Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "I am not using Bowser Jr. right now, I am using Paper Bowser Jr. There's a difference, you know.
Meanwhile at Pinna Park, Paper Bowser Jr. has joined unto Graffiti Yoshi and Yoshi the SSM after the two experienced some rides."

Paper :bowjr:: "Hello, you two. It's me again. Anyways. Seems like Mario hasn't appeared on the island since that Mario look-a-like. So, it seems like this was a failure. My dad will probably punish me for this, too."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Huh. Anyways. Can I see the Magic Paintbrush?"

Paper :bowjr:: "I don't have it. It was taken away after the trial. Why do you want to see it?"

Graffiti Yoshi: "Well, that paintbrush is what this world's version of you created me with."

Paper :bowjr:: "Why did this world's version of me create you? Your a Yoshi. You tend to help Mario."

Graffiti Yoshi: "That's the thing. He wanted to keep Yoshi away from Mario. But it ended up bring the two of us together. But due to what I am made out of, I can't enter into any water. If I do, I end up somewhere on this island in an egg."

Paper :bowjr:: "Ah. Thanks for letting me know. Oh. What's this? Oh. Looks like I better take down that robot I brought here. Well. Better get going."

Toad: "And he goes back to the robot to take it down."

Graffiti Yoshi: "So. What are you going for Halloween?"

Yoshi the SSM: "I don't really celebrate Halloween. Never did. It is so close to my birthday. It being on the 29th of this month."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Ah. That's a few days away still. But surely you will have candy for the trick-or-treaters that come to your house."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah, I will. But.... I will need to buy some when I get back. Or I can call someone. Hang on."

Toad: "Meanwhile at the candy store, Mr. Y has traveled with the group to the candy store."

Mr. Y: "Hmm... Candy. Great. I wonder what candy Yoshi the SSM likes. Huh? (picks up phone) Ah. Yoshi the SSM. How are you? Oh. I was just thinking about buying candy myself. I am at the store with Toadette and some others. So. What kinds do you want? Variety. Got it. Oh. Sixlets, Laffy Taffy, and Gum Drops are some choices. Got it. OK. Thanks. I will surely buy them. Yes, I did bring money. And your house. Ok. Thanks again. Bye. (hangs up) Ok. Well. Better get those candies."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*meanwhile, at the candy shop in Coconut Mall*

:toadette:: I've got 6 flavors of lollipops, grape, cherry, orange, root beer, lemon, and lime. In total, I have 75 lollipops. This should be enough.

*Toadette goes to the checkout, where she waits for the others to finish getting their candy*

: I've got 70 caramel cremes. This should be enough.

*Cream goes to the checkout*

: I've got lots of variety in the chocolate bars I've found. In total, I've got 75. We should be good.

*Toadiko goes to the checkout*

:waluigi:: I'm finding gummy bears, gummy fish, gummy berries, and gummy beer bottles. 70 in total. Let's go to cash.

*Waluigi goes to the checkout*

: I'm finding only cherry and regular flavored licorice. I've got around 60 of these. Zam!! Have you been eating the marshmallows?! Those are for Halloween!! Spit them out right now!

: *spits out the marshmallows* Ruff.

: No snacking in the store! I'll have to put you in time out!

*Cloud N. Candy picks up Zam and puts him in the corner of the store for snacking on candy*

: Great. Now I have to get more marshmallows because Zam ate most of them! Bad dog! As for the rock candy, the Pokémon have gathered 50 of them, which should be enough. Let's see...60 marshmallows. Yep, this should be good.

*Oxide and all of the Pokémon go to the checkout*

:toadette:: You're all here. Great! Let's pay for all our candy!

*Toadette and co. pay for the candy. Once they are finished, Cloud N. Candy gives Zam back to them before they leave the store*

:toadette:: Candy is done. Now, we have to get our costumes!

*Toadette and co. leave the candy store and go to the costume shop in Coconut Mall*

*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash*

:wario:: The balloons and inflatables have finished blowing up. Now I can go back inside.

*Wario goes back inside the Car Wash and helps Toadia finish decorating the building*

*Meanwhile, in the Car Wash kitchen, Zem and Vanilla have finished taking the seeds out of their pumpkin*

: What do we want the pumpkin to look like, Vanilla? Make sure it's something simple, as it is my first time doing this.

: We're doing the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, Zem. Let's cut 2 big triangles for the eyes, a small triangle for the nose, and a mouth with 5 teeth protruding out.

*Zem and Vanilla start carving their Jack-O-Lantern*

*Meanwhile, in the Car Wash lobby*

Toadia: Wario? You're done already?!

:wario:: Yeah! Instead of using my breath, I used the air compressor!

Toadia: Wario! You were supposed to blow them up by hand!! Well, I guess you can help me finish decorating the Car Wash.

*Toadia and Wario continue to decorate the Car Wash*


Supreme Overloard
*Meanwhile At the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital*
👨‍⚕️ *Walks outside Bowser’s Room* Hey, Jr. I, I think you should see him... it may be the last...
:bowjr: Oh, Ok...
:bowser: Hi...J—R...I...I want you take care...of...everyone...Mario, Peach, Luigi...And many more...
B.T.J. *Walks in* We have been through thick and thin, friend.
:drybow: *Also Walks In* Brother...
:dk: *Runs In* Hey, YOU! DON’T GO!
:bowser: It...It on with....with out me....Jr...
:bowjr: Yes?

:bowser: I love...You...Goodbye...My son..........
👨‍⚕️ He’s gone...

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile on Isle Delfino…"

Graffiti Yoshi: "Welcome to Sirena Beach. Wait. It's gone. The hotel is gone. Anyways. This beach used to have a luxurious four-star hotel resort called Hotel Delfino. It was a famous building for lodging for those who don't want to stay near Delfino Plaza. And a lot better than anything there. But we couldn't just have a hotel just here. Travelers just wanted something in Delfino Plaza. Which lead to us building a hotel with different star-rating rooms ranging from 1 to 3. Another thing this hotel used to have was Casino Delfino. That's where most of the income comes from even though there used to be two jumble slot machines that are free if you somehow are able to move the panels. But they bring the fun in."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah... Casinos aren't my thing. Oh. Looks like Paper Bowser Jr. is... spraying water on the ground."

Paper :bowjr:: "Oh. Hello, you two. Not much time to talk. I am currently fighting Phantamanta, which removed Hotel Delfino. He was created by the Magic Paintbrush before it was taken away from me. Now better get back to work."

Toad: "And he goes around and defeats Phantamanta. After which, Hotel Delfino appears out of the ground."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Looks like the hotel is back. OK. Let's take a tour of the area."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Coconut Mall, Mr. Y has bought all the candy he wanted to buy."

Mr. Y: "This looks like enough. I better take these to Yoshi the SSM's house. (he runs into someone) Whoops. Sorry. I didn't see you there."

Main Toad: "That's ok. I am just here to get candy and costumes. Oh. Jolly Ranchers. Those are perfect. How's this, you give them unto me and I pay you the money that you spent on them."

Mr. Y: "Um... OK. Deal. Yoshi the SSM didn't ask for them specifically, so you can have them."

Toad: "And the two make the exchange. Mr. Y then leaves Coconut Mall, while Main Toad goes to the costume shop, and see Toadette."

Main Toad: "Oh. Hi, sister. How are you doing?"

Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
Jazzi: *uses her telekinesis to get SMG4 Mario unstuck and free of the webbing* Try not to get all tangled again. *glitches out slightly revealing a interesting Luigi form called Luigie Pie, a fusion of the Equestria Girl Pinkie and Luigi, complete with his hair being pink and fluffy and... he's a trap... again, though it isn't as noticeable as Bowsette L* Ugh, I don't feel too great... *fully transforms into Luigie*

Jazzi (as Luigie Pie): Did someone say dECORATING!!! *ponys up, gaining a fluffy pink tail and adorable pink pony ears* That's my middle name! *pulls a party cannon out of nowhere* I can get this done faster than Gummy can eat a whole cake! *blasts the Car Wash with Halloween decor that magically sticks in place*

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in Coconut Mall*

:toadette:: Hello, Toad. My and my friends are buying Halloween candy and costumes. Everything has been going well at the Car Wash. See ya!

*Toadette and co. enter the costume shop*

: Welcome to Wendy's costume shop. We have a sale going on for all Halloween costumes! Every purchase over $100 gets an extra 50% off of it!

:toadette:: Ok, everyone. I'm going to the girls area of the teens section to get my witch costume. Cream, you and Toadiko will go to the girls section to get your princess and fairy costumes. Waluigi, you're going to the men's section to get your Dracula costume. Oxide, make sure to look in the pets section for Zam's Devil Dog costume, the baby section for most of the Pokémon's costumes and whoever isn't baby sized will get their costume in the pets section. As for yourself, you'll have to look very carefully to see if you can find any costumes that fit your body style. Once you find your costume, try it on in the fitting rooms to see if it actually fits. Let's split up from here!

*Toadette and co. split up, with Toadette going to the teens section, Cream and Toadiko going to the girls section, Waluigi going to the men's section. Oxide starts in the pets and baby sections of the store, looking for costumes for Zam and all of the Pokémon*

*In the teens section*

:toadette:: Finding a witch costume should be very easy. Let's see...not that one, no, no, Found one!

*Toadette finds her witch costume and heads to the fitting rooms to try it on*

*In the girls section*

: So many Disney Princess dresses! Where I am going to find one that isn't Disney?!

: How about this one, Cream? It doesn't have Disney branding on it at all! It's a pink one with a golden crown, a bejewelled necklace, and pink shoes!

: Looks good, Toadiko. Having any luck finding your fairy costume?

: Yep. I found a blue one that's very pretty and sparkly with just the right wing size! Let's try them on!

*Cream and Toadiko grab their fairy and princess costumes and head to the fitting rooms to try them on*

*In the men's section*

:waluigi:: Good thing I'm in the men's section. I'm not finding any Hotel Transylvania Dracula costumes here! Hmm. I think I found the perfect one!

*Waluigi finds his Dracula costume and heads to the fitting rooms to try it on*

*In both the pets and baby sections*

: Finding costumes for all the Pokémon is easy! They're already heading to the fitting rooms!

*The Pokémon find their costumes and head to the fitting rooms to try them on*

: Now I need to find your Devil Dog costume, Zam. Hmm. This should be the one. You like it?

: Ruff!

: Great. Go to the fiting rooms now, Zam! Right now I need to find my costume!

*Zam grabs his Devil Dog costume and heads to the fitting rooms to try it on*

: Wendy! Do you have anything that fits my body style?

: Only a few costumes sold here fit you, Oxide. I'll show them to you.

*Wendy goes to the special sizes section and finds 4 costumes for Oxide*

: These are the only costumes in our store that fit you. Pick whichever one you like.

: Hmm. The first 3 of these I already have. What's this? Metal Head?! I've never seen this one before! I'll try it on, see if I like it!

*Oxide grabs his Metal Head costume and heads to the fitting rooms to try it on*

*Back at the Car Wash*

Toadia: We're finally done decorating! That was hard work! Thanks for the help!

:wario:: No problem, Toadia. Have Zem and Vanilla finished their pumpkin yet?

Toadia: Just about, Wario. Here they come right now!

: We finished our pumpkin! Now we just have to put it outside! Thanks for your help, Vanilla. It would've took longer if I did it all by myself.

: You're welcome, Zem. Hopefully Toadette and the others get home soon. It's starting to get dark.

*Zem and Vanilla put their Jack-O-Lantern outside the Car Wash*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Main Toad has since from the last post, bought himself a costume and has gone back to Peach's Castle.
As for Yoshi the SSM, after taking a few days from touring, he has gone to the next area."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Welcome to Noki Bay. It is the home of the Nokis. There are also many ruins here which a few people like to look at. But with the amount of water here, I only come here for giving out tours and I only do so because since that would be unfair to leave this place out."

Yoshi the SSM: "Looks amazing. Ruins. OK. I think I will look at them. Plus, they are far from the water, so you don't have to worry about that."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, in the costume shop at Coconut Mall, Toadette and co. are in the fitting rooms, trying on their costumes*

:toadette:: My witch costume fits perfectly! Everyone, meet me at the checkout when you're finished!

*Toadette goes to the checkout*

: My princess costume fits me! I'm going to checkout!

*Cream goes to the checkout*

: My fairy costume fits me, and so do my wings! I'll be buying this for sure!

*Toadiko goes to the checkout*

:waluigi:: Oh yeah! This Dracula costume is the best of its kind! Let's pay for it!

*Waluigi goes to the checkout*

: These costumes look soo cute on all the Pokémon! You look great in your Devil Dog costume, Zam! And my Metal Head costume is as awesome as can be! Let's buy them!

*Oxide, Zam, and all of the Pokémon go to the checkout*

:toadette:: You're here! Let's pay for our costumes!

*Toadette and co. pay for their costumes. They then leave Coconut Mall and return to the Car Wash*

*Back at the Car Wash*

Toadia: We've got to surprise Toadette and the others when they return to the Car Wash! Got any ideas?

:wario:: We should have them go bobbing for apples! Sounds good?

: Yep. That should be lots of fun for them!

: Let's prepare it right now, before Toadette and the others come home!

*Toadia and co. start preparing their bobbing for apples game for Toadette and co.*


Supreme Overloard
*After chasing away king bomb omb*

*Darknut walks outside*
:drybow: Jr. You might not know this, but Bowser is my brother...and...he told me....that if he dies....give you my all in one final test for the thrown
*Looks at Bowser Jr.*
:drybow: *Faces Jr.* And... THAT TEST STARTS NOW! *Starts sending every troop to Bowser Jr.*

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*Toadette and co. arrive at the Car Wash*

:toadette:: Where's Toadia, Vanilla, Wario, and Zem? I thought they were waiting for us!

: Maybe they're in the living room, Toadette. I did hear footsteps in there.

: Look! I can see water spilled on the floor!

:waluigi:: And they didn't even bother cleaning it up. I guess I'll do it.

*Waluigi grabs a mop and cleans up the floor of the Car Wash lobby*

: I smell apples. Maybe they made apple crumble. Or apple pie. Wait a second. Maybe they just used apple air freshener to make it smell like apples. That's probably it.

: Ruff.

*Toadette and co. go to the living room of the Car Wash*

Toadia: Surprise!

:wario:: We prepared apple bobbing for you! Come on up!

: It's going to be lots of fun! By the way, I was the one who made it smell like apples when you came in.

: And Oxide, remember not to cheat by using your hands! We know you for doing that so that you can win easily!

*Everyone except for Toadia and Vanilla gets in line for Apple Bobbing*

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
*SMG4 Mario and Mario had put on their costumes. Mario dressed as Luigi, while SMG4 Mario dressed as Spongebob*

SMG4 Mario: So, are we not gonna address that Jazzi just-

Mario: Yeah, Yeah. That happened.

*SMG4 Mario and Mario get in the Apple Bobbing line*

Mario: Oh, boy! I haven't done this since I was a little bambino!

SMG4 Mario: I haven't done this at all.

Mario: Don't worry! It'll be fine!

-Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Countryside-

*The Poltergust 4000's fuel gauge blinks*

Luigi: Oh, darn it! Gotta refuel.

*Luigi pulls into a Truck Stop*

Luigi: Eh, might as well use the restroom while I'm here.

*Luigi walks in. Just around the corner, Marchionne and Len hide behind a tall rock*

Marchionne: Good. He stopped. Now's our chance.

Len: No. Too many people.
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Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
~Meanwhile in Jazzi's Universe~

Bowsette L: *is sitting down while E. Gadd is taking off his tracker* So she's hanging out with Mr. L, Mr. M, two Marios, a weird girl with orange hair (Meggy), and maybe Luigi. Didn't see him though but because of the amount of Marios it's probable.

Luigi: *one of his eyes turn silver so it's Mr. L talking* So Princess has found another me... how am I not surprised.

Mario: *sigh* I hope she has her priorities in check.

Prof. E. Gadd: There you go sonny, you're now able to go back to your home universe.

Bowsette L: Finally, see ya! *hops into the clear pipe in the room*

~Back to the Car Wash~

Jazzi (as Luigie Pie): *magically poofs cupcakes out of nowhere cuz pony magic who cares* I got cupcakes~

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile on Isle Delfino…"

Graffiti Yoshi: "Welcome to Pianta Village. This village was built many years ago on this tree we are standing on. And... um... be careful. There are Chain Chomps everywhere. Which, there's normally not."

Paper :bowjr: while holding a Chain Chomp which is pulling him: "Don't worry! I have it under controooooooooooollllllll!"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah... Looks like Paper Bowser Jr. is trying to take care of them. But it doesn't look like it is going good. Let's see how well we can avoid them. This looks like a nice place."


Supreme Overloard
:bowjr:...*Eyes have fire in them* you want to test me... Fine.... HYAHH!

:drybow: Ow! You did good. Jr. You are the new king.
*Meanwhile in Jazzi’s universe*
:bowser: *Pops through a portal* *Is passed out right next to Egad*

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
-Meanwhile, in the Car Wash universe...-

Mario: Great. Another portal.

SMG4 Mario: Should we go in?

Mario: We? No, me. If it's dangerous, then I'll be the only one hurt.

*Mario jumps into the portal and it disappears*

-Meanwhile, in Jazzi's universe...-

Car Wash Mario: Hyah!

*Car Wash Mario does a cool looking Backflip Jump out of the portal and onto Bowser. He lands next to Jazzi's Mario while tipping his hat Dream Team style*

Car Wash Mario: Hey! Isn't that my Bowser? Oh, great. He discovered the portals, too.

-Meanwhile, in the Car Wash universe...-

*Tari falls out of another Portal*

SMG4 Mario & Meggy: Tari!

*The two rush up and hug Tari tightly*

Tari: Augh...My spine...

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
If you wanna, but that'd trap him there. And remember, Mario is dressed as Luigi.

Tari: Ooh! Thanks!

*Tari takes a cupcake*

SMG4 Mario: Mamma Mia...These portals are making Mario's noodle hurt...

Mr. M: Yea. I can't tell if people are coming or going!

-Meanwhile, in SMG4's Dimension-

Glitchy: This is a serious epidemic, people! Our friends are going missing, one by one, and nobody knows anything!

SMG4 Luigi: We could all be the next one! WAHHH!! *Breaks down on the floor, bawling*

Glitchy: Get yourself together, Luigi! We'll figure this out.

Bob: ThEn We CaN dO wAr Of ThE fAt ItAlIaNs, RiGhT?

Glitchy: *Sigh* Yes, Bob. War of the Fat Italians is soon.

Bob: WhOoPtY DoO!

Glitchy is SMG4 since SMG4 refers to his dimension here.

-Meanwhile, in Jazzi's Dimension...-

Car Wash Mario: Not a bad idea. One major problem, though. I can't get him back without a portal, and the one I came through closed behind me. Any ideas for that, wise guy?
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Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
im gonna take that chance

*the portal closes behind Alt Mario*

Mr. L: DAMNIT! Now I have to deal with TWO Marios!!

Luigi: And two Bowsers.

Mario: Ugh, if only Sis was here, she could take you back. But we're still waiting for the machine to pick up her Star Spirit. Now there's more portals, which will make it take longer.

Luigi: Also, why are you dressed like me?

~Back at the Car Wash~

Jazzi: *gains back her body and turns back into herself* What happened... ohmigosh Tari! When were you here?

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
-Jazzi's Dimension-

Car Wash Mario: Oh, about that. Halloween is soon. Gotta get in the spirit, ya know?

*Car Wash Mario turns back to Bowser*

Car Wash Mario: Now, how about we take out the trash?

-Car Wash Dimension-

Tari: Wait, how do you know my name...?

Bowsette Luigi

Luigi, you are so easy to mess with!~
Jazzi: Long story. Basically I study dimensions. Kind of boring to be honest.

~In Jazzi's Dimension~

Mr. L: Ready when you are!

*epic scene when the four working together to knock Bowser out of the attic*

Luigi: I'm surprised you're able to celebrate Halloween with Jazzi! *laughs* She always wants to help with decorating the castle but the Attendants kind of tell her no. She's a special being, something of legend, so everyone's scared of her getting hurt. I'm expecting her to get so excited she'll act like Pinkie on a sugar high!