Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Christmas Red Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Yoshi the SSM's house, Dr. Toad has brought over a baby Yoshi."

Dr. Toad: "Thanks for taking care of Tiny Yoshi, Yoshi the SSM. I would ask Main Yoshi, but he is too busy with people wanting him in his Rudolph costume. So busy that he can't even take care of him at night or on Christmas, which is something this kid should have. So, you were the only Yoshi that could take care of him in town. But before I do that, I have a question for you. How are you at finding work here?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Really good. Apparently I got a job working for Mr. B, under his conditions. He is the new owner of the bank here in town. And I would be his clerk. It may not be much, but at least it is a start. But luckily, I was able to get Christmas off."

Dr. Toad: "Mr. B. Never heard that name before."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Right. Mr. B. He is the Mr. of Bowser. Like Mr. L to Luigi. And he got the job as the new owner of the bank since he is good at taking care of money. Since apparently, he has a lot of it. But like Bowser, he is evil. But unlike Bowser, I haven't seen any good in him. But I am going to try being as cool as a cucumber as much as possible around him. Especially since it is minimum wage."

Dr. Toad: "Ok. That's good. You have approval to take care of Tiny Yoshi. Well. Good luck. And remember, if he has any issues in his health, see me right away. (starts to leave) By the way. Where is Mr. L? I haven't seen him in town for a while. Know anything?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Last I heard from him, he was on Pi'illo Island."

Dr. Toad: "Oh. Ok. Bye."

Yoshi the SSM after he leaves: "Bye."

Tiny Yoshi: "Cool Christmas tree. But why isn't there a topper on it yet?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Because I haven't put one on it yet. Now-"

Toad: "At this very moment, Mr. Y appears in the room."

Tiny Yoshi: "Cool magic trick, mister."

Mr. Y: "Um... Thanks. Anyways. Yoshi the SSM. I wasn't aiming for your house. I have been trying to find Mr. B. But, the teleportation hasn't always been entirely what I wanted. But at least it has been somewhat helpful so far. And what is this kid doing here? Just curious."

Yoshi the SSM: "This is Tiny Yoshi. He is a sick kid from the hospital. Don't worry. You won't get sick around him. Anyways. Tiny Yoshi was brought here by Main Yoshi since Tiny Yoshi needed to come here. As apparently, his sickness isn't caused by viruses and only Dr. Yoshi is the only doctor on the island and he only treats viruses."

Mr. Y: "Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Tiny Yoshi."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. Tiny Yoshi. He was named after the "A Christmas Carol" character Tiny Tim, since he is like unto him."

Mr. Y: "Wait. Are you working for Mr. B?"

Yoshi the SSM suspiciously: "Yes."

Mr. Y: "Another good example of going to a place that would be helpful. Now. Let's see. The main character of "A Christmas Carol" was a moneylender."

Yoshi the SSM after realizing something: "Yeah. I can see Scrooge in Mr. B. And moneylending is what banks do, so that works out too. Mr. B is the new owner of the bank. He hasn't shown any signs of liking Christmas. But the only thing I don't know of is the person that Mr. B lost."

Mr. Y: "Well. He did lose someone. Someone that was close to him in that he inherited most of that guy's belongings. And that lose happened on a Christmas day. (cleverly) But to be sure that Mr. B doesn't know, I am not going to say who it is. Well. I better be heading off."

Toad: "And he disappears."

Tiny Yoshi: "Who was that, Yoshi the SSM?"

Yoshi the SSM: "That was Mr. Y."

Mr. Y after he reappears: "Make that Mr. WY. Apparently, another Yoshi survived the prank war between Mr. M and Mr. L. His name is Mr. BY. He is my rival. And I don't know where he is. Bye."

Toad: "And he disappears again."

Tiny Yoshi: "What does WY stand for? And isn't he evil?"

Yoshi the SSM: "WY stands for White Yoshi, the kind of Yoshi he was before becoming red. And he isn't evil. He just helps out Mr. M and Mr. L. But he has done good things too. Anyways. Let's put the tree topper on."

Tiny Yoshi: "Ok. By the way. Who will be taking care of me while you are at work?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Nurse Toadette (not to be confused with Toadette, Rudolph the Yoshi's character) said that she would come over while I am at work. But I will be home to take care of you after work."

Toad: "Meanwhile on Pi'illo Island, Mr. M and Mr. L have since defeated Robo-Driller by having dreamy Mr. L become big. They then went to Wakeport and register to take the Mount Pajamaja tour. And after waking up Big Massif, they then head up the mountain and rescue big Pi'illos that act as gatekeepers. They then meet Fryguy near the top of the mountain."

Fryguy: "I am too hot to touch."

Toad: "But despite this, Mr. M and Mr. L fight Fryguy."

Rudolph the Yoshi

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Mushroom City police department*

: Hello, Toadette and friends. What seems to be your trouble?

: Whatever it is, it better be something we police can deal with. No lying!

:toadette:: Oxide and Zam have mysteriously disappeared, Copper and Booker. The last place we saw Oxide was in the final act of the Christmas play we were doing for the community theatre. The last time we saw Zam was when we were playing in the snow, before N. Trance arrived a few weeks ago. We're worried sick about them.

: I understand. It is unusual for those two to be gone so long unless they're fighting bad guys and saving the world.

: Let me explain, Booker. Zam hasn't been battling with us since the day he lost all his teeth when he was trying to make the Super Crown fall off Oxide's head a few weeks ago. Without those teeth, he's powerless!

: A dog without any teeth?! This is very unusual.

: We're wondering if maybe you can send some of your police patrol squads to track them down. They might be doing something evil while they're gone!

:wario:: Even worse, we don't have any way of contacting Oxide. He uses one of those old fashioned telephones that are just so complicated to use nowadays! And he only uses his cellphone for music.

:waluigi:: We've tried to change his settings, but every time we do it, he sees what we're doing with his cellphone and takes it away from us. Than he changes the settings back to his liking.

: We think those two might've gone someplace where their lives might be at risk. So send some doctors to help, if that works.

: And while you're at it, maybe the less experienced police can put up signs telling people they've gone missing all around Mushroom City. So, are you going to help us or not?

: Looks like a job for the patrol squads. Come on out!

*As soon as Copper says this, 3 of the police patrol squads come out of the police lounge*

: These are our 3 patrol squads. The first one, which me and Copper are on, will be searching the mild temperature regions of the Mushroom Kingdom. The second one, which the Baby Luigis are on, will be searching the hot areas of the Mushroom Kingdom. The third one, which you guys are on, will be searching the chilly areas of the Mushroom Kingdom. Do you have any questions?

: We'll be keeping contact using these walkie-talkies. And we won't stop searching until one group has found the two. Ready, everyone?

Everyone: Ready!

*Police patrol group 1 leaves the police department and starts searching the mild temperature regions of the Mushroom Kingdom for Oxide and Zam. Police patrol group 2 leaves and starts searching in the hot areas of the Mushroom Kingdom for the two. Police patrol group 3 leaves and starts searching the chilly areas of the Mushroom Kingdom for the two*

Christmas Red Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at the Mushroom City Bank, Mr. B is there accepting loans. Yoshi the SSM is also there being the clerk of the bank."

Yoshi the SSM: "I never knew you were this good at banking."

Mr. B: "I have done this for a long time. Ever since 1985. Back then, it was only the ones that I called minions. But eventually, I was the bank owner for all of the Mr.s. That is, until the prank war caused the bank to close. I knew that would be a possibility before the prank war."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. That's interesting."

Mr. B: "Just don't ask questions about me. I-"

Yoshi the SSM: "You lost someone on Christmas day. Mr. Y came by my house and mentioned that. But he didn't say who."

Mr. B: "I was about to say I had many bad experiences in the Christmas season. The first was on 1984. And I lost many people on Christmas day. But the most saddening was the lost in 1984. But please don't ask questions. The answers are not for you to know. (hears knock) Oh. A knock. I'll get it. (goes to the door) Hello?"

Carolers: ".|` We wish you a merry Christmas. We-.|`"

Mr. B: "Bah! Humbug! Go away! (slams the door) Carolers. Going around singing Christmas songs. Unfortunately, I am not one of those that likes those things. Since that time of year gives so many hard aches. (hears another knock) That better not be more carolers. (goes to the door) He- Girl what are you doing here?"

Orphan girl: "Would you like to buy some stuff to help out the orphanage?"

Mr. B: "Not me. I am not a charitable person. Yoshi. Do you want to buy something."

Yoshi the SSM: "Sure. I am such a person."

Mr. B: "Then come over here and do so. And once you done, close the door."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM then goes to the door and buys some stuff."

Orphan girl: "Thanks, kind sir. This will help us out. I guess I better get going. (turns around) Oh. Sorry. I didn't see you two there. I was just leaving."

Goomba: "That's ok. See you later, girl. (the orphan girl leaves) Hello. We heard that the bank got a new owner. And wanted to see about loans. You see, Me and Goombette need some money for the holiday season."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Costumers. Come in. Come in."

Mr. B: "Ok. Goomba couple with... how many children."

Goomba: "2. And we live here in town. And yes, we did get a loan here last year"

Mr. B: "Got it. The last owner left some stuff behind so that others may be able to see the history of the loans. Ah. I see one couple here like this. Wow. You guys seem to always get a loan at this time of the year and sometimes in between. And you pay all your loans within the 30 day period 95 percent of the time. I will be glad to give you a loan. Come over here and I can get you a loan."

Toad: "And he starts setting up a loan for the Goomba couple."


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Flora II: Hello y'all What did I miss?

White Lightning: Oh hello, welcome to the car wash, how can I help you?

Annoying Orange: Nya nya nya nya nya!

J.D. Sumner: Stop it it is annoying!

Felicia: Cecilia II, we have an annoying orange in the D sector.

Cecilia II: Yes love.

Annoying Orange: Hey, hey, hey, J.D. Sumner!

J.D. Sumner: What?

Annoying Orange: SQUASH!

*Squash squashes J.D Sumner*

Squash: EWWW! Gross!

*J.D. Sumner tosses the squash that attempted to murder him*

J.D. Sumner: It takes more than that to take me down!

Cecilia: Arrest the squash!

White Lightning: Do you want to have service here?

Annoying Orange: I would like my car cleaned, so that the greasers don't have grease. *laughs annoyingly*


Cecilia: I have my headphones on, so he can't annoy me.

*Cecilia cleans the car*

Annoying Orange: There is more where that came from! *laughs annoyingly*



Mushroom Attendant
Flora II: Hello y'all What did I miss?
: You missed the part when I sent you back to the future with all the other time travellers - permanently! Don't worry - things have changed and everything is perfectly fine there, so you can stay there in peace. Ta-ta!

*The Narrator snaps Flora II back to the future*

(The Narrator, Overseer of all, casual deity, reverser of time, Ping-Pong champion)


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Annoying Orange: Hey that is no fair! I was becoming friends with her. Hey narrator hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY!


Mushroom Attendant
: Oh I wouldn't worry too much. You probably exist in the future, so you can talk to her then. Along with the future versions of all the other characters that were sent back to the future! In the meantime...

*The Narrator points to Felicia*

: You can talk to that one. She's basically the same person.

*The Narrator snaps out of existence*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
French Narrator: She is a sister of Flora. You Dare mess with me? Also just because of them being twins doesn't mean carbon copies

Annoying Orange: HEY NARRATOR! HEY! HEY! HEY!

*Felicia reappears due to her essential status*


Mushroom Attendant
: Welcome back Felicia. Even though I'm fairly certain you didn't disappear. The orange would like a word with you.

*Narrator turns to the french narrator*

: I never said they were the same person. I said they were basically the same person. Big difference. If you want carbon copies, you can always compare Flora and Flora II.

*The Narrator fabricates a door into existence and opens it*

: Now if you don't mind, my French...uhhh...counterpart...I have business to attend to. Keep it mellow and keep it clean. Ta-ta!

*The Narrator walks through, closes the door, and the door vanishes*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
J.D. Sumner: What is up with that narrator?

French Narrator: Me and him goes a long way back. We were rivals back in the day. And now it is starting again.

Annoying Orange: Well he is no fun. He thought I was from the future, but I know a top secret plan Charlotte is doing. Communication with the dead!


Annoying Orange: Yeah the narrator needs to chill out. I mean have him in a big freezer. *laughs annoyingly*

J.D. Sumner: Just stop!

Charlotte: Expect the invention to be released on 2 January next year.

Felicia: Then we will speak to Flora and Neptune.


Mushroom Attendant
*The Narrator's head pops through nothingness*

: I heard that! No talking to dead characters!

*The Narrator's head pops away again*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Annoying Orange: What a party pooper.

French Narrator: My rival, at least let them communicate with the dead. It isn't necromancy. I don't know why you would prohibit talking to the dead, when they can give the living advice.

Annoying Orange; Yeah! Also you need to chill out narrator. *laughs annoyingly*


Mushroom Attendant
*The Narrator appears behind the French Narrator eating an apple, shocking him greatly*

: If I let them talk to the dead, they'll be doing it all the time. Next thing you know they'll be talking about how to bring them back from the dead. Before you know it, we'll be right back to where we were before. Those two characters are ones that we have prohibited from bringing back, no matter how many loopholes they can come up with to avoid it.

*The Narrator begins walking forward, as he chucks the apple into the air. The apple floats around, before exploding into a group of pigeons that fly off into random directions*

: I still don't understand their attachment to this "Flora". You'd think by now they'd have moved on from her, like Neptune's friends did. Instead they constantly ignore the status quo we Narrators implemented, and find new and radical ways to bring her back. Even when they say they're actually over it.

*The Narrator walks behind a tree, then suddenly pops up behind the French Narrator, scaring him again*

: Perhaps you can talk to them! Help them understand that their worlds don't have to revolve around Flora! It would help me out a great deal, I wouldn't have to keep popping in and out all the time!

*The Narrator pats the French Narrator on the shoulder*

: It's over to you now! Help them move on from Flora! It would make both our lives much easier!


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Annoying Orange: I only made calculated guesses. They won't be trying necromancy. They would only use it for guidance. Plus here is a present for you.

*Annoying Orange spits a seed on the narrator*

French Narrator: You have to listen to the Orange, plus they can be using the powers to communicate to their ancestors. Like Orange said, they will only use it for guidance. You are just turning to yourself when we was wee ones, that early childhood rivalry.


Mushroom Attendant
: Telling me to listen to these mortal characters is like telling me to listen to a cockroach. As a fellow Narrator, I expected you to have some sort of wisdom into this. Instead you indulge their fantasies. They're mortals, of course they're looking for some way to bring a person back from the dead. Everyone has dead people they want back. It's unhealthy to dwell on them! People need to move on instead of building a freaking machine that can BRING PEOPLE BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!

*The Narrator's head begins to swell and turn red as he begins yelling, before it suddenly shrinks down after he finishes his rant*

: Look, all I'm trying to say is that these mortals will always try to bring back somebody whose death they can't let go of. That's unhealthy. It can only lead to bad things. The sensible thing to do is to help them move on, and not indulge their fantasies.

*The Narrator begins to walk away again, before stopping*

: By the way, have you ever had a conversation with the dead? I've done it before. It's not pretty. It's honestly the scariest thing I've ever done. And bringing people back from the dead?

*The Narrator turns around, and his body is all green, gooey and skeletal*

: Let's just say, these things always turn out wrong. And IT'SSSSSS NOTTTT NIIIIICE....

*The Narrator turns back into his usual self*

: Don't mess with the dead. Let them rest.

Christmas Red Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. B: "Hey. I was listening to that. And letting go of someone hasn't been easy for me either. I was even told that I wouldn't be able to find his counterpart, as he would somehow die before being able to meet that guy. Wait. Main Narrator. I am sensing you know this guy. Does he know anyone that starts with N?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yes, he does. His name is Neptune. And he was killed during a Shroob invasion."

Mr. B: "(ironically) That's great. I feel appreciated by that. (not ironically anymore) But I think it's time to close up. By the way, anyone living in your house? I heard Sonic is out with another Sonic."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yes, there is. A baby Yoshi is there."

Mr. B: "Oh. That's all I need to know. Bye."

Yoshi the SSM: "Bye."

Narrator Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM leaves the bank."

Mr. B: "Well. I better get ready for bed."


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Charlotte: I am planning an invasion of the neighbouring country of Hammerfell.

White Lightning: Are we in Skyrim? No. I want the government to recognize my new micronation of Jamestown. Of course, it is a peaceful movement.

*Squash squashes various items*

Squash: EWW! GROSS!

Charlotte: Squash one more item and I will have you arrested.

*Squash squashes a chocolate bar in the restaurant section of the car wash*

Squash: EWW! I have chocolate on me!

Charlotte: I'm calling the police.

*Charlotte calls the police*

Christmas Red Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Mr. B was finally ready for bed when all of a sudden... Mr. N shows up."

Mr. B scared: "No. You can't be him. He was executed."

Mr. Y: "It is him. But simply a picture of him."

Mr. B: "Mr. Y. Wait. How did you get a picture of him?"

Mr. Y: "I meet him in his execution pocket universe. And he wasn't alone. All those that didn't survive the prank war you caused are in there."

Mr. B angry: "Why are you here?"

Mr. Y: "I am here for one simple reason. To help you understand the meaning for Christmas. I know you know the money part of it. But there is another part you must understand."

Mr. B angry: "You really think that I will do that?"

Mr. Y: "Yes. And that is because tonight, you will be visited by 3 of our tribe. And none of them are me. Well. I better get going then."

Toad: "And Mr. Y leaves."

Mr. B: "How are those three going to show another meaning of Christmas that I don't know of. It better not be what those Carolers think."

Rudolph the Yoshi

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in Sherbet Land, Toadette and co. are searching for Oxide and Zam*

:toadette:: I wonder why Oxide decided to leave the Car Wash so suddenly. It's not like him to leave without telling us where he's going.

: I think he's just staying here for the winter. I don't think he'd do anything evil now that he's a good guy.

: I think he's spending his Christmas Vacation up here. Maybe he just wants to take a break from being with us so much.

:wario:: I don't think he's up here for good purposes. Maybe he wants to cover the entire Mushroom Kingdom in ice!

:waluigi:: I don't think that's it, Wario. I think he wants to melt all of the snow so that winter is over.

: If Oxide came here, he'd be frozen in minutes! I just hope he managed to survive the journey.

: I don't think it's any of those. We need to think a little harder. What holiday season is upon us?

Everyone: Christmas.

: And what holiday does Oxide hate the most?

Everyone: Christmas!

: So here's what I think he's up to! On the night of Christmas Eve, he and Zam are going to steal Christmas from everyone in Mushroom City! Just like the Grinch does in that Dr. Seuss book.

:toadette:: Really?! But, Oxide is a good guy! He can't do something evil now, can he?

: I think it's against the rules for a good guy to do something bad. Right?

: Right. And he'd never betray us!

:wario:: You never know with a guy like him. Maybe he just wants to do it for fun.

:waluigi:: Yeah. He'd never do it because he wants his revenge for trying to turn the Mushroom Kingdom into a parking lot and failing back in June!

: I just hope he's ok. I don't want to know what he's up to.

: Now in his body and mind, he doesn't want to be evil anymore. But his heart is wishing he'd stop being a good guy and return to the dark side. That's probably why he's doing this. He wouldn't do it because he wants to do it. His heart probably forced him to do it.

*A Shy Guy wearing ice skates comes up to Toadette and co.*

:shy:: Hello, Toadette and friends. Why you are up here in the freezing cold?

:toadette:: We're searching for 2 of our friends who have seemed to have gone missing. Their names are Nitros Oxide and Zam.

:shy:: They're in the next land over, Frappe Snowland. I'll show you a quick way to get there!

*The Shy Guy leads Toadette and co. to a cable car station at the peak of Sherbet Land*

:shy:: This is Sherbet Land's very own Cable Car Station. There are 7 of you, so that means you need 2 cable cars, since they can fit up to 4 passengers inside. Have a safe trip!

*Toadette, Cream, Toadiko, and Wario get into the first cable car. Waluigi, Zem, and N. Trance get into the second cable car. Both cable cars go to the peak of Frappe Snowland*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Charlotte: Toadette, it has been a while. I have plans on invading Skyrim next month. Are you in?

Annoying Orange: Better be careful those Stormclocks and Imperials are in a civil war. I don't want things to go to the sword. *laughs annoyingly*

Hey Oxide, hey! Knife!

*A knife slices towards Oxide*

Rudolph the Yoshi

Star Spirit
Stop trying to interfere with me. Toadette and her friends aren't in the Car Wash. They are looking for Oxide and Zam in Frappe Snowland

*At the Car Wash*

Toadia: You're threatening my daughters and their friends again, aren't you? Well, we've had enough of you singers and Fire Emblem characters!

*Toadia attacks all of Georgie's characters with her bombs*

: And that Orange better go too! Haven't you heard? Toadette and her friends don't care about what you want. They're not invading Skyrim! Leave the Car Wash, like Flora and her child did!

*Vanilla attacks all of Georgie's characters with flowers that poison them, rapidly reducing their HP*

*Meanwhile, Toadette and co. have just arrived at the peak of Frappe Snowland, thanks to the cable cars they rode in*

:toadette:: We should be able to find Oxide now.

: Hopefully he isn't doing anything evil.

: He shouldn't be, Cream. But maybe N. Trance is right about him trying to ruin our Christmas.

:wario:: Hopefully he doesn't hesitate to answer the door.

:waluigi:: Uh oh! That sapient knife's trying to attack Oxide and Zam! Do something!

: This is a job for you, Trance. Brainwash that knife!

: With pleasure!

*N. Trance fires his claw hand at the knife, hypnotizing it, making it stop attacking Oxide and Zam*

*At that moment, Oxide exits his winter home*

: You saved me! I tried to attack that knife, but all of my attacks penetrated through it! I missed you guys a whole lot. Now, this house? It's my winter home. I'm planning on staying in it until Christmas Eve! Wanna take a tour?

Everyone: Sure!

*Toadette and co. enter Oxide's winter home*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
J.D. Sumner: *cough* *cough* You fool! It was that dumb Orange who wanted to harm them, not any of the rest of us.

*Charlotte is unaffected from the poison due the imported Necklace of Poison Immunity from Hammerfell*

Charlotte: Attempted murder. What the heck was that for?!

Annoying Orange: I'm just immune to poison just an ability I have

*White Lightning phones Toadette*

White Lightning; Hello, Toadette old friend. I would like you to know that there's an attack on us at the car wash.

*Meanwhile outside the car wash Sheriff Sheldon sees the commotion inside*

Sheriff Sheldon: Poisoning people is against the law, it can lead to years behind bars.

*Felicia lies on the floor, almost dead*

Felicia: Somebody help me, I'm dying!

Sheriff Sheldon: Oh if that woman dies, you will be charged with first degree murder and face the death penalty. If she pulls through, you will charged with attempted murder.

*Cecilia saves Felicia's life*

Felicia: Thank you, I almost died.

Mushroom Kingdom Guard: Toadia, you have committed crimes against the Mushroom Kingdom and her people. What say you in your defense?

Rudolph the Yoshi

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash*

Mushroom Kingdom Guard: Wait a second. Toadia and Vanilla are right. A few months ago, Toadette and her friends told Princess Peach to regard all of you as outlaws! They're no longer friends with you. Stop harassing them!

Toadia: The only place you belong is in your own worlds! The Car Wash isn't a place for outlaws like you! And if you don't leave, prepare to face a trial within the Mushroom City courthouse!

: We mean it! You're all a disgrace to the Mushroom Kingdom and its citizens! Go on, get! And don't you ever think about coming back!

*Meanwhile, in Frappe Snowland, inside Oxide's winter home*

:toadette:: Oxide, N. Trance told us that you're planning to ruin Christmas. Is this true?

: Whether it's true or not, please don't do it!

: Yeah, we know that you'll never betray us. Just tell us the truth.

:wario:: We know you'll never do that, even if you wanted to do it.

:waluigi:: Yeah, Oxide. You're just too good of a person to do that now. Doing evil things when you're a good guy can really hurt you.

: Come on, Oxide. We know that the best gift you could ask for is to be with all of us.

: And unlike Christmas presents, friendships last a very long time. Trust me, if we didn't stop that knife from attacking you, you would've gotten killed.

: Yes, I do plan to ruin Christmas. However, now that I think about it, I'm just too much of a good guy now to do that sort of thing. Christmas is a time to be happy, not to fight over something. I'm sorry I kept you guys worried. Let's go back to the Car Wash, where it's a lot warmer. Wait a second, Toadette, I can hear your cellphone ringing!

*Toadette pulls her cellphone out of her pockets*

:toadette:: It's White Lighting. Not answering it. He and the rest of those singers and fire emblem characters are outlaws to the Mushroom Kingdom, and Toadia and Vanilla are trying to make them leave for good! Let's help those two!

*Toadette and co. exit Oxide's winter home and start making their way back to the Car Wash*


Founder of the Sharknado Clan, formed 2015
Mushroom Kingdom Guard: Yeah no, if they was outlaws, they committed a crime, but I see no rap sheet. Now you better tell the Princes she made a bad choice, especially since they had done nothing wrong. They declare wars. But that is to foreign nations. If other nations hire them, they are mercenaries. Now excuse me, you better make an appeal to her.

The Terminator: Fuck that princess. She doesn't know we had saved the world I call for a civil war!

Felicia: I side with the princess.

J.D. Sumner: I side with the princess.

Cecilia II: I side with The Terminator.

White Lightning: I side with the princess.

Cecilia: I side with the princess.

Annoying Orange: I side with the princess. Now I wonder if there is a Princess Orange. *laughs annoyingly*

Mushroom Kingdom Guard: If most of them swear loyalty to the Princess, then you have to appeal to them. But there's only two true outlaws. The Terminator and Cecilia II. Tell the princess about the civil war and who joined her side. Do that and I will let you go.

*Sheriff Sheldon phones Princess Peach*

Sheriff Sheldon: Princess Peach, White Lightning and co. is appealing to you to remove their outlaw status. White Lightning was born inside the kingdom, so was Cecilia and Charlotte. Oh, the true outlaws are The Terminator and Cecilia II as they have started a civil war against you. While White Lightning and co. and me side with you. Please pardon them, also I found nothing in their criminal records. As for the Orange, he just came into the kingdom and he has not committed a crime.
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Christmas Red Yoshi

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Judge Toad: "I wonder if my services will be needed. But then again, this could result peacefully and nothing will come out of it. Anyways. I will just watch for now. And see what will happen."

Narrator Toad: "Meanwhile at the bank..."

Mr. ML (short for Main Luma): "La la la la. Oh. Hello Mr. B."

Mr. B: "Mr. L?!? Wait. Are you Mrs. R's Mr. L?"

Mr. ML: "Yes I am. I am the first of the three Mr.s that will be here. And for this, I can also be called Mr. Past."

Mr. B: "Mr. Past. Wait. Are you taking me to the past, or just showing me the past?"

Mr. ML: "Taking you to the past, but just be observers."

Mr. B angrily: "I don't want to be reminded of the past!"

Mr. ML: "Your past is bad? Really. I want to see it!"

Narrator Toad: "And the two go back in time to 1970, when Mr. B was just 5 years old."

Mr. ML: "Here we are. 1970. When you were just 5 years old."

Mr. B: "(angrily) You took me against my will... (stops being angry after realizing the year) Wait. It was 1984 when it started to be bad. This is 1970. This is before that ever happened."

Mr. ML: "You are correct. Oh. I think I see you coming out."

Narrator Toad: "It is at this time, young Mr. B comes out and meets some carolers."

Mr. ML: "Wait. You were with some carolers when you were younger."

Mr. B as young Mr. B goes with them singing: "Yeah I was. The church that I went to wanted everyone to go out caroling. And the only ones that didn't had a reasonable reason, whether it was bad singing or not able to move around. But the kids always did since they mostly don't fit in the second category, and do not fit in the first at all. Look at me. Only doing it because Ms. P was doing it as well."

Mr. ML: "Oh. That looks like young Ms. P. Wait. You liked her."

Mr. B: "Back then, we were just friends."

Mr. ML: "Oh. I like how you answered that wisely. So you went to church when you were younger."

Narrator Toad: "Scene then goes to the church on Christmas day."

Mr. B: "Yes, I did. Especially this time of year, which was the most joyous time of the year."

Mr. ML: "Huh. I wonder what happened?"

Mr. B: "Oh no no no no no. Please don't."

Narrator Toad: "But it was too late, scene moved through 10 years without any change, but young Mr. B growing."

Mr. ML: "Wow! You did this for 10 years. Wait what am I seeing?"

Mr. B: "You are seeing me thinking: "Is this real?", as my parents were starting to back slide. But I keep going because of Ms. P."

Mr. ML (sees something): "Ewe! Is that a kiss? Luckily it was on her cheek, but still..."

Mr. B: "We were still quiet young, but we decided that we should start dating since we would both turn 16 next year."

Mr. ML: "Yeah. About next year..."

Narrator Toad: "Scene transitions to the next year. This was when Mr. M and Mr. L start coming to the town Mr. B and Ms. P were at."

Mr. ML: "That's when you meet Mr. M and Mr. L."

Mr. B: "Yeah, we did. Mr. M, in this year, had defeated Mr. DK after he took Ms. P. Not my Ms. P, but another. Mr. DK took a red Ms. P. Mine was pink. Anyways. At first, I was glad at Mr. M coming. (young Mr. B then goes over to Mr. N) I even introduced them to Mr. N."

Mr. ML: "Yeah. I see that you worked with him and discovered the money side of the holiday."

Mr. B: "Yes I did. Mr. Past. Are you going to show it or not?"

Mr. ML: "Right. (scene goes to the Christmas season 1984) Here you... are... praying?"

Narrator Toad: "Scene has fully transferred to a court room, where Mr. N was being judged."

Mr. B: "I was praying because back then, I thought that God would be able to change him."

Narrator Toad: "Scene shows the full court on Mr. N. And on Christmas Eve..."

Mr. J: "We, the jury, find this man guilty and sentence him to a pocket universe tomorrow, where he will remain for the rest of his days."

Mr. B: "When Mr. N was executed (scene shows his execution, where Mr. B hardly could watch) and he didn't change, (scene shows young Mr. B's house with Ms. P coming) I decided that instead of trying to please Ms. P, I decided to keep Mr. N's legacy of him being an evil rich person."

Young Ms. P: "It's ok to cry Mr. B. Just take your time."

Young Mr. B: "All this time, I went to church. But now, I am not going to go there anymore. Instead, I will walk in Mr. N's legacy."

Mr. ML: "And that's been your attitude ever since. (scene goes to the next year, after his first defeat) But things didn't go as planned, did it."

Mr. B: "No. Mr. M and Mr. L defeated me in that year. And after that, Ms. P didn't come near me again. But I still wanted to be near her."

Mr. ML: "But as the years went by, (it goes that way until 2005) you had many troubles. Some of which were you're fault."

Mr. B: "And all the times that I encounter Mr. M and Mr. L, I was defeated by them. That's when I devised a new plan. One that would tear them apart. (scene shows the prank war in the Christmas season) And it was working pretty good. (The scene shows Mr. M and Mr. L being executed on Christmas day) And the two were sent to a pocket universe on Christmas day."

Mr. ML: "But did the troubles stop there?"

Mr. B: "No, but they weren't quite as bad. However. (scene goes to 2018 Christmas season where Mr. B was alone) I was alone. Awaiting the day to come to Mr. M and Mr. L and defeat them once and for all. But that didn't quite work out either."

Mr. ML: "Wow! So that was the past. (scene shows Ms. P in Christmas 2018 in a far away land) Even Ms. P wasn't there to comfort you. Instead still mourning for Mr. M, who she really loved."

Mr. B: "Please stop, Mr. Past."

Mr. ML: "These events are what happened in the past. They are what they are, do not blame me about what happened in the past. However, I am done anyways, since it is the next Mr.'s turn."

Narrator Toad: "And Mr. ML leaves as scene goes back to Mr. B's bedroom in 2019."