Ok, then. Perpare to fight with honor. And don't that dragon that fled on the spot."

Super Bowser: "Meanwhile, I need to work on Agent Smith and his doll. Hey Minions! Come help me!"

Bowser's Minions: "YEAH!"

*And Bowser's Minions appear.*

Kowser: "Oh I have minions too. Minions come forth."

Kowser's Minions: "FOR HONOR!"

*And Kowser's Minions appear.*

Super Bowser and Kowser: "Use every attack against these four and don't spare a thing."

*And the minions start attacking the four with Kowser focusing on Jason Voorhees and Bowser focusing on Agent Smith and Flora.*

Speed Dragon: "I'M BAA-AAAACK!"

*And the Speed Dragon appears with the seven other dragons.*

"Woah. It looks like a whole army is dealing with the those guys. Doesn't matter. We got you outnumbered by head leaders."

*And the Cloudy, Clock, POWerful, Ice, Fire, Shoe, Key, and Speed Dragons start attacking the four.
Meanwhile in the Castle.*

Prince Kiwi: "The clock relic. Ah. That's good. I will have to ask Mr. Y what he got again."

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Flora: Prepare Dragon foes! You are a legendary lot. When I was with Prince Kiwi, I killed one of your kind!

Jason Voorhees: Prepare for your doom! And see why I teamed up with the King of the monsters!

*Jason Voorhees punches off both of Kowser's arms

*In comes Cecilia*

Cecilia: Flora, come back to me to the Jaws world. Oh no, what has happened to you?! I'll fight for you against these dragons and Bowser's minions. Now I have my army of Terminators! Meet my personal Terminator, Flora 2.0!

Godzilla: So Cecilia has came to help.

Agent Smith: She is our enemy, but we must let her help us.

Jason Voorhees: Yes.

Cecilia: Take this Time dragon!

*Cecilia bombards the Time dragon with asteroids*

Cecilia: You dragons, I challenge you, except for Key, Ice, Fire, and speed dragons. I have the relic of Fire! I'm no evil person, I'm empowered by it! My fire attacks have more power! Tremble before me! Take this Bowser's army! MEGA LAVA TSUNAMI!!

*Cecilia wipes out half of Bowser's army while her Terminators wipe out the other half*

Cecilia: Now focus on Bowser, Godzilla!

Deputy Hendricks: I'll save Flora! Now I'm in the world! Hey you, yes you dragon, eat this ya Shoe Dragon!

*Deputy Hendricks uses the relic and slows down time and gets into the Shoe dragon and plants a ton of explosives in it and gets out*

Deputy Hendricks: FIRE!

*The explosives greatly harms the Shoe dragon*

Deputy Hendricks: FOR GLORY!

*Meanwhile in the castle*

Morpheus: Look outside, The forces of Godzilla which contains evils Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith are battling them. Oh look, there goes Cecilia and Flora! Why have they teamed up with evil?

White Lightning: I have a meaning, Bowser assembled an army to beat Godzilla and is using the legendary dragons against them. And Bowser is evil, more evil than the whole team. So Cecilia had to join to help rid of evil. Prince Kiwi, will this battle go down in legends?

Ben Stokes

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*Meanwhile, at the car wash, Scarecrow is watching everything going on outside, before letting his head fall onto the desk*

: ...What in the hell is actually going on...

(Edward 'Scarecrow' Von Steuben, New CEO of Bowserpedia Worldwide Industries, Acting Manager of the Car Wash, )

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Prince Kiwi: "Yeah. That looks like an epic battle. But, I am going to be the one who will pay for the costs of the battle, no matter who wins."

Mr. Y: "I'm back."

*Mr. Y comes and opens the door.*

Prince Kiwi: "Ah. Good. You're back. By the way. What relics did you get?"

Mr. Y: "I got the POW Relic from Yoshi the SSM."

Prince Kiwi: "Oh. Ok. Well. Let's keep going."

*And the group inside the castle goes after fake King Boo.
Meanwhile back outside Prince Kiwi's Castle.*

Kowser: "You're army is pathethic, Bowser. They are not equipped for war. I am not sure why I even helped you. Minions! Attack Bowser!

Super Bowser: "Oh no!"

*Kowser's Minions then attack Super Bowser. Super Bowser is then defeated and he becomes just regular Bowser.*

Bowser: "Looks like my Super form did nothing. But, I have one last trick up my sleeve."

*Bowser then uses his dark magic to transform into his ultimate form.*

Bowser: "Let's see if you guys can win."

*And Bowser then battles everyone but the dragons and Kowser's Minions fight against Bowser as well*

Speed Dragon: "Do not fail me dragons. This is the battle for the Moorhsum Kingdom. (as he heals the wounded dragons) Keep attacking!"

*And the dragons attack Agent Smith, Jason Voorhees, and Godzilla.
Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom jail cell.*

Jailer: "I see you, Toad, have behaved yourself. If you're behaving, then I can't really keep you since that means you aren't causing trouble. Unlike your clone."

*The jailer then opens the door long enough for Toad to leave the cell.*

Toad: "Thank you. Now, I need to get going and see what exactly is going on right now."

*And Toad leaves the prison while Evil Toad stays behind.*

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Cecilia: I declare war on you dragons!

Jason Voorhees: Fool, you let your army beat Bowser and now they are vulnerable Kowser! Take this ya army!

*Jason Voorhees rids of 1/4 of the army, while Ceilia rids of another 2/4s of the army*

Jason Voorhees: What a weak escuse for an army!

Agent Smith: Allow me!

*Agent Smith rids of the remaining army*

Godzilla: Allow me to cut you down to size!

*Godzilla beats up and uses Atomic heat beam and tosses Super Kowser into the sky and Agent Smith shoots him while Cecilia uses her powers on him defeating Kowser*

Jason Voorhees: I challenge you with Godzilla! Ya Bowser! Is that your most powerful form? I can still cut you down with my friends and a fiend.

Officer Hendricks: Don't forget me! I'll take down the Shoe dragon! I HATE dragons!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Meanwhile in space*

Kowser: "I died an honorable death."

*And he floats through space.
Back in the Moorhsum Kingdom.*

Bowser: "(speaking to Kowser) Who's the weak on now? I don't see you being able to survive a game over. (to JV, AS, and Godzilla) Now. Prepare for your games to end."

*And Bowser does his ultimate attack. And the Dragons are still helping Bowser in attacking.*
Meanwhile in the castle.*

Prince Kiwi: "Not again. He fled down to the last basement floor. And this time he won't be easy to defeat. He is able to adapt to any attacks. (sees another locked door) He we go again."

*And the group goes into the paintings for the fourth time.*

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Agent Smith: Uggh ..This is not the en....

*Agent Smith respawns*

Agent Smith: I told you I could resawn, it isn't the end!

Cecilia: Hey Bowser! I call your bluff since I'm going to attack you!

Jason Voorhees: Heh! Thought that would kill me? I don't even have a single scratch on me!

Godzilla: Ow, my wounds!

Cecilia: Let me heal you.

*Cecilia heals Godzilla*

Cecilia: Feel the wrath of me! And you will die you dragons!

Cecilia: Time for a tsunami! LAVA TSUNAMI!

Jason Voorhees: Take this Machete flurry attack!

*Jason Voorhees slices Bowser many times, leaving him vulnerable to attacks*

Agent Smith: Takes this! BULLET BARRAGE!

Godzilla: *ROARS*

*Godzilla uses an extra powerful Atomic heam beam and defeats Bowser's final form*

Godzilla: Now I want to defeat your true form AND the dragons!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Regular Bowser lays helplessly on the ground.*

Bowser: "My ultimate form defeated? How? Ugh. Give me a few minutes and I will be able to attack again. And this is my true form I am in right now. Also, is that a ship in the sky?"

*A atomic blast comes down upon Godzilla. again, it is like Godzilla's attack And this blasts causes Godzilla's defeat.*

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Cecilia: Where are you Dragons? I want to fight you!

Agent Smith: Wake up Godzilla, we have dragons to battle!

*Agent Smith revives Godzilla*

Cecilia: Anti-aircraft gun READY!

*Cecilia shoots down the airship*

Jason Voorhees: Now come back here you dragons, we WANT TO FIGHT YOU!

Officer Hendricks: Another victory in the bag! Once we are done we will return.

Agent Smith: I'll continue to puppet Flora until all but one of the dragons are left.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*The Dragons do a sneak attack on the group. At the same time, Koopalons come out of the ship.*

A Koopalon Troopalon: "Our ship is down. Could this day get any worst? First our leader, Kowser, dies. Now our ship is destroyed."

A Goombalon: "Hey look. There's Godzilla. Maybe we can end this in honor."

*And Koopalons attack the group.
Meanwhile in Prince Kiwi's Castle.*

Prince Kiwi: "Yes. We got the key. We are coming for you. The key to the second floor is going to be ours."

*Meanwhile in the Mushroom City Cemetery.*

Toad to graves of soldiers: "Thank you for giving your lives so that we can have freedom. You are the ones responsible for our freedom. (to Neptune's grave) And thank you for giving your life so that the Shroobs wouldn't evade this place."

*Toad then places down flowers at the grave.*

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Ernest Tubb: I honour the late Officer Simon. May he rest in peace.

*Meanwhile outside the castle*

Cecilia: Give me that!

*Cecilia slows down time and sets explosives in the speed dragon's body and sets it on fire, killing it*

Cecilia: HA! Oh my phone is ringing!

Ed Enoch: Watch this! I am Huggins, first name Amanda.

Cecilia: Who? Hey everybody I am looking for A man to hug and kiss. Why can't I find a man to hug and kiss?

*Flora regains her senses*

Flora: Probably because you decided to marry my sister, it is also because you admitted you have no interest in men.

*Everybody on the battlefield laughs*

Cecilia: If I find you, I'll call the cops for this prank call. Prank calls are illegal!

*Everybody on the battlefield laughs some more*

*Ed Enoch hangs up*

Flora: I know that voice it is Ed Enoch!

Cecilia: I'll call Sheriff Sheldon.

Sheriff Sheldon: Yes, Cecilia, oh a prank call by Ed Enoch, I'll arrest him.

*Sheriff Sheldon arrests and throws Ed Enoch in jail*

Sheriff Sheldon: I'm revoking phone access for your sentence so you won't make a prank phone call here.

Ed Enoch: It was a joke.

Sheriff Sheldon: It doesn't matter, it is illegal.

*Meanwhile back on the battlefield*

Jason Voorhees: The enemy is distracted by laughter! Now's our chance!

Godzilla: Yeah!

Agent Smith: Ready!

*Godzilla and co. defeats Kowser's last allies and the Shoe Dragon while they are laughing from the prank call*

Agent Smith: And that is when prank calls help us on the battlefield!

George Jones

Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Sheriff Sheldon: Here is the offending phone call, listen to it Officer Baby Luigi.

*Sheriff Sheldon has Officer Baby Luigi listen to the tape*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Clock Dragons heals the wounded dragons.*

Cloudy Dragon: "It is no use. The three are invincible. And they have help from "good guys"."

Clock Dragon: "Our job is to defend this place. We cannot fail."

POWerful Dragon: "Yeah. I think that the good guys are attacking us either due to us being portrayed as evil or being controlled by those three."

Ice Dragon: "In either case, how can we defeat these three. Every attack has been thrown at them."

Shoe Dragon: "Yeah. And only Bowser's ultimate attack defeated Agent Smith. And atomic attacks seem to work against Godzilla. But what about Jason Voorhees. No attack has done anything to him."

Key Dragon: "Not only that, but he seems to be able to get rid of body parts with ease."

Fire Dragon: "No. We must do something. If we don't they will take over this kingdom with ease."

Speed Dragon: "Yes. We must try our ultimate attack, where we combine."


Speed Dragon: "Yes. But, even if we do our ultimate attack. Agent Smith will just respawn. Hmm... He almost seems like a robot. Short circuit. Adding that to our attack. If that fails. I have one more idea. But, we get to that when the time comes. Now, let's combine."

*And the eight dragons combine to form Ultimate Dragon and they do their ultimate attack.
Meanwhile in Prince Kiwi's Castle.*

Fake King Boo: "Ugh. What happen? Was I under another influence?"

Prince Kiwi: "I think so. Hey! What's this?"
*Prince Kiwi sees a giant door.*

Shady Man: "It is the layer of the Pixl Queen. I have found it. (appears) But, conventional means won't open it. But, I will eventually open it."

Fake King Boo: "Prince. You must stop your fake. He's about to open a portal to the mirror world."

Prince Kiwi: "Yeah. Keep an eye on this guy and make sure that he doesn't get in."

Mr. Y: "Yeah. Also. I have someone I want you to meet."

Violet: "Oh. Right. Only portals between this world and the mirror world can be created."

Mr. Y: "They were already in the mirror world. They are now on the third floor."

Prince Kiwi: "On our way to the top. OK, then. Let's go! Also. (calls Bowser Jr.) Hi. Can you come to the castle now. Thanks bye."

*Prince Kiwi hangs up and the group goes back upstairs.*