Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The Pi'illo then becomes normal again."

Pink Pi'illo: "Thank you for saving me! My spirit quailed, but I had faith I would be saved! (sees Dreambert) Oh, my feathers! Your Royal Highness! It’s been an age! Sire, did you trouble yourself to bring me back?"

Dreambert: "’Twasn’t me, no… ‘Twas Mario!"

Pink Pi'illo: "Ah, Mario! My thanks!"

Dreambert: "Now. Back to what we are doing. This isn't the Pi'illo that has a way to Rosalina. The Pi'illo's name Eldream."

Pink Pi'illo: "Oh… Perhaps the elder? Eldream, the Pi’illo elder… He might be of help… His mind holds all that is known of the dream world… Doubtless he will bring some enlightenment to you."

Luma: "OK, then. But, first we need to get out of here…"

Pink Pi'illo: "Ah! Of course… (goes to the gate) Click! (Everyone has exclamation marks as the floor gets lower) Follow this path to ascend from the underground!"

Luma: "Thank you."

Dreambert: "One down, two more to go in order to get to Mushrise Park."

Captain Man

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*Time freezes as Minecraft Steve appears*

Minecraft Steve: This could take a while, so It's time for an implied montage!

*Insert implied montage here*

Minecraft Steve: Alright, and unfreeze!

*Time unfreezes as Minecraft Steve disappears*

Mr. M: Alright, here we are. Mushroom Park, or whatever...

Mr. L: Lead the way, your highness! Take us to... uh... who'd you say we needed to see?

Mr. M: I don't think he ever said.

Mr. L: Okay, so, who do we need to see, and where is he?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Brickle: "Aw, dis is brutal! Talk about a disaster! Wicked nor’easter blew dese rocks all over! We gotta get out in front a dis mess! GET CRACKIN’! We gotta get ridda all dese boulders by sundown!"

Brock: "Sun…down?!"

Brickle: "DID I STUTTER?! Or is it… Maybe you don’t like orders, huh? From ya… SUPERVISOR?!” Brock says, “N-no, sir! Cleaning up, sir!"

Toad: "And the Brock leaves."

Dreambert: "Mario, Luigi. He is the one to talk to if you want to find out where the Eldream is. He is Brickle, the owner of Mushrise Park. He has Eldream in his Maintenance Hut."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. L: Excuse me, Mr. Brickle, sir? Uh, my brother and I would like access to your maintenance hut, if that's alright with you.

Mr. M: Do you think he wants a reason?

Mr. L: Uh... If he wants one, I'll think of one.

Mr. M [Sarcastically]: Sounds nice.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Brickle: "I ain’t got time to chitchat, pal! I gotta start breakin’ dese boulders up. Wait. Maybe you can help. Start by breakin' dese boulders and then you can accessed my maintenance hut. And also take out monsters in the area. Once you are done, come to me near the fountain. Now what are you waiting for? Get some hammers and start workin'. There are some hammers over there you can work with."

Toad: "Brickle then leaves."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After breaking boulders for a while, they come across Main Toad that was being attacked by Throbs."

Main Toad: "Somebody! HELP ME! (notices Mr. M and Mr. L) Mario! Luigi! Lucky you are here! You guys know how to use hammers. So defeat these guys with your hammers. Er… You should know how to use hammers in battle, right?"

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Of course we do! We're the Super Mario Brothers!

Mr. L: Yea! "Hammer" is our metaphorical middle name!

So anyway, they started blasting

*The two charge up their attack, then fling the hammers onto the Throbs, defeating them*

Mr. M: Ha! Perfect hit!

Mr. L: Are you sure how Mario fights with Hammers?

Mr. M: Of course I am! Now, shaddup! All this whispering makes us look suspicious!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Main Toad: "Thanks for helping me out. There are more monsters like that ahead and others that can be jumped on. Please be careful, as they could easily attack you if there are many of them. Oh, yeah! I found this as I was walking in the park. (hands it over) Here you go."

Narrator Toad: "You got Attack Piece number 1 for Mushrise Park! Remaining Attack Pieces in this area: 9."

Main Toad: "It’s an Attack Piece thing amabobble. I was just gonna toss it, so why don’t you take it? About those Attack Pieces… They can be found in blocks like that one over there. They should be helpful in your journey. Gotta run! Ciao! (he starts going) I’ll let you know if I find another Attack Piece."

Captain Man

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Mr. M: So, this thing... It's a weapon?

Mr. L: Only we find the rest of the pieces.

Mr. M: Alright, so let's go find the rest of the pieces!

-Meanwhile, in the Paper World at Castle Bleck-

*Count Bleck had told everyone the plan: Go find these things called "Wyldluim Crystals" scattered all over the Paper World. Together, they have the power to destroy this dimension and make a new one.*

Paper Mr. L: Eh, won't be a problem. The scouts think that there's a crystal in Peach's Castle.

Count Bleck: 'So you're saying you'll go retreive it?' Count Bleck asks.

Paper Mr. L: Sure am, Boss! L-ater!

*Paper Mr. L boards BroBot and heads out to Peach's Castle*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Paper Mr. Y: "Wyldluim Crystals. I would have to do research on them. They are unfamiliar to me."

Paper (2D) Dimentio: "I know where one is. One is in the Crystal Palace. Mr. Y. They look like this. (creates an image of the crystal) See?"

Paper O'Chunks: "Oh. Gotta go. Must go back to the Flower Fields and find one. Chunks away!"

Paper Mimi: "How lucky. I saw one of those where I was at. See ya."

Toad: "O'Chunks and Mimi then leave."

Paper Mr. Y: "Hmm... "Treasures await those who dare to go for them in an ancient pyramid. They include a valuable card and a crystal with magical powers." That must be where one is. I will copper you guys later. Good b-Y-e. The capital Y between the two dashes of the bye really counts for me."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "Good. Hey. You go after the one at Crystal Palace, I will go after the one in Shy Guy's Toy Box."

Paper (2D) Dimentio: "Sounds like a plan."

Toad: "Mr. Y, and the two Dimentios then leave.
Meanwhile in the Car Wash dimension at Mushrise Park, Mr. M and Mr. L have gathered 8 more Attack Pieces and rescued another Pi'illo since they found one in the area. The two then go to an area with lots of monsters. A Brock is there trying to prevent Jazzi, who was there, from going in there."

Brock: "Oh, more visitors! You’re looking for Boss Brickle? He came by here a little while ago. Unfortunately there are monsters up ahead. It would be a liability to let you through."

Main Toad: "Mario! Luigi! (he then comes right next to them. Thanks for helping me out of that jam earlier! I guess this is where the party’s at. Hey. Remember the Attack Pieces I was talking about. I found another one, myself. I always knew I was talented! I’m not your average Toad! Now, hold on… I remember my tour guide saying something else… “There are 10 in every set.” “Find them all to learn a powerful new move! He called that move a… Bros. Attack! I mean, if you guys have some power moves, this guy oughta bend a bit."

Brock: "Whoa, yeah, that’d change everything! A Bros. Attack! I’d definitely let you through if you could pull that off."

Toad: "The Bros. then mention that they found 8 others plus the one Main Toad gave earlier making 9."

Main Toad: "You already have 9 of them?! Sweet! Here’s the one I was holding on to!"

Toad: "You got Attack Piece number 10 for Mushrise Park! Now you have all the Attack Pieces for this area… And that means you’ve unlocked a brand-new Bros. Attack! It is called 3D Red Shell."

Main Toad: "Let’s try the Bros. Attack you learned just now! Wanna hear about how to do the Bros. Attack?"
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Captain Man

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Mr. M: Nah, we got this!

Mr. L: Of course we do! Just watch!

*Mr. M stuffs himself inside the shell. Mr. L pulls out his hammer and knocks Mr. M's shell into the field of enemies. Mr. M ricochets off the enemies, defeating them in lightning speed*

Mr. L: And that's how you do a 'Bros. Attack'!

*Mr. M pops out of the shell*

Mr. M: You're darn right!

John (Who was with Jazzi): Well, that's at least one way to do it.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Brock: "OK, then. I will let you guys pass. But remember, Boss Brickle has work to do."

Toad: "The group then travel to the fountain, where they find Brickle stuff in the fountain."

Brickle: "HYUUP! WIGGLE! IT! HYUUUURGH! MRRRFFFFF! If I can…just… GAAAAAH! Oh. Hello. I was working on this fountain from the top and I tripped and fell into it. There should be a way to get me out. Even if it just like last time. Look underground."

Captain Man

You know the name.
John: Underground's over here!

*The group enter and find a Water Pressure machine.*

John: What should happen when I turn this knob is...

*John turns the knob, blasting Brickle out due to high water pressure*

John: ...that.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Brickle: "HUH?! My…rumpus room! What’s bumpin’…da rump?! DAT AIN’T OK!"

Toad: "He shoots out and the fountain goes far above the island and hits a camera in the sky. Meanwhile in Brickle’s Maintenance Hut, a robot waters flowers. The fountain then lands on it and it malfunctions. Scene then changes to Brickle falling where the fountain use to be. He then goes near it as the group come back from the underground."

Brickle: "Ow… Ow ow ow ow… Da…symbol of da park. Za Zeekeeper fountain. But thanks anyways. All my work, gone! GONE! (laughs) Yeah, thing is, I already made a new waterin’ machine. I was gonna scrap dat fountain soon anyway!"

Luma: "Yeah. You're welcome. But we need to get the Pi'illo that in the maintenance hut. His name is Eldream."

Brickle: "Ah. That's why you want to go to my maintenance hut. I’ll letcha use dat old pillow in da maintenance hut. And I got somethin’ for ya. (gives ten attack pieces) For helpin’ ol’ Brickle out!"

Narrator: "You got 10 Attack Pieces! Now you have all the Attack Pieces for this area… And that means you’ve unlocked a brand-new Bros. Attack! It is called 3D Green Shell."

Luma: "Th-Thank you. I am sure we will be able to find my mommy."

Brickle: "Don’t mention it. As for dis pillow… (goes to the east exit) The maintenance hut’s just ahead. Da pillow’ll be in dere."

Captain Man

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*Mr. L leaps onto Brickle's bed. However, something throws him back. He screams Loki-style*

Mr. M: Che diavolo? (What the hell?)

John: Look at the robot! It's gone completely coo-coo!

Mr. M: Alright. C'mon, bro. We gotta fight this thing.

*Mr. L had been knocked unconscious*

Mr. M: Uh... Kid! (Jazzi) Can you fill in for my good-for-nothing brother?


Fangirl Idiot
Mysterious Narrator: *gets so excited that his scarf thing comes off and reveals he is Bob from SMG4* Damnit, now I have been found out my ass is gonna get kicked!

Secret subplot

Jazzi: Yay! Something to do other than annoying with the Dad in my head! *magically forms her hammer*

Captain Man

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*Mr. M uses Mr. L's unmoving body to launch himself onto Grobot, dealing some damage.*

Mr. M: Hey there, figlio di puttana! (Censored translation)

*Mr. M pulls out the hammer he got earlier and smacks the 3D Red Shell into Grobot*

Captain Man

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Mr. M: Let's finish this!

*Mr. M smashes the hammer into Grobot's glass, completely busting it.*

Mr, M: Done and done! Now...

*Mr. M drags Mr. L's body onto Brickle's bed. A dream portal opens and Mr. M heads in*

Mr. M: Alright. Hey, Bro? Ya in here?

*Dreamy Mr. L appears behind Mr. M*

Dreamy Mr. L: Augh... my head...

Mr. M: There you are. C'mon, let's go save my- er... the princess.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Dreambert: "Yeah. In order to find the princess, we will need Eldream's help. And to do that, we must find his nightmare chunk. (A bunny appears and Mario and Dreamy Luigi have exclamation marks) There! The thing that bunny is holding… (Dreamy Luigi and Mario try to catch it, but it flees) Eldream must be inside that chunk! After that rabbit!"

Brickle: "Yo… You guys need something’ or somethin’? (he appears) Da name’s Brickle. I run dis park. (Mario says something) Huh? We already met somewhere? Naw, you’re nuts! Ain’t never seen you. (Mario has a question mark) Anyway, hope you dig spendin’ time here. I love dis place, y’know? And you can see why! (jumps) Can’t believe we still got trouble attractin’ visitors! Gotta be somethin’ special, yeah… Somethin’ dynamic… Add a little pizzazz to da place, yeah… Somethin’. (sees the bunny) Dat bunny was real cute. Hey. HEY! Dat’s it! Dat bunny’s da key! People is gonna come in droves… A gentle breeze waftin’ on da grass as a bunny hops… Li’l Mushrise Park mascot! Oh yeah, dat’ll woik! (thinks) Done! Dat’s da plan! Gotta catch dat bunny! (Mario says something) You tryin’ to catch dat bunny too? (Mario jumps) You know what dat makes us… Rivals. (gets bunny ears and a carrot and the Bros. have exclamation marks) Bahahahaha… Check da ears… Best just give up now, fellas. Ain’t no way dat bunny resists dis juicy carrot. (flees) I’m catchin’ dat bad boy first!"

Dreambert: "Luigi has met him in the real world. But this form.. It is not one with reality. I sense he was created by Luigi’s subconscious. But let’s not dwell on that. We have a bunny to catch!"

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario Universe at Dry Dry Outpost, Mr. Y appears near 3D Count Blumiere."

Paper Count Blumiere: "Oh. It's you again. We have finally got used to this world and be able for travel."

Paper Mr. Y: "That's good. Right now I am trying to find a pyramid. But due to the sandstorm, I must have gotten lost and ended up here. By the way, do you know anything about Wyldluim Crystals?"

Paper Count Blumiere: "Wyldluim Crystals... Yeah. I heard about them. They were considered dangerous. So dangerous that the Tribe of Darkness went out and destroyed all of them in my world when they heard about it. Oh. And since he destroyed the Tribe of Darkness in this world, they never did go out and destroy those crystals from this world. That's all I can really tell you, though."

Paper Mr. Y: "Hmm... Ok. Well. While I am here at this Outpost, maybe I can find a way to the pyramid."

Toad: "Meanwhile at the Koopa Bros. Fortress, Officer Dark Light (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario) and the others defeated Bowser??? and the Koopa Bros. who were inside it and got a card with Eldstar and revive him."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. So that is what the cards are about. So, we should probably go find more. (starts going) We should- Wait... Something isn't right here. (gets out the Order Emeralds) There is something here... (He then finds a Wyldluim Crystal) Here it is. This is some kind of a crystal. But what kind of a crystal... (he then gets a message from Mr. Y who had texted him from Dry Dry Outpost) Oh. A message. "Dear Yoshi the SSM. Count Bleck has sent me out to find Wyldluim Crystals. I want you to know about them, as they are dangerous. So dangerous that they don't exist in the world we come from due to Tribe of Darkness not being destroyed in that world. And that's Count Bleck's plans. Please be careful, for the other minions are searching for them too. Mimi is at Forever Forest, O'Chunks went to Flower Fields, 3D Dimentio to Shy Guy's Toy Box, and 2D Dimentio went to the Crystal Palace. And I feel bad for that guy from the 3D universe that is in Flower Fields as O'Chunks is probably going to beat on him again. I am currently in Dry Dry Desert looking for it, where a card is supposed to be located to. That's all. Sincerely Mr. Y. P.S. I also am sending a picture of what they look like." Oh. This is a Wyldluim Crystal. Well. I think we should go to Dry Dry Desert and find the card there."