Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Smoldergeist: "… … … Don’t expect things to remain easy… For only now does the true test begins! Yes, you heard me! And you must do this trial thrice!"

Toad: "The nearby block then becomes a long ? Block, several blocks appear.

Smoldergeist: “Both red and green suffer… Brains ache with effort… In the depths of despair, here you will surrender…”

Toad: "The blocks become regulars with Ms and Ls."
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Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Heh. I’m sure we can.

*The two move to a few blocks with a rotating picture.*

Mr. L: See that one? That’s moving counter-clockwise.

Mr. M: On it.

*Mr. M jumps up and hits the counter-clockwise block, passing the test*

Mr. M: It’s almost like you want us to pass these tests.

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Yea, yea, yea. Whatever.

*The two make their way to their final test, fighting any Grombas in their way*

Mr. L: Alright... I got this one!

*Mr. L hits the block, passing the test*

Mr. L: Ya know, that one almost had me stumped!

Mr. M: Really?

Mr. L: Nope!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Smoldergeist: "Ouch… Well, crud. OK, the next room… Yes, the next will bring true fear…"

Rosalina after the flame disappears: "Someone! Help me!

Toad: "The two go in the next area where they see Rosalina and her Luma she travels with surrounded by purple four fires. After going near Rosalina, the fires disappear."

Rosalina: "You guys came for us! Oh, I’m so relieved… But. There doesn't seem to be a way to leave. Oh. Look over there. Those are badges over there. Let's go get them."

Toad: "And she goes near the badges waiting for Mr. M and Mr. L to get them."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Badges! Of course! Remember how to use ‘em, Luigi?

Mr. L: Yep, sure do!

*The two pocket the badges*

Mr. L: Hang on. Maybe we can go out the same way we came in!

Mr. M: Good call. Let’s a go!

*The four attempt to leave*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "As they were making their way out, the four purple flames appear again. They then close off the path they came from."

Smoldergeist (from one of the flames): "You haven taken the treasure of the badges. Now you must battle me in order to escape."

Captain Man

You know the name.
*A Smoldergeist tries to burn Rosalina. However, Mr. M blocks it and gets burned.*

Mr. M: AUGHH! Ah, cazzo! Fa caldo!

Mr. L: Hang on, I got an idea!

*Mr. L fans the Smoldergeists with his hat, extinguishing them*

Mr. M: Well, Mamma always said you were the clever one.

*Mr. M & Mr. L then proceed to stomp all over the extinguished Smoldergeists.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "And then the group defeat the four Smoldergeists. The statue near where the badges were then moves."

Smoldergeist: "Arrghh… I failed… Why…did… I…fail…"

Toad: "Another path out of the area then opens. Then the statue stops moving."

Rosalina: "Oh. Another path. This wasn't opened when I was here last. I think we should take this path. And be careful while doing so. There still may be dangers."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Don't worry! I'll make sure nothing happens to 'ya!

Mr. L: Hey, Mario?

Mr. M: Yeah?

Mr. L: Stai cercando di flirtare con lei, vero? (You're trying to flirt with her, aren't you?)

Mr. M: E allora? È la ragazza più attraente che abbia mai incontrato! (So what? She's the most attractive girl I've ever met!)

Mr. L: Bene, non stai facendo un ottimo lavoro. (Well, you're not doing a great job.)

Mr. M: Sai che faccio sempre fatica ad esprimere i miei sentimenti! (You know I always have a hard time expressing my feelings!)

Mr. L: Sì. Avere sempre. (Yep. Always have.)

*Before long, the group arrives at a little Museum-like room*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After Mr. M and Mr. L look around the museum for a while, Broque Monsieur comes inside the collection room."

Broque Monsieur: "Zis is well done! You made it here, honh? Incroyable! Zis is zee collection room… Oui, where we keep zee items excavated from zee island!"

Luma: "Really? Wow! Looking at this, I thought it would be junk."

Broque Monsieur: "JUNK?! Pbthhh! Non non non! Au contraire, zee items in zis room are so very precious! Zey all date back to zee period of zee Pi’illo Kingdom. Oui, oui… VIPs only in here, honh? No rabble allowed, honh? Anyways. Now zat you are back, Monsieur Luigi, sleep on zee pillow on zee bed, s'il vous plait."

Toad: "And Mr. L does so. After a little bit, a dream portal opens up."

Rosalina: "What could that be?"

Broque Monsieur: "Zat is a dream portal. Zis is not so crazy, non. During zee Pi’illo Kingdom era… It is said were people who could enter zee dreams of others… Zee pillow has zee power to reflect zee dream world."

Luma after noticing Rosalina getting closer: "Mother! It may be dangerous to approach that!"

Rosalina: "But I feel like… someone calls me…"

Luma: "Mother! Please! Stay back!"

Rosalina: "My…body… won’t move…"

Broque Monsieur: "Not again."

Toad: "And Rosalina goes into the dream world."

Luma: "MOTHER!"

Broque Monsieur: "Monsieur Mario. You know what to do. Go into zee dream world and follow zee princess."

Toad: "Mr. M ponders for a bit whether he should or not, but quickly decides to go after Rosalina and enters the dream portal.
Meanwhile at the Koopa Bros. Fortress in the Paper Mario universe..."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Um... Officer Dark Light (@Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario). What are we doing? Are we doing anything with this Bowser looking thing here? Or are we going to find the Koopa Bros.? What are we doing?"

Captain Man

You know the name.
At this point Mr. M and Mr. L had changed their eye color to blue when nobody was looking

*Mr. M was falling through the portal in-between the real world and the dream world*

Mr. M: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shiiiiiiiiii-!

*Mr. M lands roughly on the floor in Dreamy Pi'llo Castle*

Mr. M: Va bene, per affari. Devo salvare la mia, voglio dire, la principessa. (Alright, down to business. I have to save my, I mean, the princess.)

*Mr. M looks around, and after a while, goes through a door. After he exits the door, Mr. L is behind him.*

Dreamy Mr. L: Ciao, fratello! (Hey, Brother!)

Mr. M: Ciao, frat- Fratello?! What the fu- How the hell are you here and there at the same time?!

-Meanwhile, in the real world-

*John enters the museum*

John: Alright, I did some shopping, and I bought some more...practical clothes for the Mario Brothers. See, the reason that they're wearing those dark costumes is that they made them for ComiCon, this huge festival celebrating pop culture.

*John opens one of Mr. L's eyes and sees that it's blue. John closes the eye*

John: And earlier, they were wearing these really cool colored contacts, too. But, I guess they took 'em out.

-Meanwhile, at Castle Bleck in the paper world...-

*Paper Mr. L had presented Count Bleck with Paper Mario's K.O.ed body.

Count Bleck: Exellent Work, L! Count Bleck couldn't have asked for a better job, even from himself!

Paper Mr. L: Thanks, boss!

Count Bleck: But Count Bleck worries, who is gathering our old friends?

Paper Mr. L: Don't worry 'bout it, boss! I got myself a sidekick, and he's on the job! Now, excuse me, I have to lock this body in the brig, and I gotta work on BroBot MK II!

*Paper Mr. L drops Paper Mario's body down a trapdoor leading to the dungeon, and heads out of the room*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After Count Bleck drops Mario into the dungeon, Paper Mr. Y, Paper O'Chunks, and Paper Mimi enter the room."

Paper Mr. Y: "Hello, Count Bleck. My name is Mr. Y. I have brought O'Chunks and Mimi with me. I tried trying to find Dimentio, but I am not sure how that ended out, as I don't remember.

Paper (2D) Dimentio: "That is because we made you forget for us like a forgotten jewel to reveal us here like a big surprise at a birthday party."

Toad: "Just at this time, 2 Paper Dimentios appear in the room."

Paper Mr. Y: "Wait. There are two of you. Wait. One of you is from the Car Wash world, isn't he."

Paper (3D) Dimentio: "You are correct like one winning on a game show. But. I do not know why. But you do because you are like a scientist that looked for answers. For you are like unto Yoshi the SSM."

Paper (2D) Dimentio: "But enough chatting like a group of chickens. We await for Count Bleck's plan like a humble servant for his master."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle, Dream Broque Monsieur appears next to Mr. L and Mr. M."

Dream Broque Monsieur: "Bon! I see you have found Luigi, honh? Pardon? Luigi is napping in zee real world, so he cannot be here? Oh honh honh honh. Au acontraire! Not quite! You are just a bit off, mon petit croissant! You see… Zis is Luigi… but not zee real one. Zis is Luigi as he sees himself in zee dream world. He has named himself… Dreamy Luigi! Oui? Notice zis Luigi is slightly…ah… different zen in zee real world. A bit taller, oui. A bit more handsome zen zee real Luigi. And zee mustache! It has zat… oomph! Zat…je ne sais quoi! Non, it can be denied no longer! Luigi, he is…a dreamboat! And I could be wrong, but I think he wants to help vous! Onh! Such brotherly love… Luigi, you are magnifique! (he cries) Zis touches me! (Broque Monsieur stops crying) Well, zen. Do your best to help Mario, Dreamy Luigi! I will root for you, honh? Au revoir, Mario Bros.!"

Toad: "By the way, this is from Dream Team. Word for word as best as possible. Broque Monsieur then disappears. They then see Rosalina being taken by a frog. By the way, this is what the frog looks like."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Oh, hey, uh... Darkrai, was it?

Dreamy Mr. L: Hey, look! Over there!

Mr. M: There's what took the princess! After it!

*The three chase after the frog. After a short chase, the frog knocks Darkrai unconscious and summons a Dreamy copy of Mr. M*

Mr. M: The hell? Heh, that thing ain't got nothing on the real deal!

Dreamy Mr. L: Hey, uh, bro? Uh... this is my dream, but, uh, I'm kinda useless in combat here... but...

*Dreamy Mr. L goes inside Mr. M's body, combining their power*

Dreamy Mr. L: Together, we're unstoppable!

Mr. M: Please don't tell me you got that from some anime.

Dreamy Mr. L: Actually, I got it from Steven Universe. I love that show!

Mr. M: Eh, whatever floats your boat.

*Mr. M then starts battling Dreamy Mr. M*

-Meanwhile, at Castle Bleck in the Paper World, Paper Mr. L reenters-

Paper Mr. L: WOW! Great job, new sidekick! You got 'em all!

*Paper Mr. L then looks among the group*

Paper Mr. L: Wait a minute, headcount. 1... 2... 3... 4... I knew we were missing someone... where's Natasha?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Paper Mr. Y: "Oh. Nastasia. I saw her and Count Blumiere in Dry Dry Ruins. From what it sounded like, they were from the 3D universe. The same one I came from. She's somewhere in this universe, but I am not sure where. All sources I received about her say that she is in Dry Dry Ruins. And the 3D Nastasia was the only one that I saw there. I did find another source. And this was before 3D Nastasia appeared. Source said that she was here."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle, Mr. M, with Mr. L's powers, was able to defeat Dreamy Mr. M."

Frog: "Huh. Mamu was right about people being able to beat clone of themselves. And that it could vary. But that doesn't matter. You won't stop me from completing my mission of getting this woman."

Toad: "The frog makes circles then causes the floor to break. It then takes Rosalina and goes down below. The ground then closes up. Something then appears and says something then disappears."

Voice: "Keep going… You’re so close… The Nightmare chuck… Break it… It's green not purple..."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After finding the green Nightmare chunk and Mr. M jumps up and breaks it. The thing from before appears and transforms into a Pi'illo, which falls down then gets up."

Prince Dreambert: "Ahhhhhhh… I am at one with freedom. Are you the kind souls who set me free? (Dreamy Mr. L raises his hand) I am in your debt. Thank you for freeing me. (Dreamy Mr. L has a question mark) You want to know who I am? I see. You don’t know who I am… (Dreamy Luigi nods a yes) INSOLENCE! Ahem… I am Prince Dreambert of the Pi’illo Kingdom.

Mr. M: "Oh. Interesting. But, we need to find Rosalina. She is a princess."

Prince Dreambert: "What? A princess was abducted? She’s in the dream world? Hmmm… Just as I suspected. It seems some evil befell the real world in my absence… We must return to that world at once. Naught remains to do here. OK, are we ready?"

Toad: "In the real world, the pillow glows. Mr. M and Darkrai then exits the dream portal."

Luma: "Hey. Your back. Wait. Where's my mommy? Where did she go? WHERE?!"

Toad: "The pillow shakes, the rainbow cloud disappears, and Mr. L wakes up and goes to Mr. M. The pillow then turns into Prince Dreambert and everyone else have exclamation marks."

Prince Dreambert: "Thanks again for rescuing me, Mario. Although, I do sense that you don't remember your adventure here. But first, we need to find out what happened Broque Monsieur. What happened here from your point of view?"

Broque Monsieur: "Prince Dreambert. All of zee Pi'illos, zey stopped moving and zey turned into pillows with green stuff on zem."

Prince Dreambert: "Huh. So this is a new villain that causes this. But why would he do it? And who is he?"

Mr. M: "Well. The thing that took Rosalina was a frog. So it would make sense it would be a frog. A frog named Mamu according to the frog."

Broque Monsieur: "Mamu. Hmm... Throughout my travels, I traveled to many countries and learned zee language. Mamu sounds like the Japanese world for zee English word nightmare."

Prince Dreambert: "Oh. And they were still called Nightmare chunks, despite it being green instead of purple. But Nightmare chunks came from the Dark Stone. But these just came out of nowhere. But I cannot linger! I must rush to the others’ aid! Mario! I ask this of you… Come with me! Come with me to the dream worlds! Give me the aid to free my Pi’illo brethren from their prisons!"

Luma: "Hey, hold on! We need to find my mom first! She was taken into the dream world… She’s our priority! We can’t spare the time to save the Pi’illos right now!"

Dreambert: "Ah, but if we free a certain Pi’illo folk… he will take us to her. By the way, what's your name?"

Luma: "My name is Luma."

Dreambert: "OK, Luma. Why don't you come with us. You may be helpful for helping us find your mother. For now, we are going to head out to Mushrise Park. That's where the Pi'illo is. Let us go."

Toad: "And the group head out of the castle. And LJS/Mr. M said that I could use Mr. M and Mr. L if he hasn't returned yet.
Meanwhile in Dream's Deep..."

Frog: "Mamu. I have brought the woman visiting this kingdom."

Wart: "Good job, Lucas. I will tell Marco. Marco!"

Marco: "Coming, Mamu! (he comes) Oh. I see you brought someone."

Lucas: "And I did some checking, and she would be able to make us human again."

Rosalina: "Human? You used to be human?"

Marco: "Yes. Me and Lucas were human. I was a soldier and he was a magician. After earning the right to marry a princess, I was visiting Lucas' house while he was working on some magic. He then accidentally turned us into frogs and put us into the dream world. That is where we meet Mamu. We have been with him ever since."

Lucas: "And you don't have to marry him. You would just need to kiss him to turn him back, like in The Princess and the Frog. And it must be on Marco, since he is more worthy to be a prince."

Rosalina: "Oh. OK."

Toad: "After that happened, Marco and Lucas turned into humans."

Marco: "Yes. It worked. Good. There was benefits of being a frog. For being able to practice a new song I was created. But I am glad to be back to being human."

Rosalina: "If that's all, I would rather leave now."

Wart: "In due time. The two that were with you will come here to get you. In the meantime, I would want all three of you to meet my former friends."

Captain Man

You know the name.
John: Hey, Mario! Luigi! I got 'ya more 'practical' clothes!

Mr. M: Great.

Mr. L: Can we, like, get some privacy here?

*Everyone else turns away while Mr. M & Mr. L change clothes. After putting them on, Mr. M & Mr. L now look completely look like Mario & Luigi*

Mr. M: Now, that's more like it! Cazzo... (F*ck...)

Mr. L: What's wrong?

Mr. M: I'll tell 'ya what's 'wrong'! I didn't save the princess! Ya know, the one thing I was supposed to do!

Mr. L: Woah, woah, woah! Calm down! Focus on the war, not the battle!

Mr. M: Fine... Let's just get moving.
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After going along the path, the group encounter the bridge with a sign."

Sign: “BRIDGE OUT OF COMMISSION DUE TO STROM DAMAGE! Sorry for the inconvenience, but please use the temporary bridge. When crossing, do be careful! And please try to walk softly."

Toad: "After walking on the bridge a bit, Mr. M and Mr. L have question marks. Mr. L looks at the bridge, while Mr. M tries to get his attention. Mr. L jumps and they continue. That is until Mr. L has another question mark and runs. As the bridge collapse, Mr. M has a question mark and runs too. But they don’t make it to the other side and fall into the gorge after a bit. Mr. L lands and celebrates. But Mr. M lands on him and dazes him for a bit. Prince Dreambert then comes down to see how they were."

Prince Dreambert: "You guys alright? It looks like it. Well. I guess that means we will have to find a way up. Which means that we need to rescue some Pi'illos in order to do so. There should be one up ahead."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Alright. You got that, bro?

*No response. Mr. M looks around for a bit*

Mr. M: Bro?

Mr. L [Muffled]: Below you.

Mr. M: Oh merda! Stai bene? (Oh, s***! Are you okay?)

Mr. L [Muffled]: Lo sarò, una volta che mi sarai liberato. (I will be, once you get off me.)

*Mr. M gets off of Mr. L*

Mr. M: Alright, let's get down to work.

*Mr. L finds a Pi'illo and falls asleep on it. Mr. M then proceeds to enter the resulting Dream Portal. After a little while, Mr. M & Dreamy Mr. L find a ledge too high to jump onto it*

Mr. M: Why'd you make this ledge so high?

Dreamy Mr. L: I didn't design this place. I just open a portal to it. That, and-

*Dreamy Mr. L possesses a nearby tree*

Dreamy Mr. L: I can also do this!

Mr. M: Well, that's gonna take forever to forget...

*Dreamy Mr. L uses the tree to fling Mr. M up onto the ledge, finding a Green Nightmare Chunk. Mr. M breaks it and returns to the real world, waking Mr. L up*
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