Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
*The Marios start attacking Bowser*

Super Mario: Luigi, Get the princess to safety!

-Elsewhere in the Castle-

*The three would hear all the commotion*

Mr. L: There they are.

Mr. M: C'mon! We gotta get them and get outta here!

*The three join in the battle*

Cap'n Weegee

Best Luigi's Mansion 3 costume hands down!~
Jazzi: Make sure NOT to touch the crown people. I made that myself!

Luigi: *burns the bars of Peach's cage* Come on Princess, let's get you out of here!

Peach: Ok!

*Bowser has been pushed to the edge of the bridge, surrounded by lava, by Jazzi. She's changing up her laser, but stops suddenly*

Jazzi: *softly holds Bowser head* Forse, avresti dovuto provare di più... *kicks him into the lava. Afterwards, the Super Crown Type L comes out of the lava into Jazzi's hand. mutters* I'm a bit tired of traps today... *poofs the crown to a storage universe*

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Super Mario: Well, that's one way t-

*A bit of lava splashes up and hits Super Mario, turning him back into Toon Mario*

Toon Mario: Ack!

Car Wash Mario: *Turns to Mr. M and Mr. L* Alright, what are you two doing here?

Mr. M: We came to get you and Bowser.

Car Wash Mario: Wait, where is my Bowser, anyway?

Mr. M: You LOST HIM?!

Car Wash Mario: Actually, he lost me, or something.

Mr. M: Great. Now we gotta run around and try to find him.

Paper Ray Trace

The flattest and most real Paper Mario character.
*Luigi see the pick-up*

Luigi: Oh, hey guys! Lemme take care of that real quick!

*Luigi cleans the car in record time*

Luigi: There 'ya go! All done!
Blue: Merci! ♪♪♪ I got the payment ready.

Purple: Hey! You missed a spot!

White: Who cares!? Let's get out of here before something stupid happens! I already saw a ghost driving on a carousel machine arrive to clean his car!

Purple: A...what?

White: Says that there's a race competition or something going around.

Purple: A race, huh? What's the reward for winning?

Blue: The thrill of it of course! :)

Purple: Pfft, really? People don't enter these races just for the thrill of it, Blue. You need to stop being so naive.

White: I'm no good at driving, especially really fast. I don't even think we have a car that can handle it.

Purple (a bit smug): Dark Light would easily win anyway, since she would just pull over and ticket everyone.

Blue: I'm pretty sure they give out cars to use in the race. Dark Light hates racing anyway. She thinks the only reason people participate in these races is so that they can legally break the speed limit, act very dangerously, and get away with it.

Purple: Wow, that is so totally her.

White: I think destruction derbies are more fun anyway. You get to drive these giant trucks and SMASH SMASH SMASH.

Purple: Considering your little size, I think you're more likely to get smashed yourself, White.

White: HEY!

Blue: Well, I want to race! It would be fun, right?

Purple: No. Have you seen angry Mario Kart players, Blue?

White: I'M not entering, that's for sure!

Blue: I'm going to relay this info to everyone back at our base. Surely there must be someone else other than me who's interested?

Purple: Well...Red might...

White: Of course Ray Trace would want to enter! He thinks he would just beat everyone, like he usually does. Actually, I want to see HIM enter. So he will LOSE. Then his smug grin will be wiped off his face and WE get the last laugh.

Blue: Racing with Ray Trace, ooooh that sounds like fun! I'm going to tell him all about it.

White: Please do. We can do without an obnoxious Russian at our base. Please.

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Tails: A racing tournament? Sounds like fun!

Luigi: Hey, what abou-

Tails: Moving in? Well, uh...

*Tails contemplates for a minute*

Tails: Give me a minute.

*Tails puts a box on the U-Haul that remote-controls it in order to get his stuff lightning fast*

Tails: There we go. All I need to do now is unpack!

Luigi: O-Okay. That's one way to do it.

*Luigi helps Tails unpack*

-Meanwhile, in Jazzi's Dimension-

Mr. L: Alright, show's over, people. Let's go home!

Car Wash Mario: Shame we couldn't find him.

Toon Mario: Maybe it's better that way.

Mr. M: Anyway, let's go home.

*Mr. M and Mr. L open a portal to the Car Wash dimension*

Mr. M: See ya later, kid.

*Mr. M, Mr. L, and Car Wash Mario go into the portal and it closes behind them*

Toon Mario: Hey! What about me?!

Paper Ray Trace

The flattest and most real Paper Mario character.
*The group comes back to their base. Red was awaiting them, while Ray Trace sitting on a chair, was attempting to read a newspaper, being interested in learning to read the English written language. No one wanted to mention to Ray Trace that he was actually reading it upside-down the entire time.*

Red: ¿Ah, so is the car clean?

White: It's so clean, you'll be blinded by it.

Purple: Where is Dark Light?

Red: Parking duty.

Blue: Hey, Red, did you know that there is a race that's gonna happen in the 30th? Aren't you excited for it?

Red: That sounds interesting, but I am afraid that I cannot participate in it. I'm far too busy with matters. At this time of the year, there's quite a big demand for Protectors against haunted ghosts so I want to be available for that.

*Ray Trace gave up and stood up to meet them. A race? He was interested in it. At least in a race, he can understand what's going on than reading gibberish.*

Ray Trace: There's a race competition going on? I'll sign up! I am the fastest, heaviest, quickest accelerator, and best handler of vehicles out of everyone! I'll make the characters eat my dust! This competition is open to everyone, ладно?

White: Yeah, right. They'll eat your dust all right. After they all overlap you.

Blue: Yes, the competition is open to everyone. I'm also interested in joining as well! I'm not that great of a driver, but I'm in it for the fun of it! I don't care if I win or lose.

Purple: I think the race is a massive waste of time, honestly.

White: Come on, at least we'll get some peace and quiet around here once Ray Trace gets his butt thoroughly smashed by the competitors.

Ray Trace: Pfft. It'll be ME who'll be the one smashing butts. Just watch.

Purple: Not interested in watching. Sorry. It'll probably come on while I'm at the bar as a bouncer again, though. Bet everyone will watch to see you get humiliated on live television.

Ray Trace: They'll see ME win the trophy instead, Purple.

Purple: You? You're inexperienced. You're going to be at bat with lots of more experienced drivers than you. I doubt you'll win this.

Blue: Don't forget me! I'll be competing too! Maybe I'll even beat Ray! Who knows? In Mario Kart, anything can happen, and even inexperienced drivers can go bumper to bumper with the best!

White: Neither of you will win this.

Purple: Also, did you forget that the Spiny Shell exists? It'll blow up whoever's in first at random opportunities. So, what does skill matter in?

Ray Trace: I won't get hit by the Spiny Shell. It'll happen to some other guy instead of me.

Red: Well, Purple, it's not just the Spiny Shell that'll decide things. Mario Kart does indeed take a degree in skill to complete. I have raced in the races in the past, and I have not placed so well due to my inexperience. I have observed all of the crazy tricks and techniques that the more experienced racers pulled off, and I can't say that I can replicate them at my current skill level.

Ray Trace: I'm going to that race track to practice, then! Where will it take place at?

Blue: A haunted mansion.

Purple: Great. I can't wait for both of you to get abducted by ghosts. Can't you see what happened to Mario and that one time Dark Light got a call there?

White: See? More the reason not to join. It's probably a trap.

Blue: It's not a trap. Lots of people are going to attend it.

White: That doesn't mean anything. It just means a bunch of people are morons. I don't trust that big white ghost with a crown. He'll probably trap and kill all of you.

Blue: I'm still going to join the race, White. You're too paranoid.

Ray Trace: Even if it WAS a trap, I'll just beat them up with my amazing skill and talents. They won't see what's in for them! Heh.

Red: I will say good luck in that, you two. May luck be on your side once the race finally rolls around.

Purple: I can't believe you're permitting this, Red.

Red: I don't see any harm in a little race, Purple. They are free to partake in leisurely activities.

Purple: I wouldn't call Mario Kart racing in a haunted, deadly environment with people out there wanting to destroy your vehicle to secure the lead "leisurely" but sure, whatever floats your boat.

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
-Meanwhile, at the Car Wash-

Luigi: Well, Kid, you're all moved in!

Tails: Thanks a million, Luigi!

Luigi: No problemo! Oh, and, stop me if I'm getting too personal, but shouldn't you ask your parents fir-

Tails: I don't have any parents. They left me to fend for myself ever since I was born. All because of my stupid tails...

Luigi: Oh... I-I'm sorry...

Tails: It's not your fault, Luigi. I think not having any parents actually helped me in the long run...

Luigi: Well... If there's anything I can do, just let me know, alrighty?

Tails: Thanks, Luigi.

*Tails uses his Remote to get his Car from Transformed back*

Luigi: Woah, nice ride! Off to the races, huh?

Tails: Yep! See ya later!

Luigi: Have fun!

*Tails drives off to Ghost Valley*

-Meanwhile, Toon Mario had fell into another portal, leading him to the Roleswap universe-

Toon Mario: Ohh, my aching pasta noodle...

???: Excuse me, sir? Are you alright?

Toon Mario: Yea... But who are you?

Prince Mario: Oh, pardon me. Where are my manners? My name is Mario Idraulico, prince of the Star Sprites!

Toon Mario: Uh... What a coincidence! My name's Mario, too! Mario L. Broski!

*The two Marios shake hands*

Prince Mario: You're not from around here, are you?

Toon Mario: Nope. Do you know anywhere I could stay for a while?

Prince Mario: Please, come with me. You can stay at my castle.

Toon Mario: Sweet! Thanks, your highness!

Prince Mario: *Smiling* Don't mention it!

*Prince Mario leads Toon Mario to his Castle*

Toon Mario: Woah! Classy joint you got here!

Prince Mario: All I see are a bunch of empty rooms that serve little purpose.

Toon Mario: Quite humble, are we?

*Starlow comes up to the two*

Starlow: Prince Mario! The Amade Sisters have arrived!

Prince Mario: Ah, finally. Let them in!

Toon Mario: Who?

Prince Mario: The Amade Sisters are the biggest heroes in the history of the kingdom... mainly due to me always being kingdom by Wart, King of Subcon.

Toon Mario: Can I meet them?

Prince Mario: Of course!

*The two head towards the castle lobby*
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Cap'n Weegee

Best Luigi's Mansion 3 costume hands down!~
*What Mr.L/M didn't know is that Jazzi sped up time between her reunion with her Dads, gets grounded from her Super Crowns, and quickly teleports into the portal before it closed. Her universe still can't read that dimension yet, so her job isn't done~*

Jazzi: *watches Mr. L/M exit the portal* 'Sup~

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Mr. M: What the fu- Wait. How'd you get here before us, kid?

Mario: Yeah, you were standing nowhere near the portal, how'd...?

Mr. L: You never cease to surprise us, kid.

-Meanwhile, in the Roleswap Dimension-

*Prince Mario and Toon Mario had arrived in the lobby, where the Amante Sisters were waiting. The Sisters curtsy.*

Peach Amante: Your highness. It's always an honor to see you.

Prince Mario: There's little time for formalities. Follow me.

*The group gets led to a conference room, where other important figures are waiting. Toon Mario and the Amante Sisters take a seat while Prince Mario stands at the podium*

Prince Mario: Welcome, everyone. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Today's agenda is on the topic of the potential war with Subcon. First to speak is Prince Luigi Idraulico of Sarsaland.

Daisy Amante: *SIgh* He's so dreamy...

Prince Luigi: Thank you, brother. Wart has been tormenting us for months. My people have almost no freedom ever since he sent his troops in. I had to sneak out just to attend this meeting! As such, I have been forced to vote for war.

*The rest of the leaders and representatives from different kingdoms speak*

Prince Mario: Excuse me, Mario, Where are you from?

Toon Mario: Brooklyn.

Prince Mario: Last to speak is Mario L. Broski, representative of Brooklyn.

Toon Mario: Uh, Well... [This 'Wart' guys seems like bad news. I gotta think...] Wart's been keeping his eyes on Brooklyn for a while now. Our people are constantly in fear of an attack. Uh... Children don't go to the playground anymore. The sports teams have been put on hiatus. We don't want to risk anything... Our people want to declare war.

Prince Mario: Then it's settled. As of this moment, our kingdoms are officially at war with Subcon. Rally your forces and met back at Area 64 when the sun rises 3 days from now. Meeting adjourned.
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Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
*Mr. M and Mr. L look at each other, then back at Jazzi*

Mr. M: Can you teach us?

Mario: No, no, no, no. No!

*Luigi walks into the break room*

Luigi: Hey, y'all are bac- Hey, bro, why are you dressed as me?

Mario: It's my halloween costume! Gotta get into the spirit, ya know?

Luigi: That's funny... 'Cause I'm going as you for halloween!

*Luigi puts on his Mario costume*

Mario: Ha-Ha! Not bad, bro!

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Luigi: Great. Now there's two of them...

-Meanwhile, in the Roleswap Dimension-

Prince Mario: Here is your room.

Toon Mario: Wow! You mean it? Thanks, your highness!

Prince Mario: Don't mention it.

*Prince Mario then goes to his own quarters. He writes in his diary.*

Today was the day we officially declared war on Subcon, something we should've done years ago. I should be worried about a lot of things, but the thing I'm most worried about is Peach. What if something happens to her? She's the love of my life, my escape from the troubles of leadership. I just wouldn't be able to live without her. I love her so much. I know she's a simple mechanic and not another royal, but that's one of the things I love about her. She's so much more lively than any royal I've ever met.
On another note, today I met a man who looks much like me. Everything about him is almost identical: His mustache, his nose, his hairstyle; he even has the same first name. It's extraordinarily uncanny. I know it's a silly thing to worry about, but his sudden appearance is somewhat concerning. He almost reminds me of a younger me, his laid-back style, his dress, I miss those days. I'm too young to be ruling a kingdom. I can't even be king for another 16 years. Dad was 40 when he became king. Grandpa was 40 when he became king. Here I am at age 24, running a kingdom. Why can't I just be like everyone else? That's all I want to know. Why?"

*Prince Mario puts his diary back and goes to bed*

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile, Paper Bowser sees Bowser come out of the portal."

Paper Bowser: "Oh. You. I was wondering where you were. I haven't seen you since I got here. Well. Nice seeing you again. Also, I hope you don't mind me using your minions. I went to Peach's Castle, but I couldn't find Peach. So, what have you been up to?"

Toad: "Meanwhile Car Wash Wart has fallen into a portal and has ended up somewhere."

Car Wash Wart: "Huh. This place... looks familiar. It's like Subcon. But something seems strange about it. More... real. And there is another version of me. He seems like he is in the middle of some war. I better not interfere with this events. I need to get back. But how? Well. Whatever dropped me off here seems to be gone. I wonder what to do..."

Toad: "Car Wash Wart. I heard about Wart in the Roleswap Dimension and thought I could have the Car Wash version meet this world's version. Plus I am showing that this is the Wart that I am using. Anyways. Wart is famous for his appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) as the final boss. He is also famous for his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as part of it. But, except for maybe some cartoons, has only been in the dream world."

Car Wash Wart: "Huh. That voice. It sounds like that Toad fellow that came to Subcon and defeated me along with those other three characters. Meeting me from this place... Well. I don't see anything else to do. So I will do that."

Toad: "And he goes over to Roleswap Wart. By the way, Robo-Mario currently. Are you going to be using Roleswap Wart for your plot?"


Celestial Guide
*Meanwhile, in the Car Wash*

*In Oxide's room, the Pokémon are playing with Oxide's Boglin collection. Oxide snatches one of the Boglins from the Pokémon. The Pokémon start crying*

All Pokémon: (Why did you take away our toy?)

: I need Vlobb for the announcement I'm making today. You can play with him later. Don't worry. You can play with my other Boglins while I work on Vlobb.

*Oxide starts taking Vlobb apart. He then inserts a wind-up key and a voice box inside the Boglin. Oxide winds the Boglin up. The Boglin starts moving, leaving Oxide's room and entering the living room of the Car Wash*

*In the living room*

Voice Box inside Vlobb: Greetings, Car Wash workers. Tonight is a very special event. On this night, you're going trick-or-treating, and after you get all your candy, you're going to a haunted house! Please get your costumes on and meet at the lobby when you're done. *Laughs maniacally*

*Vlobb falls over. Oxide goes into the living room and picks up his Boglin, taking it back to his room*

:toadette:: I didn't know we were going trick-or-treating today! Well, better put on my witch costume!

*Toadette puts on her witch costume*

: A haunted house?! Is Oxide crazy? Does he not know I'm scared of them?!

*Cream puts on her princess costume*

: Hey! What's that toy Oxide was using?

*Toadiko puts on her fairy costume*

:wario:: That's a Boglin, Toadiko. They were made by Mattel in the late 80s, as well as Action GT and Ideal for the European market in the late 80s and early 90s. There were many different types of them, including the original large ones, ones that had hair, ones that had big tongues, Halloween ones, talking ones, small ones, mini ones, aquatic ones, ones that could blow raspberries, spit, pop their eyes out, stick out their tongues, and spew out slime, baby ones, glow-in-the-dark ones, ones that could by thrown onto a wall and then crawled down, and ones packed inside small plastic cages. They were discontinued in 1988 in the US and 1994 in Europe. That should be enough info to keep it brief while still providing info on the subject.

*Wario puts on his Wario-Man costume*

:waluigi:: That's a lot of info, Wario. You really know your toys!

*Waluigi puts on his Dracula costume*

: Oxide has a lot of Boglins. He even has some of the ones that were only released in Europe. But he often modifies them so that they can perform various tasks for him. That's why this one had a wind-up key and a voice box containing Oxide's voice inside it.

*Zem puts on his Punk costume*

: Ruff.

*Zam puts on his Devil Dog costume*

*Meanwhile, in Oxide's room, the Pokémon are having a bit of trouble putting on their costumes*

All Pokémon: (Oxide, can you help us put on our costumes?)

: I guess so, Cuties. But I've got to make sure I have enough time to put on my costume!

*Oxide helps the Pokémon with their costumes. He then puts on his Metal Head costume*

*Everyone goes to the lobby once they have their costumes on*

:toadette:: Ok, everyone! Let's start trick-or-treating!

*Toadette and co. leave the Car Wash*

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Roleswap Wart is a part of my plot, yea

Luigi & Mario: Hey! Wait up!

*Tails pulls up in his Car wearing a Scientist costume*

Luigi: Hey, kid. I thought you were racing!

Tails: Eh. Couldn't find the place. *Chuckles* Nice costumes, by the way. I can hardly tell who's who!

Luigi: Thanks, I guess. Going as each other was actually Mario's idea.

Mario: Well, we were just about to go trick-or-treating with the rest of the gang. Wanna come?

Tails: Yea!

Luigi: Well, c'mon! Hey, Toadette! Wait for us!

*The three rush after Toadette and co.*

Tails: Oh, and nice accessories!

Mario: Oh, these aren't accessories. These are fully functioning.

*Mario points to the Poltergust G-00*

Mario: See, the one I'm wearing is made to catch ghosts, something Luigi usually does.

Luigi: On the other hand, I'm wearing an old pal of Mario's: F.L.U.D.D! He's basically a water gun which also functions as a jet pack.

F.L.U.D.D.: *Untranslatable Jargon*

Luigi: Yeah, something's wrong with his voice box.
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