Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, in the Roleswap Dimension...-

*Prince Mario's army was in the middle of attacking Subcon. Meanwhile, Prince Mario had found Wart*

Prince Mario: Today is the day where you pay for your sins. Surrender peacefully, or your consequences will be more dire.

Wart: Hah! Over my dead body!

*Prince Mario unsheathes a cleaver from behind his back*

Prince Mario: Failure to accept thy sins shalt result in death.

*The two start dueling with Wart using a sword.*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Another note, Lucas isn't taking all of Jazzi's powers. Just the ones he deemed would ruin the plans of Car Wash Wart.
Meanwhile at Dozing Sands, Mr. M and Mr. L meet Britta who is busy making Shelltop miners work."


Shelltop Miner F after swinging faster: "Yes, ma’am."


Shelltop Miner G: "O-on it, boss!"

Britta after noticing Mr. M and Mr. L: "Hey… (looks at them) You! Guy! In the red! Mustache! You look able bodied. You’re hired! You work for me. NOW GET TO WORK. We goota lotta construction to do in this here desert. (looks at Mr. L) Hey… This one… I ain’t so sure about this one… Looks a little soft… (Mr. L nods a no) Eh? You guys ain’t looking for work? THEN GET OFFA MY JOB SITE!"

Dreambert: "I am sorry to disturb you, but we are looking for the Dark Stone. We believe it is up there."

Britta: "No one’s been able to get past the sand flow. Not without the Dozites. Although, you probably know that. Well. You wanna look around the desert for a while? It’s a free country, so you can. Just make sure you stay out of our way. Although, if your looking for the Deco Pi'illos, you will have to work for me in order to do so. No signs ups are necessary, just use the drill up ahead. Now, scram! I gotta go fire some slackers. (goes to the left) BACK TO WORK, SLACK-A-BUMS!"

Shelltop Miner H: "Don’t hit me!"

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, at a baseball field near the border of the Mushroom Kingdom...-

*Movie Sonic had sneaked out of the hotel at the middle of the night to a nearby baseball field and was quickly speeding from role to role*

Movie Sonic [Announcing]: At the baseplate, Sonic! And at the mound, also Sonic!

*Movie Sonic throws the ball from the mound towards the plate. Movie Sonic quickly picks up a bat and hits it from the plate. He starts running the bases at lightning speeds, causing the power to start surging.*

-Meanwhile, at a hotel near the border of the Mushroom Kingdom...-

*Mario was awoken by the noise of the surging power*

Mario: Mmm... Ugh... What in the world?

*Mario sees the lights slowly getting brighter and brighter*

Mario: Uh-Oh.

-Meanwhile, at the baseball field...-

*Movie Sonic was running so fast that he almost couldn't be seen. Suddenly, at the peak of his speed, Movie Sonic's power causes the power to surge so much, that the power gets knocked out*

Movie Sonic: Whuh-oh. Now I've done it.

*Movie Sonic's power surge had also summoned a portal. And out of it comes...*

Mario the Adventurer: Huh?! Wha?! Where am I?! What year is it?! Is The Rock the president?!

Movie Sonic: Oh, Hey! You look a lot like that "Mario" guy.

Mario the Adventurer: That's because I am that "Mario" guy! Mario the Adventurer!

*Just then, Mario comes running up to them*

Mario: What did you do?!

Movie Sonic: I played baseball! And, uh, knocked out power.

Mario: WHAT?!

Movie Sonic: Relax. It's not gonna effect the whole world! Just, well, at least a third of this continent. Which, now that I think about it, will attract... oh-no.

Mario: What's "Oh-no"?

Movie Sonic: Him. Dr. Robotnik. He wants my powers so he can take over his world.

Mario the Adventurer: Sounds a lot like King Bowser, from where I'm from.

Mario: Really? Wait a minute, Another me?!

Mario the Adventurer: That's right! Mario the Adventurer! Going fast and kicking a-

Mario: Just come on! We gotta move!

*The three head back to the hotel to gather up their stuff*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Dozing Sands, Mr. M and Mr. L decide to break the rocks in order to get to the Dark Stone. They then rescue three of the four Deco Pi'illos. But before they could get the fourth one..."

Clawgrip: "You guys are never going to get this one."

Toad: "Clawgrip eats it and runs away. This prompts Mr. M and Mr. L to use the drill they found against Clawgrip. And when they successfully do so, he spits out the Deco Pi'illo somewhere and leaves. Mr. M and Mr. L then free the Deco Pi'illo. After that, they go up the sandflow. However, Britta did go before them and cried out when she got to the top. Mr. M and Mr. L then find her. And she appears unconscious. Clawgrip then appears."

Clawgrip: "Yar! You'll make a tasty treat!"

Toad: "Clawgrip then starts attacking Mr. M and Mr. L and using one of his claws to be above his head when he is not.
Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe, Paper Yoshi the SSM, Officer Dark Light, and the others have traveled everywhere searching for a way to defeat Tubba Blubba. This eventually leads them to a windmill, where Tubba Blubba's heart was at, guarding a crystal as well."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. So that's where the crystal is at. Ok. And this heart is in our way. Let's see what we can do."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Also, the Sonic Movie plot arc takes place before the actual Sonic Movie just so you guys know

-Flashback: A long, long, long time ago-

Young Mr. L: Hey, Bro! I got something from another dimension!

Young Mr. M: Cool! What is it?

Young Mr. L: They call it "Gum". You chew it and it's all soft and it tastes great!

Young Mr. M: Sweet! Can I have some?

Young Mr. L: Of course!

*Mr. L hands Mr. M the packet of gum. Mr. M tries to pull a stick of gum out, but his finger gets smashed*

Young Mr. M: OOOWWW!

Young Mr. L: Ha! Gotcha!

Young Mr. M: Oh, it's ON!

-Present day, in Roleswap Subcon-

*Wart had been defeated once and for all. However, all is not well...*

Prince Mario: Where's Peach? H-Has anyone seen Peach?!

Prince Luigi: Brother! Over here!

*Prince Mario rushes to his brother to find Peach, slumped on the ground, unresponsive.*

Prince Mario: N-No! It can't be!

*Prince Mario picks up Peach's body and starts carrying her to the nearest hospital he can find*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile in present day Dozing Sands, Mr. M and Mr. L battle Clawgrip. Eventually, Mr. L gets out a box with gum in it and offers some to Clawgrip. Clawgrip does so and becomes electrified. After that, they head up the place where Dreambert said to go up to find Wart and the others, but they aren't there."

Dreambert: "Wait. We are late to this place again?"

Wart: "Yes you are. (he and the others appear) And unfortunately for you, I have fully powered the Dark Stone. (shows the Dark Stone) You know how the stone work. And we will be doing this on the top of Mount Pajamaja."

Lucas: "Unfortunately for you, you guys won't be following us. (he then creates a portal that should appear here and Mr. L falls asleep) You will instead be trapped inside this dream world until you find a way out. (he then sends Mr. M into the dream world) Well. It is best for us to get going."

Toad: "Then Wart and the others leave."

Dreambert: "Oh. This is bad. Well. I think it's best if I become a pillow so Luigi can sleep conformably."

Toad: "And he does so.
Meanwhile at the Car Wash, Mr. M and Mr. L appear along with Rosalina and Luma and Jazzi and John, but it seems like they are dimmer than the rest. Paper Yoshi the SSM and his group also appear and appear the same way."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Hello, there. I have asked Narrator Toad to take us here for the Thanksgiving stuff then return us back once it is over. Oh. The we're dim. Can you fix that?"

Toad: "Whoops. I did hologram not hologram live. Just a second. There. I fixed it and you are normal."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Thanks. That is better. Oh. And I see all of the Protectors (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario) are here. Anyways. We can experience stuff here like if we are actually here, but will return to where we were when we go back."


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM
Zhyoltaya Molniya Ray Trace: *wakes up after a long nap, since prior to that, he was busy with his amazing godlike powers zapping Wario to hunt for the Master Emerald, who now stole the shards from Knuckles.*

Zhyoltaya Molniya Ray Trace: Oh hello! I almost forgot I was supposed to be telling a story or something! My bad. You see, Wario is now in Sonic's universe for no reason! Isn't that great? And funny? Hopefully there are no Sonic characters around to notice! Ha! Now, back to our little story in the Paper Mario storybook. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Meanwhile at Flower Fields, Paper O'Chunks has found the crystal and has placed it on the ground."

Paper O'Chunks: "I'm back, 'lil guy (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario since he is referring to Ray Trace). Time fer the beating o' the ages."
*Paper Ray Trace was too busy admiring the Crystal Berry and too hard in thought to notice anything ahead of him, thinking hard about Rosie. When he saw O'Chunks again, he grinned. Even though Paper Ray Trace was clearly beaten up and hasn't recovered from running back and forth like a Russian gopher, he loved a fight. And he was happy to see O'Chunks returning rather than leaving him without a fight. A Protector always loved a good fight. It was his purpose; days spent idle without any sort of battle are the worst. He would rather get bruises from a hard battle on a Picture Day than to do absolutely nothing. Even with the odds now clearly stacked against Paper Ray Trace of winning due to his overall exasperation.*

*Paper Ray Trace put away his Crystal Berry, unsheathed his bright glowing blades and ran headfirst into the fray.*

Paper Ray Trace: You! We have tied ends that need to be loosened! I can fix that! With my blades! Come fight me! Ура-а!

*O'Chunks steadily pounded him into the ground, as Paper Ray Trace didn't realize how weakened he actually was and that his blades didn't glow as bright and intense as he liked, nor was he fast or agile. Paper Ray Trace's legs failed him. And after another loud, almost skull-crunching bash to Paper Ray Trace's head, that was when Paper Ray Trace realized his first and most important mission...and he was going to fail it.*

Paper Ray Trace: Please...stop fighting me...please I beg you...please spare me....

*Paper Ray Trace weakly held a Crystal Berry out.*

Paper Ray Trace: You see...there's a withering flower out there. Her name is Lily. She has no water, and she's dying a slow and painful death as we speak, her leaves and energy getting the life sucked out of her like a drain. I was on my way to help her out, I've made a promise to help her, but I got too cocky in my own abilities to fight you so...I left her out to die in order to fight a battle I know I can't win in and damage myself to the point where I can't walk anymore. I have the thing that'll make water in her pond again.

*Paper Ray Trace held the Crystal Berry out towards O'Chunks.*

Paper Ray Trace: Please. Give this Crystal Berry to Rosie. She has the Water Stone that you need to save Lily's life. Rosie is in the same area where you first flung me too. She's a giant rose. The lily that needs the Water Stone, she's past the Yellow Flower Gate.

*That was the point Paper Ray Trace blanked out into a coma, his arm that was holding the Crystal Berry for O'Chunks dropping to the ground like a lifeless plank.*

Tomorrow I'll attempt to address what happened in the Koopa Bros. Fortress and whatnot and try to move the story along there, there's a lot I want to write that I can't do it tonight.

Captain Man

You know the name.
-At the Car Wash, Mario, Sonic, Movie Sonic, and Mario the Adventurer had also were broadcast using Holographics-

Mario: Well, just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder.

Mario the Adventurer: From my experiences with the Salvation Squad, things can always get weirder.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Paper O'Chunks: "You been chunked, I see. Your request. Done. You are honorable in helpin' out others. Once that is done, it'll be best if I can get to Count Bleck with the crystal he wanted. Chunks away!"

Toad: "And O'Chunks goes out and finishes the task that Ray Trace started to do. After he does all of these, a beanstalk grows near a tree."

Paper O'Chunks: "Well. I better return to get that crystal."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Crystal Palace, Paper (2D) Dimentio has found where the crystal is at, but it seems he could reach it. As it was on the other side of a mirror it seemed. But he knew that it wasn't a mirror, but another area with Duplighosts disguised as what was on the other side. However, he could see a way to go directly to the crystal. So he starts exploring the rest of the Crystal Palace for a way back there.
Meanwhile at Shy Guy's Toy Box, Paper (3D) Dimentio has found a chest where he thinks is where the crystal is at. However, an Anti-Guy guards the chest. Paper (3D) Dimentio then tries to defeat the Anti-Guy. However, he fails to do so due to him not expecting some things. And as a result, he lays on the floor and glitches uncontrollably."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in Sonic's world*

:wario:: I'd better get out of here! Waluigi's missing me already!

*Wario sees a portal in the distance and jumps into it*

*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, Wario comes out of a portal*

:wario:: I'm back!

:waluigi:: Wario! I missed you! How was searching for the Master Emerald?

:wario:: Sad, because my friends weren't there with me. Hey, where's everyone else?

:waluigi:: They're outside! Oxide noticed snow outside the window of his room today, and he, Zem, Zam, Toadiko, and all of the Pokemon have been playing in the snow since 7:00. Unfortunately, Toadette and Cream are shoveling snow because a huge pile of it is blocking the Car Wash entrance. Let's play with them!

*Wario and Waluigi go outside to join their friends, who're playing in the snow*

*At the Car Wash entrance*

:toadette:: Shoveling this snow is hard work, Cream. I wish Oxide and the others would stop throwing snowballs at us!

: Ow! Oxide! You and your friends must stop throwing snowballs at us! We've got work to do! Why don't you play by yourselves and leave us alone!

*In the backyard of the Car Wash*

:wario:: So, Waluigi. What do you want to do first?

:waluigi:: Let's make snow angels!

:wario:: Too girly. Let's join in on that snowball fight Oxide is having with Toadiko! Only the Pokémon are making snow angels.

*Wario and Waluigi find Oxide and Toadiko having a snowball fight with each-other*

: Oxide, I wish you had better aiming skills when it comes to snowball fighting. Your snowballs always miss me, and they either hit Cream or my sister! They've got work to do. Can't you leave them alone?

: Well, you always dodge my snowballs when I throw them, Toadiko. You must be very good at this. I haven't done this since I was a little gasmoxian.

:wario:: Hey! Want me and Waluigi to join you in your snowball fight?

:waluigi:: Pretty please?

: Sure, Wario and Waluigi. One of you can be on my side, while the other can help Toadiko.

: Oxide! We need your help!

: Sorry, everyone. Zem and Zam are building yet another snowman and I have to help them build it. And since 2 against 1 isn't fair, this snowball fight is over!

*Oxide leaves Wario, Waluigi and Toadiko, and starts making his way towards Zem and Zam*

: Oxide, you're just in time! Zam and I are building a snowman, and we thought you would like to help us.

: Of course I'll help you. It'll certainly make everything much easier when we work together!

: Great! Let's get started.

: Ruff.

*Oxide, Zem, and Zam start building their snowman*

*Meanwhile, at Peach's castle, a mysterious pink egg-shaped creature with robotic arms, torso, and legs, called N. Trance, has come out of a portal to the 5th dimension*

Toads: Run! There's a mysterious creature that's after us!

*The Toads see a staircase and go up it*

:peach:: Help! It looks like another invader has come!

*Princess Peach follows the Toads up the staircase*

*N. Trance finds the castle balcony and sits on the walls of it. Suddenly, a huge wind comes, blowing N. Trance off the balcony, and making him fall to the ground*

: Ouch! Scrambled again! Well, thanks to this wind, I'm even closer to my goal of brainwashing everyone in Mushroom City! Velo sent me from his grave to kill Oxide and all his new friends! Hopefully I don't fail!

*N.Trance leaves the outskirts of Peach's castle and starts making his way towards Mushroom City*


Fangirl Idiot
i decided to follow in @Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario footsteps in quoting past posts

Toad: "Meanwhile in present day Dozing Sands, Mr. M and Mr. L battle Clawgrip. Eventually, Mr. L gets out a box with gum in it and offers some to Clawgrip. Clawgrip does so and becomes electrified. After that, they head up the place where Dreambert said to go up to find Wart and the others, but they aren't there."

Dreambert: "Wait. We are late to this place again?"

Wart: "Yes you are. (he and the others appear) And unfortunately for you, I have fully powered the Dark Stone. (shows the Dark Stone) You know how the stone work. And we will be doing this on the top of Mount Pajamaja."

Lucas: "Unfortunately for you, you guys won't be following us. (he then creates a portal that should appear here and Mr. L falls asleep) You will instead be trapped inside this dream world until you find a way out. (he then sends Mr. M into the dream world) Well. It is best for us to get going."

Toad: "Then Wart and the others leave."

Dreambert: "Oh. This is bad. Well. I think it's best if I become a pillow so Luigi can sleep conformably."

Toad: "And he does so.
Meanwhile at the Car Wash, Mr. M and Mr. L appear along with Rosalina and Luma and Jazzi and John, but it seems like they are dimmer than the rest. Paper Yoshi the SSM and his group also appear and appear the same way."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Hello, there. I have asked Narrator Toad to take us here for the Thanksgiving stuff then return us back once it is over. Oh. The we're dim. Can you fix that?"

Toad: "Whoops. I did hologram not hologram live. Just a second. There. I fixed it and you are normal."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Thanks. That is better. Oh. And I see all of the Protectors (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario) are here. Anyways. We can experience stuff here like if we are actually here, but will return to where we were when we go back."
Jazzi: *is still pissed and her red colored glitching has gotten worse* ...

Captain Man

You know the name.
*Luigi goes down to the Car Wash basement to check on Tails*

Luigi: Tails? How long have you been down here?

Tails: I have no idea. I've lost all track of time.

Luigi: Dude, you look like an absolute trainwreck! What've you been doing?

Tails: I've been inventing lots of stuff. I think you'll like em!

Luigi: "'Em?"

*Tails pushes a button and 3 Luigi Robots activate.

Tails: I call them "Luigi-Robos"! They're meant to mimic your speed when washing cars!

Luigi: That's just... uncanny. Tails?

*Tails had fallen asleep at his desk due to being awake for over 5 days. Luigi picks him up and carries him upstairs*


*John slowly backs away from Jazzi, not wanting her to get any more angry*

Mario: A new baddie?

Mario the Adventurer: We gotta stop it!

*The two Marios deactivate their holographics. Mario the Adventurer then enters the car wash using his speed. Mario trails not to far behind, thanks to his Backwards Long-Jump*

Mario: It's at the castle! C'mon!

*The Marios then make a beeline to Peach's Castle*


Fangirl Idiot
Jazzi: *thinks* I can't control this glitching. What is wrong with me?! That damn thing think it can take my power! *she glitches again* I shouldn't do that... But I can't help it! I can't! I can't! I can't!I can't!I can't!I can't!I can't!... *she knew that she was gonna burst, so she removed her Mr. L from her head and proceeds to explode her power. This causes her to stop glitching, get back her powers, and ease her mind. After the blast was done (no one is hurt) she involuntary goes through all her Luigi transformations, each lasting less then a second* That felt so good holy sh- *she looks around to see everyone a bit disorientated by the blast* You guys aren't hurt, right?!


Fangirl Idiot
Mr. L: Why didn't you do that when there was less people? *laughs and he goes back into Jazzi's body*

*Jazzi just giggles and shakes her head*

Jazzi: I actually don't know what that red glitching was... first time I've had that. Hopefully the last; it felt like it was taking over my head!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe, Yoshi the SSM and Paper Bowser Jr. had returned by themselves and notices the others were unconscious. Since they defeated the heart before they went to the car wash, Yoshi the SSM gets the crystal and leaves, where Tubba Blubba and Mimi await."

Paper Mimi: "So you have found the crystal. Great. Now. Hand it over or else."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "No. I am not going to let you guys destroy this universe and create a new one."

Paper Mimi: "You do realize you can't defeat me. I am invincible. One last chance to hand over all your crystals you have gathered."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Invincible. I highly doubt that."

Paper Mimi: "And if that isn't enough, I got Tubba Blubba here as well. And he is also invincible."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Nope. You guys aren't invincible."

Paper Mimi: "So. That's your choice. Well. Don't say that I didn't warn you."

Toad: "Paper Mimi then turns her head and becomes her spider form."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Go! Go! Yoshi! You can defeat that thing!"

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM then battles Mimi and Tubba Blubba as the Protectors (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario) wake up inside the windmill.
Meanwhile in Dreamy Dozing Sands, Mr. M and Mr. L have awaken and have started looking for a way to get out of the dream world."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash entrance*

:toadette:: We're almost done shoveling this snow! Come on, Cream! Let's finish this!

: I'm glad Oxide isn't throwing snowballs at us anymore! Now we can actually do this!

*Meanwhile, in the backyard*

:wario:: I can't believe this snowball fight is over! Now what're we going to do?

:waluigi:: Let's go with our original plan of making snow angels, Wario.

: Yeah! You could help me make some very pretty ones!

*Wario, Waluigi, and Toadiko start making snow angels*

: It's a good thing you're helping us build our snowman, Oxide. We only have to do the head now.

: Ruff.

: The head's the easiest part. We'll get it done in no time! Uh oh! I see someone coming!

*N. Trance enters the backyard disguised as a penguin*

: Help me find my lost baby! I've been looking everywhere for her and I just can't seem to find her!

: I recognize that voice! I know who's under that lousy disguise!

*Oxide takes off N. Trance's disguise, revealing his true self*

: N. Trance! Long time no see, egghead!

: How did you get here?

: Ruff?

: Velo sent me from his grave in Twilight House. He told me that he wanted me to take care of some unfinished business by killing you and all your friends. But personally, I just don't want to do that to you, Zem, or Zam. It'd just be way too heartbreaking! Maybe I should scrap my plan. Can I see what your new friends look like?

: Of course, egghead! They just finished playing in the snow! I'll introduce you to all of them!

*Oxide, Zem, Zam, and N. Trance leave the backyard and enter the Car Wash lobby*

Captain Man

You know the name.
Luigi: Eh? Another alien? Well, It'll be nice to have ya' around, ya' know?

*Luigi heads into his office and slumps down into his chair. He looks at a photo on his desk. It was of Mario and Luigi's first adventure, nearly 8 years ago.*

Luigi: *Sigh* I miss those days... Sure, they were dangerous, but that's kinda what made them fun...

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile in Dreamy Dozing Sands, the group have met the Dark Stone's spirit, which doesn't seem very talkative and runs away. Dreambert then gets an idea."

Dreambert: "Guys. If we bother him enough, he may cause Luigi to want to wake up from his dream. I think it will work. Let's see if we can find a way to get to him."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe, Yoshi the SSM defeated Mimi, who was surprised by this, and Tubba Blubba. And with Tubba Blubba defeated, he dropped one of the Star Spirit cards."

Paper Mimi who has returned to her normal form: "Ugh. This is totally unfair. I was invincible. Looks like I have to go back to Count Bleck empty handed."

Toad: "And with that, she disappears. After that, Yoshi the SSM then freed the Star Spirit as the Protectors that were with him came out of the windmill."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Ok. Another one down. And apparently the next one is at Shy Guy's Toy Box. Come on. Let's go there."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Flower Fields, O'Chunks returns to where he placed the crystal. But it was taken by Huff N. Puff."

Paper O'Chunks: "Oh. Someone is askin' fer the beatin' o' the ages."

Toad: "And he tries to go after Huff N. Puff."


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM
*The Koopa Bros. Fortress was taken care of by navigating through the dreadful place. As much as the Yellow Ninjakoopa wanted to trap them again with his engineered obstacles, they were no match for Paper Dark Light's quick wits and suspicions about traps, having much experience with such mechanisms herself. The group avoided a barrage of Bullet Bills fired by the Koopa Bros (Bullet Bills weren't exactly the fastest moving enemies out there and certainly didn't travel as fast as actual bullets).*

*They arrived in a hallway, where a giant mecha Bowser appeared. Paper White immediately ran for cover, thinking that the mecha Bowser was the real deal, though neither Paper Red nor Paper Dark Light were fooled, and the machinery was very shoddy at best, a poor recreation of Bowser who didn't even breathe fire. The machine was easily destroyed by the group, who were then confronted by the Koopa Bros. themselves.*

*The Koopa Bros., despite being a group of bandana'd Koopa Troopas who came up with such a devious plan and inhabited a large fortress like this, were actually just ordinary Koopas who had a devastating spin attack when stacked on each other. Paper Dark Light noticed the instability of such a move and formation and knocked them down with her classic police tackling move she often used against resisting suspects. This caused the Koopa Bros. to fall on their backs, rendering them helpless and exposed to strong attacks. When the Koopa Bros. did restack each other, Bombette simply blew them off balance again. And thus that led them to their defeat.*

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. So that is what the cards are about. So, we should probably go find more. (starts going) We should- Wait... Something isn't right here. (gets out the Order Emeralds) There is something here... (He then finds a Wyldluim Crystal) Here it is. This is some kind of a crystal. But what kind of a crystal... (he then gets a message from Mr. Y who had texted him from Dry Dry Outpost) Oh. A message. "Dear Yoshi the SSM. Count Bleck has sent me out to find Wyldluim Crystals. I want you to know about them, as they are dangerous. So dangerous that they don't exist in the world we come from due to Tribe of Darkness not being destroyed in that world. And that's Count Bleck's plans. Please be careful, for the other minions are searching for them too. Mimi is at Forever Forest, O'Chunks went to Flower Fields, 3D Dimentio to Shy Guy's Toy Box, and 2D Dimentio went to the Crystal Palace. And I feel bad for that guy from the 3D universe that is in Flower Fields as O'Chunks is probably going to beat on him again. I am currently in Dry Dry Desert looking for it, where a card is supposed to be located to. That's all. Sincerely Mr. Y. P.S. I also am sending a picture of what they look like." Oh. This is a Wyldluim Crystal. Well. I think we should go to Dry Dry Desert and find the card there."
Paper Blue: Hein? I wonder who is that guy from the 3D universe currently in the Flower Fields?

Paper White: Where are the other two guys again? I forgot.

Paper Red: We know the location of Purple. He's stuck in Lavalava Island. I have a feeling that it's likely our sergeant.

Paper White: Oh? And he's going to get himself beat up by someone. Of course he is. What an idiot.

Paper Red: We need to rescue him, sure, but I do not know how to travel there...

Paper Dark Light: Forget about him. I'm more concerned about those crystals. They seem extremely powerful and it looks like people want them for some reason. You know...if I had things my way, those things would be confiscated by the police and locked up somewhere secure a LONG time ago. I don't like people who want to mess with power. They usually don't know what they're doing.

Paper Red: Looks like Dry Dry Desert is our next stop, commander.

Paper Dark Light: Why? I'm more interested in finding the last of our Protectors first.

Paper Red: Again. One of them is trapped in an island, commander. The other is in Flower Fields, an unknown location that we do not know how to access.

Paper Dark Light: Well? We should figure it out, right? We should be all reunited first.

Paper White: I really think we could do without Ray Trace. Ever since a terrible experience he had in a desert, he'd probably chicken out and slow all of us down if we went there. You remember that, commander? And, I'm guessing that desert has something we need to get to where Ray Trace is anyway. I mean, I think these guys know where to get around here. We should probably listen to them.

Paper Blue: And we agreed to help the people in this universe too! They've helped us a lot so far, helped us reunite together, helped us fight battles, so I think we should return the favor and assist in their quest! What do you say, Red? I really want to help them out, even if it meant we went out of our way for now. Ray Trace should take care of himself too. He is third-in-command after all, I'm sure all of you remember that!

*Paper White's eyes rolled hard at the last sentence that Paper Blue said, and he planted a hand to his face, sighing.*

Paper Red: ¿What do you think, commander?

Paper Dark Light (tapping her foot in frustration, hating that no one agrees with her): Fine. We'll go to Dry Dry Desert. We'll help the inhabitants find a card there that contains a trapped Star Spirit. The last two Protectors better take care of themselves. I don't want to arrive just to find one of them partially disintegrated and another turned into a rotting corpse.

*The group trekked back towards Toad Town, parting ways with Bombette who would reunite with the other Bob-ombs, who decided to settle down in the nearby Koopa Village rather than the fortress. The Koopa Bros. were currently jailed in the Koopa Bros. Fortress, since that was the only available prison Paper Dark Light knew of and was still very peeved that Toad Town lacked a police force that she can drag them into. If they did their shenanigans back in Mushroom City, she would be glad to personally take all of them into jail herself, even if they couldn't fit in the back of her Police Utility Vehicle.*

*In order to travel to Dry Dry Desert, the group took a train to the location. During the train travel, Paper White and Paper Blue napped, very tired after their long trip (and Paper Blue was happy to not be sleeping in a prison for once), while Paper Red and Paper Dark Light sat next to each other, slowly watching the landscape turn from a bright green grassy field into a yellow sandy desert. Paper Red himself eventually dozed off too, but Paper Dark Light was alert, her mind spinning hard and rethinking of survival strategies should they be stranded here for days for some reason, how to find an oasis, how to use landmarks to their advantage, and so on.*

*Paper Yoshi the SSM was the one who woke them out of their naps with the arrival into Mt Rugged. The group traveled on the mountain, which was the easy part, save for a few Clefts who lived here and were extremely territorial and charged at them. A large buzzard even let them through, as he was ordered to stop only Mario and Mario wasn't even present in their group and there was no one who even resembled or dressed like Mario. Sure, the Protectors had big noses but that was the only comparison.*

*When they arrived at the desert, Paper Yoshi the SSM knew his way around. There was a slightly visible trail that led them through, and Paper Dark Light took note of the landmarks around them, such as the Tweester and rock formations that marked locations. It was then that they arrived at Dry Dry Outpost, and they took another rest at the outpost, taking quite some time traveling to the desert. Paper Dark Light thought it wasn't as bad as it thought it could be. They packed plenty of water and food, and it lasted them, and they still had a significant surplus left.

*While the others were resting, Paper Dark Light accompanied Paper Yoshi the SSM, who met with a fellow named Mr. Y.*

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe at Dry Dry Outpost..."

Paper Mr. Y: "There it is. There is where the pyramid is. Although, many people call it Ruins, but I found it."

Paper Yoshi the SSM after coming in: "Hi there, Mr. Y."

Paper Mr. Y: "Oh. Yoshi the SSM. Nice to... wait. That's-"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "One of the crystals you are looking for. I know. You sent me the picture."

Paper Mr. Y: "If you have that crystal... that means that Mario isn't the hero this time around. Count Bleck sent me the prophecy concerning the crystals. It says that a man of Red will try to stop the gathering of the crystals by gathering some crystals himself. And it says that he will also try to stop them and will prevail. You are a man of Red, aren't you."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. One could say that. I'm a Yoshi, but yeah."

Paper Mr. Y: "The prophecy also mentions that you will join forces with a young ruler of Koopas, a female leader and her followers, and a man of Green. And though a man of Green would oppose you, you will still stop their plans."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Wait. A female leader and her followers. That must mean Officer Dark Light. She is the leader of the Protectors, her followers. Young ruler of Koopas would suggest Bowser Jr. Not sure about the man of Green. But it could be Green Yoshi, right? As for man of Green opposing me..."

Paper Yoshi the SSM and Paper Mr. Y together: "That's Mr. L."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Great minds think alike. As the saying goes."

Paper Mr. Y: "The prophecy also mentions me. It says that a new sidekick will join the man of Green opposing the man of Red, but he will not attack this man of Red. I think I can understand why. But not that it matters. Well. Except that I must choose who I serve. Hmm... Wait. I think I should serve them. That way, I could learn more about the crystals then you can. So. That would mean that I would get the crystal of Dry Dry Ruins. Not to worry. You get other crystals. And it says that you will get most of them, but not all of them. We will work together to go to the pyramid since there is a card in there. What is weird about the Star Spirits is that the prophecy doesn't mention them. Well. Except that the man of Red will collect people because that is why he is traveling to all the places. Anyways. Let us go to Dry Dry Ruins."

Toad: "And the group leaves towards Dry Dry Ruins."
*Paper Dark Light gave her typical look of disapproval when she was mentioned in a prophecy.

Paper Dark Light: Bah. I don't believe in prophecies. They're just a bunch of bunk written by out of touch stupid weirdos who just want to be relevant and attention. They're intentionally written vague so that they can claim all the credit when that vague stuff eventually happens because it just does. Heck, I've got called to someone who thinks that he was destined to act like a hoodlum in the night and that he shall overthrow the police and restore order to the world. I've arrested him of course.

Paper Dark Light: How do you know that none of this was made up on the spot? Information like this travels quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if this was faked so we should feel worried or something about it. Who made this up?

Paper Dark Light: And even if it's true, what's this? Man of Red? Are you sure that's not just referring to my Lieutenant, who is technically a man of red? Plenty of men like the color red. It's not uncommon. The same thing applies to Man of Green.

Paper Dark Light: I say, we should just ignore the stupid prophecy and focus on our goal. It could be a bluff, but if it wasn't, we shan't let that old nonsense stop us on our quest regardless.

Still tying up what happened in Dry Dry Ruins I apologize for that, will get to current time eventually

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y remarked at that time: "Yeah. But it mentions that the man of red would join the female but never actually be part of her followers. And it's like it happened a long time ago. So long ago that no one remembers. Wait. Why am I telling you this? You said you don't believe in prophecies. And probably a good thing too. Not all prophecy is legit. But there are some. Oh. You're leaving. You weren't listening to me at this time even. O-k. Bye then."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the present day, Paper Mimi has come to Count Bleck."

Paper Mimi: "Count Bleck. I failed to get the crystal at Forever Forest. A guy named Yoshi the SSM took it from there instead. He was even capable of getting past my invincibility. Oh. We already have two of those crystals. Wait. Mr. L and Mr. Y got one each? Good for them. I hope the others are doing ok. I do wonder why they haven't gotten here yet. Well. I think I'll join those two that are here for now."

Toad: "Meanwhile on the way back to Toad Town, for that was where Shy Guy's Toy Box was at, Yoshi the SSM mentions something to the Protectors.

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "I was recently reading a book on how to get to Flower Fields. And apparently, there some seeds in order to open the door to there. And one of those seeds are on the island Purple is on. So, we are definitely seeing Purple before Ray Trace."

Toad: "They then enter Toad Town and start to look for the house with Shy Guy's Toy Box."


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM
*The Protectors, after their stay at Dry Dry Outpost, traveled to the mysterious ruins that were supposed to house a card that they were seeking. While Paper White was discussing the possibility of a booby trap that turns them all into mummies and being eaten alive by scarab beetles (Paper Red helpfully pointed out that scarab beetles ate dung, not flesh, so they have nothing to worry about, though Paper White argued back that they were made out of paper, not flesh), they found the ruins.*

Paper Red: Well, here we go. Looks...dark in there.

Paper Blue: Will there be any paper-eating beetles in here? I hope not!

Paper White: With our luck, I think there will be.

Paper Dark Light: Oh, can you shut up about beetles already? Beetles aren't predators, and they wouldn't attack difficult prey like us, assuming that they DO eat meat. They're more likely to attack already dead things, and as far as we're concerned, we're not dead, right? Even if we are dead, we won't have any use for our bodies. Okay, now, are we going in or not? Are you going to continue talking about your stupid superstition? Because I don't care what kind of weird beliefs you have about places. I've already talked with a prophecy-parroting partner, and I don't need a curse-clapping comrade on top of all of that.

Paper Red: I do think enclosed spaces like that carry a lot of bad karma, commander...

Paper White: We're going to get cursed!

Paper Dark Light: And if I hear one more peep out of a stupid mummy's curse, something that can be easily explained by science, I'm going to mummify you myself. You got that?

*The three other Protectors silently nodded at her. The last thing anyone wanted to have was a last moment regarding an angry little person slicing them up to bits, bandaging them in a coffin, and storing their organs in containers.*

*The group went inside the ruins. Paper Red was shuddering the entire time, not acting like his usual self, as if he himself was cursed by something ancient, if one had superstitious lenses. Paper Dark Light, however, had known that Paper Red had claustrophobic tendencies, and being in an underground ruins with nothing but coffins around and the only thing lighting them up were the lights from their swords illuminating the passageway ahead of them was a trigger for that. At first, when the ruins had light in the ceiling, Paper Red was okay, but the deeper underground they got, the more anxious Paper Red got. He had to held Paper Dark Light's hand and was to be coaxed by Paper Blue to proceed on. Because of Paper Red's deep anxieties, Paper Blue proxy took over the second-in-command's duties until they were out of the ruins.*

*Quite a bit of tricks and features awaited the group. Some puzzles involved filling up a room with sand. And while Paper White's suspicions about mummies became true, they were simply Pokey Mummies who emerged from sarcophagi, and they didn't pose too much of a threat as they were pretty much dead plants. Other than them, Buzzy Beetles and Swoops inhabited there and mostly minded their own business, not really caring who's inside the ruins as long as they get to just live in there. And there was nary a scarab beetle to be found.*

*Eventually, when it seemed like Paper Red was about to break down crying, the group found a room that did contain a card hidden in it. While they were about to approach it, a being named Tutankoopa stopped them, angry that they raided his tomb, and how they ignored his warnings, and wanted to curse them for that. It was then Paper Red and Paper White finally broke, and were sent in a crying fit, hugging each other and begging Tutankoopa for mercy. However, the rest of the group were unphazed by this, and a fight broke out between them. While the Chain Chomps had a nasty bite and a nastier temperament, the group eventually succeeded in defeating Tutankoopa, who then had his Chomps turned against him. Tutankoopa then verbally cursed them, in which Paper Dark Light ignored. When Paper Dark Light was just about drag Paper Red herself through this (he and Paper White were in fetal position, sucking their thumbs), Mamar helpfully transported them outside, much to the relief of Paper Dark Light and Paper Blue.*

*After a short trip back to Dry Dry Outpost for the two Protectors to recompose themselves, Yoshi the SSM and Paper Mr. Y told them that they should travel to Forever Forest next.*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "In the present day, Yoshi the SSM and the others have made it to Shy Guy's Toy Box. Or at least to the house. It helped, of course, that Shy Guys were stealing stuff and went into the house with the place. Yoshi the SSM was the first to enter the Toy Box and he shrunk while entering. He then meets a Toad who is near the tracks."

(Paper) Train Toad Worker: "Oh. Hello. You seem like a helpful fellow. You see, the train is currently missing the tracks. It is somewhere outside here, but is locked behind somewhere. The key is somewhere in here, though."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Sounds like we need to take care of this. Hey, Protectors! We will need to come back here in order to place a train here! The key is inside here!"

Train Toad Worker: "Thanks in advance. Huh. That guy. He hasn't return yet as I suspected."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "What guy?"

Train Toad Worker: "Oh. A guy that came here to look for a crystal. I told him that it is in a chest that was guarded. He didn't seem to care, though. Rumor has it that it is a powerful baddie that guards it. And if you don't win the battle, you end up being glitched out and won't be able to move at all."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Don't tell me. It's an Anti Guy."

Train Toad Worker: "I guess that would fit the description. How did you know?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "A YouTuber by the name of Stryder7x."

Train Toad Worker: "Oh. Wait. Are you sure that is a YouTuber? Because the rumor says his name is Stryder7x."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "This is a problem, then. Oh. And that would also explain why that guy you saw never returned. Not even magicians can stop glitches."

Train Toad Worker: "Magician... Yeah. I saw him do magical stuff. How did you know he was a magician?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. I know who he is. His name is Dimentio. Anyways. Hey! Protectors! I am going to go find the crystal that is here! You guys can help these guys out so that we can get the card here!"

Train Toad Worker: "You are going after the crystal. (sarcastively) Good luck."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "I learn a thing or two about expecting the unexpected. Yeah. Even from the simple things. Well. Bye."

Train Toad Worker as Yoshi the SSM leaves: "It was fun knowing him, I guess."


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM
*Paper Dark Light was perhaps the only person happy to arrive in the Forever Forest. While the Toad guard who pointed towards the forest was completely terrified by it and really didn't want the group to access there, she felt at home here. She was always happy to be in dark forests, if her last experience at the Moonlit Midnight forest reserve was any indication, and she can navigate fairly well in the dark. Even when the Forever Forest had a reputation of being haunted, she felt fine. Paper Red, Paper White, and Paper Blue, on the other hand, although they also enjoy forests, the haunted vibe it gave didn't make them feel any better. They thought Paper Dark Light was simply insane when she called the flowers on the bush who made eerie noises when touched "beautiful".*

*A bush named Oaklie noticed their arrival, and was worried about them. There was something about this forest that didn't invite random stragglers and he didn't need yet another lost soul forever consumed by this forest.*

*When Oaklie blocked the path, to his surprise, he ended up irritating Paper Dark Light than making her change her mind.*

Paper Dark Light: Just think what are YOU doing there? Why are you blocking us?

Oaklie: You shouldn't advance any further. This is Forever Forest. It's extremely dangerous.

Paper Dark Light: Yeah? I'm dangerous too. Watch me. Let me through.

*Paper Dark Light unsheathed her purple blades. It shone brilliantly, though it didn't persuade Oaklie.*

Oaklie: You are not going through. You should go back.

Paper Dark Light: Who are you? You're not a security guard. I don't see a badge on you. Where's your supervisor? I demand to see him. Or her.

Oaklie: What...?

Paper Dark Light: Very funny. I don't recognize you as authority, so if you don't open the gate for me right now, you will leave me with no choice but to barge right in.

*Paper Red was a lot more cordial and he decided to intervene, as he didn't like how Paper Dark Light was acting rude and stubborn to others who simply wanted to help them.*

Paper Red: Commander, you are outside your jurisdiction. You cannot impose your authority onto others when you are outside it, not to mention, you are off-duty regardless. Let me speak to the bush, if you will allow me.

*Paper Dark Light sheathed her swords, and allowed Red to speak, being unhappy that she cannot boss people around like she should.*

Paper Red: I apologize for my leader's brash choice of authority around here. She is simply not used to being on equal level with others, as she is a police officer. She has had a tough time. Regardless, we have an invitation to head towards a mansion filled with Boos. They have something they want to give us, so I believe that's a pass that's required for us to traverse through this forest. ¿Will you let us through?

*Oaklie was silent for a moment, considering what Paper Red said to him.*

Oaklie: Very well then. I will let you through. However, I must warn you that this forest is dangerous. Observe your surroundings very carefully. If you see landmarks that are unlike the others, that's the path you need to take. Take the wrong path, and you are sent to the beginning. I wish you luck.

*Oaklie opened the gate, and the group were let through. Paper Dark Light was excellent at observing her surroundings, thanks to her police academy training and her warrior training prior to that, so she quickly figured out the gist of how to proceed. She noticed trees, pipes, and rocks with eyes, and flowers that animate differently than the others, which easily marked the path she needed to take. It wasn't long before they arrived at the Boo Mansion.*