Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Classic Sonic

Small Speedster

Mr. M: Heh. Th-that's real nice, kid.

John: *Clears Throat* H-How about we get going?

Mr. L: Yeah. Agreed.

*The quartet drive to Glitzville stadium, where an announcement is made*

Announcement: Due to a lack of participants, the Glitz Pit Fighting Tournament has been canceled. We apologize for any inconveniences. \

John: Eh, probably for the best. I am not athletic in the least.

Mr. M: Well, how about we go home?

John: Way ahead of 'ya.

*John presses a button on the Dashboard, and the F-150 enters an inter-dimensional tunnel*

Mr. M: What the in the fu-

John: That's our exit!

*John pilots the F-150 toward a portal, leading them outside of the Car Wash*

-Car Wash Dimension-

John: We're here!

Mr. L: That was... trippy...


*no title*


*no title*
3 minutes! What the hell, MisterM?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile, a blimp called the Zeeppelin arrives at the car wash. Broque Monsieur then gets out of the blimp. He then notices Mr. L and thought it was Luigi, the one he was looking for. He also sees the strange thing happening. He then goes to Mr. L."

Broque Monsiuer: "'ELP! 'ELP! Monsieur Luigi! I need zee 'elp. Disaster, it stuck zee Pi'illo Island. I need zee 'elp from vous, Monsieur Luigi. Vous can create zee dream portals to zee dream world."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the Paper Mario universe at the Koopa Bros. Fortress the group has traveled some distance."

Paper Yoshi the SSM: "Where are the Koopa Bros. They must be somewhere around here. Don't worry. I am keeping an eye out for them. Mr. Y gave me the knowledge of how to detect ninjas. Hey. What's that? (all of a sudden, something that resembles Bowser appears in front of them) Whoa. What is that? It looks like Bowser, but it clearly isn't."


*no title*
A ufo comes and destroys the car wash and Luigi dies


*no title*
what the fuck, mister m

Classic Sonic

Small Speedster
Having a UFO come straight outta nowhere and kill everything is one of the most obvious godmods I've ever seen, dude.

Mr. L: Uh, thanks. Hey, Bro, have any idea what this guy wants?

Mr. M: Nope. Until we figure it out, we gotta act like we understand completely. Got it?

Mr. L: Got it.