Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]


Supreme Overloard
*Bowser enters the tower and Starlow somehow remebered the dark star. Then Dry Bones and Bloshi travel through bowser then find Wisdurm who somehow knows about the dark star*
*Now, Toadsworth sees the peace of the mirical cure, 2 more remain*

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Tails: Woah! How'd you do that?

Luigi: Magic, Tails. Magic.

Tails: But there's gotta be some sort of logical explanation! Oh, man, I wish I was in my lab right now!

Luigi: Actually... now that you mention it... Follow me.

*Tails follows Luigi into the empty basement*

Tails: Woah! This is way bigger than my lab! Wait a minute, are you... are you offering me a job?

Luigi: If you want it.

Tails: Well, of course I want it!

Luigi: Well, Kid...

*Luigi does a knighting motion with his arms*

Luigi: ...Welcome aboard.

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Luigi: Alrighty, I'll go get a U-Haul. We'll head to get your stuff from your lab soon.

Tails: Don't worry, I'm not gonna go anywhere.

*Luigi leaves to get a U-Haul while Tails tunes the radio to the Mario Fireballs game*


Supreme Overloard
*Turns out the entire night Bowser was heading to his valt for “chippy”*
:bowser: Ah HA! Here it is... ? WHA!
*He gets run over by the Fawful Express... You know the drill*

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
*A few minutes later, Luigi comes back with the U-Haul*

Luigi: Ready to roll?

Tails: You know it!

Luigi: Alright. We'll leave as soon as we tell everyone you're hired.

Tails: Who works here, anyway? I mean, besides us.

Luigi: Toadette's our accountant, Cream's ou-

Tails: Cream works here?!

Luigi: Uh, yea. Why?

Tails: *Blushes* Remember how I said I really like her...?

Luigi: Oh, I think I know where this is going. I don't really have any advice to give ya, I wasn't the chick magnet. You should try asking Mario when he gets here.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Wow. My main character is going all over the place just to get to tails. Anyways.
Yoshi the SSM after seeing Jazzi teleport Luigi and Tails using her bubbles, he decides to go to the car wash. There, he finally finds Tails."

Yoshi the SSM: "Finally I found you. Nice seeing you again Tails. I traveled all over just to look for you, but that was my fault for going everywhere for you. So. Are you ok?"

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Tails: Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine. Well, a bit better than fine. I just g-

Luigi: Shh! Not until everyone gets here!

Tails: Why not?

Luigi: Because then, they can't blabber it out to everyone before they get here! It wouldn't be a surprise then!

Tails: Why do you want it to be a surprise?

Luigi: Because I'm playing wing-man!

*Luigi gives Tails a wink. Suddenly understanding Luigi's logic, Tails winks back*
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Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
*A white pick-up truck pulled into the Car Wash. Three little guys stepped out of it, deciding which option to go with. One of them, White Baby Luigi, saw the truck. Erugh. It was worse than he thought. There was dirt and dust all over it. The windshield wipers smeared the dew rather than wiped it off. He hadn't cleaned the car in quite some time (one reason was White's very small size and he couldn't reach everywhere, to the mocking of the others), and he didn't trust the Car Wash people. It wasn't until Blue Baby Luigi outright demanded to get it cleaned, and you know it's serious when Blue, out of all people, was the one who angrily demanded things the way Dark Light did.*

*Purple and Blue accompanied him. Not because they were fascinated in completing simple, menial chores. No one was. They accompanied him since White was forgetful, clumsy, and a little bit stupid, though they were too polite to mention the last part to him.*

Purple: You sure colored this truck yourself, White.

White: Shut up, Purple.

Blue: Now isn't the time to argue. Which grade of wash do you want?

White: Whatever is the fastest one.

Blue: Hein?

White: Look, I don't wanna stay here. I hate this place.

Purple: You hate everywhere.

White: Have you seen who works here? Fools. Idiots. How many times did something stupid happen here? Why did we even decide to go here? This place is probably gonna kill all of us at this rate.

Blue: I picked this place because it's the best car wash in Mushroom City. They cleaned our cars multiple times, and they were always in a pristine condition. You shouldn't let a few negative experiences color your entire perception of here.

White: May I remind you that this dumb dump led Purple stuck in the ugly, rotting past, Blue?

Blue: We're all here together, that's the difference. Now, because I care about the state of your car, and that you haven't taken that great care of it, I'm going to recommend the best grade.

White: Hmph. Fine. Whatever you say, Blue.

Blue: What do you think, Purple?

Purple: Whatever.

Blue: That's a yes, then! Now, let's see whichever gentleman who works here can help us. Anyone?

Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~

Jazzi: You see, I've been stressing over my home universe. One major thing is that there are two Bowsers. Dunno about your Bowser but mine is evil, but quiet ever since I maybe put a modified Super Crown on 'im. Another major thing is there's two Marios. You might not think that's a bad thing, but my Mr. L can't stand Mario let alone two. I know he is having a conniption fit terrible time. That is going to affect my Luigi, for Mr. L has to live in Luigis body. So, yeah, I'm freaking out. dontmindthetreehole You know what my Bros do when I'm stressed...Cuddles~ And Luigi is too busy right now so it just leaves you guys.

Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
Jazzi: Grambi! That was easy~

~Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle~

Koopa 1: Lord Bowser! Bowser!

Bowser: What is it...

Koopa 2: We may have figured out how to get you out of your, um, Luigi state.

*Jazzi, being the Luigi fangirl that she is, made a thing called a Super Crown Type L. It turns someone into a Luigi form of themself. She used it in the last Bowser fight to turn him into...just guess...yep Bowsette Luigi. Only Jazzi can remove the the curse*

Bowser: *is bored* Just tell me.

Goomba 1: There are two Marios, and one knows the real Bowsette Luigi. Trick em, trap em, get Jazzi in here, and boom, back to Bowser!

Bowser: *likes the idea* Well, what are we waiting for? *gets off his throne*

Koopa 2: We've figured that it would be best if you go alone.

Bowser: Fine. It'll keep you three from blowing my cover. KAMEK!!

Kamek: *teleports in* Yes your grouchiness?

Bowser: Teleport me close to Toad Town, I'm about to give that "Mario Sister" a reason to finally fear me!

*Kamek does as he is told and the minions leave the throne room*

Jazzi, and Mr. L/M are nowhere near toad town
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Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mr. L: This place is way bigger than it is in the other universe.

Mr. M: ...How about you lead the way, since your older?

Mr. L: Why not you? You're the one who stole the Chaos Emeralds.

Mr. M: You have a robot!

Mr. L: That you destroyed!

*The two continue to bicker until they get an idea*

Mr. M: How about we get Jazzi to lead, since it's her dimension?

Mr. L: Why didn't we think of that earlier?

*The two take off their masks, revealing Mr. M's red eyes and Mr. L's green eyes*
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Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
Jazzi: Don't make me put you in separate bubbles~ *happily skips around not knowing where exactly she's at but acts like she does* Also your eyes. My Mr. L has silver~ I get lost in them all the time.

~Meanwhile at Toad Town~

*Mario, Peach, and Luigi are done showing Alt Mario around*

Peach: So that's this universe~ *giggles*

*Alt Mario is impressed they were able to do the whole tour so quickly*

Luigi: Well, we haven't done the other worlds!

Mario: Plus, Jazzi knows more, the only reason to how she can teleport so quickly everywhere.

*While the group is talking they didn't notice the figure*

Bowser (as Bowsette Luigi) *slaps his tail on the ground to try to get the groups attention, just like the real one*
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