Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The two then chase the bunny but it seemed to escaped up high. Eventually, the reach a machine with Brickle nearby."

Brickle: "Let’s see here… First, I gotta turn dese feathers. Den dis pump’ll start workin’. If I can turn on dis waterin’ machine… Just gotta water dese flowers so I can get up dere… Den da bunny is mine, and Mushrise Park’ll be a hit! Baha…hahahahaha… (Mario jumps) Bah! What’s da big idea? You spyin’ on me?! Hang on… Might be smart ta get dese two ta help… Hey, ease up, you guys. Let’s call us a truce. We oughta woik together. Basically, we gotta turn dese feathers ta nab dat bunny. (camera goes to a tree) I’d climb da tree and do it myself, but… (camera goes back) I kinda got my hands full here. Can you take care of dat?"

Captain Man

You know the name.
*Dreamy Mr. L uses the tree to fling Mr. M*

-Meanwhile, in the Paper World-

Paper Mr. L: Jeez. Do I look like a clean-up crew? Ah, forget it.

*Paper Mr. L loads up Paper Dr. Mario's body into Brobot. Paper Mr. L then goes inside Peach's castle.*

Paper Mr. L: Now, If I remember correctly...

*Paper Mr. L walks up to the empty throne. He pulls out the Wydluim Crystal from the throne*

Paper Mr. L: Bingo.

*Paper Mr. L returns to Brobot and blasts off*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Paper Bowser Jr.: "Hey. Is that Luigi? And he just took that crystal I found and hid in Peach's thrown. And is that a machine he is riding off on. Hmm... Better see what he is up to."

Toad: "He then gets inside his Junior Koopa Clown Car and follows Paper Mr. L.
Meanwhile at Flower Fields, Paper O'Chunks has found the crystal and has placed it on the ground."

Paper O'Chunks: "I'm back, 'lil guy (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario since he is referring to Ray Trace). Time fer the beating o' the ages."

Toad: "And he starts beating on Ray Trace again.
Meanwhile in the Dream World of Dreamy Mushrise Park, the Bros. also helped Dreamy Brickle, who gave them a Luiginary Attack and made it up higher."

Dreamy Brickle: "Mushrise Park is gonna shine! Bahaha… BAHAHA! (monsters appear and Brickle has an exclamation mark) Bah! You little punks! Ugly monsters, messin’ up Mushrise Park! Hey! Perfect timin’ guys! See these chuckleheads messin’ with my park?! Let’s call a truce again so’s you can stomp ‘em! Oh… Remember how I gave you guys an Attack Piece? I forgot I had dis one too. Use it ta beat dose things! Then turn dose feathers over dere to start da water pump. I got my hands full here, so you’re gonna have to do it. Once da pump starts goin’… Da water starts flowin’… And da flowers start growin’… And dat bunny will be Mushrise Park’s new mascot! BAHAH! Mushrise Park’s gonna shine! Bahaha… BAHAHA!"

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile at the Car Wash...-

*Mario and Luigi were exuasted. Mario had saved all of his friends from the Hotel, the Professor was renovating it to be a research tower, and Mario was now working for Gadd Science, Inc.*

Luigi: So, the Professor offered you a job, eh?

Mario: Sure did. It may not seem like it, I'm running a bit low on funds.

Luigi: Good for you, bro. But for right now, I just want to relax. No more wild adventures.

*Just as Luigi stops talking a speedy blue figure comes out of portal. However, it isn't a regular portal. This one was really smooth and golden. The figure rushes around*

Luigi: Didn't I just say "No wild adventures"?

Mario: Huh? Soni-

Movie Sonic: YouGottaHideMe!

Luigi: Woah, woah! Slow down!

Movie Sonic: You gotta hide me! T-They're after me!

Mario: "They"?

Movie Sonic: I-I'll explain later! Just hide me!

Luigi: Quick! Into my office!

*Luigi moves Movie Sonic into his office. From there, Luigi puts Sonic in the vault that houses ToadGamer's monster truck. Luigi grabs the keys, just in case*

Luigi: Stay here.

-Meanwhile, in Dreamy Mushrise Park...-

*Mr. M & Dreamy Mr. L had fought off the monsters using the new Mr. L-ginary Ball attack*

Mr. M: So, what now, Old Man?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Dreamy Brickle: "I said, turn dose feathers over dere to start da water pump. I got my hands full here, so you’re gonna have to do it. Once da pump starts goin’… Da water starts flowin’… And da flowers start growin’… You will have to find somethin'."

Toad: "Meanwhile at a place in Mushroom City..."

Car Wash Sonic: "There another job completed. Huh? (he notices a smooth, golden portal and Movie Sonic coming out of it) That one was me. I wonder what I am doing here? I better check this out."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, Toadsworth enters the building with a mysterious object in his hands*

: Hello, everyone. I have something very important to give you guys. It is something you must protect, something you must keep in a safe place, and something that will disappear into thin air if it touches even a little bit of the ground.

:toadette:: What is it, Toadsworth?

: Can you tell us what it is?

: Is it something Princess Peach wants to destroy?

:wario:: Is it some money for us?

:waluigi:: It can't be money, Wario. Money is very easy to get.

: Whatever it is, I'm glad Oxide isn't in the room right now. If he was here, he'd probably want to have it for his own personal gain.

: Ruff.

*Toadsworth opens the box containing the object, revealing it to be a Super Crown. He gives it to Toadette*

: This is the last Super Crown in existence. Ever since the day it became a meme on the internet, Princess Peach has been destroying every single one of them, and she isn't stopping! You must keep it in a safe place where you can ensure that no one will touch it. Because if someone does touch it, they won't be able to turn back into their normal self unless it falls off their head. If the Super Crown touches the ground for even a little bit, it will disappear into thin air. Do not fail me, or I will have to suffer severe punishments from Princess Peach!

*Toadsworth leaves the Car Wash*

:toadette:: There's only one place to put this.

*Toadette goes to the Car Wash vault. Once she gets there, she enters the secret code to the room. The door opens*

:toadette:: Here you go. I'll make sure no one touches you.

*Toadette places the Super Crown in a safe, sealing it with a secret code. She then leaves the vault, making sure to lock the door to it with its secret code*

*Meanwhile, Oxide is cleaning the attic of the Car Wash, and the Car Wash's Pokémon are helping him, tough they are getting into lots of trouble. Once they finish, they go to the vault to clean it, however they don't know the secret code used to open it*

: How do we open this door? I've tried everything and it still won't open! Maybe you can open it, Pokémon. I can't seem to do it myself!

*The Pokémon press random buttons, failing to type in the correct code several times. Eventually, they type in the correct code, opening the door*

: Now remember, Toadette told you not to touch anything in here. This is where we can important things like classified documents. There's also pages from all the workers' diaries, a death chamber that houses what remains of all the dead people who used to work here, and everything in between. Make sure you don't get into any mischief, you little ones. I'll be keeping an eye on you!

*Oxide and all of the Pokémon start cleaning the vault. Once they are finished cleaning, the Pokémon stumble upon the case containing the Super Crown, opening it*

All Pokémon: (What is this mysterious crown thing?)

: You weren't supposed to touch that! Wait a second. I've never seen this in the vault before! Maybe that's why its case is so clean. But put it down, Pokémon! If you take one item from here, you'll be in huge trouble! Huh? What are you doing to me?! I don't want that thing! Get your hands off it, and put it back where it belongs! I'm not giving in to your mischief this time!

All Pokémon: (We want to know what it does. Can we please take it?)

: No! Put it back where it belongs! Or else!

*The Pokémon don't listen, and put the Super Crown into Oxide's hands*

: What? Why do you want to give this to me?! Whatever goes in the vault, stays in the vault! Do you understand?!

All Pokémon: (We heard that it might change your appearance, from complete ugliness to total beauty!)

: Wow! That's quite amazing! Let's see if it works!

*Oxide and all of the Pokémon leave the vault, taking the Super Crown with them*

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mario: Woah, a Super Crown? I haven't seen one of those in a while.

Luigi: The princess must have a huge problem with 'em if she's destroying all of them.

*The two then notice someone else coming out of the portal Movie Sonic came out of*

Luigi: Excuse me, can I help you, Mister...

Dr. Robotnik: Dr. Ivo Robotnik. See, I'm looking for this fast, blue, anthropomorphic... whatever it is. Seen anything like that?

Luigi: Well, It was pretty hard to miss. It ran off... That way.

Dr. Robotnik: Ah. Thank you for your almost suspicious cooperation.

*Dr. Robotnik heads off with a small army behind him. Once he's gone, Luigi goes and gets Movie Sonic*

Luigi: Alright... We gotta move you...

Mario: Look! John's truck!

Luigi: Perfect! Mario, take Sonic!

*Mario and Movie Sonic head into John's truck. A note says: "I removed the Interdimensional controls in case anyone else needs to use my truck for some reason. If you somehow travel dimensions in this thing, We're gonna have a problem. -Thanks, John.*

Movie Sonic: Woo-Hoo! Road trip!

Mario: Oh, no. This isn't gonna be some fun trip.

*Mario starts up John's truck and heads off*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Even though Mario chose a random direction, it was actually the same direction Car Wash Sonic was coming from. And so, Car Wash Sonic meets up with the group."

Car Wash Sonic: "Hey. You're Dr. Eggman, aren't you. Your different from what I know him, but you are indeed him. Wait. Your from the same dimension as the other Sonic that I saw fell out of the portal. And I don't know where he is, just where he landed. But don't ask me where. I won't tell you. You're still Eggman even though you aren't my Eggman. By the way, why are you here?"

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dreamy Mushrise Park, Mr. L turns the propellers with a Mr. L-inary Work. They then catch up to the bunny. It is at this time, the bunny throws the nightmare chunk and escapes. Mr. M then gets it. But before he could break it, Dreamy Brickle appears in a carrot costume."

Dreamy Brickle: "Ooh, lookit da size of THIS carrot! Mm-MMM! Nummers! Now tasty is DAT? You know you wanna! Come have a nibble! (spins) Just…try not to bite my face. Bunny? You dere? (Dreamy Luigi says something) He ain’t here?! (Dreamy Luigi says yes) BAH! Thought for sure I had ‘im! (digs through the clouds) Yoo-hoo! Bunnybuns! Come getcha dinner!"

Toad: "The two then go down. It is at this time they decide to destroy the Nightmare Chunk. Upon doing so, they release Eldream."

Eldream: "Eh? What’s going on here? Would you look at that?! I can move! And talk! Could this… Were you the ones who saved me? Thank you. I had just about given up on your generation! But... you're after someone in the dream world, aren't you."

Dreambert after appearing: "Yes. We are looking for a princess named Rosalina. A Frog kidnapped her and took her underneath the ground."

Eldream: "Oh dear… She’s probably down in Dream’s Deep. Dream’s Deep is, ah… Well, it’s… You kids REALLY want to save Rosalina, huh?OK, then. I may not look it, but I’m an elder of the Pi’illo Tribe! I’ve been around the block a time or two, so I’ll help you out. You boys saved my life! No need to thank me. (the bunny then appears) Oh, how I’ve missed you, my little flufferbunny! You’re such a good boy! Who’s daddy’s good boy? Ahem… This is Dreambunny. He always there in a pinch! All right, fluffykins! You know what to do! (Eldream and the Dreambunny drill a hole and then come back) Yep! I just opened a path to Dream’s Deep! That’s about the limit for this old boy. Hope this helps a bit! Is that right? Glad I could help. OK, then. Jump into this light and rescue your princess! (he then starts leaving with the Dreambunny) And now, Mr. Flufferbuns! I’ve got a cuddle session with your name on it!"

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe at Dry Dry Outpost..."

Paper Mr. Y: "There it is. There is where the pyramid is. Although, many people call it Ruins, but I found it."

Paper Yoshi the SSM after coming in: "Hi there, Mr. Y."

Paper Mr. Y: "Oh. Yoshi the SSM. Nice to... wait. That's-"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "One of the crystals you are looking for. I know. You sent me the picture."

Paper Mr. Y: "If you have that crystal... that means that Mario isn't the hero this time around. Count Bleck sent me the prophecy concerning the crystals. It says that a man of Red will try to stop the gathering of the crystals by gathering some crystals himself. And it says that he will also try to stop them and will prevail. You are a man of Red, aren't you."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. One could say that. I'm a Yoshi, but yeah."

Paper Mr. Y: "The prophecy also mentions that you will join forces with a young ruler of Koopas, a female leader and her followers, and a man of Green. And though a man of Green would oppose you, you will still stop their plans."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Wait. A female leader and her followers. That must mean Officer Dark Light. She is the leader of the Protectors, her followers. Young ruler of Koopas would suggest Bowser Jr. Not sure about the man of Green. But it could be Green Yoshi, right? As for man of Green opposing me..."

Paper Yoshi the SSM and Paper Mr. Y together: "That's Mr. L."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Great minds think alike. As the saying goes."

Paper Mr. Y: "The prophecy also mentions me. It says that a new sidekick will join the man of Green opposing the man of Red, but he will not attack this man of Red. I think I can understand why. But not that it matters. Well. Except that I must choose who I serve. Hmm... Wait. I think I should serve them. That way, I could learn more about the crystals then you can. So. That would mean that I would get the crystal of Dry Dry Ruins. Not to worry. You get other crystals. And it says that you will get most of them, but not all of them. We will work together to go to the pyramid since there is a card in there. What is weird about the Star Spirits is that the prophecy doesn't mention them. Well. Except that the man of Red will collect people because that is why he is traveling to all the places. Anyways. Let us go to Dry Dry Ruins."

Toad: "And the group leaves towards Dry Dry Ruins."

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, in the Dream World-

Mr. M: 'Bout time!

*Mr. M jumps down*

Mr. M: Yee-Haaaaaaaaw!!

-Meanwhile, at Paper World's Castle Bleck...-

Paper Mr. L: Eh? I'm being followed?

*Paper Mr. L dismounts BroBot and looks to see Paper Bowser Jr. behind him*

Paper Mr. L: Just a kid? Eh. No big deal.

*Paper Mr. L activates BroBot's missiles and heads inside the castle*

-Meanwhile at the Car Wash-

Dr. Robotnik: So, apparently you forgot you're a fugitive of the government. Ah, no matter. Just makes catching you a lot easier. Hey, can someone grab the cage?

*A solider gets the cage and brings it to Dr. Robotnik*

Dr. Robotnik: Thank you. Now, Mr. Speedy, Hold still.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Car Wash Sonic: "Apparently, he thinks that I am his Sonic. And that Sonic is in a lot of trouble. Well, Dr. Eggman. I would like to stay around, but it would be best if I was going. Bye."

Toad: "And he runs to the left at high speeds and avoids all of Movie Dr. Eggman's army.
Meanwhile at Mushrise Park..."

Luma noticing Mr. L is upset: "Hmm? What’s this? What’s wrong, Luigi? Mario! What’s taking you so long? You’re freaking me out! MARIOOOO! MARIOOOOOOOOOOO! Everything OK in there? (thinks) Wonder if he made it to the bottom of the dream world…"

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dream's Deep, Mouser, Tryclyde, Robirdo, Fryguy, and Clawgrip have arrived near Wart."

Mouser: "Hey, Wart. How have you been doing? And you're alive?"

Wart: "Mouser. Tryclyde. Fryguy. Clawgrip. You all came. And you brought Robirdo with you? Wait. Where's Birdo? And I'm alive due to a song these guys played near my body."

Robirdo: "She and her kind already had accessed to the real world and went there. So that's why I am here."

Marcus: "Wait. Your name is Wart. Huh. Why did you say your name was Mamu?"

Wart: "Mamu is my Japanese name. I wanted you guys to call me that since the Wart name didn't matter anymore. But now that I am returning to the real world with Mario in it, my name will now matter."

Rosalina: "Wait. How do you plan on leaving the dream world? Just curious."

Wart: "With this. (He then pulls out a green Dark Stone) It's called a Dark Stone. And soon, we will be able to use it. For this Luigi fellow and his brother Mario will be here."

Lucas: "And we will conquer the world together."

Marcus: "Wait. What?"

Lucas: "I don't have time to explain it to you. (casts a spell on Marcus) Instead. You will do this plan no matter what."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario universe..."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Ah. I have been hit. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

Toad: "He then travels at high speeds and crashes in the desert. Exactly near Yoshi the SSM and the others were. Which was near Dry Dry Ruins."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Bowser Jr. What a surprise. What happened?"

Paper Bowser Jr.: "A missile hit my Junior Koopa Clown Car. I was sent flying because of it. It was from a robot which I thought I saw Luigi in it."

Paper Mr. Y: "That wasn't Luigi. That was Mr. L. And the robot is called Brobot. Just letting you know. You two meeting was inevitable, by the way."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Huh? Anyways. What are you doing, Yoshi the SSM?"

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "I am going around collecting cards and crystals. The cards are the Star Spirits your father trapped in them. The crystals are something Count Bleck is after so he can destroy this universe."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Interesting. Well. Once I get this Junior Koopa Clown Car functioning again, I think I will help you get the crystals. I won't help you get the cards, though."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Ok. Well. See you later then. We are going in here."

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, in Dream's Deep-

Mr. M: Hey, Bro? Broooooooooooooooo!

*No response*

Mr. M: What the- Why do I smell purfu- Wait a minute! That must be my- er, The princess!

*Mr. M charges in the direction of the scent*

Dreamy Mr. L: Bro! Wait!

*Mr. M busts into the area where they're keeping Rosalina. Dreamy Mr. L tries to stop him, but he just thrusts Dreamy Mr. L into his body, preparing for combat*


*Mr. M pulls out his hammer and rushes at Wart and Co.*

-Meanwhile, in the real world-

Dr. Robotnik: Can someone get him, please?

-Meanwhile, not too far away-

Mario: Alright, I want answers. Lay it out to me.

Movie Sonic: On my planet, everyone wanted my powers. So I went to another one. It got a little lonely, but I was living my best life. Then, those bastards found out I existed, so I fled here.

Mario: Why do they want your powers?

Movie Sonic: People can, oh, murder several others and nobody would ever see them coming or going. If they get my powers, then it could put the entire universe at risk.

Mario: That means...?

Movie Sonic: Basically I'm gonna have to save your entire planet.

Mario: I was afraid you were gonna say that.
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Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at Peach's castle*

: Princess. I did exactly as you told me. You happy that there is only one Super Crown remaining?

:peach:: You what? Toadsworth!! I was going to destroy that last Super Crown! Where did you put it?

: At the Car Wash, princess.

:peach:: Really?! That's it, Toadsworth! Toads, after him!

*Peach sends her Toad army after Toadsworth. She then leaves the castle and travels to the Mushroom City Car Wash, looking for the last remaining Super Crown*

*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, in the vault*

:toadette:: The Super Crown is gone! Who took it?

: I bet Oxide took it. He's so sneaky! Now, Toadsworth will be mad at us!

: But he does know not to take anything from the vault. Maybe the Pokémon made him do it.

:wario:: Does that mean he's going to turn into a lady?

:waluigi:: Of course! But only Toadette can use the Super Crown, right?

: True. But many Super Crowns have been stolen by Bowser and have been genetically modified by him to make anyone turn into a young, beautiful, human girl. Once he was caught by the police, they gave those crowns back to Peach. She's been unable to reverse the modifications, so that's why she's destroying them.

: Ruff.

*Meanwhile, in Oxide's room*

: So, you really want me to put this on my head. You must think my natural appearance is not your style.

All Pokémon: (No, we don't. We just want to see what you look like when you try it on.)

: Well, I don't want to put it on! It'll make me look weird! This crown is for girls! And I'm not a girl! I'm a boy! I don't want to be a girl! Girl stuff makes me want to puke!

All Pokémon: (Please, just try it on!)

: No! Put it on someone else! I don't want to turn into a girl! You might as well put it back in the vault, where you found it.

*The Pokémon don't listen and put the Super Crown on Oxide's head*

: Help! Someone get this off my head now, before I turn into a girl!

*After a few minutes, Oxide transforms into a young, beautiful human girl with green hair and a purple dress, called Oxette. After the transformation, the Pokémon are horrified of what they've done to her and start attacking, trying to turn her back into a boy, without any success*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Car Wash Sonic who is running right next to the car: "Oh. That's bad. Which would make me a target as well. Hello. I'm Sonic. I'm from this dimension. Mind if I join you guys?"

Toad: "Meanwhile at Dream's Deep, Wart and the others avoided Mr. M's attack."

Wart: "So, I see that you came here. But you are no match for me. I have the Dark Stone. (shows the stone) As you can see, there's nothing you can do."

Dreambert after appearing: "Wait. The Dark Stone. Huh? That stone is green not purple. And how did you bring it back together?"

Wart: "It was quite easy. And I figured it would be easy. All I did was put the nightmare chunks back onto the Pi'illos and used the Frog Song of Souls to recreate it. Yeah. I would emit that it isn't exactly like the Dark Stone you remember. But I can easily do so since I have access to the real world now that you are here. (he then creates a portal to the real world) In the place where it was once was kept will I go. Lucas, let's make sure they don't interfere with our plans."

Lucas: "It will be my pleasure. It is really simple. (all of a sudden light appears around Marcus) Mario and Luigi. If I remember correctly, Bowser is the one that opposes them. (Marcus then turns into Bowser) I will call him Marcuser. But others can call him Bowser. Using my own powers to combine forces with him, these guys should be easy to defeat. Now, Wart and the others. Go. I got them."

Wart: "Good. Ok. We will also leave Rosalina behind for now. We only needed her to bring them here and make you two human again. If we need her, we can kidnap her again. Come along. We must go."

Toad: "Lucas then goes inside Marcuser. Marcuser then attacks Mr. M and Mr. L while Wart and the others leave and left Rosalina behind."


Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, in Oxide's room*

Oxette: Ouch! Ow! Stop that!

*Toadette and co. enter the room*

:toadette:: Oxide, are you ok?

Oxette: I'm not Oxide anymore! I'm the beautiful Oxette! Uh oh! I have to get ready for the ball at Peach's castle tonight!

*Oxette leaves her room and goes inside the bathroom to get herself ready for the ball*

: That was weird. We must get that Super Crown off him!

: The Pokémon have tried without any success. I don't think we can get the crown off him unless Peach comes here and does it herself.

:wario:: I don't even think Peach is hosting a ball. Oxette must be getting way too ahead of herself.

:waluigi:: I've never seen Peach host a ball at her castle. I wish Oxide was back right now! Oxette cares about her appearance way too much!

: Zam! Go inside the bathroom and clamp onto Oxette's hair with your teeth. Try to make the Super Crown fall off! That way, we can get Oxide back to normal!

: Ruff.

*Zam leaves Oxide's room and goes inside the bathroom. He then clamps onto Oxette's ponytail with his teeth, trying to make the Super Crown fall off her head*

*Princess Peach enters the Car Wash*

:peach:: Wherever could that Super Crown be? I've got to find it!

*Peach goes into the control room and looks at the security cameras' screens. On them, she sees everything going on in the Car Wash. Once she looks on the one located in the bathroom, she goes there to retrieve and destroy the last remaining Super Crown*

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, a little ways away...-

Mario: Eh, sure. Hop in

*Sonic jumps into the backseat of the truck*

Movie Sonic: Another me? Cool! I wonder if we'll have that twin thing where we finish each other's sentences.

-Meanwhile, at the Car Wash-

Luigi: Oh dio, questo sta sfuggendo di mano... (Oh God, this is getting out of hand...)

*Luigi tries to open the bathroom door, but it's locked*

Luigi: Hey! Open the door!

*Luigi attempts to force the door open, but he just gets flung backwards into the wall*

-Meanwhile, in Dream's Deep-

Mr. M: Oh, you sneaky son of a-!

*Mr. M uses the Mr. L-inary ball attack on Marcuser*

-Meanwhile, in the Roleswap Dimension...-

*It had been a while since Prince Mario's army had entered Subcon. They had been slowly but surely gaining traction against Wart's army. Now, the army was positioned right outside of Subcon.*

Prince Mario: I know it has been a long time coming, but finally, Wart will be no more. Tomorrow we will attack. That'll be all.

-A little while after Prince Mario's announcement-

Prince Mario's Diary: "Tomorrow we attack Subcon and, hopefully, get rid of Wart once and for all. However, the thing I'm worried about most is Peach. She's done so much for me... She's my everything. If I lose her, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. I need to be extraordinarily careful. I don't want any more causalities than necessary."

-Meanwhile, in the Paper World...-

*Paper Mr. L had given Count Bleck the crystal and was now hanging out at Club 64, getting drunk. After getting hammered drunk, he stumbles out of the club, having no feelings at all.*

Paper Mr. L: *Hic!* I-I- *Hic!*

*Paper Mr. L boards BroBot and attempts to blast off. However, before he could do anything, he passes out.*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Dry Dry Ruins, the group with Yoshi the SSM and Officer Dark Light encounter Tutankoopa. They also defeated Tutankoopa and got the card. While they get the card Paper Mr. Y gets the crystal."

Paper Mr. Y: "Yoshi the SSM. I wish I could be more helpful to you, but I can not. You will collect others like this. As for me, I will head to Count Bleck and deliver this and so he will think that I will work for him. Also. That would mean I will never collect any more crystals."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Officer Dark Light. I trust Mr. Y as I trust myself. He speaks honesty. Now the next stop. Forever Forest. That's where Mimi is at."

Paper Mr. Y: "Oh. Right. I sent you the message where everyone was. Remember. Even though I can't attack you, they will be able to attack you. They wouldn't care that I was once in control of you. I am now in control of this body. And they also know that I can't take my mask off. Well. Good-bye for now."

Toad: "And the group head out of Dry Dry Ruins and Mr. Y departs."

Paper Bowser Jr.: "Oh. Good timing. I just got my Junior Koopa Clown Car working again. Now I can help you with collecting those crystals."

Toad: "Meanwhile in a car in the Car Wash world..."

Car Wash Sonic: "Hmm... I don't know if we do. Huh. You look very similar to me. Tell me. Which universe are you from? (he then tells him he is from the movie called Sonic the Hedgehog) Oh. You're Movie Sonic. That's cool."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dream's Deep, Mr. M with Mr. L's help battle Marcuser with Lucas's help for a while. After for what seemed like a victory..."

Lucas: "Nuisances! Waste them!"

Toad: "He then powers up Marcuser and he breathes a big fire breath and knocks out Mr. M and Dreamy Mr. L.

Marcuser: "Ohhhhhhhhh. I feel really powerful with that."

Lucas: "YEAH! We fly! To the real world!"

Toad: "They then leave on a broomstick. After they leave, Eldream comes down with his Dreambunny."

Eldream: "Hmm… An interesting situation indeed. (has a question mark) Ah! That must be Rosalina. These boys managed to save you, did they? (thinks) Clearly at some cost, for they all sleep now. It's dangerous to fall asleep in a dream. (thinks and the bunny jumps) Well, I have little choice… I will take you to the real world."

Toad: "He then takes them to the Mushrise Park (the real world at that time) and Mr. L wakes up and Eldream becomes normal. Dreambert then appears."

Luma: "MOTHER! You saved her. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!"

Dreambert: "Yeah. We finally rescued her. But now we have a new threat. For the Dark Stone is in this world again."

Eldream: "Im-impossible! My prince… Are you absolutely sure?"

Dreambert: "Yes. Wart was able to recreate the Dark Stone. That's why all the Pi'illos stopped moving. It was so that he could recreate it. It's not quite like what it used to be, but once he is goes to Dozing Sands and restores it, it will work like what it did in the past. Mamu. Nightmare. Oh. I think I understand why he chose that one to restore. Mamu must be Wart's Japanese name. Well. In either case, we are not only facing him, but also his old friends of his and Marcuser and Lucas. Marcuser is like unto Bowser. Lucas is a magician kind of like Kamek."

Eldream: "Oh. I think I understand the threat."

Dreambert: "I can't handle everyone by myself. So I will need the aid of Mario, Luigi, and Luma. They are the only ones that can restore the Pi'illos back to what they used to be. But they should as be able to help me defeat this group. For if they aren't stopped, they may want to kidnap Rosalina again."

Rosalina: "Mario! Luigi! Luma! Please, I beg of you… Stop Wart, Marcuser, and Lucas! If two such evil beings were to restore the Dark Stone… The world would be in utter peril! Whatever it takes, you have to prevent that from happening… Please! It’s up to you to stop Wart, Marcuser, and Lucas!"

Brickle: "If you accept, I will take you to the gate to Dozing Sands."

Mr. L

The Green Thunder!
Jazzi: *in her head* What a bunch of crybabies, I can destroy this "Wart" thing myself... and destroy the Dark Stone. I have as much power as the Zeekeeper, if not more! *she starts glitching, this time just red with no Luigi form, and continues talking in her head* I have the star power Angel! *she finally speaks up and stops glitching* I know how this goes, and we don't need the Zeekeeper this time, I can smash the Dark Stone to PIECES! *glitches red again* Which is why I'm gonna find Wart alone! *teleports away*

Captain Man

You know the name.
*Before Jazzi glitches out*

*Mr. M bluhses at Rosalina*

Mr. M: O-Of course! Don't worry! The Super Mario Brothers are on the job!

*After Jazzi glitches out*

Mr. M: Kid! KIIIIID!

Mr. L: Too late.

Mr. M: Darn it... Uh... How about we...

John: I forgot that she could do that. I'm going after her, and nobody's stopping me!

*John dashes off*

Mr. L: It's kinda funny. I'm getting roughly the same spirit reading from those two.

Mr. M: You can read spirits?

Mr. L: Kinda. Anyway, there's also some resemblence between the two, meaning they're, in a sense, spirit siblings.

Mr. M: That's why he blasted, right?

Mr. L: Yep. He really loves and cares about his sister. Only, they don't know they're siblings, er, spirit siblings.
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Eldream: "Well. Good luck guys. Oh. I almost forgot. If you save Pi'illos, I will award you with stuff. Since you are doing good have this. (He gives them a hammer) Remember. You only can have one hammer per person. And the other gears you found act the same way. Anyways. Once you save all the Pi'illos, I will give you a new Bros. Attack. This is going to take the whole entire adventure to do since the last one isn't reachable until a building should collapse near the spot."

Toad: "The Bros. then leave and start out near the entrance of Doozing Sands, where they get more badges.
Meanwhile deeper into Doozing Sands, John has found Jazzi. But also Lucas found both of them too."

Lucas: "You guys have no idea where the place is at we are powering up the Dark Stone. But if I let you stay here long enough you will. Mr. M and Mr. L won't be able to follow us since the path requires particular Pi'illos to rescue. Not that it matters. Since you guys are going to be trapped since only Mr. L is able to access to the dream world. Or of the ones that would want to help you. When they go after the Zeekeeper, they will find you. But otherwise they will not."

Toad: "He then creates a portal to the dream world and John and Jazzi go into it. Lucas then closes the portal. The dream world he sent them is the one with the Dozing Mattress in it."

Clawgrip: "I have found where the Pi'illos are. It is a very rocky place, so it will require them to use drills to get them. Nevertheless I have a way to get one of them when they do break the rocks."

Lucas: "Good. By the way, a monster by the name of Torkscrew was the one that did exactly that until Mario and Luigi defeated him. Anyways. You will give us enough time to power up the Dark Stone. And when that happens, we will wait for them to arrive there and see that they are hopeless against us."

Toad: "The two then depart from each other.
Meanwhile Mr. M and Mr. L encounter some Shelltops mining."

Shelltop Miner A: "No! Oh man. Man, oh man! I fell down the sand flow!"

Shelltop Miner B: "Great. Another one. Why did the Deco Pi'illos have to take out those stones. Now Britta's gonna have your shell for this!"

Shelltop Miner A: "Oh. Mario and Luigi are here. Maybe they can revive the Deco Pi'iilos. Now, you two get that Deco Pi'illo from up there. (they see the path to be able to get past isn't in their abilities) Wait. You forgot how to do Mole Mario and Mini-Mario. Hey, guys! Teach them to do Mole Mario and Mini-Mario, OK!"

Toad: "Mr. M and Mr. L then go to the two miners he sent them to."

Shelltop Miner C: "OK. In order to make Mario Mole Mario or Mini-Mario, you must hit him with the hammer, ok, Luigi. The form he takes depends on whether not it is soft or hard. Soft makes Mario go into the dirt, thus Mole Mario. Hard makes Mario shrink, thus Mini-Mario. Also. One last thing. See these Xs all around. They are called beanholes with beans in them."

Shelltop Miner D: "Take it from me: beans are where it’s at. They increase your stats. Sure, one bean won’t make THAT big a difference… But they really add up. Before you know it, you’ll be a powerhouse!"

Shelltop Miner C: "People say you can find beanholes all over the island. So anytime you see one, get your bean on!"

Mr. L

The Green Thunder!
Jazzi: *angry that John went after her AND she got stuck in the Dream World* Why did you go after me?! Now I'm stuck in here!

Mr. L: *telepathically talks with Jazzi* Well, that was a reckless move there... and I've never seen you get so worked up before, except with Daisy of course.

Jazzi: *telepathically replies* You're reckless!

Mr. L: *T RE* And I got my ass kicked and sent to the Underwhere.

Jazzi: *grumbles*
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Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in the Car Wash bathroom*

: Ruff. Ruff. Ruff!

Oxette: Ow! Get off me, you little dog! My hair isn't a chew toy! You're ruining my beautiful ponytail!

*Zam lets go of Oxette's ponytail, losing all of his teeth in the process, causing the Super Crown to fall off. At the same time, Peach enters the bathroom and catches the Super Crown, preventing it from falling onto the ground*

:peach:: Now it's time to destroy this useless powerup!

*Peach leaves the Car Wash and returns to her castle, taking the Super Crown with her*

Oxette: What's happening to me?! Am I turning back into a boy? My beautiful green hair is disappearing, and so is my purple dress! And my human skin is going away! Yes! I'm finally ridding myself of this torture!

*Something mysterious happens to Oxette, causing her to turn back into Oxide*

: I'm back in my natural appearance again! I thought that Super Crown would never come off me! Huh? There's dog teeth stuck in the back off my head! Zam? Did you bite me again?

: Ruff.

: I'm glad you got that Super Crown off me, but you didn't have to lose all your teeth in the process, Zam!! Those Pokémon! They're so misbehaved! They're going in time-out when I return to my room!

*After Oxide removes all of Zam's teeth from the back of his head, both of themthroom and returns to Oxide's room*

:toadette:: You're back! Are you glad that Super Crown is gone, Oxide?

: I think the Pokémon might be in trouble. They were the ones who took the Super Crown out of the vault, so I'm sure you'll will give them some form of punishment.

: Sister don't you have to make Thanksgiving dinner for everyone at the Car Wash on the 21st?

:toadette:: Yes I am, Toadiko.

: Good. I was just making sure that you were aware of that.

:wario:: Oxide! You're back! What was it like when you were a girl?

:waluigi:: Please tell us, Oxide! We would really like to know.

: Zam, are you ok?

*Zem picks up Zam and pries his mouth open, looking inside to see if he lost any of his teeth. Zem then pries Zam's mouth shut when he's finished looking in it*

: No! You lost all your teeth doing that, Zam. That means you're no longer capable of fighting bad guys! Guess we'll have to let you off the team for good, and start looking for a replacement member that's going to take your place in battle. I'm going to miss fighting alongside you, Zam.

: Ruff.

: It was very weird being a girl, Wario and Waluigi. I'm glad I'm back in my regular form, I couldn't stand being Oxette! But I know who's to blame for all this...

All Pokémon: (Please don't let it be us, we didn't do anything wrong!)

: All you little troublemaking Pokémon are going in time-out for taking stuff from the vault when you shouldn't be! Go to your room and think about what you've done! We're not ready to accept any apologies from you yet!

*All of the Pokémon run to their room, crying. Once they are in their room, they sit in the corner of it, thinking about what they've done to Toadette and co.*

Captain Man

You know the name.
-Meanwhile, in the Dream World...-

John: Not on my watch!

*John press a button on a remote, but nothing happens*

John: Oh, right. I took the Inter-Dimensional Warp Drive out of my truck.

*John pulls out the Warp Drive*

John: But, on the bright side...

*John uses the Warp Drive to re-open the Dream Portal*

-Meanwhile, in Dozing Sands-

Mr. M: Right. Beans. Che cazzo vero?

-Meanwhile, at a Hotel a ways away from the Car Wash...-

Mario: You two took up the only beds? Ah well. The chair's more comfy, anyway.

*Mario sits down in the chair and almost immediately falls asleep*

-Meanwhile at the Car Wash-

Luigi: Thanksgiving?! I haven't even took down the Halloween decorations yet!

*Luigi starts getting busy redecorating the Car Wash*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Well, even if he did open the portal, it would be a different location then where they were at. As Lucas opened the portal with the Dozing Mattress, but from another location. He also meant it to remove Jazzi's powers if she had any that would be a threat to the plan. Anyways.
After Mr. M and Mr. L practice Mole Mario and Mini-Mario, they immediately went and freed the Deco Pi'illo."

Deco Pi'illo: "You two set me free? Many thanks, friends!"

Dreambert after appearing: "I know you just awoke, but I must ask you something."

Deco Pi'illo: "Dreambert!"

Dreambert: "We need to find the Dark Stone before it falls into the wrong hands. We know where to look for. But we will need access to it. We need your Dozite in order to do so."

Deco Pi'illo: "Oh. Here you guys go.

Toad: "Deco Pi'illo then hands over the Dozite which goes to a statue and creates a path up."

Dreambert: "Great. Mario. Luigi. You'll need more than one Dozite to find the Dark Stone."

Deco Pi'illo: "You’ll need to find the other gatekeepers, as well. They’ve likely been trapped in the dream world as I was. If you can rescue them, I’m sure they would support your cause."

Dreambert: "Thank you, friend. All right, Mario and Luigi. Onward!"

Shelltop Miner E after coming into the area: "Monster! Monster! There's a monster in the area that's wrecking havoc. This is bad as he is acting the same as Torkscrew. But he isn't Torkscrew. But he is a giant crab."

Dreambert: "Giant grab. Wait. I thought I saw a giant crab with Wart. I wonder if that is the same crab. Anyways. Let's free the Deco Pi'illos."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario universe, Paper Mr. Y has arrived near Brobot where he sees Paper Mr. L drunk."

Paper Mr. Y: "Oh. Mr. L doesn't look that good. I better make sure he is ok. Also. I wouldn't get drunk because that would cause my thinking to be impaired. Although, I feel like Yoshi the SSM was stated to be this way in another place. I guess I will never find out."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Forever Forest, Yoshi the SSM, Bowser Jr., Officer Dark Light, and the others move through the woods and met Lady Bow who offered to help them out. They then reach Gusty Gulch, where Tubba Blubba and Mimi are causing havoc."

Paper Mimi: "I have to find that crystal and return to Count Bleck. Have you- Oh. We have more people here. Well if it isn't Yoshi the SSM."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Hello, Mimi. We come here for the card that is here."

Paper Mimi: "You will have to convince Tubba Blubba. And he won't do that. Now- Wait. Nevermind. It's nothing. We better get going."

Toad: "The two then depart."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "She tried to hid the fact that she knew about my crystal, but I can tell that she noticed. Come along. We must find a way to get that card."

Nearby Paper Boo: "Good luck with that. Tubba Blubba won't do that unless he is defeated. And that's impossible since he is invincible."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Thanks for that information."