Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Captain Man

You know the name.
*John pulls out a modded Gameboy Advance SP and starts playing Mario Kart: Super Circuit. He starts to get this weird feeling in his gut. A warm feeling. Towards Jazzi. He started blushing a little bit. He knew he liked her, but this feeling was a bit more than that. Should he tell Jazzi about this feeling? Probably not. It was confusing to describe.*
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Yoshi the SSM

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Toad: "Writing for accents is hard too. But I am doing it since it is how he speaks in the Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team. For reference, 'elp means help, zee means the, vous I believe means you I am not entirely sure, zat means that, and Monsieur means Mister. Wait. Does that mean that Mr. L, if Broque Monsieur knew his name, would be called Monsieur L by Broque Monsiuer, right? In either case, I will put meaning in the words that he says in ()s for new words."

Broque Monsieur: "Playing zee video games. Zat is fine. Zere (there) is a long trip ahead."


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vous I believe means you
Zhyoltaya Molniya Ray Trace: Ha! I know a bit of French myself, only because Russian use quite a bit of cognates from it. "Vous" is the polite variant of "you", used in formal situations, while "tu" is the informal variant of it. I memorized it, because it corresponds with the Russian "вы" and "ты", even starts with the same consonants!