Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

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Broque Monsieur: "Peoples (attention people, basically)! Zere is zee Pi'illo Island."

Toad: "Everyone then goes over and view the island. Everything was smooth sailing until... BOOM! A giant green pillow lands on the Zeeppelin. Everyone then turns around to see what it was, when the pillow starts having circles. After a while, a big frog appears in front of them"

Mysterious Frog: "Perfect. My plan is going smoothly. Now. Let's battle, you guys."

Toad: "And the Mysterious Frog starts attacking. Also. Please don't let there be any nukes @ANTI-HERO KING BOO. You can keep the nuke weapon so long as there aren't any nukes. I wouldn't want nuclear radiation on the Pi'illo Island or in the dream world."

Captain Man

You know the name.
*John starts blasting the Frog Creature with his Six-Shooter*

Mr. M: Stand back, kid.

*Mr. M picks the Frog Creature up with his powers and flings it off the blimp*

Mr. L: Nice going, Bro!

Mr. M: Thanks. I just thought of it.

John: Let's just hope he doesn't come back.

*John holsters his Six-Shooter. Just then, the group starts to hear a "Fizzzzz" noise*

Mr. L: Hey, you hear something?

*In the midst of battle, John had accidentally shot a hole in the blimp*

John: Oops...

Mr. M: Maledizione a Dio!

Mr. L: Bene, questo è un sacco di merda.

*The blimp starts to lose altitude.*

John: Uh, anyone got any bright ideas?

Mr. M: *Sigh* I got this one...

*Mr. M flies up and tries to support the blimp, controlling its decent*

Mr. M: You might wanna hang on down there! This might be a bumpy landing!
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Yes. This is allowed since this is how it was in Dream Team. Now that the Zeeppelin was shoot, the blimp started going down fast. Broque Monsieur acting scared was able to get in a few words."

Broque Monsieur: "Zee next stop is Pi'illo Island."

Toad: "And the Zeepplin falls to Pi'illo Island. Or so Mr. L thought. As he was dreaming on the blimp. And because he was dreaming, he fell out of the blimp. Luckily, the blimp had already landed safely at Pi'illo Blimport. Anyways. Mr. L then lies still on the concrete."

Broque Monsieur: "Oui. (means yes or, in this case, oh) Monsieur Luigi is unconscious. Come along. I will show vous what happened. We are going to zee Pi'illo Castle. Zere vous will see zee disaster."

Toad: "And Broque Monsieur walks to the east and goes toward Pi'illo Castle."

Captain Man

You know the name.
Mr. M: Maledizione a Dio...

John: He's fine, right?

Mr. M: Yeah, no, he's fine. He just gotta take a minute.

*Mr. M lifts Mr. L up into a Fireman's Carry*

Mr. M: Alright, c'mon, everyone. Andiamo.

*The group starts following Broque Monsieur*
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I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The group go past a welcome committee which were assigned before anything happened here. The group even take a quiz Broque Monsieur had put it up and they passed with flying colors. Figure of speech. Anyways. The group then keep going until they reach some monsters and empty cages. There was also a Brock nearby that is half asleep."

Broque Monsieur: "Merci. (not sure on this. I think this is ahem or oh no.) What happened here?"

Brock after waking up: "Oh. Broque Monsieur. Sorry. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I dreamt of frog like monsters coming and attacking me. And thus I couldn't sleep due to that nightmare. This led me to let out the tamed monsters from their cages."

Rosalina: "By the way, why are there monsters in cages?"

Toad: "Rosalina. She usually travels on the comet that comes by this planet every 100 years. However, she recently have been coming to stuff that happens in the Mushroom Kingdom, like the races. She also travels with her Luma companions."

Broque Monsieur: "Ah. Zee lady of zee stars. Glad to have you here.
Zee monsters. Zey (they) are zere to help out zee visitors in zee case zat a monster attacks zem (them) so zey be able to fight back. Monsieur Mario. (this is who he thinks Mr. M is as he doesn't know that it is Mr. M) Take out zee monsters, s'il vous plait. (please)."

Captain Man

You know the name.
By the way, Mr. M and Mr. L have switched to their perfect impressions of Mario & Luigi to make it seem more believable that they're Mario and Luigi

Mr. M: Nah. I got this.

Mr. M: Alrighty, stand back, everyone.

*Mr. M tries to use his powers to defeat the monsters, but to no avail*

Mr. M: [Damn it, Something's drained my powers! Wait a minute, they think I'm Mario! In that case...what would Mario do...?]

*Mr. M then tries stomping on the monsters like Mario does. Much to Mr. M's delight, the stomping defeats the monsters*

Mr. M: HA! That'll teach ya to mess with the Mario!

John: [Uh...I guess I gotta play along with it...] Ha-Ha, Yeah! That's our Mario! Great job, man!

Mr. M: No problem! Just, uh, part of my job, ya'know?

I also like how everyone ignored how Paper Mr. L K.O.ed Paper Mario
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Let’s just say that Bowser will get taken over. Which now he is! But please if possible wait for me to advance the plot. I can’t post during the most part of the day! Like 8:30 ish to 4:00ish, Idk?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Broque Monsieur: "MAGNIFIQUE (splendid)! Now we can go to zee Pi'illo Castle."

Toad: "The group then makes their way to the Pi'illo Castle. And when they do, Broque Monsieur goes to the entrance."

Broque Monsieur: "Welcome! Oui, welcome! Welcome to Pi’illo Castle! Are we enjoying zee good times so far? Oui. Your faces tell me zis is true!"

Rosalina: "Well, it certainly was exciting..."

Broque Monsieur: "Ohh! Sweet princess! Zese words give me joy! Zee heart, it soars! Zee dreams, zey are true! And now, let us enter zee castle, s’il plait! We go!"

Toad: "After going in, the islanders greet the group. After going in further, Broque Monsieur shows them why he brought Mr. L here by showing the group a pink pillow with green on it."

Broque Monsieur: "Zis is zee reason I brought vous here, Monsiuer Luigi."

Rosalina: "A pillow. Why would there be trouble here on the island if all there is is a pillow. It looks like a regular pink and green pillow."

Broque Monsieur: "Non (no). Zis pillow is a Pi'illo. Zey are a group of peoples zat live on zis island. Monsieurs Mario and Luigi in zee past were able to rescue them from being made of stone. So, vous can see why I brought zem here to remove zee green part."

A nearby Brock: "I have been examining this green part and apparently it is similar to the substance on frogs. However, this isn't just on the pillow. It is in the pillow. But, yes. Luigi should be able to create a dream portal and go in and find a green object and destroy it. We even put the Pi'illos where you found them in order to further help you get to the green object. We aren't exactly sure what the object looks like, but as far as we can tell, it is indeed green since the green part on the pillow comes from it."

Rosalina after going near the pillow: "Wow. What an adventure that sounds like. I- AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

Toad: "All of a sudden, the platform the pillow was on goes through were a screen was recently was. After a while, the platform returns without anything on it."

Broque Monsieur: "Not again. Zee platform was made for exploring zee ancient hidden area. Except zat many monsters appeared in zee area since zee Prince of zee Pi'illo folk was taken from zee area by Monsieurs Mario and Luigi when zey were here last. So, Monsieurs Mario and Luigi. Go back and make sure zee princess of zee stars is safe. When you are ready to depart… (the Brock jumps) Just speak to zee staff, s’il vous plait."

Captain Man

You know the name.
-A bit earlier, while outside the Castle-

*Mr. L regains consciousness*

Mr. M: Oh, now you're awake, Luigi!

*Mr. M winks at Mr. L. Mr. L winks back*

Mr. L: I was asleep? No wonder I don't remember walking here. What happened?

Mr. M: You fell off the blimp and left an imprint in the concrete. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while!

Mr. L: Oh, Ha-ha-ha, very funny, Mario.

-Now, inside the Castle-

Mr. L: Oh, yea. Sure thing!

*The two walk onto the platform*

Mr. M: Alright, you can start the platform now!

John: This isn't going to end well...

*The platform starts up. Mr. M & Mr. L barely hang on as it rockets down the tunnel. Eventually, The platform stops, and Mr. M & Mr. L are flung into the wall, making an imprint in it.*

Mr. M: Cazzo santo... my head... W-Where's...

Mr. L: Where's the... R-Rosalina! Where's she?

Mr. M: Only one way to find out.

Mr. L: Apetta un minuto, why did that hurt us?

Mr. M: Something on this island is draining our powers to that of the mortals. We gotta be more careful. If we let down our game, then it's game over.

Mr. L: Che diamine! Okay, so, stay frosty and save the world. Got it.

*The two start walking through the dark tunnels*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The two then go to the ancient area. On the way, they notice coins. So, they decided to collect the coins while they wait for the platform to get to the other end. Once on the other end, they fall off the platform. They then hear a voice.

Smoldergeist: "Again they come… Poor fools… Look upon the ghost that haunts this castle… My name, whispered in horror, is Smoldergeist… Long have I wandered these dark passages… And long have I guarded these hidden ways even when there wasn't a need to… None may pass through… You must suffer the fate of all intruders! Those who trespass meet… THIS!"

Toad: "And a monster falls out of the ceiling."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Smoldergeist: "This is not over… No. your doom awaits deeper within! Yes, you must suffer my ruthless challenge… The airborne terror… The Test of Jumping! Can you possibly survive this horrific aerial trial? Do you dare learn about the Test of Jumping? Give me the answer in the next area where it is more suited for the test."