Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash*

:toadette:: You're friends with a pink egg-shaped thing that hypnotizes people? That could be dangerous!

: Get him out of here!

: He looks gooey and yucky and gross! Take him back to where he came from!

:wario:: I'll bet if we try to touch him, we'll have to wash our hands!

:waluigi:: I'm even more scared of one of his hands, specifically, the one that has the stopwatch in it. We could be in big trouble!

All Pokémon: (Get him away from here!)

: Keep those insults to yourself! Or else!

:toadette:: Never!

: Than get ready for this!

* N. Trance fires his claw hand at Toadette and co., hypnotizing them into turning against everyone in the Car Wash*

: What did you do to my friends, N. Trance?! I thought you kept that hand under control. You just ruined everything!!

: Are you going rogue again? You aren't acting normal. Or are you obeying that dimwitted emperor's commands?

: Your new friends are the worst bunch I ever met, Oxide. I had no choice but to make them turn against you. They said nothing but insults to me! Ha ha ha! Now my plan's working! See ya on the sunny side up, losers!

*N. Trance leaves the Car Wash*

: If I only knew he set this whole thing up as a trap, we would've defeated him before he did anything mean to our friends. We must defeat our friends in order for them to escape N. Trance's control!

: Right, Oxide. I know it feels weird to fight our friends, but we have to save them if we to give that guy a run for his money.

*The battle between Oxide and Zem and the brainwashed Toadette and co. starts*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The Holograms were for the Thanksgiving thing only, so...
At Shy Guy's Toy Box, Yoshi the SSM goes to meet the Anti-Guy."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Hello. I am here for the crystal. But I was also wondering about you. Are you really Stryder7x?"

(Paper) Anti-Guy: "No. I am just a fan of his. Like. A big fan. I wanted to become the deadliest of the Anti-Guys, so I use the glitches that he has on his YouTube Channel. And this leaves the ones that I defeated to be like their game has crashed or softlocked. But. I am here to guard this crystal. And you won't get it because I guard it. I failed to guard this chest before when it had a badge, but I won't fail this time."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Wait. When did the crystal get into the chest? Just curious."

Anti-Guy: "Oh. Right. I was working on glitches when I found it. Theoretically, one could have gotten it before without any glitches, but I used glitches to find it and get it. I then put it in the chest."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. And you have no idea what the crystal does, do you?"

Anti-Guy: "No. I don't. But it's probably dangerous so me guarding it for it's safety is the best idea."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. Good point. Only those that would be able to defeat would be dangerous. Anyways. I don't want to take the crystal for a destructive purpose, but to know that it is in a safe spot. But it seems like it's in a safe spot right now. I mean. That guy wasn't able to get it from you."

Anti-Guy: "Yeah. And using glitches to open it wouldn't help either, as I am right here to stop them. Plus, I can travel to another room if I see someone using that technique to leave before I can interact, if it comes to that."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Interesting. Hmm... Well. Have this. (he tosses a semi-sphere) This will help me see what's going on here. In the event that someone does come and does defeat you, I would know about it. Because someone could eventually come. And I would know who it is."

Anti-Guy: "Sure. I would do that. (puts it on) So. You can leave now."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "(after laughing) You put that on without thinking it could be a trap. Luckily it wasn't. But I am just saying it could have been. Keep an eye out for them. As for me, I am thinking of helping this guy out and send him back. He may be my enemy, but I could still help him out."

Anti-Guy: "Sure. Go ahead. He's not going to do anything, really. Also. I don't think that any traps could effect me anyways. Since I can overcome them with glitches."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Overconfident. I see how it is. Well. Better get going. Also. I could see how my friends are doing in order to get the card here."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dreamy Dozing Sands (in the Car Wash Dimension), Mr. M and Dreamy Mr. L have found the Dark Stone spirit and made it so made that it went high into the air. After going after it again and hitting it from below, it becomes so mad."


Toad: "And with that, he summons Robo-Driller, which makes Dreamy Mr. L and the real world Mr. L scared."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash*

: Hopefully the Plasma Gun I have equipped is the one that has the weakest of shots, even on full charge. I don't want to risk killing Toadette and co. with the one I usually use, which is very strong, and on full charge, could kill someone!

*Oxide opens his inventory and swaps his regular plasma gun with a smaller, weaker one that doesn't paralyse people when uncharged, and doesn't kill people on full charge*

: There we go. Now I can save my friends, without having to worry about them all dying!

*Oxide fires his plasma gunshots at the brainwashed Toadette and co.*

: This is the first battle where Zam isn't participating alongside me. But I've fought on my own plenty of times. I don't always need a dog to fight alongside me.

*Zem punches the brainwashed Toadette and co.*

*As soon as Oxide and Zem's attacks hit the brainwashed Toadette and co., they escape from N. Trance's control and return to normal*

: Toadette and friends, are you back to normal now?

: We're sorry we attacked you. We just wanted to free you from N. Trance's control.

:toadette:: Yes. It felt a little weird working against our friends. Thanks for saving us!

: Hey! Where'd the egg guy go? I want to teach him a lesson!

: Oh no! According to the news, he has brainwashed every single Toad in Peach's castle, and is using those Toads to kill the princess. We must stop him!

:wario:: That N. Trance! The princess' life could be in danger!

:waluigi:: Those mean Toads, killing their own princess because they were brainwashed by the egg guy. The poor princess has to suffer through all this!

All Pokémon: (Let's save the princess!)

: This time N. Trance has gone way too far. I'll show him how it feels to get hurt by his own friends!

: We don't have any time to waste. Let's show him what we're made of!

*Toadette and co. leave the Car Wash and travel to Peach's castle to stop N. Trance and the brainwashed Toads, who're trying to kill Peach*

*Meanwhile, at Peach's castle*

:peach:: Where did all my Toads go? Oh no! That egg guy has returned to my castle!

Toads: Must kill Princess Peach! Must kill Princess Peach!

: We got you now, princess. Hand the throne over to me. Or else!

Toads: Hand over the throne! Hand over the throne!

:peach:: Never! Not to a guy like you! Leave my castle now!

: Than allow me to command your Toads to kill you.

Toads: Take this!

*The Toads start attacking Princess Peach by throwing vegetables and bombs at her*

:peach:: Help me!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Over in the Paper Mario Universe in Shy Guy's Toy Box, Yoshi the SSM revives Paper (3D) Dimentio after trying to do so for a while."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Ugh. Huh? (gets up) Yoshi the SSM. What are you doing here? And what happened to me?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Patched the glitch that made you immobile after you were defeated by the Anti-Guy. But that doesn't mean that if you faced him again, you wouldn't get glitched again. I came here to get the card here."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Wait. Have you gotten the crystal here yet? And unrelatived to that, why did you help me out."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "For the first question, I did not. For the second, I just wanted to help you out. You may be called an enemy, but I can still treat you like a friend."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Huh. Thank you. Anyways. That prophecy mentioned that the man of red would collect most of them. And even collect some that the leader's minions couldn't get. Which I can see why you could do that. Sometimes smarts can beat strong. But that doesn't matter. I better get going like a player goes to a coach. Ciao."

Toad: "And Paper (3D) Dimentio disappears."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Ok. Well. I better see if I can find the card. Oh. I think I can see Paper Bowser Jr. (goes over to him) Hello."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Oh. Yoshi. Good news. Me and the Protectors (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario) have found a way to get to the card. We just need some light to light up the way."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Ok. Great. Then lets see about how to light up the way. We both have fire breath, so we could theoretically light the way. Ok. Let's go and get the card."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Flower Fields, O'Chunks couldn't get the crystal since he was too heavy for the clouds. But then he saw Paper Ray Trace on the ground and thought that he could walk on the clouds. So, he decided to heal Paper Ray Trace and has successfully done so."

Paper O'Chunks: "Great. Yer up. I have done what you have asked and I ask for your help now. You see, a big cloud has taken the crystal I was looking for into the clouds. And I cannot properly chunk him since I can't stand on the clouds. Would you mind chunking him. I would offer you training."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle*

:peach:: Ouch! Ow! What're you doing to me, Toads?! I thought you always stayed loyal to me. Stop trying to hurt me.

Toads: Never, unless you give N. Trance the throne!

:peach:: Never! Why did you even listen to him?

: Believe me, princess. Your weak, useless Toads are under my command now. There is nothing you can do to stop me. Not even trying to fight me will help.

:peach:: Mario! Luigi! Someone! Help!

*Toadette and co. enter the castle*

:toadette:: Begone, egghead!

*Toadette attacks N. Trance with her bombs*

: Leave Peach alone!

*Cream attacks N. Trance with Thunder Shoot*

: Come at me!

*Toadiko attacks N. Trance with her vegetables*

:wario:: Have a rotten day!

*Wario attacks N. Trance with Wario Waft*

:waluigi:: Take this!

*Waluigi attacks N. Trance with Whirluigi*

All Pokémon: (Time to take you down!)

*The Pokémon attack N. Trance with their various moves*

: I'll show you how it feels when you hurt my friends, N. Trance!

*Oxide attacks N. Trance with his plasma gunshots*

: Oh! You're back again! Time to put you under my control, this time for eternity!

: Time to finish you off, egghead!

*N. Trance fires his claw hand at Toadette and co. As soon as it gets very close to them, Zem punches the hand, causing it to turn around and fire at N. Trance, causing him to get brainwashed by his own hand*

: Uh oh! I've been brainwashed by my own hand! This is going to be very painful.

*N. Trance fires laser beams from his eyes, trying to stop his own hand from attacking him. Eventually, N. Trance's own hand punches him in the stomach, making him fall to the ground uncautious, and freeing the Toads from his control*

:peach:: You saved me! Thank you, everyone. Now Toads, we need to have a little talk.

Toads: We're sorry, princess. We were under his control because he brainwashed us with that hand of his.

*Peach and all of her Toads go to the meeting room of her castle*

:toadette:: Let's go back to the Car Wash, everyone.

: But we can't leave him like this! N. Trance might've gone rogue, but he's my friend. I can't leave him here to die!

: Leave him be, Oxide. He's quite dangerous.

: I don't care if he's your friend or not! I'd rather eat a Poison Mushroom than be forced to stay with him for the rest of my life!

:wario:: Toadette's right, Oxide. He might do the same thing all over again if we brought him back with us.

:waluigi:: Let's go already, Oxide. We don't know if he's going to try to brainwash us again when he wakes up. Leave him alone.

: Come on, Oxide. We don't want to risk our friends getting brainwashed by him again.

: I know we might run the risk of that if we bring him back to the Car Wash, but if we leave him here, the princess might be in danger again! Wait a second, maybe you guys are right. Let's leave him be.

*Toadette and co. leave Peach's castle and return to the Car Wash*

*A few minutes after Toadette and co. leave the castle, N. Trance wakes up*

: That's twice now that my plan has failed. Maybe I really should give up trying to take over this kingdom, even if I don't make Velo happy. I know that I shouldn't be the one who tries to accomplish what the emperor couldn't when he was alive. And besides, I probably hurt Oxide and Zem's feelings by brainwashing their new friends. I should apologize to everyone for what I've done right now!

*N. Trance leaves Peach's castle and goes back to the Car Wash*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Narrator Toad: "Over in the Paper Mario Universe at Shy Guy's Toy Box, Yoshi the SSM, Bowser Jr., and the Protectors (@Рождественский Рэй Трейс) (the name is hard to at) defeated General Guy and his group and got the card there. They then went outside and see Kolorado with a whale going to Lavalava Island. A Toad was near them too."

Paper Toad: "Oh. Hello, there. Kolorado was just about to leave. We have found out that the weather in the ocean is due to a crystal in the volcano that pirates placed there after they found it recently. We also heard that it is near a card."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "That's great. I think I will travel with you guys. But one of these guys don't like big waters. I guess they will have to do something else. By the way, where is that Green Yoshi that was here."

Paper Toad: "Oh. Some people from Shiver City invited him over for their Thanksgiving meal, since that Yoshi didn't have a way back to his family."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. That's an idea. Why don't we split up. You guys can take whoever you want and find the card in the Crystal Palace, which is near Shiver City. Just remember that this universe's Dimentio is there at Crystal Palace. Bowser Jr. and I will go with whoever wants to travel the ocean and we will go to Lavalava Island. Ok. Let's do that."

Narrator Toad: "And the group splits up.
Meanwhile Mr. Y and Count Bleck's minions (except Paper (2D) Dimentio and Paper O'Chunks who are still out) have gathered near Paper Count Bleck and Paper (2D) Nastasia."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "So, the crystal at Shy Guy's Toy Box is still there. And I am not sure how to get that one."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "Well. I think I can do something about that. Hey. Mr. Y."

Paper Mr. Y: "What do you want?"

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "Look. I know that you can't fight Yoshi the SSM willingly. But you must do so. (she then causes him to be under her influence) Now go. Stop him at Lavalava Island inside the volcano. You will work with the Lava Piranha to defeat him."

Paper Mr. Y hypnotically: "Your wish is my command. I will go there right now."

Narrator Toad: "And he then disappears."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "That should stop him. Now we will wait for him, O'Chunks and this world's Dimentio to return."

Paper Mimi: "Um... You guys. There is another Count Bleck and Nastasia outside. They are with a butterfly Pixl."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "Well. Let's let them in. Those two may be from the 3D universe, but they are still welcomed. And behave yourselves. I am going to go to Shy Guy's Toy Box to get the crystal that 3D Dimentio couldn't get."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, Toadette hears a knock on the door*

:toadette:: I hope it's not that egghead again, I've had enough of him.

*Toadette opens the door to the Car Wash*

: Hi. Can I come in?

:toadette:: You again? Don't you ever learn that you can never defeat us? Leave us alone, egghead!

: Go back to the 5th dimension where you belong!

: Get your slimy face out of here!

:wario:: I bet you're only here to repeat what you did to us a few days ago.

:waluigi:: Don't you brainwash us again! Or you'll be sorry!

: The name's not egghead, it's N. Trance. And I'm not coming here to try and take over the Mushroom Kingdom by brainwashing people again. I'm here to apologize to you for what I did to you guys, as I thought I might've hurt your feelings by doing that to you.

:toadette:: We don't care whether you want to apologize or not. We also don't care whether or not Oxide and Zem are your friends. We just want you to go away!

*N. Trance is horrified when Toadette says this and turns grey*

: Oxide, I think N. Trance needs you to cheer him up.

: Toadette and friends, stop insulting him. He's a friend of mine.

:toadette:: Is this true, N. Trance?

: Yes Toadette, it is true that Oxide is my friend. A few years ago, he decided to go to my home planet, also known as the 5th dimension, for summer vacation. He felt a little lonely during that time, especially because Zem and Zam couldn't come with him. Not only was he in a place that he knew very little about, but there was literally no one living there except for me. That's right, I'm the only person from the 5th dimension. And just like Oxide, I felt lonely, but this was because I was the only person on my planet. The 5th dimension was never a home to anyone else but me. So when I saw him looking around for a place to stay, I took him to my house. The day after, I gave him a tour of my planet. However, on the third day, Oxide had to leave. He haven't seen him since that day until I came here a few days ago. Now, will you allow me to apologize to you?

:toadette:: We will. And we're sorry for insulting you by the way.

: I'm sorry for brainwashing you a few days ago. I was only trying to introduce myself to you that day.

:toadette:: That's ok.

: Do you want to join our team, N. Trance? We've been looking for a replacement member because Zam lost all his teeth a week ago. He can't fight without them, and they're not growing back. Would you take his place?

: Of course! I can brainwash your enemies so that they can fight on your side, and I can also attack enemies with my eyes that shot lasers!

:toadette:: Well, it's settled. Welcome to the team, N. Trance!

*N. Trance jumps for joy when Toadette says this*

: Let's rest for a few days, guys. It looks like we should take another break from adventuring.

*Toadette and co. go to their rooms and get into their beds. They all fall asleep*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Over in the Paper Mario Universe, Yoshi the SSM and the others (for he met Purple on the island and he joined them) made it through Mt. Lavalava and made it to the Lava Piranha. However. He was not alone."

Paper Mr. Y hypnotically: "Hello there, Yoshi the SSM. It is I, Mister Y. And you will be defeated by my hands."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Mr. Y. Huh. And his voice is kind of strange."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "He is under the influence of Nastasia. And that was a wise decision, too, since we would draw if that was the option. Otherwise it is whoever was more prepared."

Paper Mr. Y hypnotically: "You shall lose since I am with the fiery creature, Lava Piranha."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM and the others fight Lava Piranha and Mr. Y. However, Yoshi the SSM was prepared for anything and just barely wins with the other(s) by his side. This is when Lava Piranha drops a card and Mr. Y falls to the ground. He then gets back up slowly."

Paper Mr. Y: "Ugh. What happened? This is Mt. Lavalava. Oh. I see. (the volcano starts shaking after Yoshi the SSM and the others get the card) Wow! Oh no! The volcano is about to explode."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Let's get out of here, quickly. But how? The path that we came from is sealed. Hey. Where is that guy (Kolorado) going? The crystal's this way? OK. Well. It seems as if that is our only option. Let's follow him."

Toad: "So the group travel until they find Kolorado, who was near a chest. However, the volcano was about to explode. Luckily for them, Misstar was able to take all but Bowser Jr. up, as Bowser Jr. was in his Junior Koopa Clown Car. And could easily fly in it. They then escape the volcano just as it explodes. The chest that was inside the volcano then goes off somewhere else. And because Kolorado wasn't able to get the chest, he was sad that it was a failure. However, Yoshi the SSM noticed the chest going outside the volcano and went to where he thinks it could be and finds it. He then shows the crystal to Kolorado, who becomes happy afterwards."

Paper Yoshi the SSM after opening the chest: "So, this crystal is causing the weather. Now- WOAH! (gets out his Order Emeralds) These are acting up. Which is strange since they didn't act up for the others. Oh. It is because this one is active and the others are not. But if I take this and do this... (as soon as he takes it from the chest, he then causes the rainy weather to cease) Yep. It was this crystal. And the Order Emeralds aren't acting up anymore. (puts them away) So. Let's return back to Toad Town and see if the others got the crystal and the card from Crystal Palace. In either case, we will see Ray Trace soon, as I believe he is at Flower Fields and we can now go there because we have all the seeds."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Oh. By the way. Mr. Y has left us. It seems as if he has returned back already."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. I pretty much figured that."

Toad: "And the group sail back to Toad Town with Purple.
Meanwhile at Shy Guy's Toy Box..."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "I'm sorry, but you are about to be hypnotized."

Toad: "She then hypnotizes the Anti-Guy, who picks up the chest."

Anti-Guy: "Oh. I think I remember Yoshi the SSM not getting the seed from a certain path. Let's see if we can get it."

Toad: "So, the two then travel through Forever Forest to where the seed was."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "There is no seed here. Are you sure?"

Anti-Guy: "You really thought you could hypnotize me. Well. You are wrong. (picks Nastasia up) Good-bye, Nastasia."

Toad: "And with that, he throws at the nearest gate."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "You won't get away with this."

Toad: "She then goes back into Forever Forest. But instead of following him, she ends up at Gusty Gulch, where she could no longer follow the Anti-Guy."

Paper Boo: "Oh. What do we have here? A newcomer."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "I was following someone else. I thought he came this way."

Paper Boo: "You must be mistaken. No one came here since a group came here and defeated Tubba Blubba and Mimi. But now you are going to get something."

Toad: "And the Boos start scaring Nastasia.
Meanwhile on the whale..."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Surely someone has tried to get the chest in Shy Guy's Toy Box. Right?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yes, they did. It was 2D Nastasia. However, I made a suggestion to the Anti-Guy recently with all the calculations he needed to get her to Gusty Gulch and him back to Shy Guy's Toy Box. And that should have worked. As, the thing that I gave him made 2D Nastasia think that she mind controlled him."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Very clever, Yoshi. And since we already been there, you know all the paths to do so. Yeah. Sailing on this thing is better when the weather isn't stormy than when it is."

Toad: "Meanwhile near Count Bleck…"

Paper Count Blumiere: "Hello, other me. I was worried about you when you left us in the other universe."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Oh. So that's why you came."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Yes. Especially since I heard about you guys collecting these dangerous crystals."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Oh. Yes. Quite right. But you aren't going to be able to do so. Friends. Keep Count Blumiere away from the crystals, so that he doesn't destroy them."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Other me, what's going on?"

Paper Count Bleck: "Blumiere is no more! I am Count Bleck! You mean nothing to me."

Paper Count Blumiere: "And why is that? What made you change all of a sudden?"

Paper Mimi: "You will find out... eventually."

Paper Mr. Y after he appears: "I'm back. Also. Some bad news. Yoshi the SSM just barely defeated me and got the crystal there that was creating stormy weather on the island and near it."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Wait. Created. That doesn't sound like something that is dangerous."

Paper Mr. Y: "It's dangerous because it takes away what was before in order to create something new."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Oh. That makes since."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in Mushroom City, Toadette, Cream, and Toadiko are at the skating rink. They are testing out their new ice skates on the ice, and are pretty good at doing spins and twirls and other ice skating moves*

*Meanwhile, Wario, Waluigi, Oxide, Zem, and N. Trance leave the Car Wash and head towards the skating rink. N. Trance and Zem suddenly stop to stand at a brick wall and talk to each-other*

: I think there must be something wrong with me, Zem. The Christmas season is upon us, but I'm not satisfied. I don't feel the way I usually do.

*N. Trance and Zem leave the brick wall and catch up with the rest of the boys, then stop and talk to each-other again*

: I guess we just don't understand Christmas at all. We never get Christmas presents or Christmas cards, and well, we all have decorated the tree at the Car Wash and all that, and yet, us aliens are still not happy. We always feel depressed because we get nothing.

: That's true, but this year, because we are in Mushroom City, anything can change! Back in Gasmoxia, Santa never visited us because almost every single one of our species was a trouble-maker. And you had no presents in the 5th dimension because you were the only one who lived there. But that could all change in the blink of an eye.

*N. Trance and Zem eventually catch up with the boys*

:toadette:: Hey! You guys care to join us?

: Make sure you stay out of my area. I'm preparing for my dance routine!

: Come on, guys! Show us your talents!

*Wario and Waluigi get their ice skates on and enter the skating rink*

:wario:: I'm a master at this! Thanks to those Olympic games we have with those Sonic people.

:waluigi:: Yeah! Without them, we wouldn't be THIS good at it.

: Let me try!

*Oxide gets his ice skates on and enters the skating rink*

: Woah! I guess with my extra number of legs, it's pretty hard to do this. Hmm, I'm starting to get a little better now.

*After 5 minutes, Oxide balances himself in the right direction and skates perfectly*

: Wow! I'm so good at this! This is almost as cool as breakdancing!

: Way to go, Oxide. Man, have I got to try these out.

*Zem gets on his ice skates and enters the skating rink*

: Man am I good at this! Even with my big feet, I can still skate pretty well.

: I guess it doesn't hurt for me to try.

*N. Trance gets his ice skates on and enters the skating rink*

: Woah! I sure am slipping!

*Toadette and the others grab N. Trance's hand and start skating together*

: Oh. Now that's better. Uh oh!

*Out of nowhere, the Pokémon enter the skating rink. They get in the way of Toadette and co.'s skating, making them have to move around them. Eventually, the Pokémon crash into Toadette and co, causing everyone to fall down*

:toadette:: Watch where you're going, Pokémon! You just ruined our skating practice!

*The Pokémon are disappointed and leave the skating rink. After they leave, Toadette and co. leave the skating rink and return to the Car Wash*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After they get back to the car wash, they hear a crash. They then go outside and see a Yoshi with a red nose on his nose."

Main Yoshi(
): "Oh. Hello. I'm Yoshi. Main Yoshi. Or in this form, Rudolph the Red Nose Yoshi. Anyways. I was practicing pulling a sleigh. And got it dirty in the process. That made me come here. I thought I could land here after a flutter jump, but I actually crashed. That is why there are pieces of debris everywhere around here. That is the sleigh. Do you have any way to help me out?"

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe, Yoshi the SSM and the others get off the whale and see that the group that went to Crystal Palace has returned and the Protectors were reunited with Purple. However, Yoshi the SSM knew that they needed to go to the next location of Flower Fields. He then plants the seeds and the gate to Flower Fields appears. They then go through it. They then encounter Ray Trace there. Whether or not he went and got the crystal and the card, I'll let Christmas Ray Trace (@Рождественский Рэй Трейс) (I translated it using a software on my computer, as I don't speak Russian, only English) decide. In either case, there is a battle between Yoshi the SSM and O'Chunks over the crystal and Yoshi the SSM wins and gets the crystal and has set the Star Spirit in the card free."

Paper O'Chunks: "I'M CHUNKED! Me chunks...yeh failed me! I got pummeled an yeh barely sweat yer brow. Well. Yeh better get some chunks o' yer own for next time, though, 'ey! 'Til we meet again, 'ey! CHUNKS AWAY!"

Toad: "And with that, O'Chunks leaves."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "And with that, we have all the cards and have set all the Star Spirits free. Well. Let's head back to Toad Town. From there we can decide what we should do next."

Toad: "And the group then take the gate back to Toad Town."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash*

Toadia: Sorry, Toadette and the others are very busy. That being said, me and Vanilla can help you. Would you like a wash?

: I think he needs help with his flying skills, Toadia. But we'll train him after he gets washed.

*Inside the Car Wash, Toadette and co. get on their winter clothes and leave the Car Wash. However, N. Trance stops to check the mailbox*

: Anything in here? Nothing for me. No one sent me any Christmas cards today.

*N. Trance starts catching up with Toadette and co.*

: I almost wish there wasn't a holiday season. I know that not a lot of people like me. Why do they have to have something to emphasize it?

*N. Trance eventually catches up with Toadette and co., who're trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues*

:toadette:: Try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. It's very fun.

:wario:: Mmm. Needs a little bit of sugar though.

:waluigi:: I can't even seen to get one!

: Me too.

: It's too early. Me and Toadiko never eat December snowflakes.

: We always wait until January. Hey! There's a can on the fence!

*Wario and Waluigi start making and throwing snowballs to try to make the can fall off the fence, without any success*

*After 5 minutes, N. Trance tries to do it too, without any success*

: Here I go.

*Zem makes a big snowball and aims it directly at the can, making it fall off the fence*

:wario:: Nice shot, Zem.

:waluigi:: Keep it up.

*N. Trance sees a desk for Psychiatric Help and sits on the stool a few inches away from it*

: I believe you have a customer, sister.

*Toadette walks to the desk and sits on the stool in front of it*

:toadette:: May I help you?

: I'm in sad shape.

:toadette:: Hold it! Before we begin, you must pay in advance! $5.00 please!

*N. Trance gives Toadette $5.00*

:toadette:: Oh, how my can loves the sound of cold, hard cash. That very beautiful sound of dollar bills. Alright now, what seems to be your trouble?

: I feel depressed. I know I should be happy, but I'm not.

:toadette:: Well, as they say on TV, the fact that you need help means you're not too far gone. I think we must pinpoint your fear. If we can find out what you're afraid of, we can label it. Are you afraid of responsibility, or cats?

: Nope.

:toadette:: What about staircases, or the ocean?

: Also no.

:toadette:: What about crossing bridges, or the famous pantophobia?

: What's Pantophobia?

:toadette:: The fear of everything.

: That's it! Actually Toadette, my problem is Christmas. I just don't understand it. Instead of feeling happy, I feel sort of let down.

:toadette:: Because you're our newest member, N. Trance, you need involvement.

: Yeah, N. Trance! A letter came in for every single one of us today. The Mushroom City community theater is doing their annual Christmas play. Toadette, Cream, Toadiko, Wario, Waluigi, Zem, the Pokémon, you, Mario, Luigi, Tails, and I have been selected to be in it. The only thing is, there isn't a director. Would you consider being the director?

: Me? You want me to direct the Christmas play?

:toadette:: Of course! We need a director. You need involvement. We've got a shepherd, an ink-keeper, animals, everything you need. We even have a Christmas princess.

: I don't know anything about directing a Christmas play.

:toadette:: Don't worry. Me, Cream, Toadiko, Wario, Waluigi, Zem, Oxide, Mario, Luigi, and Tails will be there to help you, N. Trance. We'll meet you at the community theatre.

*The Pokémon come out of nowhere with some boxes of Christmas ornaments and lights in their hands. N. Trance starts following them to their playhouse in the backyard of the Car Wash. The Pokémon start decorating the outside of the playhouse with their ornaments and lights*

: What's going on here? I thought Oxide kept you little kids under control.

*The Pokémon hand N. Trance a paper and continue decorating*

: What's this? Find the "true" meaning of Christmas? Win a whole lot of money? 10th annual Mushroom City Christmas decoration display contest? Oh no! The Pokémon are going commercial and I can't stand it.

*N. Trance runs away from the Pokémon in disgust*

: I've been looking for you, N. Trance. Will you be willing to write a letter to Santa for me?

: I don't have much time, Toadiko. We've all got to meet Mario, Luigi, and Tails at the community theatre to help with the Christmas play.

: I know that, N Trance. It's just that I don't want my sister to write it. She does it every year. Now, take this pen, and I'll tell you what I want to say.

: Ok, sure.

: Dear Santa, how have you been? Did you have an enjoyable summer? How is Mrs. Claus? I have been extra good this year, so I have a very long list of presents I want.

: Oh, great.

: Please note the size and color of each item and send as much as you can. If that is too complicated, make it easy on yourself. Just send money. How about $10.00s and $20.00s?

: 10s and 20s! Ugh! Even little Toadiko…

*N. Trance runs away in disgust to the Mushroom City community theatre*

: All I want is what is coming to me. All I want is my fair share.

:toadette:: Believe me, sister. You don't want him to write your letter, do you?

: No.

: Don't we have to go to the community theatre?

:wario:: I've got all those little Pokémon rounded up.

:waluigi:: Yeah, let's go already!

: Did N. Trance already start making his way there? I don't see him anywhere.

: Come on, everyone! We don't have any time to waste! It's either move it or lose it!

*Toadette and co. follow N. Trance to the Mushroom City community theatre*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Main Yoshi aka Rudolph the Red Nose Yoshi: "Thanks for the help. I am a pretty good flyer, but I haven't been with the sleigh and that's why I was practicing. And this sleigh was the only one I had, and I need it for doing advertising for the Mushroom City community theatre. Speaking of that theatre, Yoshi the SSM is in the play that's coming up. Yeah. He wanted his character doing a play as the real world version of him does a play. And that he would do they same part as him. His role is a taxpayer. Don't ask me what exactly what he does, I hardly understand taxes myself. Which is the reason why there are tax fraud charges on me. But I am glad that Yoshi the SSM knows about taxes. I do wonder where he is though..."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe at Toad Town, Paper (3D) Dimentio appears near the group."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "I have arrived like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic!"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Dimentio! What do you want?"

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "For you guys to behold the destruction of this universe and the creation of another."

Toad: "He then teleports Yoshi the SSM, Paper Main Yoshi, Paper Bowser Jr., and the Protectors to Count Bleck. He then takes the crystals from the group."

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "We only have 7 crystals here. But not for long. Dimentios. Do the same thing to that Anti-Guy. And please do it together."

Dimentios: "We shall do so."

Toad: "They then leave and appear with the Anti-Guy and the chest."

Anti-Guy: "Woah! What happened?"

Paper (2D) Nastasia: "Just as I suspected, you couldn't stop two people doing the same thing. And now, we have all 8 crystals here. Great. Father. You can come out now."

Toad: "After she says this, Mr. B appears."

Paper Mimi: "Woah! That guy looks like Bowser, but has the appearance like unto Mr. L and Mr. Y."

Mr. B: "That is because I come from the same universe as them. Now. Activate the crystals. (And they activate all 8 crystals) Now. We shall get rid of this universe and create a new one, as you guys wished. And no one can stop- (notices the crystals going to Yoshi the SSM) Huh? What's going on?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM who is now holding the Order Emeralds: "The Order Emeralds were created with the help of one of these crystals. And all these Order Emeralds have the same exact crystal in them as these do. The only difference being that they only work for those one who likes order rather than chaos."

Mr. B: "Is that so. (tries to get the crystals back, but fails) Wait. Why can't I get them back, then?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Since the Order Emeralds have the same crystal as these are, they can control the crystals and make others not be able to."

Mr. B: "Grrr. I came too far to be stopped by you. I intend to keep it that way. Dimentios, Nastasias, Mimi, O'Chunks. Get those crystals. For he can't defeat me, especially if you help me. But I don't think he could as only Mr. M and Mr. L working together can defeat me."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "You are right in the fact that I can't defeat you. But you are wrong in assuming only Mr. M and Mr. L working together can defeat you. (the 8 crystals go above the Protectors, Bowser Jr., and Main Yoshi) But these guys can. (these 8 then become super versions of themselves) Now. You guys should know what to do."

Toad: "And the battle between the Protectors, Bowser Jr., and Main Yoshi vs. Mr. B and the others begins. Yoshi the SSM was also able to avoid attacks to him during the battle. After a while, Mr. B and the others are defeated, but not killed per rule 6 on the first page. Mr. B then gets up and flees."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "He escaped. What a coward."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Well. In either case, you guys are going back to being normal. But. Protectors. (@Рождественский Рэй Трейс) You guys will be able to return to your universe and stay here. And you guys will protect both. You other two already have counterparts in the other universe, so that's why I am not doing it to you. And I can't let you guys be too powerful."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Oh. I guess that is fine. Well. Do it then."

Toad: "And so Yoshi the SSM makes the 8 normal again and creates a duplicate of the Protectors."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "These duplicates are the exact same as you guys, but will not return to 3D once they leave this universe. Speaking of which, we should go back there now. But first. Count Blumiere. Destroy these crystals."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Sure. I will do that. I wouldn't want them to fall into the wrong hands again."

Toad: "And he destroys them. Mr. Y then gets up."

Paper Mr. Y: "These guys will need help to be good guys. I am going to stay here and help them out. Then maybe I will go back to the other universe."

Tippi near Count Bleck: "You are very familiar to me. I can't explain it. But you are. More than your "3D" counterpart.

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. And it looks like Timpani and Paper (2D) Count Blumiere are getting back together again. Well. Good luck."

Paper Mr. Y: "Yeah. Also. I think it was Mr. B that cause them to be this way. Don't worry. I got it."

Toad: "And with that, Yoshi the SSM and the 3D Protectors leave the Paper Mario Universe and end up in the Car Wash and they have returned to 3D. Also, Paper Mario went to Paper Bowser during this time and defeated him using the Star Spirits. I am saying that just in case you are wondering what happened after they left."

Yoshi the SSM: "Ah. It's great to be back to 3D. Yeah. It may be a little tricky to get used to it again. But it shouldn't be as hard as when you were start walking as paper. Anyways. I am heading over to the community theatre to be part of the play that is there. And I will probably see you guys later. Bye."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM leaves the Car Wash."

Main Yoshi aka Rudolph the Red Nose Yoshi: "Oh. There you are. I was talking about you and the play at the community theatre. Also. There is a new director by the name of N. Trance over there. Just thought you should know."

Yoshi the SSM: "N. Trance. You mean the alien from the 5th dimension that has the ability to mind control people. That N. Trance."

Main Yoshi aka Rudolph the Red Nose Yoshi: "Yes. That N. Trance. But he isn't evil. He tried mind controlling Toads and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but after that failed, he turned good."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. That's good to know. I should probably catch up with my real world's counterpart's knowledge. Well. Better get going to the community theatre and see how the new director would do for the play. See you later, Rudolph the Red Nose Yoshi."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM leaves to the community theatre."


Star Spirit
*At the community theatre, Cream, Toadiko, Wario, Waluigi, Zem, Oxide, Mario, Luigi, Tails, and all of the Pokémon are dancing on the stage*

:toadette:: Alright. Quiet everyone. Our director will be here in any minute and we'll start rehearsal.

:mario:: Director? I hope it's a me!

:toadette:: N. Trance.

:luigi:: Oh no. He'll mess everything up.

:mario:: Mama mia.

: Oh no. We're doomed. It'll be the worst Christmas play I've ever seen!

: Well, you just have to deal with it.

: There is no escape.

:wario:: Toadette has made her choice.

:waluigi:: She can't pick anyone else.

: Brace yourselves, guys. With him, we're bound to get into trouble.

: I don't care, as long as it doesn't have any readings from the bible, we're good.

:toadette:: Here he comes! Attention everyone, here's our director.

*Everyone claps as N. Trance walks onto the stage, making his way to backstage*

*At backstage, N. Trance tells everyone his instructions*

: Well, it's real good seeing you here. As you all know, we are going to put on a Christmas play. Due to the shortage of time, we'll get right to work. One of the first things to insure a good performance is paying good attention to the director. I'll keep my directions simple. If I point right, it means focus attention on the right of the stage. If I make a slashing motion near my chest, it means cut the scene short. If I make a revolving motion, it means raise the tempo. If I spread my hands apart, it means slow down. It's the spirit of the actors that count. The interest that they show in their director. Am I right? I said, am I right?

*Everyone doesn't listen to the entirety of N. Trance's speech and are dancing to some piano music by the time he finishes*

: Stop that horrible music! Alright now, we're going to do this play, and we're going to do it right. Toadette, get those costumes and scripts and pass them all out. Now, Toadette will be handing out your parts. Except for you, Yoshi. You already know your role.

*Toadette starts handing out everyone's scripts and costumes*

:toadette:: Of course, I get to be the Christmas princess. Cream, you're the ink-keeper's wife.

: Sweet! I can't wait to start rehearsal.

:toadette:: Tails, you're the ink-keeper.

: It's nice that I get to work with Cream. I don't feel any pressure now.

:toadette:: Sister, you're the angel.

: Yay! Do I get to fly around and all that?

:toadette:: Actually, your role is very small, sister. Wario, you're Santa.

:wario:: I bet she picked me because of how chubby I am.

:toadette:: Waluigi, you'll be in charge of music.

:waluigi:: How come Wario gets a role, but I don't?

:toadette:: Well, you seem to be pretty good at playing the piano, Waluigi. Oxide, you're the angel's husband.

: I get to work with Toadiko?! Awesome!

:toadette:: Zem, you're the shepherd.

: I hope I don't get to be this next year. Shepherd is the most basic role you can get.

:toadette:: Pokémon, you have to be all the animals of our play. No impressions needed.

*The Pokémon start playing around with Toadette, making impressions of various animals*

:toadette:: No! Listen all of you, you've got to take direction. You've got to have discipline. You've got to have respect for your director.

*Toadette notices that the Pokémon are making impressions of her*

:toadette:: I've gotta tell Oxide to get you guys under control. Do you need another time-out?

*The Pokémon shake their heads and hug Toadette very tightly. Toadette then runs around in circles*

:toadette:: Ugh! I've been hugged by Pokémon who follow aliens around! I have alien germs! Get hot water, get some disinfectant, get some medicine!

*The Pokémon stick their tongues out for a minute as Toadette runs away*

*Part one of the scene ends*

Captain Man

You know the name.
okay can someone sum up the last week of activity for me? Thanks. I mean, I sorta got it, but not entirely.

*Mario the Adventurer runs in*

Mario the Adventurer: Huh? A play?

*He taps his foot and thinks for a minute*

Mario the Adventurer: Can I join?
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Main Toad: "Probably. But you would have to confirm with the direction, N. Trance. OK. Next is the tax collector scene. Oh. Right. I am the narrator of the play. So, you can expect Narrator Toad to be silent during this time. Ok. Now to the scene. On the first Christmas people were busy. But unlike today, they were busy because of it was the time of taxation."

*A Koopa Troopa goes out in a tax collector costume. A few of Bowser's minion and some Toads and Yoshi the SSM also come in in tax payer costumes.*

Koopa Troopa: "Ok, everyone, time to pay your taxes. (tax payers then scramble to get their taxes paid and done and leave to get rooms, but they are still unhappy about it) Thank you. (some start leaving) And you. Wait. I want to double check you (since it was Yoshi the SSM) Oh. Your good. Sorry about that. It's just that I know someone like you who has either doesn't pay or doesn't pay what they own."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. That's my cousin. And he's not coming this time. Bye."

Koopa Troopa: "Oh no. Taxes, please."

*After getting far away from the tax collector, Yoshi the SSM goes near the other tax payers.*

Yoshi the SSM: "Good job doing that part. Now remember this, even though you don't have speaking parts, you are just as much part of this play as those that do have speaking parts."

*Back with the tax collector, he is now finished with all but two, a male and a female. And the female looks 9 months pregnant. I am not sure who they are suppose to be in terms of actors playing as them.*

Koopa Troopa: "Thanks for the taxes. Now. Your looking for a room. Well. Good luck. This is the time of taxation. Rooms are hard to get this time of year. Now. Look at this money. OK. Let's pack up and head on out."

Main Toad: "Um... Director. It seems as if my script has been messed with. I need a reminder of the next scene. But it is, the end of this scene."


Star Spirit
*Part two of the scene begins*

: Alright, alright Toadette, continue with the scripts. And yes, Mario the adventurer, you can join this play. And Toad, the next scene starts right after Toadette finishes handing out her scripts.

:toadette:: Mario, Luigi, memorize these lines.

:mario:: I can't memorize these lines for a shepherd.

:luigi:: Neither can I memorize the ones for the wife.

:toadette:: Memorize and be ready to recite when your Qs come.

:mario:: It's just that we haven't done a play since Bowser and his Koopalings tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

:luigi:: Yeah, and our reading skill have gotten worse over the years. Give us one good reason why we should do this.

:toadette:: I'll give you 5 reasons. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

:mario:: Those are good reasons.

:luigi:: Yep. They sure are good reasons.

*Toadette returns to where N. Trance is standing*

:toadette:: Ok, N. Trance. The cast is set. Take over.

: Ok, everyone. Quiet down. Places, everyone. Waluigi, set the mood for the first scene.

*Waluigi starts playing piano music, setting the mood for the first scene*

: Cut! No! Look, let's rehearse the scene at the end. Alright now, there's no time for this! We've got to concentrate on our play. Let's take it from the top again. Lights! Camera! Action!

*Toadette and the others start dancing to piano music again*

:toadette:: N. Trance, isn't it a good play?

: That's it! Now look, if we're ever going to finish this play we've got to have some co-operation.

:toadette:: What's the matter, N. Trance? Don't you think it's good?

: It's all wrong!

:toadette:: Look, Trance. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. It's all run by the media, you know.

: Well, this is one play that isn't gonna be commercial.

:toadette:: Look, N. Trance. What do you want?

: The proper mood. We need a Christmas tree!

:toadette:: Perhaps a tree! A great, big, shiny, plastic Christmas tree! That's it, N. Trance! You get the tree, I'll handle this crowd.

: Ok. I'll take Zem with me. The rest of you, practice your lines.

: Hopefully we find a good one, Trance.

:toadette:: Get the biggest plastic tree you can find, N. Trance! Maybe get a pink one!

: Yeah, do something right for a change, N. Trance!

: Make sure you don't buy any cheap ones!

:wario:: You can do it, N. Trance!

:waluigi:: We believe in you!

: We don't want any tree that isn't to the theatre's standards!

*N. Trance and Zem leave the community theatre to look for a Christmas tree. While the 2 are gone, Toadette takes over as director for the remainder of the play*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Yoshi the SSM (who is out of his costume for now) has come out with Christmas decoration. As in, they fall out of the closet with him*

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Hi. I was looking a Christmas Tree. I haven't have any luck, yet. But I did manage to find Christmas decorations. Yeah, I will clean this up. Anyone out to get a tree?"

Main Toad: "Yes, they are. N. Trance and Zem are out doing that.

Yoshi the SSM: "Ah. Ok. So. It's called the Mushroom City Tree Shop, right?"

Main Toad: "That's right. They sell all kinds of trees. It is run by Toads who like being called Tree Toad or just regular Toad. There is one Toad there that works all but this time of year making Christmas trees. And when this time of year comes, he sells then at good prices. He does both plastic and real Christmas Trees. And the prices are just at the right price so that people who live in the Mushroom City can buy them and that they don't go to online to get the trees. He does advertise online, but it hasn't been until this year he offered some online stuff. Ones that are on the more high end. He does this because go to the store is the best option helps people chose the right tree."

Yoshi the SSM: "Thanks for the information. You know, I should go over there and buy one of those trees. So I am making a note of this and putting it aside. I need to get this clean up first."

Main Toad: "How did this mess even happen in the first place?"

Yoshi the SSM: "I was trying to keep everything in order while searching for it. But it just takes one second for things to fall if you don't properly do it in the order they have it in. All of these decorations are owned by the theatre, so unless they are for a play, volunteers are the ones who do decorations for the theatre."

Main Toad: "That makes perfect sense. Well. Good luck. I wish I could help, but you never know what my sister would want me to do. Bye."

Yoshi the SSM: "Well. Time to put this back. And it's also a good thing that I was keeping track of which decorations go in which box."

*And Yoshi the SSM goes to work putting the decorations back in the boxes.*


Star Spirit
*Outside the Mushroom City community theatre, N. Trance and Zem are making their way to the tree shop*

: I don't know, Zem. I just don't know. Well, I guess we'd better concentrate on finding a nice Christmas tree.

: I suggest we try the shop right over here, N. Trance.

*N. Trance and Zem enter the tree shop and start looking for a Christmas tree. Once they get inside Zem bangs on one of the plastic trees*

: This really brings Christmas close to someone.

: Fantastic.

*After looking for a while, N. Trance and Zem find a very tiny organic Christmas tree hidden among all the plastic ones*

: I didn't know they still sold organic ones! I thought only the tree farms did that.

: This little green one here, seems to need a home.

: I don't know, N. Trance. Remember what Toadette said? This doesn't fit in with the modern holiday season.

: I don't care what she and the others say! We'll decorate it and it'll be just right for our play. Besides, I think it needs me.

*N. Trance picks up the tree. The tree sheds some of its needles as it's being picked up. N. Trance and Zem leave the tree shop after pying for their tree and start making their way back to the theatre*

*Back at the theatre*

:waluigi:: This is the music Ludwig von Koopa suggested I do for the Christmas play.

*Waluigi starts playing some Beethoven music on the piano*

:toadette:: That isn't even Christmas music!

:waluigi:: Well, it's what Ludwig suggested to me. He likes that sort of thing.

:toadette:: But what has he got to do with Christmas?! Nothing!

:waluigi:: Don't blame it on me. Blame it on Ludwig.

*Waluigi continues playing on the piano when suddenly, the Pokémon poke their heads out and start dancing to the music he's playing*

:wario:: Oh no! Here come the Pokémon, ready to cause some more mischief!

:waluigi:: Oh, great. Well, hopefully I can dispose of them quickly.

*As soon as Waluigi and Toadette notice what the Pokémon are doing, Waluigi stops playing. The Pokémon suddenly stop dancing once they noticed that the music has stopped. Their faces turn red as they exit the scene. After they leave, Waluigi starts playing the piano again*

:toadette:: By the way Waluigi, can you play Jingle Bells?

*Waluigi starts playing Jingle Bells on his piano*

:toadette:: No! I mean Jingle Bells! You know, deck them halls and all that stuff?

*Waluigi starts playing Jingle Bells again*

:toadette:: No! You don't get it! I mean Jingle Bells! You know, Santa and Ho, Ho, Ho, and mistletoe and presents to good girls?

*Waluigi starts playing Jingle Bells for the 3rd time*

:toadette:: That's it!

: I hope N. Trance and Zem make it back soon, I'm starting to get worried.

: The only thing I'm worried about is if they buy a cheap tree, Cream. You know, the ones that fall apart easily?

: Yep. Those ones are so cheap, only a select few stores carry them.

*Toadette and co. continue waiting for N. Trance and Zem to return to the theatre with the tree they found*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Yoshi the SSM has entered the theatre after he left with some boxes and some Toads.*

Yoshi the SSM: "I'm back. I got permission from the theatre to put up Christmas decorations onto the theatre. Anyways. N. Trance and Zem are back with a Christmas Tree. I saw them from the top of the theatre."


Star Spirit
*N. Trance and Zem enter the theatre with the Christmas tree they bought*

: We're back. Here's the tree I promised.

*N. Trance places the tree on top of the piano Waluigi is playing. Once it is placed, it sheds more of its needles*

: I don't know what Toadette and the others are going to think of this, N. Trance. This could be a miracle or this could be a total disaster.

:toadette:: Um, it's a good tree, but it's not really what the theatre was asking for, N. Trance.

: What kind of tree is that? I don't even think we can decorate it because of how tiny it is!

: You were supposed to get a high quality, plastic tree! Can't you tell a good tree from a bad one, N. Trance?

:wario:: Hey! Don't criticize him! At least he found a real tree!

:waluigi:: Yeah, Cream and Toadiko! At least he tried. You're really making him feel more depressed than he should be.

: N. Trance! I thought we could trust you! Look at how puny this little tree is! Look at how many leaves it's shedding! How can we even decorate it if it can't stand being dragged around by you? Take it back to where you bought it and bring back a proper tree!

All Pokémon: (It looks so tiny, not even one present can fit under there!)

: I guess you were right, Zem. I shouldn't have picked this little tree.

: Well, it least Toadette, Wario and Waluigi didn't criticize you. But someone had better teach Cream, Toadiko, Oxide, and all of the Pokémon the true meaning of Christmas. I think you and I should learn it too, N. Trance, as all three of us aliens have never celebrated this holiday before. Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?

: Well, depending on whether you're religious or not, there are 2 meanings of Christmas. The first one I'll tell you right now. Lights please!

*The lights are dimmed after Tails says this*

: And there were in the same country shepherds. Abiding in the seal, watching over their flock by night. And low, the angel of the lord came upon them. The glory of the lord shone round about them. And they were so afraid, but the angel said, fear not, for behold I bring you tidings of great joy, which will be to all people, for onto you was born this day in the city of David, a savior, is Christ the lord. And this shall be assigned onto you. You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in the manger. And suddenly, there was with the angel, a multitude of the heavenly host praising god and saint. Glory to god in the highest. And on Earth, peace and goodwill towards everyone.

*When Tails finishes his speech, the lights are brightened up*

: That's the first meaning of Christmas, everyone. The second one most of you already know. But one of you must find this meaning. I know that one, only one, of you hate Christmas. I know it's not Toadette, or Cream, or Toadiko, or Wario, or Waluigi, or the Pokémon, or Zem, or N. Trance. I know it's not me, or Mario, or Luigi, or anyone really. Not even Bowser, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings and the Koopa Troop hate it. But there's someone in this group who actually hates Christmas, and I think we all know this guy pretty well. Whoever it is, they will try doing something all of us fear. But in the end, we will not stop being happy, because we know Christmas is more than what we think it is. And when that person sees us being happy despite all that was lost, they will learn the non-religious meaning of Christmas, not from someone telling them that, but from their own small heart. That small heart will grow to an enormous size, allowing that person to do the unthinkable, bringing what was lost back to us, and best of all, losing their hatred of Christmas once and for all and finding out the real meaning of the holiday!

*After Tails finishes his second speech, N. Trance picks up the tree and carries it out of the community theatre, with the rest of the group following him*
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Star Spirit
*After walking for a little while, Tails' entire speech about the meaning of Christmas echoes in N. Trance's mind as he stops to look at the stars*

: Tails is right. We shall not let all this commercialism ruin our Christmas.

*After he says this, N. Trance continues walking, with Toadette and the others following*

: I'll take this little tree back to the Car Wash and decorate it and show everyone that it really will work in our play.

*Soon, N. Trance arrives at the backyard of the Car Wash to see the Pokémon's decorated playhouse has won first prize in the Mushroom City Christmas decoration display contest*

: First prize? Oh well. I'm not going to let these commercial Pokémon ruin our Christmas!

*N. Trance puts the tree he's carrying onto the ground. He then grabs one of the ornaments the Pokémon put on their playhouse and puts it on the tree. However, because of how heavy the ornament is, it weighs the tree down, causing it to droop*

: I think I've killed it. Ugh! Everything I touch gets ruined!

*N. Trance starts feeling sad that he "killed" the tree and goes near some bushes to cry, hoping no one hears or sees him*

*As soon as N. Trance leaves the scene, Toadette and the others catch up with him and see what he has done to the tree*

: I never thought it was a bad tree. In fact, it's not bad at all! Maybe it just needs a little love.

*Zem goes inside the Car Wash and grabs of the blankets from the storage compartment. He then returns outside and wraps the blanket around the tree, allowing it the hold the weight of the ornament that was placed on its branches without it drooping. Toadette and the others then remove all of the decorations the Pokémon used to decorate their playhouse and start decorating the tree with them*

:toadette:: It's really starting to look great now, everyone.

: Maybe it wasn't such a bad tree after all! It looks very pretty!

: Yeah! Maybe it wasn't so cheap either! Well, we should them him we're sorry we criticized the tree he bought.

:wario:: Hey! Where is N. Trance? I thought he'd be waiting for us!

:waluigi:: Maybe because he thought he ruined the tree before we got here, he's very far away from us, crying his little eyes out. I bet he'll like how we decorated his little tree though.

: He'll be so happy, he'll no longer feel depressed about Christmas! Right?

:mario:: Right. Besides, we all made it look beautiful.

:luigi:: Maybe he wasn't a bad director after all! Just realise how much fun we had doing this play, even if it doesn't make it to actual production!

: Shouldn't we start singing? N. Trance could be coming back at any moment!

All Pokémon: (Hey! What did you do with our display? Now our playhouse isn't decorated for Christmas again!)

: Here he comes, everyone. Get ready to sing your hearts out!

*Everyone starts humming Hark! The Herald Angels Sing as N. Trance starts making his way back to where the tree is. Once he arrives, everyone stops humming*

: What's going on here?

*N. Trance looks at the now completely decorated tree in awe. Suddenly he no longer feels depressed*

Everyone: Merry Christmas, N. Trance!

:toadette:: Once we saw that your little tree looked all droopy, Zem grabbed one of the blankets from inside the Car Wash and wrapped it around the tree. Than we all removed the decorations from the Pokémon's playhouse and used them to decorate the tree!

: Me and Toadiko are sorry we criticized your tree, N. Trance.

: Once it was decorated, it looked very pretty!

:wario:: You really shouldn't let anyone ruin your self-esteem, N. Trance. Do you like what we did with your tree?

:waluigi:: Yeah! Doesn't it look beautiful?

: I bet now that you looked at what we did with your tree, you aren't feeling depressed about Christmas anymore!

:mario:: Maybe you weren't as bad of a director as we thought.

:luigi:: Yeah, we shouldn't have criticized you at all. We're sorry.

: Are you happy now, N. Trance?

All Pokémon: (Oh well. We can always put up new decorations for our playhouse tomorrow. You like what we did with the tree, N. Trance?)

: Forget what I said earlier, egghead. This tree looks so beautiful, I know the theatre will accept it!

: Wow! This tree looks very beautiful! I guess I didn't kill it after all. Thank you all for helping me realise that Christmas isn't only about the presents. It's about having fun, and spending time with friends and family, and most importantly, being happy.

*Everyone gathers around the tree and sing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Once they finish singing, they all go back to the community theatre to finish the Christmas play*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
*Meanwhile, in a different universe...*

Mr. Y: "Um... This isn't the universe I asked for. I wonder why I am here?"

Mysterious Voice: "Another Mr. RY? I thought there were only some many out there and all of them here."

Mr. Y: "Huh? How's there? And it's Mr. WY. My favorite color became red when I was inside a Red Yoshi. Anyways. Who are you."

Mysterious Voice: "You know who I am. I am Mr. N."

Mr. Y: "Mr. N... Wait. The richest of our kind. Err... was. That Mr. N."

Mr. N: "Yes. That Mr. N. And most of that went over to Mr. B."

Mr. Y: "Ah, yes. Right. Um... Who are all these people here and why?"

Mr. N: "They are all here because of the prank war Mr. M and Mr. L did. Mr. B was the one who sold them the pranks without them realizing that he was the one selling the items. And these were to come here if Mr. B did evil things. Mr. WY. Do you want to help?"

Mr. Y: "Help with what, exactly? It better be good."

Mr. N: "I believe you have the ability to communicate with Mr. B somehow. He must understand the reason for the Christmas season."

Mr. Y: "Oh. Right. The Christmas season. Yeah. I think I understand why. That was the day you were sent to a pocket universe. This pocket universe. Say no more. I got you covered. Now. There. I took a picture of you. I have an idea of how to get him to understand the Christmas season. Something that Red Yoshi has knowledge on. And I think I can make it work. Well. Bye for now."

Mr. N: "Wait."

Mr. Y: "What?"

Mr. N: "Just to warn you, your rival, Mr. BY, is still out there somewhere. Just thought I should tell you that.

Mr. Y: "Oh. Right him. Thanks. Well. Bye."

*And Mr. Y leaves the universe. After which, a song plays in the universe.*

Mr. N: "I wonder what he plans on doing. Wait. What is this song. It sounds Christmassy. It must be what he is planning on doing. Otherwise he wouldn't be playing this music."

*Meanwhile in the Car Wash Universe..."

Mr. Y after landing: "Yep. I made it back. But. Why am I at a grave site? And in front of- Neptune's grave. Neptune. That must be this world's version of Mr. N. Yeah. Yoshi the SSM has memories of Neptune. This year, too. Well. I better find Mr. B."

*And he heads off.*


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, five days after the Christmas play finished*

: Oxide, where are you? Ok, now this is ridiculous. How can Oxide be gone for more than a few days? And why did he have to take Zam with him? I've searched for him for 5 days and he still hasn't returned! Ouch!

*Zem bumps into N. Trance while he's searching for Oxide and Zam*

: Oh, hello N. Trance. Sorry I bumped into you. I was just searching for Oxide and Zam. They've been gone from here for five days!

: I've been looking for them too, Zem. Not a single sign of them in any of the rooms. Their sudden disappearance is starting to drive me mad! We should probably tell the others that we can't find those two anywhere in the Car Wash.

*Zem and N. Trance enter the lobby of the Car Wash, where Toadette and the others are*

: We still have found no sign of Oxide and Zam around here. We checked all the rooms.

: Everywhere we looked, those two weren't there. It is unusual for them to be gone this long.

:toadette:: Still no sign of them? I wonder if we should tell the police patrol about this.

: We probably should, Toadette. If we can't find them in Mushroom City, we can always check the rest of Mushroom Kingdom to see where they are.

: I'm worried sick about them. What if they go someplace where their lives will be in danger? Can't we contact them?

:wario:: Oxide doesn't use his cellphone all the time. He only uses it for music. If we want to contact him, we'll have to learn how to use one of those old fashioned telephones. And besides, he might not want to answer us.

:waluigi:: But he wouldn't go anywhere that isn't very hot or very cold! Remember when we were searching for Chaos Emeralds in Egypt and he collapsed from the heat? Since then, Doctor Toad has warned him not to go anyplace where his life might be at risk. We should tell the police about this, so that they can help us track him down. Who knows? He might've gone someplace where his own life might be at risk. But this time, not only is he risking his own life, he's putting Zam's life at risk too.

*Toadette and co. leave the Car Wash and go to the Mushroom City police department to tell the police that Oxide and Zam have gone missing*

*Meanwhile, way up north, far away from Mushroom City, in Frappe Snowland*

: I know I shouldn't be putting my life at risk, but I've got to stop this holiday season somehow! The closer we get to Christmas, the more I want to stop it from coming! I know I shouldn't betray my friends, but I just can't stand this time of year. Zam? Did you get stuck in some deep snow again?

*Oxide picks up Zam, who got stuck in some deep snow, and starts carrying him*

: Well, at least I can tolerate you more than I can tolerate those mischievous little Pokémon. They always cause trouble and they never listen to any of us! At least we're getting closer to that winter home I had for a little while when I had that cold during Flora's trial.

: Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

: Hmm? Aha! There it is! Now, you know what I'm going to use this place for, Zam? I'm not using it as a winter home. I'm using it so that we can make plenty of gadgets and gizmos that can help the two of us stop Christmas from coming! Than on the night of Christmas Eve, I'll get my sled out along with a huge bag that we put everything Christmas related into! Presents, decorations, trees, ornaments, lights, candy canes, stockings and everything in between! I'll even steal their Christmas dinner! And you're coming to help me that day, Zam! I'll even make perfect disguises for both of us so that everyone in Mushroom City can't recognize us! And by the time we finish stealing their Christmas, they'll be so sad, they'll never celebrate Christmas again! Hopefully the Mushroom City police department doesn't start looking for us up here while we start preparing for when Christmas Eve comes. But I know they'll start looking for us. Toadette and the rest of the crew have probably told them we've gone missing by now. If the police and Toadette and the rest of the crew come here, and we get returned to the Mushroom City Car Wash, my plan will be ruined!

*Oxide and Zam enter the former's winter home. Every few minutes, they check the outside of the house to see if anyone is at their door*